Who Will Sixers Take At 16 & Will They Trade Iguodala?

With a little more than 24 hours before the NBA Draft I’m sure the phones of team president Rod Thorn and GM Ed Stefanski have been ringing incessantly about the availability of small forward Andre Iguodala “and other players”. And while the Sixers have remained tight-lipped on what their plans are for tomorrow night’s draft – despite Rod Thorn stating the no trade is “imminent” the Sixers are looking to make a major move.

We anticipated a draft day trade last year when the Sixers selected Evan Turner, but the Sixers stood pat and Doug Collins’ young team improved beyond what many expected – progressing at a rate that makes Iguodala all the more expendable.

The Sixers selection at #16 may give us a glimpse into who we may be getting in return for Iguodala and then again it may give us nothing. The draft or let’s say NBA GMs are funny like that. Both trade rumors for Monta Ellis and Chris Kamaan have calmed down but still seem to have legs. Is the Rudy Gay deal still a possibility? The Sixers need scoring and low post punch, they have a bargaining chip and the picks to get both. Question is which do you use to address which position?

As far as who the Sixers selection, we’ll have to wait for that to play out tomorrow night. The majority of the NBA mock drafts have the Sixers going big, while two consistent names keep showing up. Philly native Markeiff Morris from Kansas whose stock seems to have gone up and looks to be high on the Pistons list at #8 after an exceptional workout yesterday. Morris impressed the Sixers last week with his workout, but do they like him enough to trade up to get him at #8?

The other is Jordan Hamilton, a 6’8” shooter from Texas who has exceptional range and would help the Sixers struggles on the perimeter. Other names mentioned are: Donatas Motiejunas, PF, Lithuania, Chris Singleton, SF, Florida, Tristan Thompson, F, Texas, Nikola Vucevic, C, USC. A player that I would be curious to see in a Sixers uniform is Bismack Biyombo, PF, Fuenlabrada (Spain). Biyombo is as raw as they come offensively, but is a very polished shot blocker. At 6’9” 240 lbs. Biyombo has a 7’6” wingspan and would instantly help the Sixers interior defense. Mock drafts have him going anywhere from #5 to #15.

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  1. I love the PF from Moorehead State who has led the NCAA the last 2 seasons in Rebounding whose name escapes me right now.. Him or one of the Morris twins or Hamilton from Texas….

  2. The moorehead PF is on the smallish side standing at 6’7 but has an awesome wingspan near 7’0 7’1… but i wanna see the sixers draft a big big center. When was the last time we drafted a foreigner? Id try to trade up for Canter, though he didnt play at kentucky this guy has upside and i also like the the PF Donatas Motiejunas who in time could be a Dirk Nowitzki clone, the guy is 7’0 with no shoes on. Has range beyond the 3pt line last yr shooting some 53 % .. thats excellent. Im tired of all these athletic SF and small PF we need height and a skilled center, Hawes isnt cutting it at this time…

  3. Just saw two rumors on SI.com that had an Iggy for Odom deal that would probably include Ron Artest to make the deal go through. The other is Iggy going to Minnesota for the #2 pick. Kanter would be there or you could swap picks with Cleveland at #4, who may still want the 2nd pick and still get Kanter. If that Minny deal is true I may go with that, you can do a whole lot with that pick.

  4. I would love to see them trade Iggy. He sucks & has to go. I would love to see them get Markief Morris, but they are not going to get him at 16. Biyombo would be interesting & has a wing span of a pterodactyl, but we don’t need another tweener wingman. We already have a roster full of 6’7″-6’9″ Clones. We need good big men & a good pure SG. Please Thorn, find suitors for Iggy, Brand & Speights. We need to build aroud Jrue, Turner, Thadd & Lou Will.

  5. Can you trade picks for players? I thought that the money had to even out. If they can get the 2nd pick, then you gotta take Derrick Williams if the Cavs take Irving. That is a no brainer.

  6. Ron, i was just saying the other day that the lakers would love to have iggy because then hed play scottie pippen for kobe. They would be a good squad with iggy. But id still rather have the picks then have 2 players like them, there slow, the lakers are trying to get young and athletic and iggy is one of the most athletic wingmen in the league… I want no parts of that deal. Give me the 2nd or 4th overall pick and i ll pick Kanter and be set at center for the next 10-12 years. Because in my opinion Kanter is a franchise Center in a league where the center position seems to be fading away… Thats why we hear that the spurs are trying to trade tony parker for a high pick, theyd love to have a Kanter to replace the nearly departed Tim Duncan. Id be very angry if the sixers dont take advantage of this situation and let the spurs set themselves up for another 10-15 years by drafting another franchise center, the sixers need to be aggressive and smart about this…

  7. John, I thought about it too after they were bounced and it would be a good fit for Iggy but not for the Sixers. I’ll take the pick as well, you might even be able to grab a body off of their bench. I agree, no way am I touching Odom or Artest, that would be a step in the wrong direction.

  8. Bugsy do you still want to take Williams at #2 when you still need a shooter or do you take your chances in free agency?

    That #2 pick can do alot for them as far as trade possibilities.

  9. Ron, it appears that the lakers are trying to dump odom, espn reporting that the lakers were trying to trade odom for the number 2 pick but the Twolves rejected it… hahaha The lakers and spurs really think teams are stupid. They offer crap for gold… While those teams stay in the basement they remain on top… SMH..

  10. Ron, the number 2 pick can change this entire team. All of the possiblities. Teams will offer the farm for that pick and iggydala, id do my best to include brand or speights in any deals too…

  11. JH, you know that saying, “You can’t shine a turd”. Odom & Artest are useless, garbage mutts.

  12. The Wolves offered the #2 for Bynum I heard yesterday and the Lakers said no. That may have been there best and final shot to dump him. I’ve got faith in Rod Thorn, I just hope he doesn’t go Al Davis on us and please keep Ed Stefanski out of the room.

  13. Ron, Eddie Stefanski has been pretty quiet lately. Seems to me that Rod Thorn has taken full control of it all… yeah thats the deal that was made, the twolves counteroffered asking for bynam or gasol and the lakers said no way… there schemers, crap for gold. The spurs are trying to do the same thing.

    I think these reports are true about iggy and the #2 pick because iggy is younger than both parker, nash and odom. I honestly would take iggy over all of them at this point inthere careers. What team in there right mind would give up a high pick for steve nash hahaha hes 38 yrs old. What are these guys thinking? Maybe ten yrs ago guys not now…

  14. DDcar, these elite teams are trying to remain elite, theyre trying to trade for future stars of this league while the basement teams continue to dwell there for years to come…

  15. Yeah teams aren’t falling for the “52 fakeout” anymore, and with this new CBA coming in with a potential hard cap the last thing you want is to be locked into a deal with a 38 year old for 2+ years. I believe this is the best potential deal the Sixers have come there way in a long time.

  16. Ron your right. I was reading up on csn philly they said that a GM said that deal is very realistic and possible, the one that involves iggy being traded for the #2 pick… It would be a win for us and a loss for the Twolves but i ll let them figure that out…

    In my opinion the sixers arent far off from being true contenders…i said the sixers were a good center away from a contending, they proved that they can score the ball, now they gotta learn how to defend the paint better, and still need a true scorer…

  17. At 16 it is unlikely that you’ll get a star. That said, I would draft a guy who can do one thing REALLY well and go with it. That guy, in my opionion, should be PF Kenneth Faired (Morehead State). He is a rebounding demon!

  18. Roberson, I like your logic but I think if there able to trade iggy for the 2 then they take a center there enes or williams then at the 16 take a scorer…

  19. Roberson – yeah – it was just a rumor on SI per Ron Glover… I mean, how is that any less ridiculous than me starting a rumor right now that Miami wants Iggy for Wade and James…

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