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Plaxico Burress Is Released From Jail With A Phillies Cap On

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but then again may be it wasn’t. Former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was released from Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome, N. Y., this morning and he came out of jail sporting a Philadelphia Phillies hat.

Who knows this could be an indication that he either wants to sign with the Eagles that he knows the deal is already done. I’m sure he knows about the stories circulating about the Birds interest in him.

You and I know that Burress and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus know about the passionate nature of Philadelphia sports fans. They know that him putting that hat on his head could send the town into a frenzy.

Jeff McLane of reported a week ago that all of the reports about the Eagles being interested in Burress, were being hatched by Rosenhaus and his staff, so he didn’t think they needed to be taken seriously.

Rosenhaus has been known to do much worse than planting stories to increase the attention teams might give his clients.

Whatever the case it opened the door to a great deal of speculation. on Facebook

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36 Comments for “Plaxico Burress Is Released From Jail With A Phillies Cap On”

  1. Replace Chad Hall with Plaxico Burress — case closed.

  2. He still looks like he can catch 8 for 120 and 2 td’s. One in the red-zone over any corner in the league.

    Get a deal done and then i’ll get excited about any prospects of inking Plax.

    Nmanda is job one. Wide-recievers didnt cost us games last year.Corners did.

  3. The eagles used to get killed by Plax,the eagles. I would think theyd look into signing him. Him wearing the phillies hat wasnt bc his name starts with a P, if thats the case why not wear a pirates cap? Hes sending a message.

    Also keep in mind that like vick dungy has been going to see plax throughout this whole ordeal and has been working closely with him, i see the same thing happening where the eagles sign plax and he becomes the good citizen just like vick. i honestly think he will be an eagle.

    Hartrodomus has spoken

  4. Ugh erock, maybe you should retract that last statement. Who would you rather have on the last play of our season, Plax or riley cooper????? Plax!!!! Plax woulda made the play

  5. If you recall when burress played for the giants he used to wear yankee hats all the time, i have a strong feeling that was him saying hes going to be playing for the eagles this yr. Keep in mind that burress and vick are from the same area in virginia, theyre very good friends, theyve been in touch, hes gonna be an eagleand this will be an even more explosive offense then when TO was here… though its already explosive we have issues in the red zone and being that plax is 6’5 and can catch the ball at its highest point in the air makes him a hot commodity

  6. Top 10 things Plex is going to do as a free-man!!!!

    1- Go home and tear something up……… 2 years of having nothing…….. He’s got some making up to do…..

    2- Spend time with family and enjoy the parties…….. Welcome home party with family not goons or ray ray and them……..

    3- Start working out…….. Work out with Vick and the Eagles…. He’s a free man and with lock-out in progress he can start asap!!!!

    4- Write a letter to Mayor Bloomberg and tell him I’m going to crush the Giants 2 games this season (if their is one) and say “You put fuel to this fire and now I must blaze the City of NY”!

    5- Tear something up again……..

    6- Stay out of the 757 area as much as possible……. If so stay in the house and make sure none of the V-haters aren’t lurking around….. Trust me I know LOL!!!!!! Look at what Vick’s family did to him!!!! Such a shame in my home town!!!!

    7- Attend his old high school and speak to the youth……… Green Run High School……. Crime is on the rise in Virginia Beach and with him being a star in Virginia he could give the youth perhaps some hope!!!!!

    8- Be around positive influences…… Guys who can get him on the right track and stay on the right path!!!!

    9- Work out hard…….. Spend this valuable time during the lockout to get his self in to somewhat decent shape……..

    10- Attend Philly games if so……. Get the real feel of true fans embrassing him unlike the Giants fans who turned their backs on him when he was down and out……. I lived in NY 3 years and the people out their just bashed the man something serious!!! SMH!!!!

  7. If we had Plax we woulda been up by 3 at that point. Corners killed us last year. Who made a play outside of Sante?

    Either way..Nmanda is more important then sign’n Plax. Let em sweat it out and go put some real off-season work in then we’ll take a look at him.

  8. Erock, yes we need a corner. But again we had an opportunity to win the game, the offense had the ball last. So again if we subd plax and riley cooper we woulda won that game being that plax would have been smart enough to come back to the freakin ball!

  9. maybe andy is planning on just outscoring every team because we sure as shit cant defend

  10. I would like to see some quality additions in the secondary and on the offensive and defensive lines before hearing talk of adding Burress.

  11. You dont know for certain if Plax wins us that game bro. I deal in what happened…not what if’s.

    Ron…real talk….i agree.

  12. Agree, think there are more important things than Plax being here, but problem is both Dallas and Washington are showing interest in him… we don’t need him killing us by letting either of those teams ink him.
    Riley Coop’s ability was not the problem in that game so much as his rookie inexperience in picking ball up off wrong shoulder. We should not let him go especially since he is already the biggest WR we have. Burress will sign for budget pricing this year.

  13. I wouldn’t worry about Washington as much as I would Dallas because the Skins QB situation is in shambles.

    So if do you sign Burress, do you make him your 4th receiver until he proves otherwise and put Riley Cooper on special teams?

  14. Plex at 34 Years of age and out of Football for ove r2 years, it’s unrealistic to think of him as no more than a 4th/5th WR who could be a real weapon in the REd-Zone and use his 6-4 230lbs frame and leaping ability.. But he is in no way a full-time #1 or #2 WR who would play 60 Snaps a game.. He’s probably a 15 Play a game type of WR right now but given the right team and right situation, he could catch yuo 25-35 Receptions and get you 6-8 TD’s

  15. No Danny Glover, you guys aren’t looking at the big picture, his close former teammate b jacobs said plax wants to win and play for a winner, dallas and washington aren’t winners, there known for choking and being disappointments. Plax wants to play with vick and a winning organization, the rams wouldn’t make sense either bc there a young team in transition…

    The eagles make the most sense

  16. Pman, they said the same thing about vick, you all were proved wrong… look at TO and moss, they’re all around the same age and playing at a high level, plax has a advantage he’s had no beating on his body the last 2 years, don’t underestimate that fact… he will get back in shape and will be a #1 receiver again watch…

    Hartrodomus has spoken

  17. @Hartrodumbass, Coming from a realistic Eagles fan isn’t this team known for “choking and disappointing” The big picture here is getting the secondary along with offensive and defensive lines shored up. You’re all goggly-eyed over this guy wearin’ friggin Phillies cap? Get me Nnamdi Asomugha in midnight green and some help on the offensive and defensive lines then we’ll talk.

  18. Maybe it’s my medication, but does anyone else think that the Top Picture of Plex Burress with Agent Rosenhouse and the Media kind of looks like a
    “Black Von Hayes” of the Phils from the late 80’s/early 90’s.. about the time when the Phils wore that style of Phillie’s Cap ..

  19. Can’t believe I’m arguing with a guy on FB who wants Burress over Jeremy Maclin.

    Hart, this guy has you beat.

  20. Jroc, can you say washy, washy, happy ending. LMBO 😀 If they do take a chance on guys like him or Haynesworth, it better be low risk, incentive laid contract. If anyone remembers, he is well known for having a shitty attitude, in NY & Pittsburgh. Really he is just a luxury anyway. I’d rather see money well spent on DF. RCB, 2LB’s, DE, & DT. Also depth.

  21. forget age, he’s rested. shake off the rust everyone else has to shake off and a little bit more. no big deal, low risk/high reward. i expect burress to ball this yr, moreso in the 2nd half of the season/postseason but its not like were desprate for a wr. were just desparate to solve our redzone issues.

    sign him, then focus on the defense for the rest of free agency/any trades we do, simple as that…

  22. he wont hurt the team with attitude and if for any reason he does he gets cut…
    its not like we have the secondary to cover this guy anyways…
    and its not like chad hall has any value whatsoever…
    just bring him in, he could only add to a potent offense so no harm here
    i dont understand the debate, if a guy is “washed up” and isnt gonna be a starter, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain…like a superbowl

  23. Lets tone it down with the ‘Hartrodomus has spoken.”

    Paulman, I think the picture of Plax on this post with his hood on looks like J-Roll.

  24. @DDcar…… Thats what I’ll do after 2 years of not smashing anything!!!!! But on the bright side of things we need to look at the defense primarily……. They win you championships….. But People said Vick was too fat and he’ll be a WR when he gets back in to the league and look where he’s at……. He took and earn Kolb’s job and he was the only score we had against Dallas in the playoffs when Mcnabb couldnt get anything going on offense…..

    He’s hungry and wants to eat…… The same way Vick was when we used him on trick plays and he was pissed because he wanted to be used more within the offense…….. Two year deal with incentives…… Maybe 8-10 catches will earn him a pretty penny…….. 500+ yards……. Vick will get him right……..

    @Wmonell……. I agree bro……. Get this guy quick fast in a hurry….. It wouldnt hurt……. Lance Moore will be a free agent and with a guy like Drew Brees he would love to have Plex…… Colston, Meachem, and Plex……. Please Philly get Burress and stop playing once the NFL stops this lockout…… I 4 got about Sean Payton’s Killer instinct………. SMH

  25. 8-10 touchdown catches….. mY BAD

  26. Although i agree that adding a corner back should be first priority, I don’t think everyone should be banking on nnamdi being an eagles next year. There are a lot of teams that are in need of a solid cornerback, and the fact of the matter is that i find it hard to believe that the eagles are going to be able to pay desean, nnamdi, and plaxico. If i were the eagles, i would rather solidify the cornerback position by adding a veteran (whether its nnamdi or something out of the future kolb deal) first rather than adding another reciever. We have never been a great red zone offensive team, but we cannot go another season playing red zone defense the way we did last year.

    Drew Rosenhaus is not dumb, and I think we all know that he has some tricks up his sleeve. If teams think the eagles are interested than plaxicos stock will definately rise.

    Add a veteran cornerback first, then decide if plaxico is worth it.

  27. HARTRODOMOUS! LMBO! CLASSIC! WMONEL, you are correct but why take a chance on someone who is a luxury, when you can sign & trade for 3 studs on DF. They have a ton of money, & can still release or trade guys like M. Patterson, Bunkley, M. Jackson, J. Hanson, Abiamari, etc to get additional money.

  28. Now that I correct myself, they can do both, Plax & 3 studs on DF. Why not, let’s get greedy? GO BIRDS!

  29. Paulman,Wtf is Plex?

    This dude isnt a must have…a lockdown corner is.

    If theres no football they ‘ll be tons of guys commiting suicide in drapery and linen stores throughout the Tri-county area,every Sunday afternoon. With there wives screaming…WHY!!!!!!? Answer…no football and listening too you ask if this looks nice over and over.

    Glad my girlfirend knows Sundays are fundays.

  30. DDCar – we all understand the bottom line lol i just kept it simple…
    we never spend our money, its smart but means we can do what others cant
    we can add 2-3 key defensive players still (hopefully nnamdi obviously, but i really want posluzsny, and to make a run at CAR de charles johnson)
    and who knows what we wind up getting for kolb (picks w/ dockett a possibility…

  31. my bears fan dad texted me this but i don’t see anything about it really
    (my moms side is from the northeast hence why im an Eagles fan fyi)
    he etxted me and said were really trying to get tulloch from the titans

    you can consider it another rumor cuz thats all anything is really, he is good
    but if buffalo doesnt tag posluszny bring him back home
    he is elite and can play all 3 lb positions at that elite level
    anyways, you guys hear anything “legit” about tulloch and the eagles?

  32. btw, preseason is 10% of the nfl’s total revenue
    according to shefter/my thoughts, a deal gets done this month/early july
    there has to be some camp/offseason, and they wont lose out on 10%
    there will be football as usual, the nfl makes too much money
    a concern should be the sloppiness and lack of execution as well as injuries
    i dont want another excuse for not winning a superbowl
    GB overcame the most injuries in football, and were close. get the CBA done!

  33. more than anything we need to fix this D. Im all for plax being in the mix IF we call him after we get our starting CB and look to add to the DE mix. I dont care how good we are on the Oside…. if we cant stop a team we cant win.

  34. LOL, it is funny to see Hartrodumbass get sh!t on. Although, it is kinda sad too, because you know he is just a immature 12 year old.

  35. Erock — Plex is short for “Plaxico” — get with the program. Don’t get owned like I did to some other chump the other day. Do you research before speaking any further.

  36. SportsDumb kick rocks punk

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