Bryzgalov to meet with Flyers brass Thursday

The good news was that the Flyers finally traded for a goalie after trying to make significant headway in the playoffs with a group of guys that are either backups, shouldn’t be in the league or too young to be shouldering that much of a load. The bad news is that Ilya Bryzgalov is a free agent in about two weeks and isn’t necessarily the answer anyway.


But anyway, Bryzgalov and his agent are flying into Philly Wednesday night, according to Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer. They will meet with GM Paul Holmgren, Peter Laviolette, goalie coach Jeff Reese and others on Thursday for the first time.

One might think that this will give the Flyers their first glimpse as to Bryzgalov’s signability, but I hope that’s not the case. While they didn’t trade much for him (Matt Clackson, 2012 third-round pick and conditional pick if he signs with Philly), I’d like to think they had an idea of what he was going to ask for before they pulled the trigger.

I’m still undecided on this one. I’ve seen reports that he is going to want $7-$8 million per year. I’d have to walk away from that. Not only is that too much for a decent goalie, look how it’s working out for the Canucks with their $64 million “stud” Roberto Luongo, who has been thoroughly awful in every single away game in Boston. You’d like to think that keepers of that caliber wouldn’t get yanked repeatedly in the Stanley Cup. So if it can happen with Luongo, who everyone always agreed was elite, then…yeah, I’m going to be hesitant to hand out that kind of dough to someone who doesn’t have Luongo’s pedigree.

Now, if Bryzgalov is looking more in the ballpark of the $27 million over five years that Carchidi suggests, I think I’m okay with that. It still might be a little high, but the Flyers are dreadful at the position and there aren’t a ton of other options out there.

If/when they do sign Bryzgalov, someone has got to go. Jeff Carter? Mike Richards? Matt Carle? Who would you send packing if they sign Bryzgalov?

5 thoughts on “Bryzgalov to meet with Flyers brass Thursday

  1. I would assume the Flyers would want to keep their “Core” players together, so the logical player of that group to remove would be Carle. However since the Flyers never seem to take the logical road I would think that they may Get rid of Richards or Carter, I would think Richards as there always seems to be speculation about his leadership abilities.

  2. Wait till the Playoffs are over and see what Luongo wants.

    Also talk to the Kings about Quick and even maybe Price from Montreal.

    He is another Emery.

  3. with the cap going up about 3 million (speculated on major sporting networks), the departure of zherdev (2 mil), carcillo (1.075 mil), o’donnell (1 mil), boucher (.925 mil), laparriere (LTIR – 1.167 mil) leighton (waive 1.55mil), shelley (waive 1.1 mil) walker (waive 1.7 mil)

    I think it is pretty much safe to say everyone from that group is gone, shelley might be the safest but with the signing of sesitio writing is on the wall for him. so this would mean there is 13.517 mil available. so than you factor in giroux’s new cap hit (3.75 mil) and carters also jumps up (.273).

    This will leave 9.494 million. with it they will need to sign or bring up from the minors 5 forwards and 2 dman in addition to a goalie. this group will include the likes of nodl, powe, sesito, bartulius, gustafson, wellwood, holstrom and will only command about 4.5 millon.

    this leaves almost 5 millon for a goalie. so don’t think carter or richards is moving. the biggest issue right now is trying to replace leino. carle could be gone but a similar replacement has to be brought in which will likely be similar money. i could see versteeg moving or hartnell (has a NTC). also if they are to sign bryzgalov to 5 years plus i see bobrosky getting dealt so they can save onhis 1.75 millon cap hit too.

  4. I think this guys agent is a dick, & is only playing the Flyboys! Homer loves wasting those draft picks. This guy wants 6 years, $6- $7 mill per. F^@K his greedy Russian ass. Trade for Quick/ Bernier, Brown & Jack Johnson, for Carter & Carle. My cousin lives in LA & heard that rumor.

  5. From a couple of Russian SOurces of mine,
    I heard the Brzyglov and his agents have a few demands…
    That the “Chickie’s and Pete’s” change their name to “Igor & Sergei’s”
    and that the City of Philadelphia changes the name of the Ben Franklin Bridge to the “Vladimir Putin Bridge and that Core States only serves “Russian Vodka” instead of Beer and Soda to the Patrons whether its for kids or adults … Should be interesting …

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