Enough With Ed Rendell, Already

Old school journalist complain that “bloggers” are ruining their profession. My response to them would be whipping out today’s back page of the Daily News and simply show them it.

A south Philly little league baseball game is a more intriguing story than Ed Rendell interviewing Andy Reid. Both men are wizards when it comes to answering a question without answering a question; so how could that possibly be an informative interview? How is that FRONT PAGE OF SPORTS SECTION!?!

The most inebriated Eagles fan is just as knowledgeable as Ed Rendell on CSN’s Eagles Post Game Live. Since 1998 fans had to listen to Ed Rendell’s mindless thoughts on the Eagles, when is it going to end? He’s no longer a Governor or a Mayor. Can’t he just go away? Rendell isn’t a fan, he is a politician. He even takes a politicians’ stance when rooting for his teams. Rendell was all for booing McNabb in the draft, but when that went south what did Rendell do? What any political man would do, he flipped-flopped.

Rendell told Eagles fans they would rue the day McNabb left. Yeah Ed, the Eagles would have been way better off last season had they had McNabb and his 14 Touchdown passes and 15 interceptions. Rendell was 1000% wrong about the drafting of McNabb, and the Eagles trading of McNabb. Yet, the Daily News selects him to “represent” the fans and interview Andy Reid?

Is there a poll somewhere that involved Eagles fans saying they want more Rendell? Rendell knows less than the average fan yet Comcast and now the Daily News keep shoving his thoughts down our throat. The only way the fans want “Ed’s view from the stands” is if he actually is giving us his front row end zone seats.

If the Daily News wants a fan’s view from the stands, get that crazy drunk guy that started screaming at Comcast Sports Net’s camera after the Eagles 2003 NFC Championship loss to Carolina. He represented the average fan’s feelings in that moment way better than Rendell ever did.

All Rendell does is tell the fans what he thinks they want to hear. The act is old and played out. On behalf of all fans, WE ARE SICK OF IT! Take Ed, off of post game live and replace him with a guy who dedicated his life to the sport of football, NOT politics, instead of catering to the ego of Ed Rendell.

If the Daily News wants a view from the stands take a high school kid or college kid aspiring to be a journalist and give them the chance to sit down with Andy Reid, who knows they might ask him a question that fans may actually want to know!

Rendell does deserve some credit; he does actually sit in the stands. He does not hide in the club box. It is ok that Rendell roots for the teams to do well, but can’t he just keep it to himself? The fans do not need to see him every Sunday on pre and post game live shows. Rendell is an expert in politics not sports. It would be one thing if he was a guest here and there, but with Rendell it is constant and too much.

13 thoughts on “Enough With Ed Rendell, Already

  1. Jerry I agree 100%. I thought I was the only one who thought that. It’s bad enough he ruined this city & state with his bad politics, & not to mention the Eagles pre & post game shows. Now he is on CSN & WIP all of time. Please retire & GO AWAY. You suck, & I do not care about your opinions. Stop trying to be a real Piliadelphian, your not Mister ivory tower.

  2. Also he is one of the biggest media whores that I’ve ever seen. Jeez, just go away. Hey Jerry tell Angelo in the morning to stop appeasing him too. BTW, thanks for the venting session, the Phillies keep putting me in bad moods. 🙂

  3. Nice article Jerry, props to Rendell hanging out in the stands and not in the press box, props to him only sporting the midnight green and no other colors (looking at you Joe Biden) but when you butt in front of me while I am waiting for my crab fries cause you are the Gov?! Damn you Rendell!! He can be a fan just like everyone else now that he is no one important, just another fan paying too much to watch Andy Reid keep this team just good enough to keep us coming back for more each Sunday

  4. tool….lie cheat and steal..politician…make-up doesnt even make him look better and i can tell Vaugh wants to jack him up…beat it.

  5. Please keep in mind, he is not all that good a politician. He was fired and laughed out of Washington DC and big time politics when he managed to get a sitting Vice President with a popular President defeated in an election that many felt should have been a walkover. He is the man who provided an opportunity for Bush II, and he will never ever be a player on a national stage as a result of it. He is just another clown, grabbing what he can and giving nothing back. He has yet to utter a single relevant unique point during his tenure at DNL, like usual, a politician with nothing to offer.

  6. You won’t get a lot of support on this one, Brennan. He’s got friends who won’t criticize him all over the place – including at Comcast, and now NBC. Good luck making a dent in his sports exposure. And he’s really not that bad anyway. I would much rather see an ex-Eagle do pre- and post-game live (Seth Joyner?) but it’s not like he doesn’t bring a passion for the Birds to the broadcast. I could use smaller incidences of his appearances, but that’s out of my (and your,) hands.

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