Andre Iguodala For Monta Ellis: Does It Make Sense For Sixers?

The trade rumors involving the Philadelphia 76ers’ Andre Iguodala have surfaced once again and this time they may stick. According to ESPN’s Ric Bucher the Sixers would send Iguodala to the Golden State Warriors for shooting guard Monta Ellis in what would be a straight-up deal.

Financially, the deal works for both teams and gives the Warriors a perimeter defender in Iguodala and the Sixers would get some much needed scoring punch in Ellis who averaged 24 ppg. last season.. Bucher also states that Iguodala would be open to a trade. At this time no deal is

And as much as I would like to see Iguodala moved, lets look this deal over before we make any sudden decisions.

First the cons of the deal:

1. With Jrue Holiday at 6’4″ and Ellis at 6’3″, the Sixers would have one of the smaller backcourts in the NBA again this season. And while Ellis is a dramatic upgrade from Jodie Meeks, But without a perimeter defender, the Sixers would be outmatched when it comes to dealing with some the bigger two-guards in the league.

2. Is Ellis much different than Lou Williams? Williams is the same type of streaky shooter as Ellis, and would probably produce close to the same numbers if he played 40 mpg.

3. We saw last season how productive Holiday, Meeks and Evan Turner can be when they have the ball in their hands. There’s a possibility that the addition of Ellis, who attempted over 1,600 shots last season could disrupt that.

4. The Sixers are still in need of front court help…

Now the pros of this deal:

1.The Sixers would gain a needed scorer and “go-to” player down the stretch in close games. Gone would be Iguodala dribbling the clock down to hoist that fading 19-footer.

2. The thought of a backcourt of Holiday and Ellis – smallish, yet entertaining.

3.Thaddeus Young gets a well-deserved contract and a chance at the starting small forward spot. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Young could be just as effective as Iguodala as a perimeter/post defender?

4. Good for cap space. Ellis deal is $11 million over each of the next three seasons, while Iguodala’s is at $13.5 next season and will increase by $1.2 over the next two seasons. With the Sixers current cap situation any loose change helps.

5. A good young team. Ellis is 25 and would be on one of the better younger teams in the NBA.

6. Believe in Collins. Doug Collins worked miracles without a primary scorer last season, I’m sure he’ll get Ellis to buy into whatever he’s selling if it ultimately means winning.

Stay Tuned…

123 thoughts on “Andre Iguodala For Monta Ellis: Does It Make Sense For Sixers?

  1. Sixers trade Iggy and J Kapono to the Warriors for M Ellis and PF Vladi Radmonovic..
    (The Salaries are pretty close between both players for each team)

  2. Your losing some defense but D.c. would manage that. Good point Paul get a banger…would eleviate the defensive loss.

    Ron.How would they look with Nene?

  3. Erock, I’ve been beating the drum for Nene or Greg Oden since March/April. Nene and Ellis would change the look of this team drastically. We would be talking challenging for the division.

  4. There are zero cons to this deal! Get this overrated, inflated ego, waste of sperm off of this team! I’m sick of his wanna be fade away’s, him dribbling through 5 guys, & his self proclaimed greatness. I’m also sick of his Pete the Puma underbite. He sucks Rhino balls & if were GM, I would trade him for a rack of basketballs. I’d even drive his loser ass to Philly International. Get Ellis, then you’ll have Jrue, Ellis, & Thad at 1 2 3. Work in Turner as a 2 3 swingman, Lou Williams at 2. Hopefully they can get someone dumb enough to get Eltons ass out of here too. Who cares about the back courts size. It’s like you have 2 6 footers. 6’4″ & 6’3″ is just about average. They too get these bad contracts out of here & start over.

  5. A very smart poster by the name of Eagles Bird Gang mentioned a long time ago that the sixers should ship iggy outta town, and look to acquire Greg Oden in the off-season… I agree with that, as long as we get equal or greater value for iggy. Monte ellis is a good scorer but that makes our back court on the smallish side. Holiday is 6’4 and monte ellis is 6’3 but can score the ball. I fear teams will take advantage of our lack of size there…

    Id prefer them look into acquiring someone like Gerald wallace who can score the ball and defend. actually if all went well last year the sixers could have traded Thad young and elton brand for gerald wallace and greg oden bc the numbers matched up… that would have been a great deal for us…

    But again Iggy does need to get traded, its about that time. I see nomore upside for him. Hes had his opportunity to improve his offensive game yet still in his 7th year hasnt done that, it seems to me that he doesnt really wanna be back here… so hopefully the sixers are serious about moving him… but for the right deal not just for the sake of moving him…

  6. OMG — and I don’t usually use that acronym, but if this happens….man…Ellis is a baller and ready to be a SUPERSTAR in this league.

    I like Jrue, Ellis, Thad, Elton Brand and…..insert free agent/draft center here.

    We will definitely have a go-to scorer too….haven’t had one since Iverson, love it. Make the deal.

  7. Hmmm… the 6ers need a good shooter. Ellis is a good shooter. He also makes less money than Iggy. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  8. Birdo, Iggy for gerald wallace would be better… but i agree with the monte ellis point bc this guy is capable of putting up 30, 40 points on any givin night, i can count on my hands how many times iggy cracked the 30 point mark… Alot of the games we lost last year n previous years was due to the fact that they needed a consistent scorer but didnt have that… I wouldnt be mad if the deal was made…

  9. Nah Bugs wallace can play both positions, he defends sg and sf. Hes allstar caliber SG. he can do it all on the court… Hes another iguodala but can score way better and more consistently…

  10. It wouldn’t be a big deal if we had Monta and Jrue as our back court. The 76ers did the best when they had either Jrue/Jodie, Jrue/Lou, or Lou/Jodie in the back court anyway, and they were all a small back court.

  11. Anyone hear if the Flyers released any other “Goalies” from their Organization
    today…. Good Grief…

  12. Why does everyone hate on iggy? Its not his fault that he was made the go to guy when he is more of a secondary option. I like this idea, but doubt it will get done… and j. Holliday isn’t undersized. But if we get monta, then what do we do about lou?

  13. Id rather have Marc or Pau Gasol, gerald wallace or rudy gay. Monta ellis can be a good player for us but in order to contend in the east we need size. The heat have a big squad so we need size and athletisim… losing iggy would be huge so we need equal or greater value…

  14. I’d rather have Kobe Bryant, Lebron, etc. No one is gonna give up that for Iggy. We aren’t getting any Gasol, Wallace or Gay for Iggy. We are lucky that GS seems to be willing to part with Monta for Iggy. We need a scorer and this is the best we are gonna get. We aren’t getting smaller, because we played Meeks at SG anyway. We are just getting better scoring and losing some D.

  15. Let’s face it guy’s, Iggy for Ellis is a steal for us if it goes through. You get rid of this overrated, over payed stiff, & you get a guy who is a natural 2, scores 25+ a night, is younger & cheaper than Iggy. Also don’t you think playing under a real coach like Collins will benefit Ellis in getting better in his all around game. If I hear about Iggy being a shut down defensive player again, i’m going to puke. HE F^@&ING SUCKS! GOODBYE!

  16. Wallace would be a nice fit but Portland isn’t giving him up. Knowing that Brandon Roy can go down at any given time Wallace can move to the “two” if needed. I think he’s an exceptional rebounded for his size. He spent some time at the “four” in Charlotte. Portland has a multi-faceted player in Wallace and for a good price for the next season or two.

  17. Wallace a very underrated players and very versatile and will turn 29 next month, but has a good 3-4 years left as he’s had very little injury issues during his career.. An excellet defender, good rebounder and a good locker room guy who can bring energy,experiences and score from almost anywhere on the court but is at his best slashing to the bucket but can hit th eoutside jump shot too..

  18. I think that the warriors are going to have to give up more than just ellis to get iggy. Many people hate him, for whatever reason… but he is a better overall player than ellis, I dont think they need the salary to match up as much as the sixers want to match up talent wise. Ellis can just score, he’s not a great passer, shooter, or defender… Dont get me wrong, I’d have no problem with the sixers getting him, but people that would be happy for a straight swap, dont know much about ellis.

  19. They can’t give much more, the salaries have to be comparable, & Ellis is only a million + less. The only way to get more is to make the trade multi player. BTW, what do you mean “just Ellis”. IGGY is an overrated, over paid, bum. Ellis is twice the player he is. Give me a break with these IGGY lovers.

  20. Zoltek, you’re an effin idiot. Seriously. To have the audacity to come on here and say Iggy is a better player than Ellis, you need to just find the highest bridge you can find and jump off.

    And all this talk about Iggy’s defense is overhyped. His defense was real legit on D-Wade and Lebron in round 1 wasn’t it? SMH. Shawn Marion is showing what a true defensive player is capable of. Team defense is more important than individual defense in the NBA. If the old and short Dallas Mavs can do it and be succesful, we can too.

  21. You talk about Ellis’s all around game. Lets discuss Iggys. The worst 3 point % in NBA history (documented), horrible outside game, doesn’t take the ball to the hoop or get fouls, can’t make clutch shots or pass, & makes absolutely no one else around him better. OOOOH he dunks alley oops & is a solid defender. BIG WHOOPTY FREAKEN DOO! Ellis averages 25 a game, 5 assists for a 2 guard, 2.5 steals, he is lightning quick, gets to the line often, creates his own shot, & his FG % is better than any 2 guard we have. Is a natural 2 that we don’t have. Not to mention younger & cheaper. Put Ellis with Collins & he instantly better. Iggy & Collins do not get along because Iggy won’t change or listen. Good by good bye don’t let the door spank you. Go younger & cheaper.

  22. The salaries can’t get much closer without adding other players or another team. Ellis aveeraged 5.6 assists last season and about 4 for his career. Not bad for a guy that puts the ball up.

    Swing this deal and dangle that #16 pick and whatever else at Memphis for Marc Gasol.

  23. Ron how sweet would it be if they could get Nene in a separate deal? I’d take a chance on Oden too, 10,000 injuries & all. Man I wish we could get an ass clown to take Brands contract off our hands.

  24. It would be nice, I can deal with Brand for another season as long as I don’t look at what he’s gettin paid. I softened up on him when I found out about the broken hand but if a taker came along, I’d hold the door open for him.

  25. As i said before Gerald Wallace would make more sense then Monta ellis.. I said before they could have traded Brand and Thad young for wallace and oden if everyone was healthy and if wallace was already on the roster this yr… Id take wallace over ellis anyday of the week. Hes 28 going on 29 yrs old n its no big deal, Wade is 28 n we dont make a big deal about it… Wallace would be a huge upgrade from iggy on the offensive side of the ball, this guy has come a long way with his game, he can defend, score rebound block shots he has the complete game… There is certainly life after Andre Iguodala…

  26. Ron, but have you noticed that brand is never fully healthy? He has the body of someone thats been hit by a mack truck 10 times, i cant really sympathize with him anymore, we need a consistently durable PF, not a guy walking out there with limbs falling off… i do want Oden but im more willing to take a chance on him because he has the chance to be a game changing center if healthy, his defense alone is something to talk about, then hes 7’0 and a force in the paint on defense. Something we need…

  27. I’ve seen Brand all season, and I would move him given the chance but he’s probably not going to come off until next season. I’m being realistic about this, I don’t deal in fantasy.

  28. Kobe is not known for passing the ball, and he averages 5 assists a year, so that doesnt mean anything. I am not even an iguodala fan, I’m not a hater either, he takes horrible shots constantly, and would put up 23 a game if he just went to the basket more… regardless, you are getting a 1 dimensional scorer, for a guy that can put up double-doubles every night if he had his head in the game. All I’m saying is that iggy is a better overall player than ellis, and is exactly what I said… I would like to see him grow more under collins personally.

    Andre has been the only player (besides now thaddeus every now and then) with any sort of offensive game on the sixers for the last few years, he draws the defense, every game… the warriors however have curry, lee, ellis, and wright who can all put up 20 a game. I just feel that iguodala will be missed more than people think.

    The sixers have a good core of young guys, and I agree that he should be traded… but I think they could use a guy thats more of a shooter than a guy that gets to the basket and needs the ball to produce, and that plays zero defense, and not just jump on the first trade offer.

  29. When you said that he wasn’t a good passer you meant as far as assisting the ball right? I think averaging 5 assists for a two guard is decent since all he does is shoot.

    Some of what you’re saying is in the piece

    Iguodala isn’t going to grow under Collins, neither is anyone else if he stays here. I’m not saying jump at the first deal either but I believe that it’s time for Iggy to go.

  30. You said you softened up to him after learning about his hand, uh what about all the other seasons hes been here and has been hurt? This is no different.

  31. He couldn’t play with the shoulder injury. He played and started in 81 games this season and played with a broken hand since March.

    Feel free to gush about LeBron on the latest post. I see you avoid them after loses.

  32. LMAO @ Ron — anyways Jon Hart? Your boy Lebron is exactly what I said he is, LEBUM. When someone of his size guards him and can ALMOST match him athletically, he can’t produce. He made his living picking on defenders smaller then him, you see what happens in a 7 game series when the defender he’s facing is legit. Best player in the NBA my azz — not even close.

  33. Ron, you still make no sense with the fact that brand is known for being ijury prone, now your impressed with him playing with a bum hand? That makes no sense whatsoever…

  34. well I mean his passing skills are not his strong point… at golden state, he would drive the lane, if he got caught up, he would kick it to wright, or lee to finish the play off… he is not a play maker unless he has the ball… he’s not like a rondo, or rose type guard, even though they are both 1’s

  35. Im not avoiding them at all, it was a tough game all throughout. Lebron didnt play his best, he ll be ready for game 5. The name calling of lebron is absurd. He is the 2nd best player in the NBA. He just needs to calm down and play his game. Lebron dominates whoever defends him wtf are you talking about? He just had a off game relax…

  36. No one is denying Brand is injury prone people said he was doggin it with the bum shoulder and all, I was just giving him props for gutting it out with a broken hand. I could care less what makes sense to you. That’s what you need to come to grips with.

  37. I will go out on a limb and say that their most consistent player in the playoffs has probably been Bosh.

    There Jon, you can make him your #1 player in the NBA for this week.

  38. Lebron hasn’t dominated this series. He gets matched up against smaller guards/forwards most of the time due to him bringing the ball up, thats when he dominates. He can’t do it against Marion, who has outplayed Lebron thus far the entire series. Chosen One? Please.

  39. There was a play where Jason Kidd was on him an cut off the driving lane and he passed off. Whatever happened to shooting over a guy, Kidd is 6’4″ at best. I guarantee you I get some polykinetic reason why James didn’t take advantage of that matchup.

  40. Oh suck a nut Ron you sound like sucha dummy, remembering bad plays bron bron made now hes not one of the best in the league bc of a bad game? Your a hater to the max, when he comes out next game n drops 30 or more i dont wanna hear anything hater

  41. You sound like a bitch in its highest form, “Bron-Bron” WTF he isn’t above reproach. “Name calling of “Bron-Bron” isn’t called for” man grow a pair and put some base in your voice, I laid off you for a couple of days cause you had your legs up in the air for Plaxico now Ima turn this up a notch cause now you’re starting to come off like a real man bitch. First time someone doesn’t agree with you wanna go to namecalling or somebody’s a hater F that, what do u have invested in Lebron other than a wet dream…nothing FOH Clown!

  42. Lebron has been a big disappointment thuse far in the NBA Finals
    Anyone with any Baskeball IQ can see this..
    Top Performers for the NBA Final Series so far

    #1) Dwayne Wade (the Series MVP)
    #2) Dirk Nowitzki (the 2nd best player of the Series)
    #3) Chris Bosh (has been very consistent through-out the Playoffs)
    #4) Tyson Chadler (brings rebounding and physical nature,points are bonus)
    #5) Jason Terry (brounght energy and turned the game arouns in the 4th)
    #6) Lebron James (Has disappointed,seems unfocused and out of rhythm)

  43. Wah wah wah why dont you pull your skirt down hoe bag, you have this hatred for Bron Bron and its starting to sound juvenile. You have no logic behind your comments you just wait until he has a bad game to say stupid stuff like “did you see the way he walked away after he shot the ball in the 3rd quarter”… stupid stuff like that… cmon, give it a break the guy had a bad game big deal… Hes one of the driving forces behind them being in the finals, cmon man i ll run circles around you, you need to stick to writing those lil articles you do for the site before i take your job bum

  44. I tell you what write something and see if it make it, if it does, I promise you me and half of the guys that are on the site will make Swiss cheese of that garbage. You’re the village troll of this site. Sad part is if you weren’t on his sack so hard you would sound halfway respectable. Do yourself a favor stay in your lane when it comes to those juvenile sports comments. This is a grown mans site. Joanie.

  45. A bad game? Be real. WIth the exception of game 1, he’s had an AWFUL series……at least in terms of “Chosen One” standards. The “KING” my ass…..I look at his stat line and can’t tell if it’s Lebron or Steve Blake.

  46. DannyGlover, all you write about are stats, who can’t do that? Cmon dude… it sounds like I have you mad, I tend to have that effect hahaha, I’m certainly n my own lane guys like you talk alota crap on here that makes no sense, alota emotional comments… so you just keep thinking that your actually a writer and I ll keep rooting for the soon to be nba champ bron bron james…

  47. Are you that confident he’s going to be an NBA Champion? How about you put ur money where ur mouth is and if he DOESN’T win it, you go away….far far away….and never post on here again.

    I would do the same but I am not confident nor do I care who exactly wins this NBA championship.

    Just putting it out there for you, since you’re so confident in your Bron Bron fetish.

  48. Baby girl you can’t get me mad. I’m writing stats because I’m doing mostly game recaps, that requires stats. Funny you’re the only one one here that thinks I write or talk crap. By the way if anyone else thinks that please feel free to make it known. Whether I think I’m a writer or not two things are certain: you’ll keep reading and you can’t touch me. If you think you can clean off your sticky keyboard and get busy.

  49. It is funny to see Hart talking. He contradicts himself on every statement he makes. It is okay for him to use or do something to prove himself right, but if anyone makes him look like a fool doing the same thing, it is wrong. LOL at this clown. When we were arguing about who was better between LeBron and Kobe, this tool brought up stats. Can you say hypocrite. Parents need to keep an eye on their children, then again, his parents probably can’t stand him as much as us.

  50. DDCar- your a hater who’s annoying as hell. Why don’t we just get rid of everyone on all of our teams since you seem to hate everyone… and btw if we get ellis he could take minuters from those who need to play to get better I.e (turner, williams, meeks). Also monta doesn’t get to the line that much and doesn’t have a good FT% either. And iggy is clutch and is an excellent role player… not a star. We have no stars on this team(and we need atleast one if we want to win a championchip), but monta isn’t going to carry this team. We should keep iggy and get a star player next to him.

  51. The only way I think we will win a championship is if we trade iggy for monta or keep him, and then somehow trade for d.howard, but seeing how we can’t trade for dwight, there is no point in trading for monta. You say iggy is overpaid… but who isn’t? No player is worth $20 million or even close to that number. If players get paid multi-millions, then our teachers, doctors, scientists should be paid millions too because they actually are important to this country. Also monta has had character problems in the past.

  52. Wow, I usually don’t read the basketball stuff, I think it is a game for athletes that are not tough enough for football. But I stumbled on this thread and was pretty surpised. I didn’t know the hired help was supposed to engage in trading insults with the clients. That being said, one thing is certain Ron, I won’t keep reading. The sticky keyboard comment is vile, I am sure you made your mom proud with that one. Stay classy.

  53. PP, I just hate IGGY. Use your eyes man, he’s a bum. And did you say that IGGY WAS CLUTCH & AN EXCELLENT ROLE PLAYER- NOT A STAR? AND YOUR WORRIED ABOUT MEEKS MINUTES? With those two comments alone you have no credibility. Are you a crack head? Turner can play 3 with Thadd & Williams is #1 off the bench. What the hell are you taking about? In no way shape or form is IGGY a clutch player, are you absolutely delusional, what games are you watching? Ellis is a very good, legitimate #2 guard. Something we do not have. You can’t win with a team full of tweaner swingmen, ala IGGY, Williams, Turner, Thad, & Speights. Too much of the same guy doesn’t work. BTW just because you don’t agree with an informed opinion, doesn’t make it annoying, or me a hater. I just hate bums that are paid to be good & aren’t except in their own heads. I want our teams to get better, not have the same slop year in year out. Have a good night, take your MEDS.

  54. BTW, stop with the ball slurping Bron Bron stuff. It’s extremely homo. Hey RON, “Baby girl & sticky keyboard”. CLASSIC! LMBO!! πŸ˜€

  55. Your annoying because your so stubborn and gnorant, and have you seen the buzzer beaters iggys made? Also iggy would be a great role player and let me ask you something… who do you like on this team? And meeks is our ONLY 3 pt shooter so yeah I want him playing. And if we have too many of the same players then why don’t we get rid of lou? Or speights? Lou has the shittiest FG% I have seen this year, and speights doesn’t even play so why keep him. And these too are my opinions on how to make our team better, so why criticize me? And you think getting rid of iggy and getting monta is going to make our team so much, but in reality it won’t. Monta is a faster version of lou. And If I’m crack head then what does this make you? A well educated, well mannered, sports wiz? Let this team grow as a team and as indvidual players, getting rid of everyone you hate doesn’t help this team out. Our team chemistry was the reason we did o.k during the season and during the playoffs.

  56. yeah, the homophobia is inexcusable. Casual use of homophobic language like this perpetuates a lot of what sucks about our society. Passionate opinions is good. Getting angry during the arguments is part of the process, but degrading a huge percentage of the human race, which is totally irrlevant to the topic at hand, is irresponsible and harmful. Let’s rise above that guys – seriously. I’m not pointing fingers or trying to be high and mighty, just expressing something I believe in.

  57. Anderson Silva, maybe I did go overboard with the last comment but I won’t take unprovoked verbal abuse from anyone. And while my mother would frown upon my words she wouldn’t in my defense of others that he’s offended on this site. If it bothers you that much take it up with G and have me removed. Until then dont mention my mother in any context.

  58. PP, I like most of this team except IGGY. You get rid of IGGY because he is hindering the progress of Thadd & Turner. They made a colossal mistake by not trading him last year when they drafted Turner. And how am I stubborn, & ignorant? You have now called me annoying, a hater, stubborn & ignorant for the truth about the Sixers. You don’t even know me ass clown. I am very well educated & well manned. I’m far from a sports wiz, but IGGY needs to go. Also I criticised you & called you a crack head in response to your comments prior about me. If you can’t take it don’t dish it! OK I’ll be the bigger man here & say i’m sorry if I offended you being an idiot, delusional & a crackhead! BUT YOUR STILL WRONG πŸ™‚ Sorry about the homo stuff too, meant girlie man πŸ™‚

  59. You tell em Ron. If you don’t like what we say go to another site or don’t read or respond. It’s freedom of speech. Take your political correctness somewere else. It’s an opinioned website. Deal with it. Don’t bout someones Mamma. Man code #1.

  60. I will say this, it wasn’t my intention to offend anyone apparently I did. I was just looking to put JH in his place I read a comment on another post to someone that wanted to be part of the discussion and he started to berate them. One thing I dont like is a bully and that’s what I took it as. And while that person didn’t need me to say anything I felt like I needed to. My choice of words wasn’t the smartest today and I’m sure we all can say that at some point. I apologize for the suggestive language and while I probably shouldn’t get involved with our readers, I feel like adults here and should act as such. I stand for unprovoked verbal abuse towards me or anyone else. That’s the kind of son my parents raised for those concerned. In the future, I will write (if i still choose to here) and leave the comments to you guys.

  61. How am I wrong if this is an opiniated website? And I’m sorry if I offended you being annoying, stubborn, ignorant, and a hater. πŸ˜‰ point is that the sixers need change, but at what cost?

  62. PP, Water under the bridge or over the dam, whatever the hell the saying is. There’s more important things to worry about. Your right though, things need to change, but it has 2 start with IGGY. I don’t think they have a choice, other than moving Williams. Man the NBA financial structure as is, is terrible. THEY SHOULD BE LOCKED OUT, NOT THE NFL.

  63. Ronnie G – Kudos for the mature post there. But, and I can only speak for myself, I personally LOVE it when you and/or Garry/Josh Janet etc…. actually join the discussion. That is truly one of the top notch things about this site, although it’s kinda rare. I like that you took ownership of the Bball responsibilities on here and that you’re down to earth enough to mix it up with us knuckleheads. I don’t think you need to change that, (just maybe check your temper a wee bit, but it definitely happens to the best of us…. ok, all of us, not just the best). I say keep doing your thing, just temper the temper if you will…

  64. No argument here Birdo,
    Hamels is having a great Season and has moved into the “Top 10” Starting PItchers in the NL (leap frogging Cliff Lee & Roy Oswalt)
    I am happy to see him Pitch to his potential and challenge batters.. It appears he has grown in the “mental toughness” department which is great to see and what I have been waiting for and the only real issue I have had about him.. He’s always had the stuff to be a Top 10 Pitcher physically, but it was the mental part that has alays concerned me.. I am genuinely happy for him…..

  65. As a matter a fact Birdo, I think I posted a week or 2 ago that after the All-Star break that Hamels should be moved to #2 in the Rotation..
    Go with Halladay,Hamels,Oswalt and Lee for the 2nd Half of the schedule and then let Oswalt/Lee battle it out for the #3 come playoff time..

  66. I liked all your comments, Ron…… You can only take so much of that moron named Jon Hart. Besides, he says some foul stuff too. He deserves it.

  67. Oh shut up sportsdumb, your obsessed with Mr Hart huh? Realize that i wont stop speaking my mind on here n noone can stop me, noone can shut me down. Im one of the only ones on here that make sense on my post bc i know philly sports better than most and thats the honest truth…

  68. DannyGlover i couldnt help but laugh at all your posts as if you honestly think you put me in my place hahaha dont you understand that this is just the beginning? Your a loser for the simple fact that you imagined that i actually went at someone verbally on this site when i never did, you took it upon yourself to be Mr.Mom and come to there rescue… you wrote a check that you cant cash, you dont own…Get over yourself dude… I can express myself on this site all day n nite n say whatever the heck i freakin want to anyone i want so live with it…

    Oh n by the way my keyboard isnt sticky nemore bc your mom came over n licked it off for me, i forgot to tell her thanks πŸ™‚

  69. Schiller, A warning??? Are you serious??? If i should get a warning Ron should be fired… get the heck outa here. Its called freedom of speech my friend… Schiller go back into the cave you came out of…

  70. Espn is now reporting that the 76ers are in discussions with the LA clippers to trade Andre Iguodala for Chris Kaman, evidently the clippers want to go with DeAndre Jordan long term…

  71. @JH, so now you play the mom game? The only reason you’re talking reckless is because you’re behind a computer. I promise you if it was a face to face thing you wouldnt even make yourself known. But like I said before that’s the little girl in you. You want to play behind that monitor where its safe for you, that’s been your whole life story, hiding.

  72. Your best bet is to play behind that computer and talk where you’re safest. Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want it to go any further than this. You can call it whatever you want at this point.

  73. Jon Hart reminds me of PhillyWill….who would always come on here talkin nonsense and then even had the audacity to post his number for me, like I wouldn’t call it. I called him and pulled his man card, I haven’t seen him on here since. Matter of fact, he’s probably Jon Hart.

  74. UnderCoverGlover, you sound so silly, just stick to your lil articles bruh, you dont want none of this heat… dont get offended now you made your bed now you gotta lay in it… i come on here to talk about sports not anyones personal life, you made it more than sports, not me. But its right up my alley… At the end of the day this is a sports blog thats it nothin more..

  75. DDcar, yes i would make that deal. I like Kamans game. He can defend and can score score score. Hes a force in the paint. Yes id make that deal before i make a ellis deal, it makes more sense…

  76. Don’t make it about articles now, whatever I said to you I never brought a family member into it. You all talk I can tell that by the way you bump your gums on here. But like I said you dont wanna take it any further than this computer, trust me. So save the tough talk about heat etc, etc. You talk too much that’s how I know you’re not about whatever it is youre tryin to imply. Save it for those cats youre tryin to impresss.

  77. I talk tough cuz i do do tough things dont play yourself man.. you dont want the heat brought to your front door. Your better off writin these cup cake articles for this site… do not bark up that tree cuz that tree will fall on you, idk why your advisors aint forewarn you, please not J hes not for play i dont slack a minute all that talkin and gimmicks i will end it all that yappin be finished, YOU ARE NOT DEEP YOU MADE YOUR BED NOW SLEEP!!!

  78. since when and why did this turn into a disney or lifetime tv movie teenage ‘i’m tougher than you’ cliche fest? Are the big kids in leather jackets and ripped jeans, one with a bandana and another with a scandalous earing about to show up? Is someone going to get a black eye?

    Serioulsy folks, maybe your are ‘tough’ – but nobody cares.

  79. good for you birdo, you get pauli’s lunch money and the popular girl gave you a smile… strut the halls with style now, you can even pin a freshman to his locker if you’re feeling extra cocky….

  80. Cant see how any opinion or difference of ,however articulated,is worth all this and as a longtime and one of the original posters on this site im gonna tell you both too fallback,lax,chill,and or think of something else too say . It lacks substance and class.

  81. LOL at Jon Hart. Do you realize how retarded you sound? Do you honestly think you are putting people in their place over the internet? LOL, man you are a tard. I can only hope you mature enough before you become a man and get out there on your own. Otherwise, you are gonna be in trouble.

  82. SportsDumb, what are you a glutton for punishment? You guys were finished yesterday, just keep your worthless posts coming and i ll keep enlightening you all with my philly sports knowledge and expertise…

  83. Only you would think that you are defeating someone on the internet. What a loser. LOL

    You have no knowledge and expertise. Didn’t I already prove you wrong? Are you really that dense?

    Just keep coming with your idiocy and I will keep exposing you for the idiot that you are.

  84. I’m not too excited about a chris kamen deal… isn’t he in his 30’s? I want to build for the future not the now. Kamen may help this team, but he won’t deliver a championship. Any chance we could get chris paul next year?

  85. PP, Why would the sixers go n try to get chris paul when they already have Jrue Holiday? that would make for a crowded back court… chris paul has options. He ll probably end up with the Knicks…

  86. I would rather have Kaman, because we need a big man more than a SG, and Kaman deals were flying everywhere before the trade deadline, but I don’t see it happening. I think this Iggy-Monta deal will eventually go down.

  87. Jon H, that’s exactly where he is going to go. Also I believe he’s friends with Stoudamire & Anthony, if i’m not mistaken. Any chance that we could wind up with Ellis & Kaman? I’d move Iggy, Williams, Speights &/ or Thadd for those two. Could it be possible or am I pipe dreaming? Any way we can bribe somebody to take Brand?

  88. Why would we get rid of Brand? He balled out for us last year and did all he could in the playoffs. He earned my respect with the way he played last year. Keep Brand.

  89. DDC – you are not dreaming. You ARE tripping/talking some CRAZY DUMB stuff. First, we need more reliable scoring at the guard position (hence the Ellis talk). You want to get rid of Williams, who is one of our most potent reliable scorers… having him alone is not enough obviously, but you want to add ellis and expect ellis to do it all alone? That’s dumb. We need both of them.

    And then you’re willing to trade Thad to get Kaman and Ellis? To me, that’s where I stop reading anything you say about Basketball. Thad is a on of our ‘non tradables’ if you ask me. Unless he get’s us Dwight Howard somehow…

  90. And Birdo is right, Brand played the best basketball of his stint here last year. The point of offseason moves is to add to your positives, not detract.

  91. I am dropping LeBron out of my Top 5 players in the NBA…
    He has played terrible in this series so far.. Kind of reminds me a little of
    former Eagles QB D McNabb, good numbers during the regular Season and then when it counts the most in the biggest games, the Plaoffs, they can’t raise their performance, in fact, they play worse and become passive and then look to blame everyone else when it’s over…

  92. Schill I don’t want to trade Thadd or Williams. It was a hypothetical question of what it would take to get them. What other trade pieces do we have? All kudos to Brand, but his contract is not movable & you want to get better & younger. Do you think he is going to give you another year like last year? Would be nice, but I doubt it.

  93. Im very calm PP, as calm as Tom Brady in the 4th quarter tie game 30seconds left bruh hahaha… Yeah take that chris paul crap back cuz it would never happen…

    Looks like we can cancel that monta ellis deal off there GM came out and said they are not shopping him, funny the sixers havent come out and said anything like that in regards to iggy…

    What i was thinking about was this. What if the sixer proposed a trade with OKC for Russell Westbrook? Iggy for Russell westbrook. Obviously OKC doesnt need scoring they have enough but they do need better on ball defenders, they have enough of a defensive post presence already with the trade for perkins and with the emergence of Collison…

    It would benefit the sixers because we would have the best scorer to come to this city since AI, And with all due respect to allen bc i love the guy, but westbrook has the potential to be a great pg not only a scorer even though his natural positon is to play sg… Id pull the trigger for him even though we have Jrue already. Westbrook is a sg in a pg body. 6’4 200pounds. Hes tired of playing 2nd to Kevin durant… And it seemed that OKC offense ran smoother when maynor was in there anyway… I say call them up and see what it would take to get Russell Westbrook…

  94. OKC is not looking to move Westbrook and they really have little need for a player like Iggy… Maybe a better trade would be Iggy to the Charlotte Bobcats for Guard Steve Jackson who is a strong defender and a 3point weapon and young PF in DJ White who at 6-9- 255lbs would add some physicality to their Front Line who has some hops and a good game around the rim..
    Bobcats have depth at Guard and have 3 Picks in the 1st Round this Draft so they may be looking to move some verteran players as they rebuild for the 10th time in the last 10 years.. They also have PF Boris Diaw who is not a bad complimentary player..But the Sixers need to get more physical/tougher along the front-line…

  95. I disagree. OKC could use iggys size and length and defensive prowess. He then could be there true scottie pippen, someone who can bring the ball up and play as a point forward… that would make OKC a better team bc of how unselfish iggy is, iggy needs to play with a player that is dominant like durant, someone that all hed have to do is pass the ball to and hed do the rest… Iggy wont succeed here in philly because hes asked to be the man and he doesnt have that “IT” factor like durant and rose and others, one that can control a game on both ends of the floor…

    I dont know if westbrook wants to still be in OKC being that its durants team and westbrook feels he could be the guy. On any other team westbrook would be the best player on it, right now hes forced to play the backround allowing durrant to shine.And we know iggy wants to go, so i say give them iggy and we ll take westbrook…

    Also, remember the effect that both iggy and durant had on the olympic team, they played great together, dominant at times. Id make that deal… It makes alot of sense…

  96. I could see your point if Westbrook wants to get out of OKC and be a #1 Man on another team… (I am still not sold that he’s a #1 Type of player since his shooting is erratic.. OKC still has young Guards like James Harden & Eric Maynor who can hold their own but I just don’t know what Iggy could do for them.. OKC needs help/size toughness along their front line and another G/F who wants to handle the ball on the outside since they have that already… I could see Westbrook being traded to a team out west (which is where he is from and expect a Lakers to make a push for him as Kobe starts to wind-down his career)

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