Why The Eagles Are So Interested In Reggie Bush?

I’ve heard many Eagles fans wonder aloud why the Eagles would be interested in Saints free agent running back Reggie Bush, who hasn’t been the perennial Pro Bowler, which everybody thought he would be when he was drafted number two out of USC.

It’s very easy to figure it out why the running back looks so appealing to the Birds. Like Westbrook, Bush has better speed and receiving skills than Birds starting running back LeSean McCoy. Westbrook had the speed and wide receiver skills, which allowed the Eagles to move him outside and match him up against cornerbacks and safeties.

McCoy is great at running screens and short routes, but he doesn’t have the wide receiver skills of Westbrook and Bush. Last year, I remember hearing Marty Mornhinweg saying they wouldn’t shift McCoy outside as a wide receiver like they did with Westbrook.

There’s no doubt that Bush fits into the offensive thinking of Andy Reid, Mornhinweg and the Philadelphia Eagles. They would be able to dust off those old game plans which took advantage of Brian Westbrook’s versatility and pass receiving skills.

The Birds offensive coaches love to utilize the unique skills of their players to create matchup problems for the defense. Bush’s speed, along with his route running and pass catching ability would be a match-up nightmare for NFL defensive coordinators. New Orleans head coach Sean Payton has been utilizing Bush’s skills and versatility to create mismatches and open opportunities for his teammates.

If Bush became an Eagle, you could put the former number two pick in the draft in the same lineup as DeSean Jackson, and put the opposing defensive coordinator in a bind. Both of them have game-breaking speed, so defenses normally double team them when they’re on the field. Their mere presence in the lineup helps to open of the field for their teammates.

Should a defensive coordinator double team Jackson or double team Bush? Can he trust a cornerback one-on-one on Jackson or a linebacker or safety one-on-one on Bush? He’s got to ask his free safety to help one of his defenders, which one should it be. They can’t double team everybody.

Bush would add speed to their backfield in the passing game and he would be a great substitute for Jackson on punt returns. He would be a change up back and punt returner.

Reid and Mornhinweg would put together a ten-to-twenty play package each week for Bush. It would consist of run plays, pass plays with plenty of screens and draws. The package would include quite a few down field throws.

Early in each game, Reid would send Bush into the game for starting running back LeSean McCoy and line him up in the backfield. He would then shift Bush outside to a wide receiver position and watch how the defense would adjust. They could send an extra cornerback into the game to matchup with Bush, or move a linebacker or safety out there to cover him.

Once the opposing defense showed their hand, the Eagles would make an adjustment to take advantage of the weakness in the defensive coverage.

57 thoughts on “Why The Eagles Are So Interested In Reggie Bush?

  1. Sounds good. But my number 1 priority on offense is to upgrade right tackle. Theres noway I add anything else before RT is addressed. Dont need a stud but just a mid level upgrade. Im not going into the season HOPING Justice plays well.

  2. Let me start by saying I loved Westbrook. But lets be real here. Why would I want to take McCoy off the field? First he already is a better runner than Westrook ever was. This kid is dynamic., In the screen game McCoy is a nightmare to tackle he is elusive and explosive. Bush is an upgrade? So McCoy cant run 20 yard patterns. Speed? Ive seen McCoy rip off 50 yard runs, looks fast enough to me. I never knew McCoy was this good. I just think McCoy is a star in the making. He needs to play.

  3. This guy is one of the biggest overrated players ever. He is a waste of time & money. The only good thing he did is get wit Kim Kardashian. We do not need another running back or receiver. He isn’t a good running back & they don’t run the ball anyway. Yeah he is a good hands back, but we do not need him. They have way too many holes on DF to to worry about luxuries like Bush & Burress. Come on G, don’t buy into the hype & these rumors. I’m starting to believe these media hacks have nothing else better to do than start these idiotic rumors. Haynesworth is not coming here unless he is released, & Bush isn’t even a consideration. Burress might be a possibility, but only on a contract full of incentives.

  4. Man, for the love of GOD! settle this lockout already so these asinine & idiotic rumors stop, & we can sign some real free agents, not the figments of the fantasy football minds of these media hacks. Us fans have more brains than that, than to believe this garbage. I think. G I wasn’t insinuating that you were the hack, the idiot that started the rumors.

  5. ****Trade Alert****
    Eagles Trade QB K Kolb, RT W Justice and DT M Patterson to the VIkings for
    DE J Allen and RB Adrian Petersen… Good Grief…..

  6. He would be an upgrade too our already solid skill guys.He gives Snax a blow on p.r.. He creates matchup problems as G stated. I dont care how he was rated coming out and neither should you..he helps us win football games and oh…he has Ship experience.

  7. He’s a weapon. This team needs all the weapons they can get. Defense is the priority, but the Eagles have the money to bring in several weapons on both sides of the ball. He is in the Westbrook mold and the coaches would love to get him in the open field. I love McCoy, but Bush is custom made for the Eagles and/or Colts.

  8. I know why the Eagles are so interested in Bush….. Because he kills us on certain plays…… Sheldon Brown laid a hittin……. But Reggie Bush got ta dippin on us……. He’ll be our Cordell Stewart as a utility man……. A up graded Reno Mahe……. We can save D-Jax from returning punts and McCoy can have a Solid #2…….. Perhaps Lewis can be the future…….. And lean a lot from the both of them…….

  9. Bush would be everything chad hall isnt. He could cause absurd matchup problems for a defense when we line up 2 WR 2 RB and then motion bush out onto a LB. He can literally do everything on offense and won’t cost more than 3/13 mil type deal. Bush would keep Djax and shady fresh also. If we can get a shot at him on a cheap deal I see absolutely no reason not to pull the trigger on a proven play maker with game breaking ability.

  10. Another Pipe-Dread fans,
    R Bush will go to a team where he is the featured back and would not be interested in being a 3rd Down Back like he’s been utilized by the Saints
    I Don’t mean he will carry the ball 202-5 times for he’s not built to do that.. But he will want an opportunity to carry the ball 15 times plus 6-8 catches a game and he would never get that with the Eagles..
    A couple of teams where he would be a very good fit would be
    Redskins (have no true #1 RB and Shanahan likes to pass to RB’s out of the backfield which takes pressure of their QB, since they have none)
    Dolphins (both R Brown/R Williams are Free-agents and R Bush could see a lot of touches and making bring some excitement to a struggling offense)
    Broncos (Moreno’s been a bust during his time in the NFL, New Coach J Fox is very familiar with R Bush in what nightmare matchups he presents
    Colts (Addai is a Free-Agent and RB D Brown has not very developed as they would have liked, the Cotls Front Office has changed philosophy a littlle bit where it appears to be making every effort to surrond Peyton with more weapons to make another SB run since he won’t be playing too much longer, and remember the SB is in Indianapolis this Feb 2012)

    R Bush will definitely be moving on from the Saints

  11. Come on peeps! Bush can’t wash Westbrooks dirty jock. Stop the comparisons, there are none. He has done absolutely zero in this league. He was drafted to be a stud RB, not a return man. As high as he was drafted, he is a borderline bust. He is not a good RB, & is damaged goods. WE DO NOT NEED HIM! It’s not fantasy football where you play 2 backs. What are you gonna do sign this guy to big money for 5 touches a game. He wants to start & get some greens. Get a freaking clue. Think realistic like grown ups, gents.

  12. G – spelling errors aboud is one thing – we expect that from you. But with this article, you state a ‘fact’ and then ask why? Who says the Eagles are so interested in bush? Who? Where? When did they say that and how do we know that?

    Man, G, sometimes you are flat out TERRIBLE at your job.

    Why ants are bigger than elephants?

    This was a rumor – that’s all – don’t treat it like fact. You’re in the media, you should know not to take the media seriously, but you do. Really a crappy job.

  13. AMEN, SCHILLER! Gets irritating doesn’t it? Media “USE THE BRAIN GOD GAVE YOU”, Man o man.

  14. No Birdo,
    I do remember you saying something about getting tickets to the Justin Bierber Concert..

  15. I would have preferred a stories with more truth based knowledge, such aso why Lurie has white hair and black eyebrows, why Andy Reid eats so much, why Banner wears argyle sweaters, and why Howie Roseman is always excited and has such an unmanley voice.

  16. To BirdBrain
    #1) I never said Hamels was a Top 10 PItcher because up until this Season
    Hamles has not been a Top 10 Pitcher or consistent enough during his Regular Season Career.. He’s changing that this year, but in 2009/2010, he was not close to a Top 10 PItcher
    #2) I never said the Phils sucked, I stated they were Overrated and not going to win the NL East by 20 games and win 115-120 Games like many of you claimed, I did say they will finish in 2nd in the NL East (behnd the Braves) and not win a NL Pennant or go to the World Series and I hope they prove me wrong, but I will stand by my original predictions..

  17. Paulman, look at the stats of hamels from 2010. This season is not a surprise at all. And second, I think you exaggerate the amount of people who said they would win 120 games. (Which they could do) My prediction is 101-105. The Phils have the best record in baseball. I guess you cant rate them any higher than that, so I dont know why you think they are overrated. You stand by ur middling predictions. This is the best team Philly has ever had, and you continually throw water on them.

  18. Pman- dont downplay what you said about the phills… its on record. It was not a counter to the few that said the phills would win 120+. You went further than to say they were good but not great. You went tooo far and thats y you get slammed.

  19. I think I have gone thru this exercise before
    In 2010, HAmeles ranked 16th in Overall Pitching Stats in the NL
    in 2009, HAmles ranked 34th in Overall Pitching Stats in the NL

    So I do not go into the 2011 Season stating that he is a Top 10 Pitcher for Obvious reasons for his track recorde has not proven that he is.. I have always stated that Hamles has the stuff and Potential to be a Top 10 PItcher, which is finally coming out with his Consistent Performance this 2011 Season. But back in Feb/March, it would not have been an accurate statement, based on Hamels Overall Stats the last 2 Seasons, to say that he was a Top #10 Pitcher going into this Season and the fact that he has PItched so well this Season which will move him up to a Top #10 Status is great and deserving, but that does not cover the facts of his actual Performance and Stats for the 2009 & 2010 Season….

    Back to Football, the only Bush the Eagles would possibly be interested in, would be Raiders RB Michael Bush, but he has had some off the field issues as well as some injuries to his knee so the Eagles would be best to stay away

  20. We forget what website we’re on sometimes….. This is GCobb……. If you read and comment and dont like the article just dont comment????

    I swear…… Piss on a parade and end up with a trumpet in your ass!!!!!!

  21. I can hear the chants now at home games… REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE!… I been a fan of this guy since he was at USC… hes electric. A game changer. Some of you guys are calling him a bust and this and that, but not so fast, does he not have a SB ring? This is a team game not an individual sport. He does all the things a team needs you to in order to win. He can run between the tackles if you needed him to, hes improved his blocking skills, hes amazing in the open field, can catch like a wr, has blazing speed, hes elusive, can use him in special teams as a punt returner…This would be a steal for our team bc of all the teams we would utilize his skills to the max…

    Eagles sign Bush, Plaxico, Nnamdi or trade for a CB, trade for Haynesworth all signs point to that, sign Vick and Desean longterm…

  22. Whatever P(nis)man — you’re an idiot. You were told Cole Hamels was a top ten pitcher in the offseason and you wanted to try and counter that just to argue because you seem to be one of “those” people that like to do that.

    Now Hamels is proving those of us who KNEW he was a top ten pitcher right and making you look like a fool.

  23. Waiting on the lock out to end, until then let me just say as always………


    Hey Bird, I had a dream where I was dreaming of me having a dream and then I woke up, hmmmm maybe I have one more wake up to go and I am dreaming of being on Gcobb sight inwhich case it is really morning time and I am going to be late for work.

    Haaaaa JRoc, don’t know what any of that means, but I am laughing nontheless, whaaa haaaa hee, Er? cough, uk, okay see what you done! Got to go.

  24. I like to go the stats and facts Birdo, which many of you on here have a problem with, but your thought process is the way many sport fans or people are in general. You tend to think and base opinions with your hears and hopes instead of reason and a history of actual performance.. that’s ok for fans can believe in whatever they want to . I just will continue to call people and statements out when they are inaccurate.. Yes, there is always a pain in the ass in the crowd, and it may as well be me…

  25. Stats and numbers can be skewed to fit anybodies argument — thats what is wrong with basing something like “Who is better?” or “Who is Top Ten?” based off just numbers.

    Brett Favre has the most TDs ever — does that make him the best QB ever?

    He also has the most INT’s ever — does that make him the worst QB ever?

    Which one is it statman?

  26. Farve’s “Overall Rating” is pretty good which ranks ranks him high on the All-Time list, Total yards, TD’s,Wins,SUper Bowls, MVP, but the Int’s and Fumbles do bring him down a few notches, but he is not the best QB ever not is he the worst, but he definitely is a Top 10 Candidate
    Cole Hamels has never ranked in the Top #10 on Overall Pitching Stats in his Regualr Season Career, so with that being said, you cannot call him a Top #10 Pitcher if he’s never reached that high.. You can say I hope he reaches his potential to become a Top 10, or that this is the season he breaks into the Top 10, but to say before this Season Started that he was a Top #10 Pitcher already,was not accurate.. Just the facts Birdman, there’s nothing wrong with rooting for your home team and wanting the best for your team’s players.
    But back to Hamels, the way he’s pitching this year, he will be a Top 10 Pitcher for sure and maybe even a Top 5

  27. Cole Hamels arguably has the best change-up in the game. His “stats” are just catching up to what he HAS been for the past three years — a top ten pitcher in the game. The kid has absolute nasty stuff.

    But I’m done with this argument thats been going on for the last year — Cole is doing nothing but proving me right. Toodles!

  28. “His stats are just catching up with him”… You are starting to sound like a McNabb Fan and probably think he’s a HOF too.. Good Grief..

  29. I hate McNabb.

    Fact of the matter is, you don’t just become a top ten pitcher overnight. Cole should be talked about as one of the best in the game and he is.

    Now go tune into TBS and watch some more Braves games, shouldn’t your hero Jair Jurrgens be pitching soon?

  30. 1st off G, no D coordinator has to decide whether to double Bush. It’s usually just whether to put a LB on him or safety. It’s a no brainer that you double Jackson. Secondly, I could see him fitting in good in this offense as a receiver and returner. He definitely would create mismatches across the middle and make some plays in the screen game. We need a kick returner and punt returner to alternate with Jackson. With Bush he could take over the duties full time. Having said that, not sure if I want him. He’s been injured too much over the past couple seasons. And even though he’s faster than McCoy, to me they are still similar time running backs. Shifty, don’t like hitting the hole and try to get on the outside. Not sure the benefit in having 2 of the same just 1 a little faster. I’d rather a bigger RB that can get 4 yards UP THE MIDDLE. Forget trying to beat everyone with the gimmicks. A stout running game is a QBs best friend and opens up everything else. I’d rather that much more than a receiving RB. Just my thoughts.

  31. scorp – Um, are we watching the same RB? Sure, McCoy isn’t Brandon Jacobs, but I disagree that he’s like Westbrook and Bush. McCoy is WAY more of an effective and inside/between the tackles type runner. McCoy hits the whole WAY more than bush or Westbrook. I loved Westbrook and I like the idea of Bush in our passing game. I also agree that McCoy isn’t Westbrook as a pass catcher, but I think he’s a very different type of RB then W and B. Just because Shady can be great and elusive in space, doesn’t mean he’s no inside rusher.

  32. Free-Agent Alonzo Highsmith from the Cardinals will be the Short-Yardage/Red-Zone back as the Eagles will sign him to split time with McCoy since J Harrison will move on via free-agency to another team

  33. actually paulman, you made a list of 30 others pitchers you said were better than Hamels. that was laughable. and it was completely reasonable to say Hamels was a top 10 pitcher coming into this year seeing as how he was THE BEST pitcher in MLB the second half of last year. he was absolutely dominant, as he got comfortable with his cutter, which he never threw before last year. and this year he has improved his curve ball a significant amount. 2 years ago he basically had 2 pitches. now he has 4 legitimate pitches.

  34. ***Correction,***
    Alonzo Highsmith played like 20 years ago out of the U of Miami and Houston Oilers…. I meant to say Tim Hightower of the Cardinals will be the Eagles -up/short-yardage RB nex season as he is a Free-agent this Year.. Not sure what made me thought of Highsmith.. I will check my medication levels…

  35. Pman- don’t make it sound like you are the fact man. You do the same as everyone else… You factor in your own algebraic equation into figuring out how you feel. Every stat you could have looked at about the phillies showed that they would be good this year… Pitchers #’s, batters #’s and such… And yet… You chose to value the stat called “age” and put that above all.
    My math takes everything and comes up with about 105 wins and 1st place. Your math comes up with 90 wins or so and 2nd. Don’t try and make it sound like you are the smartest guy in the room.

  36. Age, Injuries and a lack of fire by some of the regulars, who I feel have become a little too comfortable..I predicted 92-94 Wins but will probably end up with a 100-102 if the Big 4 Stay healthy and continue to Pitch as they have..

  37. That same “lack of fire”thing is why I knew Hamels WOULD be tops this year in the league. He has the fire. He is prolly a little pissed this year being thought of us the #4.

  38. As long as that FAT SLOB REID is the coach, they can get them all. Fat BOY will find someway to lose. TOO Stubborn and controling. He needs to try WEIGHT WATCHERS

  39. Even Owner Jeff Lurie brought in Jenny Craig in to help out and consult and develop a program for Coach AR, but after Coach AR took her some of his favorite Restaurants for aweek, she quit her own program and company and has since moved in to AR’s neighborhood…

  40. Watch for back-up QB Matt Lineart be signed after Kolb is traded..
    Another QB project for Coach MM/AR to mold into a NFL QB..Good grief..


  42. Bush would be another gimmick in a gimmick laden offense. He would also take touches away from McCoy which I really don’t want. I also think Bush would quickly become a whipping-post for the fans when he under-produces. Spend the money elsewhere please.

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