QB Prospect Ryan Mallett Doesn’t Like Money

I don’t know if Arkansas quarterback prospect, Ryan Mallett has a substance abuse problem, but I do know he’s not the brightest bulb in the basket.

Mallett’s stock has been rising since he has shown off his big arm and denied rumors and reports that he had been using drugs during his time with the Razorbacks.

The fact that he was in Charlotte, North Carolina being interviewed by the Panthers who have the top pick in the draft, showed that Mallett had done a good job of resuscitating his chances of being drafted in the first round, even to the point of possibly being the number one pick.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune and National Football Post reported that Mallett did something very stupid
during his visit to the Carolina Panthers. One night, he went out to dinner with the team’s top brass during his visit to Charlotte, then afterward decided to go out on the town and get hammered.

It was a bad mistake because I guess he got so badly intoxicated that he couldn’t make a morning meeting with the team that next morning.

Jeff Person of the Charlotte Obsever tweeted the following: “League source says Ryan Mallett blew off his meeting with Panthers GM Marty Hurney during visit to Charlotte earlier this month.”

Now his agent, J.R. Carroll sees all of the money slipping through their hands, so he’s trying to stop it immediately. Carroll got word to ESPN mouthpiece Adam Schefter and denied the report that Mallett was out that night.

“I’m pretty sure Ryan was really, really sick,” Carroll said. “He told me he was sick the night before. And I know Ryan wasn’t out late night. I know that for sure. He’s not an idiot.”

I hope they can somehow prove the story wrong, but why would you go out and get drunk while knowing you have the most important interview of your life the next morning. Millions of dollars are on the line and all you have to do is show up and be a nice guy, answer the questions then go home and open a few bank accounts.

Unfortunately, you know what NFL player personnel people are saying. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

9 thoughts on “QB Prospect Ryan Mallett Doesn’t Like Money

  1. Paulman took Mallet out to the Go-Go Bars, so he would drop down to the Eagles at #23… Go Hogs…

  2. A local story I read in the Charlotte Observor is that he became ill after Dinner with Panthers Front Office personnel the evening before and cenceled his morning meeting and workouts due to be naesaus..

  3. Very unlikley Rberson, this fella has maturity issues and QB decision-making
    problems, and not very tough and leader like.. I equate him a lot like Jimmy Clausen but with a much better arm, but the intangibles for a NFL QB just aren’t there in my opinion and he will mostl likely be out of the NFL in 2-3 years..

  4. Does anyone think Beldsoe was all that good… I don’t..
    Mallet reminds me more of a Ryan Leaf/Chad Henne type..

  5. Sick or not the kid should’ve been there..if he was truly ill from the dinner the execs would have saw that and probably excused him and rescheduled the meeting…
    Cam is probably laughing his ass off

  6. To GLI,
    Cam could care less for he’s going to be selected before Mallet would anyways. but QB’s like Locker,Dalton,Taylor,Kapernick,McElroy are all smiling since this improves their Draft Status

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