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Vick Disagrees With Mendenhall About Osama, “He Deserved Every Bit Of It”

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall has gotten himself into a bucket of hot water by criticizing the American public for celebrating the death of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

“What kind of person celebrates death?” he wrote. “It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side. We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style,” he tweeted.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has come out against Mendenhall’s type of thinking.

“It was about time,” Vick told 102.1 FM and 1490 AM The Game back home in Virginia. “What he so-called did to our people, took so many innocent lives. Hey, he deserved every bit of it.”

I agree with Vick because Bin Laden masterminded a travesty. I remember that day right now like it was yesterday. I can think about and see all those people jumping off the buildings to their deaths.

One of the ten commandments is that “Thou Shalt not kill”, but really in the Hebrew it’s translated properly, “Thou shalt not commit murder”. Murder is taking human life with no just cause. The Bible clearly okays killing in case of self defense. Murder is what is wrong.

What unfortunately happened with Mendenhall is he’s talking about something he doesn’t know how to explain correctly. I believe he is a sincere Christian but he is mixing up spiritual things with natural things. When it comes to the bad things, meaning the sins that people commit, the Bible clears states that Jesus Christ died for every person’s sins and if that person receives Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, God will forgive that person of their sin.

According to the scriptures, God will forgive a man of murder and that man will be able to go to heaven when they die if they receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. That offer was there for Osama Bin Laden. He could have had his sins forgiven. It doesn’t mean that he would have been able to walk free on this earth and that he is going be forgiven by a court of law. He can be forgiven spiritually by God Almighty, but in this natural physical world, he must pay the price for what he did. He must pay the price for mass murder.

On the other hand the Bible talks about the police and the army “not bearing the sword for nothing” which means both the police and army are representatives of the God in that they protect the innocent and they’re supposed to use weapons to stop bad people from doing bad things. It’s a good thing that we have a police department and an army to take down people doing bad things, tyrants and evil doers who terrorize people and kill the innocent.

If we didn’t have police and an army, evil people would be able to do whatever they wanted to do without anyone stopping them. Surely Vick is right, Bin Laden deserved what happened to him. In the same way, if somebody is killing people and terrorizing people, they must be stopped by the police or the army. This is a good thing that evil doers are stopped from doing bad things.

I support both the police and the army because the Bible says they are representatives of God to do good. In fact, the Bible says we should pray for the police and the army. on Facebook

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40 Comments for “Vick Disagrees With Mendenhall About Osama, “He Deserved Every Bit Of It””

  1. Hey G,

    I think Mendenhall is a truther or is listening to a truther. If you don’t know what a truther is, google it. I didn’t until a year ago when I hired a yound electrical engineer. Over dinner and a couple of beers I got the whole theory. People will believe just about anything.

    So I don’t think Mendenhall thinks a murderer shouldn’t be executed but that Bin Laden didn’t have anything to do with at all. It was George W. that orchestrated the whole incident.

  2. Wow G you went in on this one pretty deep. I agree with you about everything. That SOB deserved it. I was in 11th grade in spanish class when my teacher said did you guys hear about the twin towers? we then turned on the TV and it was like a movie Gary. Seeing the carnage was just unbelievable.

    Osama bin Laden had a video where he admitted to the acts of 911. Thousands of people died because of him. You can easily say what Rashard said but imagine if it was your kids? your family in that building? how would you feel then?

  3. If he doesn’t want to celebrate bin Laden’s death, I understand and respect that, but I don’t want to hear him judging others about celebrating justice more than death. His blog stated that he didn’t want to be controversial, but I don’t see how these comments can be anything but. The idea that the Govt is someone connected to the attacks on 9/11 is about the most controversial American opinions. He should have thought this through more and if you want a forum to express your feelings, maybe Twitter is not the venue.

    Don’t forget that this is one of the guys who agreed with AP saying that the owners were treating the players like slaves. I think that that tells you all you need to know about his ability to put his thoughts in a bigger context.

  4. Oh and G, I agree with you 100%

  5. OK Sheeple…..Obama have waved the “Osama magic wand”. Your morgage will now be paid….your gas prices are now 1.50 per gallon…your groceries are now affordable.. There’s more work available and the economy is booming. We’re not in 4 seperate wars right now. We will not hit the economic ceiling mid May. There’s no need for the FEMA coffins and body bags. “The Osama Bin Laden” wand have been waved. Who is Bin Laden anyway? He lives through teleprompted narrators!!!

    wake up

  6. I like that Vick stepped up and I agree with him. What’s really sad is the latest controversy over the fact that Bin Laden was unarmed when he took the bullet he so deserved. As far as I know, the people working in the twin towers on 9/11/01 weren’t packing firearms either..

  7. Songs, and who exactly are you arguing back against about Bin Laden’s death improving the other areas of their lives? Who stated that?

  8. Songs you and the rest of pockets in society walk high and mighty like your in tune with reality more then others. It’s your lack of sensitivity and understanding of the basic principles of doing good and loving other man which makes our moral fabric continue to rip.I respectfully disagree with you b.s. about our prez waving a wand.I’m politically savy enough too know this is one of the biggest wins for the ” Good Guys” IN HISTORY .it not a fraud.I know a Striker team leader recently retired who was in the mountains in Afghan. for months at a team …REALISTICALLY looking for him. Doing real work.Winning over tribe leaders for info. Looking to stop these people from walking onto a train platform and blowing himself up. Taking innocent people lives who are on there way to a honest days work.

    You dont realize this guy is a REAL person you idiot. Like we’re being attacked by ALIENS!?lol.Stop dude.You wake up.

    If any of our players opened his mouth like that i would wan them cut.Shut up and be proud of our countries military.


  9. Moses and King David… murderers. Yet repented to the living God and did His work. Good call, G.

  10. !!!!!Trade alert!!!!!!

    Songs traded to recieves a bag of crispy Nike footballs with D-ware signatures for all.(he is a stunner)

  11. To Erock,
    Not to nitpick, but probably more like speaking “Japanese”
    The Germns had no intentions of coming over to take over the Western Hemisphere.. They wanted Europe/Russia and the Mediterannean regions while they had a pact with Japan who could take over the Pacific Rim & US Regions

  12. Ok…Japanese.Or how about talking like those tools who celebrate weddings like there charecters in Star Wars.

    Bottomline….we iced him.Word to Navy Seals with gully extra over there ninja type Bruce Lee and Shaolin temple dispositons….placing sucker Jihad stone age cats in uncomfortable positions.

  13. I WANT PROOF………. I want to see footage of him getting his turban topped off………. This man has caused chaos for many americans….. He kept me overseas for months without seeing land for 5 months……. He’s caused jobs for millions of americans……. He’s made everyone’s vacation a living hell with airport officials checking every nick and cranny even your 2 year old child……. And they give him a proper burial at sea…….. I would have had a OSAMA BIN SHISH KABOB with his body roasting on an open fire…… But they give him a proper burial…… And to Mendenhall what stupidity…… Try keeping the ball in your hands during important moments before commenting on america’s most wanted man ever……. Real is Real……. OSAMA BIN HAD IT COMING TO HIM for YEARS……. GO EAGLES……. 2 Billion dollars a week in Afganistan are you serious MENDENHALL!!!!!

  14. If a mass murder killed 100 people the family would love to see justice served with a death penalty and them seeing an individual die in the hands of justice…… The same with thousands and millions of americans who sacrificed their lives at ground zero……. At war overseas, and the lives caused on 9-11….. I would have had his death on every channel every hour on the hour……. for a week straight….. after 9pm cant let the kids witness…… The Taliban can cut american’s heads off and post it here in America……. So why not take their leader and we can show them whats really good and HOW WE GET DOWN here in AMERICA……. LOL…… But all seriousness!!!!

  15. jroc, I hear you, and I think we all do. But you want to match THEM in what THEY do? That will just provide more motivation for them to want to retaliate. Understandable desire of yours (and others), but DUMB DUMB DUMB. Risk HIGHLY outweighs the reward.

  16. real article G…….. People who serve and protect us deserve praises…… But the false prophets who use their gift of gab to lure people in to believing they are the higher power shouldnt be prayed on……. Some police who use their power and authority for all the wrong reasons are the same as a false prophet….. And army as well…… We need to open our eyes and see whats real and whats not real…… And the only way is trust in our Savior Jesus Christ….. I believe in the GOOD BOOK……. But all these followers with twitter and facebook or whatever is just another open door for worshipping in the flesh…… LADY GAGA, BEYONCE etc…… We need to wake up as people…… Teach our children whats real and let them know the principals of life and the true meaning behind it…… Theres a time and place for everything…… But Justice is Justice……

  17. uck, all this religion is disturbing…

  18. @Shiller……. What up bro…… I know we get in to it a lot….. But I believe that him dead is just enough for them to retaliate…….. We dont know who’s who and whats what here in america……. They say you learn from your mistakes and trust me we payed a toll…… This guy Bin Ladin made a historic mark in history for what he’s mastermind…… It would bring some closure to families who’s lost love ones because of his evil ways……. So why not make it public……. Or make it public to the people who lost their family members and keeping it confidential…….. But we all know that it will get released and someone will bootleg it and it will be out on the streets……. “I got that OSAMA tape”!…….. “10$ dollars”!

  19. @ SHiller….So do you think we should have just captured him and let him sit in prison….. Is that good or bad???? I’m pretty much sure the famous guy who pulled the trigger on this one hasn’t seen home in months and wanted to just end his life at all cost…… He’s ruined so much….. Even marriages for troops and people who were away for years….. Children dont even remember their father’s because they were away for a good number of years of there lives…… They killed a man who used humans as bombs……. So if he ran/or tried to escape from being captured……. Than he must of charrished his life than…….. So that makes him a coward!!!!! He didnt stand by is beliefs……

  20. jroc – I think you may have I am glad they killed them. No issues with that at all. Not one bit.And I want ALL the soldiers to come home. Honestly.

    I just think that knowing he’s dead IS the closure for those families (though closure is an individual/subjective/personal thing). At least it’s the most reasonable closure. Again, I’m glad they killed him as opposed to capture and prison. I just think that the Obama administration has a very valid point that releasing the photos could very likely do more harm than good. I think them getting Bin Laden earns them the cred to have our trust on this issue. Bottom line, if they determine that not releasing the photos is best for American security – what else matters?

  21. Paulman you better check your history books. The Japanese were at war with China and had aspirations to control South East Asia. They in fact attacked Pearl Harbor as a feint so they could break our oil embargo and continue their war with China.

    It’s surprising how many people (like most) don’t know why the Japanese attacked us.

  22. Regardless of being unarmed he would have been impossible to keep alive for a trial and could have caused more damage. Needless to say i am not flying anytime soon.

  23. Yes Joe Pa,
    I agree that the Japanese wanted to rule all of the Pacific Islands and not come to invade Mainland America.. ( I had to ad-lib and exaggerate a little to made the post a little more exciting) but they had bigger goals than just getting back at us for the Oil Embargo, They wanted their Empire to reach and control all of S East Asia/Pacific Region from the Hawaain Islands to the Phillipines and all those islands in between…

  24. I am glad we got Osama, and glad he is no longer around. But does anyone know that we put Osama in power? We funded him, and supplied them with weapons during the Cold War Era. This should teach us not to put psychos in power, and to have better foreign policy. I am VERY GLAD we got Osama and I celebrated like everyone else (Mendenhall is an idiot), but our Foreign Policy needs to get it together really fast.

  25. All those who are smart enough to buy the offical stories read by talking heads who read teleprompters….
    Go to youtube and type in the browswer ….

    “Benavir Bhutto tells Osama Bin Laden death”

    She will give you the guy who killed Bin Laden over 9 years ago.

    By the way …she was assasinated …JFK style a few months after the interview.

    The nameof the guy who killed him?

    Omar Sheikh….

    he’s a CIA asset

    Bin Laden was a CIA asset

    If you want to know who was behind 911 just look at the corporations who are benefiting from the war. Simple

    Bin Laden is nothing and Afghanistan have a U S base now…they are watching over their coveted Heroin crops ..preparing for another war with Iran.

    Bin Laden “been dead”.

    wake up

  26. Songs is starting to scare me a little, Does anyone else think that maybe’s he’s the “Anti-Christ” and is bidding his time as an Eagle Fan until he starts Armegeddon in 2012.. Maybe Time isn’t really Ours…

  27. I understand where Mendenhall is coming from especially when he talks about the American people gathering in streets celebrating…it reminded me of how other countries celebrate with burning of American flags, shouting anti american phrases…US should take the higher road, why resort to that level?..

    also what is truly getting me pissed, is most of the countries that hate the US so much, the US is providing millions to billions of dollars in aid….Cut all of these ungrateful “dumb asses” off and our economy will be ok….

    We have given over 18 billion to Pakistan since 2001 and this country has the nerve to give us warnings of future attacks on their soil!? Lets remove our troops, stop training their army and take our money with us!

  28. The government is shady. And the US provided the training and weapons for this guy to be who he was. The same way americans died on 9/11 is the same way our soldiers kill there innocent every day. There are no good guys vs bad guys. Its scum vs scum and good Bin did his share of evil as our government does to other countrys and to us. Our troops are dieing everyday for a reason thats no good one. Be all we go by is what fox tells u and you run with it.

  29. We dont know the truth. If i was a father over in that country and my son was killed while walking to the store by an american soldier should i cheer on 9/11. No!!! Both partys are wrong. And Mr G. As a christ follower its never right to judge or celebrate in anyones death or past judgement and say he deserved to die. What Men tweeted was his right. But we have the right to free speech unless it goes against what most americans are feeling. I love jesus. I love america. And i love all People. And i wish death on no one. Its up too god. And this is your web site. And people follow u and look up to u. So if u choose to bring in religion please responsible. Dont be quick to judge and wish death on others. Just pray for them as your book tells u

  30. Ugh… exit stage left. Too much preaching and not enough sports in here.

  31. “You know, it’s funny how things never turn out the way you had ’em planned,
    The only thing we knew for sure about Henry Porter, is that his name really wasn’t Henry Porter” ..
    Strange how people who suffer together have stronger connections than people who are most content, I don’t have any regrets, they can talk about me plenty when I’m gone.
    You always said that people don’t do what they believe in, they just do what’s most conveinient, and then they repent, and I always said “Hang on to me, baby, and let’s hope that the roof stays on” ..
    Bob Dylan — “Browsville Girl”

  32. Songs – so we arent supposed to believe the government but believing a youtube video is the way to go??? cmon man you’re better than that. Of course you can’t believe everything the government tells you is exact truth, but shit I can go on youtube right now and say whatever the heck I want about whatever I want. Mendenall actually linked to something on youtube too…..cmon people……internet is the worst thing happening to us b/c it makes everyone an expert and a credible source. Now excuse me while I check my email, update my facebook and tweet some bullshit.

  33. Songs — why don’t you do some research yourself you idiot. BenaZir simply mis-spoke in that interview. You big dummy. Some of you will believe anything just because.

  34. Lol! Somebody watched Charlie Wilson’s War.

  35. Now hold on their Bubba Louie… Let me make sure I got this straight. Songs is criticizing others for believing “talking heads reading teleprompters” but thinks You Tube is a wholly credible and reliable source of information? For real? Seriously? No joking? Come on, can’t be… Maybe we’ll believe Songs if he shares his “facts” with a video on You Tube with a mike in his hand.

  36. staying with the original article, who gives a shit about what Vick thinks of mendenhall or us foreign policy, Vick is a football player, probably a dumb ass football player at that, but Gary Cobb in his infinite propaganda machine to get fans to like/promote Vick has to spin this into one of his many pro Vick articles, if Kolb or some other white athlete had something to say Cobb would be silent, pure agenda, the reason why Jakedog first posted here, Cobb has agenda, unmistakeable agenda

  37. Easy Jake,
    #1) Vick is a pretty bright guy, have you ever listened to some ogf his interviews or see how he handles himself off the field at many of his events… he’s no dummy that’s for sure…
    #2) Do you really think that G is promoting some type of Racial Preference on here to promote certain players over others.. That’s ridiculous and it’s a shame that you feel that way but to each, his own I guess…

  38. Educational Qoute

    this is something your government will never tell you about the true origins of “Al Qaeda”:

    “Throughout the 80s [Osama Bin Laden] was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Al-Qaida, literally “the database”, WAS ORIGINALLY THE COMPUTER FILE OF THE THOUSANDS OF MUJAHIDEEN who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians”

    -Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

  39. Mendenhall made good points…Bin Laden was on the CIA payroll from jump, which was in the 80s during the Afghan-Soviet War…The only role he played in 911 was as a patsy…When looking for the 911 perps, one only look to the neo-con faction in the Bush Administration and to a country commonly referred to as ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’.

  40. Also, like Barrack Obama, Michael Vick knows who butters his bread…Besides, Vick has done time, and doesn’t need any ‘political footballs’ to handle.

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