Roger Goodell: NFL Teams Could Have Agreed To Trades Before The Draft

According to Les Bowen of, Eagles President Joe Banner and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did a conference call yesterday with a group of chosen Eagles fans.

One of the fans asked the Commissioner if a couple of teams could have agreed to a trade during that brief period when they were told to begin conducting regular business prior to the 2011 draft.

Surprisingly the Commissioner said yes, teams may have been able to agree upon a trade during that period and will be allowed to complete that trade once the lockout ends and teams are allowed to sign and trade players.

I think this might have been a mistake because teams could lie about having made a try and find a way to trade draft picks now even though they hadn’t agreed to it before. During my time around the NFL, I’ve found that teams will do anything to achieve a competitive advantage even if that means telling lie about their behavior.

This means the Eagles could have made an agreement with the Arizona Cardinals or another team to trade Kevin Kolb for a draft pick or a drafted player. For example, according to Goodell they could have agreed with the Cardinals to swap Kolb for rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson.

I think it might have been a misstatement by the Commissioner because allowing teams to complete trades which were agreed upon before the draft could wind up opening the door to abuse of NFL rules

16 thoughts on “Roger Goodell: NFL Teams Could Have Agreed To Trades Before The Draft

  1. That’s BS, he’s just piling it on,rubbing salt into the wound as a payback for his Giants blowing that 4th Quarter lead last year essentially knocking them out of the playoffs..

  2. A old head once told me some years back……. That “Successful men with no mustache lie a lot”! “They love to play the old Cat and Mouse game”! I guess he was somewhat correct in my book!!!!

  3. haha jroc i heard that too
    kat williams would always say “ni**a where is your stache” lol
    i cant trust you, what kind of a man are you, stuff like that lol
    that saying kinda stuck around…

  4. LOL@Vmonell……. Katt williams was a trip fam….. My boss at my job has no mustache what so ever and he gets caught in lies as well…….. He’s a giants fan and he said that Plexico Burress signed a deal with the Giants last week????? I said what on a napkin…… R U serious……. Theirs no signings and he’s not a “FREE” AGENT right now…….. LOL!!!!

  5. Goodell is a sqingillie, a slug that should go back in his shell! He’s going to ruin this league. Have you ever seen a guy blink so much when he talks? That means he’s a liar!

  6. lmaoooooo wow thats so true guys cause the general manager at my job has this huge handle bar mustache with a strong accent and is the biggest scam artist in Jersey. I guess that means Andy Reid is a liar too.

  7. Lol@Vmonell…. That would be worse!!!!! I’ve never seen him with a mustache….. WoW…… Thats like Michael Jordan with braids….. (verse from Cassidy)……. Whats up with Jordan with that HITLER mustache…….. LOL!!!! On those haynes commercials…… What that makes him a half truthful man or something!!!!!

  8. Aye Garry…… You must be a truthful guy!!!!!!! You got that Action Jackson Carl Weathers Mustache going on!!!!!! Much respect Garry!!!! LOL!!!!

  9. haha yeah i remember that verse
    damn…at least our spirits are up when the league is down lol

  10. So what your saying commish is that wink wink, backdoor deals CAN happen? Odd- pman has been telling me for months that I was wrong. Next think you’ll tell me is that teams are talking to players right now. That would be CRAZY TALK- right paulman?

  11. Let’s see how all thiese “hush-hush deals” make out once the lockout is lifted, If you see a bunch of moves (Players Trades), then maybe you were right Stevo.. As of now nothing will hapeen to probaboy mid-late June at the Earliest.. The longer this lasts, the more teams will no doubt talk about trades as teams starting outting their rosters together no that theDraft is over..I still don’t sense many trades until after Free-Agency comes (Whenever that is)

  12. G:
    You know that all bets were off when the billiionaires bloodied the noses of the millionaires. The real crime here is Goodell hugging every draft pick. Give me an airsick bag! If the Birds made a deal, or if they lie about making a deal, let them go to confession afterward and I’ll be done with it. As long as it’s a good deal, G, I won’t care. I consider it to be similar to international politics. There are rules, but the beast still rules, if you know what I mean.

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