Eagles Workout Again, This Time They’re Joined By Kevin Kolb

A number of Eagles offensive players worked out today at a field in Evesham Township, New Jersey this morning. The much-talked Kevin Kolb showed at the workout today and took turns with Mike Kafka throwing the ball to the receivers, who showed up.

Joining Kolb were Eagles wide receivers Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant and Riley Cooper, as well as recent Eagles signee Sinorice Moss. Tight end Brent Celek was there, along with Eagles kicker David Akers.

Akers was on one side of the field kicking field goals while everybody else worked out together on the other side.

They didn’t have any defensive players present to run the routes against, but they got in plenty of work. The Eagles receivers ran short out routes, as well as short crossing routes, then they took things downfield with curl and hook routes, then corner routes, post routes and deep go routes. It was hot so the receivers came over to the side and got some waters to keep themselves fresh.

After the workout, Kolb said he would still like to be a starter for another team in the league but has no idea what’s ahead for him, “I think that I’ve voiced my opinion, and there’s nothing more I can do. Just like always, whatever situation arises, I’ll just have to roll with the punches … To say that it didn’t cross my mind, I’d be lying.”

Kolb talked about a conversation he had with Eagles head coach Andy Reid. Kolb said the Birds coach talked about taking care of him by sending him to a good situation when and if they trade him. The former Houston Cougar said he hadn’t even called the coach for any assurance like that, but just to touch base with him.

Avant and Celek said they enjoyed working out with Kolb and thought he was a great quarterback, who was sure to have success wherever he goes in the upcoming season.

26 thoughts on “Eagles Workout Again, This Time They’re Joined By Kevin Kolb

  1. Per a close source of mine (who is tight w/GM Roseman)
    The Eagles will be annoucing a new 4 year Deal with Kolb once the lockout is lifted… Kolb is going nowhere my friends..

  2. An awkward situation will be with K David Akers
    He turned down last offer from Eagles in Decemeber and then was unhappy at Eagles when they placed a restricted tag on him… Now that they Drafted the best Kicker (Stats wise) in the History of the NCAA, once the Lockout is lifted, do you let Akers continue to work out with the team and since everyone likes him, it makes for an awkward situation between players,coaches and even the media.. I think he will be a goner and they will cut the chord as soon as the lockout is lifted and the calender returns…

  3. paulman- just stop with the kolb crap. If this guy gets hurt while doing this stuff ill freak.

    About akers- am i crazy or did i read that the new kicker is also a punter and can nail the ball on kickoffs? Maybe let Sav leave and use this guy with akers. Bring all 3 to camp and see what happens.

  4. stevo you’re not crazy, that’s true. But I also heard that punting in college is very different than the pros and the he’s likely to only do place kicking. I think Reid or April said that.

  5. I hear You Steve, but the Eagles would have to sign Akers first since he is not under contract, and he is not very unlikley to sign a 1 year deal to remain the Eagles Kicker, He wans a 2-3 year deal with some guaranteed $$ which he probably could get from anoth team. The big problem is that the Eagles placed that “transitional Tag” on him giving them a right to match which in likliehood prevents other teams offering a real market value for him ..I think you have to cut the chord and move on or it cound become a distraction with veteran players and media and coaches who are still fond of Akers..
    Now if Akers was still under contracat, then yet, it would make sense to have the young kind (Henerey) focus on Punts and Kickoffs and make long-distance FG’s, but with Akers current contract status, it muddles everything up and the longer he hangs around, the harder it will be on everyone.

  6. paulman ,you keep saying the birds would get a ” conditional” 3rd round pick for kolb if they keep him a year and then let him walk . is there any such status with akers if he leaves? or does the cnditional tag nullify any such action?

  7. Why arent any db’s in on this work-out? Slack jaws.

    Paulman …your source close too Roseman….stop doing bong hits first thing in the morn.

    They need to get this guy traded to a legit franchise.He’s been more then a good soldier. Wish him luck and hope the best unless its against us. Ill root for the dude.

  8. Hey Paulman, I believe you. So do I! See I hear voices to. ;b He’s good as gone. This lockout has to go!

  9. lewdoggie…you’re right…Get use to this qoute when our defense stinks again.

    “Guys, give Juan a Break ..This is only his first year in a new position and he didn’t have a lot of time to work with the guys due to the lockout!” or “He must stink for at least 2 seasons before we can say he stinks.”

    For those guys who post that in the future remember that’s a total of 4 seasons with our defense coached by unqualified garbage hired by your’s truly. After that get ready for a head coach with a defensive pedigree. That’s how things go.

    Ray Rhodes before Reid knew defense, so Reid inherited a team filled with defesive talent…The next coach will inherit a team with offensive talent and maybe we’ll finally get over the hump.

    I’ll say it again.

    Juan Castillo will be worse than Mcdermott

  10. paulman, are you gonna take this crap!? Songs is raiding your territory – you’re the sole owner of “____stradomus” land right? But now it’s Songs who knows the future….Time to teach him who’s boss pman.

    Songs, get a life. You and I and anyone doesn’t know shit at all about what the defense will/might look like next year. Not one bit. If there are games, there will be free agency so different players could be on the team than we are aware of now. And you have no idea if/what impact Washburn will make on the team. You really are an idiot to pretend you know stuff that you just don’t.

  11. I think Castillo will be better than McDermott for a couple of reasons..
    #1) They are going to run basically the same defense with less formations and zone blitzes so it’s not like Castillo is starting from scratch
    #2) A bigger difference will be that Castillo will actually have some qualified,good assistant Coaches to work with in DL Washburn and Secondary Coach J Lynne and former Players turned Coaches M Caldwell & M Zordich who are familiar with Eagle opponents and the way things are done in Philly as opposes to the Previous Defensive Staff with Segrest/Shuey,etc,etc..
    #3) The biggest difference is that the Front 7 will be more aggressive in getting to the QB/Ball Carrier and to the LIne of Scrimmage, the Play of the LB Corps will be critical in this new striaght up the field attacking style of the Defense.. There will be lots of opportunities for the LB’s to make plays..

  12. and thnx for the heads-up Schiller..
    “Songsstradomus” just doesn’t sound or look right….

  13. Oh my fault…I didn’t know that Juan would implement a philosophy in which defensive linemen goes after quarterbacks.

    McDermott didn’t want his defensive linemen getting after quarterbacks I suppose.

    Now with new coaching the same guys who couldn’t get to the quarterback will….and the offensive linemen who use to stifle these guys will now let them through the line now that Washburn is here.

    Yeah…The offensive linemen who manhandled our front four will not be able to handle these guys now….

    Juan Castillo and Washburn will change everything

    My fault guys

  14. To Songs
    I didn’t say Castillo/Washburn’s Front 7 Attack mode will be all that effective,
    The Eagles still need another DE and OLB to make it work as well as a CB opposite of Samuel.. The front 7 will attack more upfield I believe and make more plays at or behind the line of scrimmage but still be succeptilbe to big plays down the field on them with the young Safeties they will be playing

  15. Paulman…..OOOOOOOH

    I get it!

    Mcdermott’s defensive scheme had the defensive line attack down field…yoeah

    Now that you explained this new way “upfield”, it’s totally clear now.

    We will finally have defensive linemen go upfield to get the quarterback.

    Man…I wonder why Mcdermott didn’t tell his linemen to go upfield to actually get the quarterback?

    Paulman thank you..it’s really clear now

  16. The Big Changes between Castillo and MCDermott will be

    #1) McDermott had too many DL drop back in Zone Coverages
    under Castillo/Washburn, the DL will attack the backfield more often, The DT’s won’t simply play the old “stand and hold your ground technique”, they will actually attempt to penetrate the backfield
    #2) The OLB’s (Will and Sam) will line up closer to the line of scrimmage more often instead of 4-5-6 yarsds off the Line of Scrimmage (which I never understood or liked and was even employed a lot by JJ and continued under McDermott)
    #3) will also see the Strong Safety (Coleman/Jarrett) play in the box more often versus the running teams and on early running downs more often than
    McDermott employed

  17. Yes I would, I think Castillo will implement a more simpler,straight-forward,better tackling,fly to the ball Defense that is more disciplined and more fundamentally sound unit than it was under McDermott..

  18. Paulmsn…did you think Mcdermott would stink?

    Just asking…

    Because I did ask you last offseason would you be surprised if Kolb failed..


    You said he would be the Eagles starting QB for years to come.


  19. I would not be surprised if Juan Castillo stinks as a game day defensive coordinator. He never called a defensive game…He coached the offensive line and for the last few years they straight up stinked..

    For a guy that have never coached against NfL offenses …its not stretch stating that He have a better chance of failing in that position. and if he do fail….let the excuses i stated earlier begin.

  20. I thought and still think that McDermott has potential, he was a good Secondary Coach which is his strength but was not very good with handling the Front 7 of the Eagles Defense and didn’t get much help from Asst Coaches Segrest/Shuey.. Castillo will do a better than McDermott, who always looked a little like a fish out of water to me, for at least Castillo understands the line of scrimmage on how to attack formations and schemes sinec Castillo worked for years on how to protect McNabb/Eagles Offense so he should have a good idea on how to attack other teams offenses (At least this is what I am hoping for..)
    As far as Kolb, I think I stated this many times last off-season and summer camp that it would take a good 10 weeks to a full season to really get a fair critique of his play and his long-term ability as a #1 Starter for not only the Eagles but for any NFL team and here we are a year later and I still think the same thing… but from what I saw last year, he was not as confident,accurate or sure of himself as I would have expected.. Having a poor interio O/Line play the first few weeks of last season didn’t help matters as McGlynn was thrown in at Center and the RG spot was a revolving door all last season..
    I think Kolb can be a decent/serviceable QB with th eright team and the right offense, but not in Coach AR System who passes too much.. Only a athletic QB like Vick/McNabb in his Prime will do well in this pass-happy offense which puts the QB in many bad situations too many times but Vick and McNabb,in his prime, had the athleticism to get away from danger and the rush where most NFL QB’s wouldn’t be able to do so..

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