Schefter thinks Kolb will end up in Arizona or Seattle

We all know the Eagles got railroaded by the lockout during this past NFL draft because they want to move backup QB Kevin Kolb, but can’t. There has been a ton of speculation about where he could end up after the lockout, with teams like the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers popping up in rumors.

Well, let’s just keep that going. Adam Schefter said on NFL Live on Tuesday that he thinks Arizona (or possibly Seattle…sort of) is the likely landing spot. It would make sense since the Niners and Bengals addressed the position in the draft.

“I think that when the lockout is lifted, there’s no doubt that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to trade Kevin Kolb,” Schefter said. “I think at this point in time, it’s fairly certain that he’s going to wind up in the NFC West. Right now, all signs point to Kevin Kolb somehow finding his way to Arizona, which would make Larry Fitzgerald very happy, which would make the Cardinals an instant contender in the NFC West, and it would make them the team that they were a couple of years ago when Kurt Warner was playing quarterback, rather than last year when they had the quarterback carousel.

“Kevin Kolb is going to get dealt from Philadelphia, most likely going to be to the NFC West, and right now all signs point to Arizona.”

It would make sense since both teams still are completely awful at quarterback. Matt Hasselbeck is close to toast, despite a nice performance against the Saints in the playoffs. Charlie Whitehurst was a third-stringer in San Diego for a reason. And the Cardinals have the likes of John Skelton and Max Hall on their roster.

That said, I have no idea what Schefter is talking about comparing Kolb to Kurt Warner. Warner could be a Hall of Famer and Kolb has only shown so far that he’s capable of being inconsistent.

Anyone else notice the national guys have a much higher opinion of Kolb than the Philly locals? I’m not saying he’s bad, but getting compared to the likes of Warner and Aaron Rodgers is premature to say the least.

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  1. I think Paulman stated in Febuary that Seattle is the most interested and his best fit .. I just hope Stacey Andrews is not part of the deal .. Good Grief…
    I think EAgles get a 1st and 4th Pick for him in the 2012 Draft or possibly a
    1st in 2012 and a 3rd in 2013..

  2. Pizzles,

    I think we can totally rip Arizona off on this since they are desperate. Wouldnt be surprised if we got more than a 1st and 4th next year. Dare I say a 2nd could be included? Either way, if we get a 1st for Kolb, our front office is full of geniuses.

  3. You can scratch 49ers off the list, They committed to QB A Smith to come back and lead the team in 2011, they Draft QB C Kapernick with an early 2nd Rd pick whioc will be groomed to be the face of the Franchise by 2013.. I also think that Kapernick will flourish under Harbaugh;s system and knowledge as a former QB and will end up bring the most Productive QB from this 2011 Draft Class

    Also Scratch Cincinnati off your list for C Palmer is retiring and the Bengals are moving on with out him and Drafted QB A Dalton. Gone will be Ocho Cino and TO who is a free-agent and won’t be resigned.. Bengals will be turning over a new leaf and if they go out and obtain a verteran QB while they groom Dalton to be the face of the Franchise….It will be true veteran who has many starts under thier belt..someone like a Jake Delhome, Charlie Batch, Mark Brunell or someone who is a more of a mentor anmd a 1-2 year player until DAlton is ready.. Why would th ebengals after acquiring Dalton now turn around and trade high Draft picks for Kolb when they have already made a decision for a QB moving forward..

  4. Not to be a Debbie Ddowner, but it appears the Courts ruled today
    to fast track the NFL Appeals on the Stay result of Jedge NElsons original decision to lift the Lockout. The COurt will hear arguments from both sides on
    JUne 3rd and have a decision shortly thereafter
    So bottom line to fans, It will be a food Month-6 Weeks before any Player Transactions/Movements can take place, No Rookie CAmps,No OTA’s and No Free-agency.. I would say the earliest things will open back up will be Mid-June and mayve Free-agency with begin in early July, but this is a real cluster puck for everyone since no workouts,no training,rehab will be done at teams headqurters and who knows what many of the rookies will want to do, Do you work out on your own anyve sustain an injury, who’s liable, what happens since no rookies can sign any deals.. Free-agents, Trades, Signing non-drafted rookies… This 2011 Season which had so much promise is going to be a mere shadow of real football and especially for these 7-8 Teams with new coaches and systems in place… This will be ugly Football

  5. Paulman they can rule in favor of the players and unlock the players this week… were waiting on the courts answer to the nfls appeal to have a more permanent lockout… they can still rule in favor of the players to lift this temp lockout then have FA for a month or so until they go back into court the beginning of june…

  6. Hey Paulman, I’m surprised you don’t have a **trade alert** (once lockout lifted) Kolb for Andy Dalton plus 2012 1st or 2nd rd picks so the Bengals can win now.

    Don’t see that happening of course since the word is Jay Gruden wanted Dalton. But hey, Mike Vick is the starting QB of the Philadelphia Eagles so anything could happen, right?

  7. No one has been metioning it but don’t forget the: Buffalo Bills & the Oakland Raiders.

    I really think it comes down to AZ, Seattle, or the Bills. (Bills have had a long relationship making trades w/ the Eagles.)

    I also think the national opinion of Kolb is the correct opinion. Kolb is much better then most Philly locals feels. Everyone outside the city would be happy to have Kolb on their roster.

  8. Let the media overvalue Kolb so that we can get great return for him. It is like Shefter is on the Eagles payroll the way that he was talking about him.

  9. Micah—i just read on.PFT that the cards turned offer of a 1st 2nd and 4th so that the lions could move up and grab peterson…do u think thats bcuz the eagles have a deal in place for him or is that just wishful thinking..this lockout is driving me insaneeeeeee haha

  10. Cross off the Cards they’re one of the cheapest franchises in the NFL and aren’t committed to winning enough to make a move like that. I only see Seattle as a potential trade partner. I think they will be willing to part with a first rounder straight up and that will be the deal b/c no other team will be that interested unless the Cards just want to drive the price up on the Seahawks.

  11. tberry – Wait, I thought the Eagles where the cheapest…oh nevermind, I realized that you’re going off of facts and bad.

  12. dawk – I believe that may be impossible. I could be wrong, but my understanding was that the NFL made a rule that teams couldn’t draft players to trade to another team later as a way of skirting around the no player transactions rule…

  13. Per 2 reliable Phoenix area sources,
    The Cardinals have little to no interest in acquiring Kolb..
    They like their 2 young QB for the Future and are interested in acquiring a
    proven Veteran with experience for a season or 2 and it appears they will seriously look at M Hasselback or M Bulger as their short term QB until Max Hall who is up to speed …

  14. G,
    I think Schefter is not be comparing Kolb’s skills to Warner’s, but simply stating that Kolb will bring and end to the carousel of quarterbacks during the season for Arizona. Will he make them better? Probably. Will he lose games? Surely. It’s just nice to have consistency – even if it’s not always positive. With consistency you can improve.

  15. It is my belief that a deal is already done with Arizona. We will be getting there first round pick of this years draft PETERSON you watch.

  16. Kolb to Warner, the comparison should be Kolb to Anderson, the current Cardinals QB…

    Anderson 4th season in the NFL he was a pro bowler and his career began to digress shortly after…
    Kolb in his 4th season, we all witnessed it…He had two very solid performances and some horrid ones as well.

    In 2010 Anderson threw 7TD’s 10INTS and had a 66QB rating I believe…
    Kolb threw 7TD’s 7INTS and had a 76QB rating. I do not believe that Kolb would of had better numbers than Anderson, in a Cardinals uniform…Eagles offense is more potent than the Cards overrall….so who’s to say what would be if they switched uniforms in 2010…
    Arizona O line gave up 1 more sack than the Eagles offensive line…Cards 50, Eagles 49…We all know Kolb does not do well when pressured, going to a line that is just as shaky as the Eagles was in 2010 will be interesting to see…

    Scheffer thank you, continue to speak highly of Kolb as an Eagle fan I apprecate it!

  17. I am baffle with all this hype about a first round for Kolb. Is there politics in sports. Could some one explain why would a team give up a first round pick for a quuater back that did not play 16 games? Is it safe to say, be patient for a rookie that you can develop, but why would you take another teams mishap.

  18. Darby – becuase another team might now see Kolb as a Mishap. They might see him as a prospect who lost his starting job only because he got injured and his backup played amazingly when he came in. That’s really the explaination right there. Every Eagles fan has a biased vview of it, but the fact is that NFL people view Kolb as more likley to succeed, and do so sooner than many of the rookie QBs.

  19. Kolb was ass before he was injured,,,,,any team ignore his play against green bay before the injury in that game desreves everything they get.

    He was like a pathetic frightened Gazelle running from wild lions……….. Probably the most pathetic half of football ever exibited in the history of the NFL.

    But I digress…..Let’s focus on the concussion

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