Eagles Will Allow Fans To Defer Ticket Payments Until June

It’s uncertain when the upcoming Eagles season is going to begin or whether it’s going to start at all, so the Birds front office has decided to give Eagles fans a break. They will allow them to defer payment on their tickets until June 7, if they choose to.

The Birds say that the reason they’re doing it that way is because it’s fair and I agree with them. Nobody knows what lies ahead for this season. I’m getting very pessimistic about things because they’re just going through the motions right now. Once they get serious, it’s going to take some time to negotiate a fair deal and you know with billions of dollars on the line, neither side will sign the deal unless the numbers are right.

“In light of that the work stoppage is ongoing and continuing and now that we’ve had a chance to kind of look at things through that prism this seems to be fair and seems to provide flexibility,” said Don Smolenski, Eagles Chief Operating Officer. “We’ve had fans who have asked and it makes sense. It’s the right thing to do.”

Remember this move the next time you get angry at the Eagles.

3 thoughts on “Eagles Will Allow Fans To Defer Ticket Payments Until June

  1. I am still waiting for my 10% Refund for Chad Hall making the team and for his gettimg more play calls inside the 5 yard line instead of RB Jerome Harrison last season…

  2. As far as an Agreement, I think it will be Mid/Late-May at the earliest and then a frentic Free-Agency period with begin afterwards from about June 1st thru June 20th folowed by some OTA camps and then Summer Camp will open Mid-July.. Lots of new players,rookies,players off of injuries will be behind the 8-ball as well as teams with new Coaching staffs,systems, QB’s leading to some sloppy,sub-Professional Football for the first 4-6 weeks of the 2011 Season…

  3. Revised Settlement agreement due to upcoming month impasse.
    Now a settlement most likley Late June/Early July.. Free-agency will now be pushed back until July with camps opneing late July..

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