Sixers Have To Play Tougher On Both Sides Of The Floor

Folks, the Philadelphia Sixers are up against it and tonight. Someway, somehow they have to get a victory over the Miami Heat to stay alive in this series.

In watching Game 2 there were some glaring needs that werenever addressed. Here is what the Sixers need to do to increase their
chances of victory tonight, and get back into this series.

Offensively: Do not, I repeat do not take the ball out of Jrue Holiday’s hands. Midway through the first quarter of Game 2 Andre Iguodala was bringing the ball up. Iguodala’s knee isn’t well so how can’t he generate any kind of fast break.

Work the paint. In Game One, the Sixers were effective scoring 42 points in the paint compared to 24 in Game Two. Iguodala and
Elton Brand’s salaries total somewhere close to $36 million a season, in Game Two the Sixers leaders combined for eight points and 14 rebounds in over 65 minutes of playing time. That’s unacceptable for anyone making that type of coin and having the word “leader” associated with their name. Production is key from these two or expect a repeat of Monday.

Defensively: No one has explained the low post rules to the Sixers big men. Had they been educated on this fine art, Spencer Hawes and Marresse Speights would both have Flagrant 1’s and Chris Bosh wouldn’t be flying around the rim like he has been during the first two games. It was doing this during the regular season.

The Sixers big men have nothing to lose. They should send a message to these guys that the picnic is over. If they catch Bosh, Dwyane Wade or LeBron James driving to the hoop, they should knock them on their butts.

The Sixers don’t need to help these guys up off the floor after they knock them down either. Once the game gets into the second half, especially the fourth quarter, the no layups rule goes into effect.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? They could throw Hawes or Speights out of the game. Who cares?

Coaching: Doug Collins has to rely on his best players to do what they do best. Iggy’s no point guard, let Holiday control the tempo, he was great in Game One. Work Elton Brand in the paint and run plays to get Jodie Meeks open for his killer jump shot. Iguodala should not be your first scoring option for the remainder of the series.

Everyone should be driving the ball to the basket in order to get to the line. In other words, TAKE THE BALL TO THE HOLE!!!

It’s time for this Sixers team to grow a couple and stop playing scared…

4 thoughts on “Sixers Have To Play Tougher On Both Sides Of The Floor

  1. I agree with some of the things you mentioned ron glover but the sixers are in over there heads. I’ve been telling all that this was the worst 1st round matchup for them anybody but the heat.

    It would be disappointing to see them get swepted but this is a inevitable conclusion.

    Ron glover, the sixers are playing 1 of the best defenses in the league and the sixers can’t shoot to save there life so I’m not suprised I just hope they would make it interesting at least

  2. J. you’re correct, last night they pushed back but once again they stopped being aggressive and started to rely on their poor outside shooting. I believe the held a double-digit lead TWICE.

    When you have a team like that, you must continue to be the aggressor.

  3. They simply don’t have the Talent to play with the big-boys..
    They were beat to the spots down low all game and were pushed around on the boards.. The definitely needs to get bigger,stronger and meaner alonf that front line and the Shooting woes have been well documented since the 90’s with the Sixers..

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