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All-Time Philadelphia 76ers Starting Five

This is one of those topics where my brain and heart collide, I’ve been summoned to submit my All-Time Philadelphia 76′ers starting five. I could go the conventional way and put in players that I haven’t seen (I’m 39) and that would be somewhat like cheating but I think I’ve covered enough ground with the Sixers to floor a reputable squad

So here we go.

In Dave Zinkoff’s voice:

Moses Malone/Center: I know, I know. Wilt Chamberlain should be here and deservedly so, but since I only saw Moses play he goes here and if I place Wilt at center Malone would be my power forward.

Charles Barkley/Power Forward: Barkley is pound for pound one of the NBA’s greatest players. Outsized in many matchups but never outhearted,

Julius (The Doctor) Errrrvvvinnnggg Small Forward: There aren’t many players in the history of American sports that can say that they carried two professional leagues for a period of time.

Andrew (The Boston Strangler) Toney/Shooting Guard: I know, I should probably be placing Allen Iverson here, but I saw this man in his prime and he gave the League fits. Any stories that they tell you about this man – believe all of them.

Allen (The Answer) Iverson/Point Guard: Breaks my heart not to put Cheeks here. Maybe I should’ve replaced Toney – I just can’t see this starting five without Iverson, And granted he’s not a natural point, but Malone and Barkley would get their touches – they would see to it.

Let the debate begin.

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15 Comments for “All-Time Philadelphia 76ers Starting Five”

  1. Paulman’s Top Starting 5 for the 76ers

    Center – Wilt Chamberlain
    Forward – Hal Greer
    Forward – Julius Irving
    Guard – Maurice Cheeks
    Guard – Allan Iverson

    2nd Team
    Center – Moses Malone
    Forward – Charles Barkley
    DForward – Billy Cunningham
    Guard – Andrew Toney
    Guard – Doug Collins

  2. Hal Greer was a guard

  3. Thanks G
    Then H Greer makes 1st team paired with Mo Cheeks and Iverson gets pushed down to 2nd Team with Andrew Toney (COllins goes to 3rd Team)

    I would then move Barkely up with Dr J as 1st Team Fowards
    and then add Steve Mix or Bobbie Jones with Billy C as 2nd Team Forward

  4. lol G. you made my day with that. Paulman doesn’t know his bball.

    I’m curious G, did you see Bernard Hopkins comments pertaining to Mcnabb? I’m sure you have thoughts on that.

  5. Sorry G, just saw the article

  6. Paulman’s Revised #1 Sixer Team

    Center – Wilt
    Forwards – Dr J and Barkely
    Guards – H Greer and M Cheeks

    2nd Team
    Center – Moses “Fo,Fo,Fo” Malone
    Forwards – Billy C and George McGinnis
    Guards – Allen Iverson and Andrew Toney

  7. Mo

  8. Paulman’s All-time Worst Shooring Sixer team
    (We will call them the “Brickxers”)
    Center – Caldwell Jones
    Forwards – Tyone Hill, Andre Iglouada
    Guards – Jim Spanarkel, Leo Rautins (not to pick on the white guys)

  9. Paulman’s All-White 76er Time

    Center – Marc Ivaroni/Jeff Ruland
    Forwards – Billy Cunningham, Steve Mix, Bobbie Jones and Tom VanArsdale
    Guards – Doug Collins,Jim Spanarkel, (light skinned Henry Bibby doesn’t count)

  10. Should be 76er Team..

  11. Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest basketball player who ever lived.

    And Paulman, you are one big piece of white guilt. Your constant references to “whiteness” and particularly your “whiteness” are beyond silly. By the way, six out of the ten comments here so far are yours. My sources tell me that they consider your comments to be juvenile and trite!

  12. Lighten up FS1960,
    What’s wrong with having a little fun on these posts once in a while…

  13. paulman u could have played it smooth….should have said “i know greer was a guard but he is my forward” lol anyway i wish Barkley had the talent around him here what Jordan had in Chicago. i know Barkley was close with the Suns the one year but u put Barlkey on the Bulls team and Jordan on the Suns and Bulls still win.

  14. only nba player in top 20 of steals,rebounds,and shooting % is Barkley …i was impressed with barkley with steals karl malone finished better than barkley though

  15. Thnx for the Tip Tydm..
    I will save that for the next list, stay thirsty my friend…

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