Eagles Get What Looks Like A Cake Of A Schedule In 2011

The Eagles schedule is out and it’s not a killer schedule. I think the Eagles will be able to go 11-5. Only five of the teams they play had winning records a year ago. They battle the NFC West which is arguably the worst division in football.

They should be able to make the playoffs with this weak schedule as long as they’re able to beat the teams which they should beat. Andy Reid has been able to get his team ready to play against bad football teams during his tenure as the Eagles head coach. If he can do that this year, the Birds should be headed to the playoffs.

Once they get to the playoffs, then there’s no telling what will happen.

Their explosive offense should be able to jump on these bad teams and carry them through games against these lousy teams.

I see the Eagles being at least 11-5 in 2011, but what about you. What do you think the Eagles record will be in 2011?

Thursday, Aug. 11 BALTIMORE 7:30 6ABC – Starters will play a quarter

Thursday, Aug. 18 at Pittsburgh 8:00 FOX – Starters will play a half

Thursday, Aug. 25 CLEVELAND 7:30 6ABC – Starters will play for 3 quarters

Thursday, Sept. 1 at New York Jets 7:30 6ABC – Starters don’t play


Sunday, Sept. 11 at St. Louis 1:00 FOX – High scoring game

Sunday, Sept. 18 at Atlanta 8:20 NBC – Tough game at Georgia Dome

Sunday, Sept. 25 NEW YORK GIANTS 1:00 FOX – Big game in division

Sunday, Oct. 2 SAN FRANCISCO 1:00 FOX – Should Be A Victory

Sunday, Oct. 9 at Buffalo 1:00 FOX – Should Be A Victory

Sunday, Oct. 16 at Washington 1:00 FOX – Division games are always tough

Sunday, Oct. 23 BYE

Sunday, Oct. 30 DALLAS 8:20 NBC – Big National TV Game

Monday, Nov. 7 CHICAGO 8:30 ESPN – Big National TV Game

Sunday, Nov. 13 ARIZONA 1:00* FOX – Should Be A Victory

Sunday, Nov. 20 at New York Giants 8:20* NBC – Big National TV Game

Sunday, Nov. 27 NEW ENGLAND 4:15* CBS – Big Natiional TV Game

Thursday, Dec. 1 at Seattle 8:20 NFLN – Only Three Days Rest And Long Trip

Sunday, Dec. 11 at Miami 1:00* FOX – Should Be Able To Outscore Them

Sunday, Dec. 18 NEW YORK JETS 4:15* CBS – Tough National TV Game

Saturday, Dec. 24 at Dallas 4:15 FOX – Need To Finish Strong

Sunday, Jan. 1 WASHINGTON 1:00* FOX – Need To Finish Strong


Jan. 7-8 Wild Card Playoffs NBC/CBS/FOX

Jan. 14-15 Divisional Playoffs CBS/FOX

Jan. 22 AFC/NFC Championship Games CBS/FOX

Jan. 29 Pro Bowl (Honolulu) NBC

Feb. 5 Super Bowl 46 (Indianapolis) NBC

30 thoughts on “Eagles Get What Looks Like A Cake Of A Schedule In 2011

  1. I watched the NFL networks 1 hour show on the schedule and noticed something very interesting. The NFL doesn’t think the Eagles are the class of the NFC East. They have the Giants and Cowboys playing twice in the final 5 weeks. That means they think the race for the division will be between those 2. I agree the Eagles schedule doesn’t look bad at first glance. The Eagles play both the Cowboys and Giants once in the final few weeks, but the Cowboys/Giants games tell who the NFL think is the better teams.

  2. 3 Tough Road games at Atlanta, Seattle and Miami
    Eagles always play Falcons well and Vick will be fired up to play a great game..
    Eagles typically struggle playing out in Seattle and down in Miami in recent years
    On the positive, they get the Bears,49ers & Arizona all at home which is big since these are all NFC Divisional games and chances are that all these teams could be battling for a playoff-wildcard spot..
    2 Tough games at home vs the Patiots and Jets will be great games..

    I am holding my prediction for the 2011 Season until after the Draft,Free-agency (If there is one) and wait until Lockout is settled but definitely see a quick start 4-2 or even 5-1 before they start a 3 game Home Strretch right after their Bye Week which should put them in great position before a difficult stretch run the final 6-7 weeks

  3. This schedule isn’t as easy as it looks. First off we have to get to the bye week 6-0 or 5-1. We can’t let the early game trip us up. 4 of our first 6 on the road could be perceived as tough but we play better on the road. The rest of the season is not easy by any stretch Dal, Chi, NYG,NE should all be in contention and flying out to Sea on a short week isn’t easy at all. NYJ and @ Dal isn’t easy and hopefully the skins are making tee times by week 17 (they always seem to play us tough) Weeks 8-12 makes be nervous seeing 4of5 are at home.

  4. Sunday, Sept. 11 at St. Louis 1:00 FOX – Win
    Sunday, Sept. 18 at Atlanta 8:20 NBC – Tough loss
    Sunday, Sept. 25 NEW YORK GIANTS 1:00 FOX – Win
    Sunday, Oct. 2 SAN FRANCISCO 1:00 FOX – Win
    Sunday, Oct. 9 at Buffalo 1:00 FOX – Win
    Sunday, Oct. 16 at Washington 1:00 FOX – Trap game – Win
    Sunday, Oct. 23 BYE
    Sunday, Oct. 30 DALLAS 8:20 NBC – Win
    Monday, Nov. 7 CHICAGO 8:30 ESPN – Win
    Sunday, Nov. 13 ARIZONA 1:00* FOX – Win
    Sunday, Nov. 20 at New York Giants 8:20* NBC – Loss
    Sunday, Nov. 27 NEW ENGLAND 4:15* CBS – Loss
    Thursday, Dec. 1 at Seattle 8:20 NFLN – Win
    Sunday, Dec. 11 at Miami 1:00* FOX – Win
    Sunday, Dec. 18 NEW YORK JETS 4:15* CBS – Loss
    Saturday, Dec. 24 at Dallas 4:15 FOX – Loss
    Sunday, Jan. 1 WASHINGTON 1:00* FOX – Win


  5. The Rams will not be a pushover either..
    A healthy RB S Jackson is the type of RB that gives the Eagles problems, big,strong and quick.. Rams have a bunch of younf WR in Avery,Gobson,Amendola, young TE’s and of course a 2nd year QB in Bradford. Their D coached up by Spags, who knows the Eagles system inside and out, this will not be gimme game by any stretch..

  6. I don’t even see how could anyone say the schedule is easy especially with the current lockout. No draft yet and no free agency. Too much is going to happen between now and then to determine how hard the schedule looks. If we’ve learned anything over the past couple seasons it’s that a teams record from last year is not indicative of the following season. Who expected the Bucs to win as many games as they did? Or Dallas and Minny to only win games? Or the Bengals go from a great season to 4 wins and let’s not even talk about the chargers. I can try to predict wins and losses but it’s too hard to predict a strength of schedule because in the NFL teams improve or get worse dramatically from year to year.

  7. Since Jott has made some predictions, I cannot resist..

    #1) Win at the Rams
    #2) Win at the Falcons
    #3) Win at home vs the Giants
    #4) Win at home over 49ers
    #5) Win at Buffalo
    #6) Lose at Washington
    #7) Win vs Dallas
    #8) Win over Bears
    #9) Win over Arizona
    #10) Lose at the Giants
    #11) Lose to Patriots
    #12) Lose at Seattle
    #13) Win at Miami
    #14) Lose to the Jets
    #15) Win over the Cowboys
    #16) Win over the Redskins

    11-5 at a quick glance..

  8. Having said that, I’d like to think that we’d win at least 10 games no matter the schedule strictly based on the talent we have on offense.

  9. I agree Scorp,
    One thing I do think plays out this year is that teams with Stable Coaches and Systemsn and returning Starters at key positions (QB,RB,WR like the Eagles do) whould have a advantage over teams with new Coaches,new Systems, new Players Starting at those Key positions like the 49ers,Redskins,Buffalo,Cardinals,MIami,and maybe even Seattle all appear to be having for the 2011 Season.. The longer this lockout goes, the more of a struggle some of the teams I listed will have with new QB’s,Coaches and players at the Skills positions

  10. Not to change the Subject,,
    I read earlier that Safety Michael Huff of the Raiders is now a “free-agent”,
    he had some contract deal similar to CB Asmogoah which allowed him to become a Free-agent after the 2010 Season…I liked Huff coming out of College and he does like to lay the wood on people, maybe the Eagles can go after both of them if and when Free-Agency occurs since they have the same Agent…
    (I think Q Mikell has almost “zero” chance of signing a new deal w/Eagles)

  11. “once they get in the playoffs, then there’s no telling what will happen”, really, what about last year, the year before, unless the gameplan changes, unless the passaholic reid learns to balance the attack, keep his qb healthy, and gets bigger, a whole lot meaner on defense, then we do know what will likely happen, one and done

  12. To Jake,
    Having Roy come out to finish the 9th last week killed him in last nights game don’t you think.. His velocity and movement were down a bit and I think his arm was a bit tired from Charlie having him go out in the 9th last week when leading 3-0 versus tghe Marlins…

  13. @paul, i don’t know, but don’t think so, its a long season, baseball is a game of failure, ups and downs, see how his next start goes

  14. #1) Loss at the Rams
    honestly do they ever win the first game? no

    #2) Loss at the Falcons
    because we won there last year this is a revenge game for atlanta

    #3) Win at home vs the Giants
    Giants cant beat us

    #4) Win at home over 49ers
    Possible Kevin Kolb return?

    #5) Win at Buffalo
    Tough game. Bills play hard

    #6) Win at Washington
    Another blow out

    #7) Loss vs Dallas
    Romos back

    #8) Loss over Bears
    cant score against them

    #9) Win over Arizona
    Easy game

    #10) Win at the Giants
    Still cant beat us

    #11) Win to Patriots
    Im taking the odds here this is a gamble

    #12) Loss at Seattle
    This is a let down game

    #13) Win at Miami
    Andy Reid running naked on miami beach

    #14) Win to the Jets
    We can beat them

    #15) Win over the Cowboys
    Romos hurt again

    #16) Win over the Redskins
    Obamas wins his second term

    Eagles 11-5

  15. To Jake,
    The Phils Offense has averaged 4 Runs per game over the last 8 games…
    This is not good enough and now with injuries starting to pile up with the Pitching staff (Oswalt,Lidge,Romero)… Maybe this Phils Batting LIne-up is becoming the “Phillie Lite” version I predicted last month.. The scary thing to me is, that the Phils are only going to face better Piching Staffs ahead as they start playing better teams like the Brewers,Cardinals,Reds,Rockies,Padres,Giants,Dodgers) and not batting versus the Mets,Astros,Nationals staff’s which are not too good…

  16. I think the majority of us an agree that at first glance, we should win atleast 10 games and probably go 11-5. But lets not forget about last year. Last year we thought we had a killer schedule, and in the end, we really should have won those last two games and gone 12-4. Alot changes year to year, and injuries can play a major role. Still, gotta love this schedule at least at first glance. I will want to see what they do via draft and free agency to finalize my prediction but for now, have them going 11-5.

  17. @Yankeesfan2

    you are in the wrong neck of the woods coming on here talking that *bleep* you should be *bleep* slapped! Real Talk! Considering we will be defending division champions, and considering your epic collapse at the new meadowlands..Eagles have the Giants hearts!

  18. If our schedule is a cake then surely its even easier for the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins who share all common opponents except they dont have to play 2 games against division winners. However has anyone seen the Giants last 9 games? Patriots, 49ers, Eagles, Saints, Packers, Cowboys, Redskins, Jets, Cowboys. They could easily go 2-7 or 1-8 over that stretch and have their usual late season meltdown haha

  19. G… did you actually say that once they get to the playoffs ” there’s no telling what will happen “? have you been hanging out with Eskin and Spadaro ?. We all know what will happen. At best they’ll win one game, then Reid and the Eagles will lose a game their favored to win because they won’t show up and Reid will call 50 pass plays. The undersized defense won’t force any turnovers and will get pushed around. Reid will punt on 4th and 8 from the opponents 45 with 2:07 to play and 1 timeout. I’ve learned to just enjoy the regular season and leave at that until Reid is gone. That’s what he’s good for, a nice regular season. Reid is Shottenheimer, not Walsh.

  20. 11-5 is fine with me. but if you fail in st louis , which you could, an 0-3 start is a possibility. is it an unwritten rule we have to play the bears every year, i am sick of da bears. G is there a reason there has not been a home preseason game on a saturday night in probably 15 years ? it sucks taking my kid there dealing with rush hour. i guess this whole schedule could get torn up , say the lockout goes , say the 2nd week of sept.

  21. Don’t be deceived. The teams that we beat last yr will be better. We won’t have a cake schedule. Inorder for the eagles to cruise the need to get better in multiple positions. They talk about having depth but there depth isn’t good enough. Cb,lb,ss,s, consistent oline play will be the deciding factor

  22. Don’t forget about having a $$$ Kicker, The Eagles Akers lost his confidence late last year and with his Contract Situation up in the air, the Eagles will probably have to address this often overlooked position..

  23. Paulman, I overlooked that important position. Akers has good character so he will cooperate but yes his inconsistent play down the stretch is concerning. So we can add that position to the list. They’ll have to bring in a young guy to be groomed, I think akers will be okay with that I’m sure he’s beginning to see the end of the line

  24. Akers definitely still has some leg left in him, the contract issues are another strory though, players typically don’t turn down offers from Eagles and then go on to remain with the team so I think his days in Philly are done unless Akers comes back with a lower demand for the Eagles won’t budge on their last offer

  25. He does have leg left but where is his brain at? Kicking is about 85-90 percent mental, he checked out last yr. Hopefully his family issues are squared away. He is getting old so it wouldn’t hurt getting a young kicker in here to groom

  26. 11-5 10-6. If Vick stays healthy and Jackson plays despite his contract issues then we might be ok. I think the Eagles will move up and address some issues.

    This draft and a few key signings make or break us.

  27. I agree atra, last yrs and this yrs draft make or break us. Free agency isn’t always a factor for them bc they’re not always active like other teams but that plays a part too.

    But they couldn’t of missed on last yrs picks or this yrs draft because they gotta keep up with all they other teams the packers and falcons and cowboys, yes the cowboys they will be much improved so the birds gotta keep up with the rest of the league there no longer the front runners

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