Phillies Fans Have Paid For The Right To Boo, If They Want To

The Phillies just suffered back to back losses to the Milwaukee Brewers, a team that was swept in its last series by the Washington Nationals. Phillies fans are looking at the panic button, but are they going to push it?

Logically, the Phillies gave the fans the best five year run of any of the four major teams since the Broad Street Bullies of the 70’s. Fans should take it easy on a team with four straight NL East Titles, two National League pennants and a World Series ring. Had a Phillies fan been told in 2006, “Listen the Phils are going to win a few NL pennants a World Series ring, and four division titles, but for this deal to happen they will have to miss the playoffs in 2011” every fan would have taken that deal.

Fans should be satisfied, but nothing is wrong for the fans demanding more from this team. In the 2010/2011 off season, history happened in Philly sports, and it was not Cliff Lee. For the first time in the History of Philadelphia sports, fans were excited ticket prices were raised. Fans of the Phillies were willing to take a hit in their pockets, because they knew it put the Phillies on the same level as the Red Sox and Yankees.

The Phillies have hit a little bit of a lull, but should the fans panic? Probably not, but they have every right to. The fans did their part to see another winner, if they want to boo a player who is performing badly they can, they have earned it. In most cases the player does not deserve to be booed, but for the fans it’s their way of trying to help.

In most fans mind booing their team is a way to motivate them to do better. What is wrong with that? Is Philadelphia a terrible fan base for wanting their team to do better?

Outside of the draft day boo in 1999, when was the last time Philadelphia sports fans crossed the line booing a player? If Google or extensive thought is needed to answer that question then the fans use the boo the right way. Fans should boo this Phillies team when they are not playing up to expectation.

Players on the Phillies who dislike the use of the boo should subscribe to MLB.TV and watch the out of town games. Outside of Boston, and New York the rest of Major League Baseball plays in front of half empty stadiums every night.

An empty stadium is not an issue in Philadelphia, so if the fans want to boo a two-game stretch of bad play, let them, it’s their right. A tough crowd is better than no crowd.

25 thoughts on “Phillies Fans Have Paid For The Right To Boo, If They Want To

  1. am i wrong or did our BOOing on this site about the pop up comercials actually do something? I havent had a pop up from Gcobb in a few days or so. Thanks for hearing us.

  2. Thanx for the jinx Stevo.. They (Pops-Ups) have disappeared lately, kind of the like the Phillies Bats,Bullpen and Charlie’s sound Baseball Decisions have lately… It must be the Karma..

  3. Big comeback Win today.. maybe they can get back on a htting spree, Playing the Padres out there is not a bad thing, they historically have played very well in
    San Diego and Los Angeles.. It’s San Francisco where they always struggle hitting

  4. From Great Teams,Ballplayers and probably the highest Payroll in the NL come great Expectation.. Right now, the Phils are not living up to these expectations which were overstated by the local media and fans to begin with..
    They are a very good team, but not a great or dominant team with this batting line-up and bullpen which will again prevent them from winning the WS in 2011

  5. Paulman- “Right now, the Phils are not living up to these expectations”.

    its hard to win the WS when its april and the ws games are in the fall. I have not heard anyone say that the phillies would win every single game this year. Could they use another bat?? Sure…. but they will b fine. as ive said before… you are tainted this year because your desire to be right all the time is stronger than being a panthers fan… i mean Phillies fan.

    im booing you paulman in hopes that your comments will make like the popups on this site and just vanish. BOOOOOOO!!!!!

  6. Paulman is a joke of a fan. We should start keeping tabs on his outlandish predictions and shove it in his face at the end of the year just to prove to him how dumb his opinion is.

  7. So the Phils are still going to win 119 Games right Birdo..
    Who is being Foolish with wishful thinking on here
    I predicted about 94-97 wins and still stand by it..
    This Hitting line-up and Bullpen are simply average and they will not get great starting performances every time out by the big 4 so they will lose their share of games late in the last 2-3 innings for a lack of hitting and a consistent Bullpen… Madson and Contreras can’t pitch every game/day..

  8. Predicting 119 wins, first place in NL East and a WS title is still, BY FAR, a much better prediction than second place with 90 wins and second place to the Atlanta Braves you idiot.

    Braves are looking real good btw.

  9. I bet you a cheese steak hoagie from your favorite place that the Phils finish a lot closer to 94-97 wins then the ridiculous 119 wins that you call for…
    Braves are playing better (with Starting Pitching Jerjens back) and will be there come the end of season and it wouldn’t surprise me to even see Florida Marlins to hang close and make it interesting also

  10. @Paul, for the record, you predicted 92 wins and 2nd place behind the braves, don’t be a weasel

  11. Sounds about right Jake,
    I will stand by the 92 Wins and 2nd Place in NL East
    At 11-4, they would have to finish 81-66 over the final 147 games which is playing .550 ball over the remainder of the season which is more realistic based on the “Philly Lite” batting line-up and the Bullpen..

  12. what do you mean “sounds right”, remember what you say, say what you mean, and when the phils bring home a chaampionship there will be no room for paul on the bandwagon, how’s appalachian state doing in baseball

  13. App State is doing so-so (just like the Phils) in Baseball..and are really a Football school though they built a nice new Baseball Stadium last year and the baseball program has had had 3 Solid winning Seasons in a row and evn had 3-4 players drafted by the Pros last Draft.. The Weather and long winters as opposed to the rest of the South, makes it more challenging for recruiting/playing baseball in the Mountains
    I want all Philly Teams to win Championships in their respective sports,
    but just beacuse they are my favorite teams/ my hometown teams doesn’t mean I have to overlook their deficiencies or their competition.. Too many fans root with the hearts only (which is their perogative), but I pick winners by the Talent on the Rosters,Coaching and some intangibles like injuries,locker room chemistry,etc,te,c and to be honest, the Phils are not the best team in MLB in 2011 and probably about 4-5 best overall team come seasons end. Just like the Eagles are not the best team in NFL, and the Flyers & SIxers..

  14. See Paulman, that’s where you are wrong.

    The Phillies ARE the best OVERALL team in MLB and the UNBIASED general consensus states that.

    What you are is a negadelphian who goes up against Philly sports fans because A) you don’t live in the area and I really question whether you ever really were and B) your desire to be “right” with your outlandish predictions trumps your “fanhood”.

    The Eagles are NOT the best team in the NFL. The Flyers are NOT the best team in the NHL. The Sixers are definitely not the best team in the NBA.

    BUT, my good wannabe nostradamus friend — the Phillies ARE the best team in MLB — and if they don’t bring home the WS rings, it’s because they underachieved.

  15. How can the Phillies be the best team in MLB for the 2011 Season,
    the Defending WS Champions are the SF Giants are, and until someone beats them, they continue to hold that lable as MLB’s best team….
    Add the Texas Rangers, Red Sox, Yankees, Anaheim,to the top of the list and you can even add all improved teams like the Rockies.Brewers,Reds to the mix
    The only ones thinking the Phils will win 115-120 games and march to the WS are the kool-aid drinking fans in Philly who continually buy into the local media’s protrayal of the Phils being the best team in MLB.
    You could argue that it may be the best Phillie team put together (which I still don’t think it is) but this doesn’t mean they are the best in MLB..
    We’ll see at the end of the Season, If the go on and win the WS (like I hope they do) then I will say they are the best team, The best team meanns to me, winning the Championship, it means winning games when it really counts and the Phils have shown over the last 2 Playoff Seasons (when they were favored too) to fall short and I expect that to happen again this year as they have a weaker batting line-up and a shaky Bullpen and have many regular everyday players getting older and probably past their primes..

  16. oh pauligirl, you’re so so dense. You are using ‘champion’ for best team in the sport. By your logic, if the Giants went 0-150 this season, then for the last few games, they’d still be the best team in baseball. Your incessant need to ‘hear your own voice’, and type till your fingers fall off often causes you to type without thinking.

  17. Until someone knocks off the Champion, that Team,or even a boxer, a 100 Meter sprint Runner is the best until someone or another team beats them and if you have to wait to a 162 games schedule,16 weeks of Football, 80 NHL & 82 NBA Games, or the next sanctioned tacke meet or Boxing Match, then that’s the way it is, Its the privilidge that a Championship brings you or your team, the bragging rights of being the best, until you get knocked off..

  18. Paul, there’s a difference between the best and the champion. The best team in baseball referrs to the team that is playing the best in the present context. Once a new season starts, the best team in baseball referrs to who’s playing the best baseball right now. You can certainly debate who that is, and it can certainly be the Giants (or the previous year’s champ in any given year), but you sir are axtrapolating in a way that defies the way the concept/phrase is used and interpreted in our society.

    Paul, in 2007, when the pats went 16-0, if you asked ANYBODY – I repeat – ANYBODY, who the best team in football is (during that season), the correct answer would be the patriots. Patriots didn’t play in the previous year’s superbowl let alone win it. Does that example permeate your dense, hard as a rock head?

  19. haha schiller, good try, but you will just here more nonsense from the man from appalachia, whiskey paul, holed up in the mountain, probably chubbed up from all the angst he causes gcobb posters

  20. The reason every sport has playoffs and eventually Championships is to have a definitive Champion for that Season.. Does the “best” team during the regular season always win, of course not, the Championship ultimately determines who the best team is, if not , then why play the games….
    Does anyone think the Phils were the best team last year simply because they won more regular season games over the course of 162 game schedule.. They were for 6 months, but not over the last few weeks when the Playoffs were completed and San Fran bounced them out, of when the Giants beat the Patriots on that SUper Bowl SUnday.. People remember Champions, not the best teams over a “Regular Season”, even a red-neck hick from the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC knows this .. You silly city folk..

  21. paulman- as ive said before….. there is one thing to be realistic- I said the eagles had a lack of depth at CB, needed a RT before the season started JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. i said they had a huge questionmark at QB but he would prolly do ok-i was wrong about that- Its ANOTHER thing to slam a team all over. You OVERSTATED your opinion. Im not sure the phills win the WS but i would not call them a AAA team either. You went to far… just admit it. They will win more than 92 games pman. I say they win about 105 and win the NLE.

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