Mark Cuban Tips Waiter 20K In Post Game Celebration

According to the NY Post, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban left a 20k tip for the wait staff at Miami’s Fountainebleau during the Mavs post game celebration. The total tab for the night was $110,000, the majority of the money was spent on a $90,000 bottle of Armand de Brignac Cuban bought for the Mav’s players.

Cuban is the best owner in all of sports, because despite being a billioniare Cuban still manages to make a connection with the everyday fan. Most fans would celebrate the way Cuban did this past week, go to a club hang out with the players and waste money on superficial things without a care in the world. Most owners aren’t like Cuban, can you imagine Jeff Lurie or Bill Giles getting wild in South Beach after a championship with all their players rocking out while Lil Wayne performs?

Fans constantly say well “If I were the owner I would do this…” here is a legit fan, who actually became an owner. Cuban’s number one goal as Mavs owner is to win a championship while running a first class organization, making money off the team appears to come second.

Major League Baseball should be ashamed of its self for not allowing Cuban to own a Major League franchise. One of the team’s Cuban targeted to buy was the Pittsburgh Pirates, from a Phillies fans point of view, thank god he didn’t the Phillies struggle enough with the Pirates as it is now. From a baseball fans point of view, it’s a shame, because the Pirates are a disgrace to the sport.

The story behind the Pirates was, Cuban looked into buying his home town team but the team wasn’t willing to sell to Cuban. However; three years later when the Cubs were for sale, Commissioner Bud Selig told the Associated Press Cuban had zero chance of being approved. Cuban was the highest bidder for the Cubs, bidding 1.3 billion but baseball shot him down. Yet another bad move for baseball, Cuban is a fan and player friendly owner, who wants that in a sport still recovering from a steroids scandal?

Cuban took a Mavericks franchise in shambles and in 11 years made them into NBA Champions, if only Cuban could take his talents to South Philly, and return the Sixers to prominence. Sixers fans can only hope the ownership group that buys the Sixers will be Mark Cuban-like, but that is doubtful because it seems that Mark Cuban is one of a kind.

11 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Tips Waiter 20K In Post Game Celebration

  1. Who cares??!!! It’s splitting hairs and legalism at the very least. Ridiculous reporting… Eskin stuff. And my understanding from discussion the other day is it’s actually closer to 22%. Would anyone be so ungrateful as to argue that its even less than 15%?? Greedy fools don’t recognize a blessing when it’s presented.

  2. 20% BWAHAHA! Cigar that’s HILARIOUS! You made my morning with that laugh. Cuban is the coolest rich man in the world. I would love to party with that guy, & be his wing man any day. I wish he owned one of our teams. Even though they’ve spent money recently, he would be a great PHILLIES owner. Get those old bastards out of there. Then maybe payroll & luxury tax won’t be a problem.

  3. 20% of $110,000 is $22K~! So iggles need to learn to do maff! However it is much better than the reported 10% that AI used to leave in his heyday!

  4. Garry, I think everyone can see how this is a pretty cool story about Cuban. But you went overboard. Way overboard. Yeah he turned around the team in 11 years. Most or many philly fans would (or already have) get extremely impatient over an 11 year period and say it’s too long without producing a championship. And if it was not for Dirk…. seriously, would we saying all this about Cuban? And what if Labron James had remembered that you want to put the orange ball in the thing with the net… and Mavs had lost, you wouldn’t be writting this article. It’s only after he wins that you say Cuban would fix everything here in Philly. You run a fun site Garry, but boy are you an over reactor…

  5. AI never tipped at all, & used to get banned on top of it. I believe he has keep out posters in the entire Old City, Manyunk & AC areas.

  6. I wonder how much Lurie tips his hairdresser to dye his eyebrows black. I wonder how much Reid tips the wait staff for the various entrees he orders over and above regular diners. I wonder if Banner tips before or after the sales tax.

  7. @haveacigar:
    My “maff” is fine because it was reported as considerably less than $110K earlier… and really, what diff should it make? How ’bout if Cuban only tipped 15% of $110K ($16.5K)… would you stand there and gripe at the guy? Question would be… would YOU give a tithe of whatever the tip to the Lord?

  8. Im sure one of the wait staff who got there chunk of that tip is soundn like one of you guys right now.Huh!!? Who cars.

    Cuban is a great owner,excellent biz man,and for that i tip my brew.

    If the Mavs had lost he wouldnt be writing the article? Thanks Captain Obvious.

    Go Phills…How bout that Dom Brown!!!?

  9. 15% is not acceptable and of course a $20k tip would make the day of any waiter… i was simply pointing out that given the size of the check $20k isn’t exhorbanant-it is actually about average.
    And i do not tithe as I believe organized religion is corrupt. I prefer to make my donations directly to organzations that go directly to the needy.

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