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Arizona Cardinals Are Still Very Interested In Kevin Kolb

An NFL source close to the Arizona Cardinals assured me that they are very interested in trading for Kevin Kolb, but it’s not written in stone just yet. They were very impressed with his performances in the 2011 NFL season against the Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco 49ers.

Even though Kolb’s effort against the Falcons was a better performance against a better team, than his game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Arizona was more impressed with the fact that Kolb was able to lead the Eagles to a victory over the Niners, who are a division rival of the Cardinals and have had Arizona’s number of late. I learned that former Arizona Pro Bowl quarterback Kurt Warner didn’t like playing against the physical Niners defense.

The Cards like the way Kolb gets the football out of his hands. That was a strength of Warner’s but a weakness of former Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart. The former first round draft pick was described as a quarterback with a long throwing motion and long stride when throwing the football.

Leinart’s downfall in Arizona started when he hesitated, then hesitated again before throwing a slant to perennial Pro Bowl wide out Larry Fitzgerald. The throw was very late and it allowed the safety to get a good shot on Fitzgerald which resulted in the star wide receiver injuring his MCL.

Fitzgerald told Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt that he never made the statement about wanting the Cardinals to acquire Kolb, but the perennial Pro Bowler has been clear about not being happy about the quarterbacks, who are currently on the Arizona roster.

Their current quarterbacks are Derek Anderson, John Skelton, Max Hall, and Richard Bartel. You can understand why Fitzgerald isn’t thrilled to be catching passes from these guys,

They like the Marc Bulger option because he reminds them of Warner with the way he understands the offense and gets the ball out of hands, but they have questions about Bulger. He hasn’t played much over the last few years. He’s made statements about not wanting to leave his family, who I believe live in the St. Louis area.

The Cardinals aren’t sure about Bulger’s commitment to want to compete and play football.

So at this moment the decision hasn’t been made but Kolb seemed to be at the front of the line for the Cardinals.

Trading young talented cornerback Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie is a another story. We’ll talk about that tomorrow. on Facebook

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19 Comments for “Arizona Cardinals Are Still Very Interested In Kevin Kolb”

  1. Very rarely would you see a player traded for another player in the NFL all though not impossible. I still say the number one free agent is Nnamdi Asomugha and recent talks are that the Detroit Lions are willing to give him maximum money to join them. If that happened then wow watch out NFC North.

  2. DRC & 3rd rounder, Darnell Dockett straight up, or a 2012, 1st & 3rd rounder If not, be happy with your crap QB’s, & losing Fitzgerald after the upcoming season.

  3. I agree DD … i would love to take dockett straight up, then trade patterson (or bunk too i really don’t care) for fat all n a pick or two n also would press them to buyout more of that contract of his, seems like they get rid of their problem with some “average” bodies to eat up space. would be nice to have dixon n albert battle for that starting job with laws as a nice changup

  4. Yea DD I perfer that trade over Cromartie, Beef this defense up. Man can we just end this stinking lock out already! im having some serious football withdraw.

  5. i don’t know if its the economy and this disastrous president or the lockout but i honestly could care less anymore.

  6. I’m with runtheball09. I just got to this. If this was a normal season, I’d be reading and responding every day. With the House and the NFL controlled by ultra-right wingers looking to scoop every dime up for the ultra-rich and in favor of themselves only; I find it hard to pay attention.

  7. I don’t care what they get. get this overrated & overhyped white boy out of here ASAP while his value is this high. He stinks. DRC is overrated too. we don’t need 2 non-tackling STARTING corners. Sign jonathan Joseph and get picks for AJ Feeley part 2.

  8. Run & Reed…I’m really along with you guys….I mean,
    How many times can the media spin the same ol stories?
    One thing the Lock Out have allowed me to do is actually see what’s really going on in the earth. Usually this time of year we sports fans would be talking about how a respective free agent woud help our team..or getting the inside scoop on our draft picks but the lockout have killed that.

    Now, I look at the news and see another war in Libya to kill more innocent people and take their resources under the cloak of humanitarian intervention. Hell, Obama even had to stage a fake Bin Laden kill to create a distraction from the constant bombing in Libya…

    Usually sports can get us through a recession.Yes, when your team is winning that’s a diversion from your food and gas rising..Gives you a positive feeling that usually cover how bad things are, lke in ancient Rome the coliseum was used as an entertainment propaganda tool that kept the masses busy while Caesar burned villages and took land…

    Now, that the modern Coliseum have locked out the gladiators..It’s clear to see that “The Emperor is Naked”.

    Without sports we see how pathetic our puppet for a president really is.

  9. I think Eagles end up keeping Kolb for the 2011 Season and receive very few and no real strong offers from any other teams for him in a trade.
    I still think the best chance is for him to go to the Seattle Seahwaks but not sure what the Seahawaks have in return to offer the Eagles
    (LB Leroy Hill who was a very good player but has had lots of off-the fiedl issues and a 2nd Round Daft Pick)

  10. Ike Taylor rumor heating up… I’m into it. I honestly would be happy with any of the following: DRC, Nnamdi, Joseph, or Ike Taylor. They’d all be a significant enough upgrade. Maybe Nnamdi would excite me the most, but I’d be pretty damn happy with any one of them. Same PFT post mentions that Caplan said Washburn is gonna line up DE’s very wide, with DT’s bull rushing up the middle. I like that a lot. I’m really into it. I think it takes advantage of (yep, I’m going there) our “speedballs”. Seriously though, small speedsters coming at difficult angles will test opposing OTs. I’m into it. I’d honestly be satisfied if they only sign RCB, 1 LB, and 1 RT. I think that’s realistic. Any DL help would be icing on the cake.

  11. I think the CB will be Carlos Rogers or Ike Taylor which I would be happy with either,, With teh Big Contract already paid to Sammuel and 2 young Draft picks to groom for teh future in Lindley/MArsh, I just don’t see the Eagles paying the kind of $$$ it would take to obtain a Asmogoah or Joseph.. I think a 2nd-Tier Veteran players will be a 2-3 year starter who can play well and mentor the younger players. CRogers & I Taylor fit that bill perfectly
    If the Bengals didn’t Draft QB A Dalton, then I think they could have been a serious player for QB Kolb.. (Maybe a trade of CB Joseph for Kolb caould have been worked out) but no team who is in a rebuilding mode is going to be very interested in Kolb who is 27 years old with not a lot of starts under his belt.. These teams (PAnthers,Bills,Browns,Bengals,Broncos) are going to rebuild with young QB’s players.. Only teams contending for a legitimate playoff spot like the 49ers,Seahawks,Cardinals,Dolphins & Vikings do I see even remotley interested in Kolb and since the 49ers,Vikings,Cardinals & Dolphins already have young QB’s on the Future on their Rosters..I only see the Seahawaks or Redskins as a team that would really make sense for Kolb and the Redskins won’t make a deal anytime soon for an Eagle QB after the disaster of acquiring D McNabb ..

  12. Paulman what young QB do the Cards have? That would be news to me. And Alex Smith is a bona fide bust. Harbaugh would love to work with someone like KK in SF. My feelings are you don’t trade away an outstanding insurance policy based on a resume of eleven games (three of which provide reason for pause). Vick has NOT proven himself yet. He is getting around $18M. The Eagles need to tell him to sit tight and they will discuss it in February when the season is finished. No mid-season deal. If he has a serious injury or does not show progress you wish him the best in the free agent market and tell him you decided to go forward with KK. If we do trade KK there’s no way if I’m Howie or Andy that I’m giving him up for second round picks in 2012 and 2013. Handful of magic beans is all that is. With KK on board they become the division favorite and you likely have two picks in the fifties. That may get you a Desean Jackson OR it might get you a Trevor Laws. Too risky. I want immediate help for KK. I.e. a high quality starter like DRC. No future considerations. Way too much to risk if we are wrong about Vick. If you are going to gamble on Vick being the future you have to get a piece for your SB team right here and now. Otherwise they would just be plain foolish.

  13. I’m also very concerned about an article I read this morning that stated a major sticking point in the CBA negotiations looks like it may be over the restricted free agent rules. The owners (more likely the GMs) want the right of first refusal on up to THREE FAs that have four or five years of service. I BET THEY DO!! Hmmmm. Let’s ponder who may be pushing this?? I wonder. Could it be the Jets who want to squelch deals for Homes and Cromarte? Or Carolina who does not want to lose their very young stud pass rusher Charles Johnson? Or maybe the Vikes who have Sidney Rice and Ray Edwards on the block? This is BS and if this happens the Eagles will be royally screwed AGAIN!!! I want CJ from Carolina and if this goes through we won’t get him and there will be nothing of significant value for us in FA. I am very upset and worried about this. Who cares that we can keep Stewart Bradley. I want to keep him but I would take our chances in order to be able to get CJ. What they need to do id give teams a 4-5 grace period to talk to guys like that and then if they can’t get a deal done it should be open.

  14. Wow, if the Cardinals are dumb enough to put Cromartie-Rodgers on the block for Kolb that would be marvelous!!!!

  15. Docket is Arizona’s only legitimate pass rusher. They won’t give him up.

  16. To Jbird,
    The Cardinals have QB Hall and Skelton which were 1st year players last year that they are pretty high on.. 49ers Drafted C Kaepernick who will get groomed for the Starters spot for 2012 by Harbaugh.. I see no other team other the Seahawks who would be willing to trade a high picks (2nd or 3rd) for Kolb..
    No way does Cardinals trade D Dockett, The Cardinals have changed their philosophy almost 180 degrees from the pass-happy attack of the Kurt Warner,Boldin & Fitz days of a couple of seasons ago.. Their Coaching staff is now mostly entirely comprised of all ex-Steeler Coaches on both sides of the ball. They want to become a power team that runs the ball and controls the line of scrimmage similar to what the Steelers have done for the last 30 years… They will be looking for a smart, ball control,veteran type of QB and right now you have Bulger,Hasselback out there who have a lot more starts and experience under their belts than Kolb does, that won’t cost them any Draft picks to obtain and will buy them a year or two until one of their Young QB’s step up.. I just don’t beleive they have a real interest in acquiring Kolb at this time..

  17. Paulman..what would you think about your assertion if Arizona trade for Kolb?

    I’m asking this because the Cardinals have gone on record about their interest…Almost everyone believes that interest will lead to a trade of some sort between the Eagles and Cardinals for Kolb.

    If this go through..would you then admit that you have no idea and that most of your opinion is hot odorous air ?

  18. I see good news coming this week in regards to the nfl labor negotiations. I think a deal will be done sometime between monday and friday. So when it does i still see Kolb being a hot commodity, even teams like the raiders, seahawks, dolphins, bengals, are all in need of a QB. Kolb is still very young being only 26 27 and not a regular every week starter. He doesnt have the wear on his body. He ll be a hot commodity that other teams will be willing to bid high for because there are a lack of quality Qbs in th nfl. Teams are desperate to have one.Think about this past draft, look at all the teams that took a QB early. There looking for that guy who can lead the franchise at the QB position. Kolb is certainly a quality QB, hes smart, accurate, tough, can be a leader. So i see him being attractive to a number of teams in need of a QB. Weve heard the cardinals over n over again being that trade partner but their are alot of teams with QB needs, lets just hope the birds make the right deal…

  19. Kolb is average at best …but if the Cardinals think he’s the answer for them…We’ll take whatever they’re trading.

    Kolb is nothing special..He had a good game against a poorly coached, pathetic 49ers team and we all knew the Falcons were frauds weeks before we blasted those losers..but again…anything to pad a resume,

    Kolb will go into obscurity after this season and we’ll look back at another steal that will be dubbed..A.J Feeley 2.0

    What pisses me off is that we could have had a good player would have actually helped us on the field from the Kolb draft, but getting anything for this scared loser is a plus.

    Kolb panics if his 1st read is covered….is an interception machine, and easily raddled.

    Don’t have the moxy to win if his team is trailing from behind. And the biggest piece that stands out to me …is when the job was his …he lost it.

    Reid benched him…Don’t give me the concussion spill..Kolb was throwing on the sideline well after Matthews married him to the turf.

    Soon, the league will know what Philly already know.

    Kolb is just another guy

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