Eagles 2011 Schedule Will Be Revealed Tonight

Although the NFL lockout continues, the NFL regular season schedule will be released tonight and there are reports floating out there that the Eagles will be playing the Buffalo Bills in Toronto this season.

The Bills play some of their away games in Toronto, so it’s not a shock that the Birds might be one of the teams to play them there. I would imagine that the NFL, which is looking into establishing teams outside of the country, would think having the Eagles playing in Canada might be a good idea.

Here are the teams which they’re going to play this year.

Home: Arizona, Chicago, Dallas, New England, New York Giants, New York Jets, San Francisco and Washington.
Away: Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas, Miami, New York Giants, St. Louis, Seattle and Washington.

9 thoughts on “Eagles 2011 Schedule Will Be Revealed Tonight

  1. I would rather hear some news about a Settlement being reached..
    The NFL just keeps coming out with their regluar Schedule/Calender events and holds it’s Draft,Pre-Season Sxchedule, Who is playing in London,and now the regular Season Schedule as if nothing is wrong..
    Concentrate and focus on settling the CBA and then worry about these other things..

  2. I hate the Toronto idea. I was going to drive to the Bills game, and use frequent flier miles to go to Miami. Now I am going to have to get on a jet to go to freaking Canada in November. A sucky boring offseason somehow managed to get even worse.

  3. I got your 2011 schedule right here:

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    2: bye
    3: bye
    4: bye
    5: bye
    6: bye
    7: bye
    8: bye
    9: bye
    10: bye
    11: bye
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    15: bye
    16: bye
    17: bye

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