DeSean Jackson Takes West Coast – East Coast Test

Eagles star wide receiver DeSean Jackson who grew up in Long Beach and attended Long Beach Poly like Chase Utley and Winston Justice took a test for his cultural ties, whether they be East Coast versus West Coast. Jackson calls himself Westside on twitter feed.

97.5 talk show host Tim McManus asked Jackson a number of East Coast and West Coast questions

1. He likes late West Coast rapper Tupac’s rap music over Notorious BIG, who was an East Coast rapper.

2. He swore by In And Out Burgers in California over Five Guys Burgers And Fries back here on the East Coast.

3. He likes West Coast late night show hosted Jay Leno over East Coast late night show David Letterman.

4. Even though he admitted that the Lakers were killing him right now, Jackson swore by the Lakers over the Sixers.

5. He took Philadelphia’s Rocky over former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

6. He took West Coast rapper Snoop Dog over East Coast’s Jay-Z.

7. When it comes to baseball, Jackson went with the Phillies over the Dodgers, which isn’t hard to do nowadays.

8. He took the Philly Cheesesteak over California burrito.

9. Jackson believes in west coast 49ers quarterback Joe Montana over East coast quarterback Dan Marino.

Now you can take the test yourself.

4 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson Takes West Coast – East Coast Test

  1. How do you pick snoop over jay-z?

    He should have been asked which women you prefer? I think west coast wins the women category but when it comes to comparing Miami women with LA women Miami would win. In Miami you see women from foreign countries that you never even heard of 😛

  2. This is stunning. I love the fact that this article is filed under “BREAKING NEWS”. The real question should be whether he prefers blue or red, but alot of people already know the answer to that one.

  3. I prefer Pac over Big….. Pac spoke the truth in his music and he can get on some war type issues if he has to….. Pac was a poet and a great actor as well…… He made a great impact towards the hiphop generation as far as speaking up and stand in what you believe in!!!!! Big is my mans too trust and believe…… But Pac touched a lot of people!!!

    Snoop over Jay Z…… I could understand because most west coast cats i know choose E-40 over Jay-Z as well!!!!

    Montana has rings so I can agree with that!!!!

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