Phillies Young Pitchers Grow Up Fast Against Boston

Before the season started, pitchers Vance Worley, Mike Stutes, and Antonio Bastardo were three names that were barely on the Phillies’ radar. All three pitchers were young, untested arms, each vying for a spot on the major league pitching staff.

Fast-forward to June 29th 2011. Worley is the winning pitcher of a 2-1 pitching duel after going seven innings against one of the league’s most potent lineups. Stutes relieved Worley in the eighth inning, and mowed down the opposition for a clean inning. Bastardo, the team’s fourth closer of the season, pitched a 1-2-3 ninth inning to preserve the win.

Wednesday’s win against the Red Sox can be largely attributed to the success of the young trio of pitchers.

Worley turned in what might be the most impressive outing of his young career. He lasted seven innings, and gave up only one run on five hits, and struck out five. A key for the success of the young righthander was that he was able to cut down on his walks, only issuing two free passes in the game. The Red Sox are one of the most patient teams in the league, and for Worley (a pitcher who has gotten himself into trouble with walks) to refine his biggest flaw and come up large in a big game is very encouraging.

Stutes and Bastardo have been two keys to the bullpen all season. The two young pitchers have stepped up all season when called upon, and don’t seem to be intimidated by whatever challenge gets thrown their way. They will have the responsibility of handling the eighth and ninth innings on their own until Ryan Madson returns from the disabled list.

Their first big test in this role came tonight against a dangerous lineup with a mere one-run lead, and once again both Stutes and Bastardo rose to the challenge, and didn’t allow a single batter to reach base.

The young pitchers continue to be a pleasant surprise for the Phillies this season. Whether or not they can continue to sustain such impressive efforts remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that the likes of Worley, Stutes, and Bastardo have been critical to the team’s success so far this season.

18 thoughts on “Phillies Young Pitchers Grow Up Fast Against Boston

  1. Another great game and win tonight.. The 3 young Pitchers (Worley/Stutes/Bastardo) continue to impress and handle themselves beyond their young years.. All 3 can be be big parts of the Staff for years to come and the Phils would be foolish to part with any of them in a trade..Get rid of older pitcher like Blanton/Kendrick even if it means eating some salary.
    Raul Ibanez hit the ball hard all night and was defintiely in the groove and seeing the ball well and I liked how he was agressive and attacking the ball..
    Phils have definitely raised their game another level and it’s a good thing for the Braves and even the Mets are playing some good ball behind them..
    (the MEts all of a sudden have Reyes,Beltran,Pagan and Jason Bay all hot at the same time, when David Wright returns, their everyday line-up may be the best one in NL East believe it or not.. though their Starting PItching is average at best.. but they will be a tough out the 2nd half of the season and no pushover..

  2. St Louis Cardinals out-right/released RHP Relief Pitcher Ryan Franklin who was their closer (And a good one) for the last 2 Seasons before imploding this season.. He was originally drafted and started in the Phils Organization and may be worth a look/tryout to add some depth as a middle-reliever/6th Inning Pitcher as Stutes/Bastrado now move in the later innings role …

  3. Man, if we get another bat & get the rest of our BP straightened out, were gonna be unstoppable. Our top 3 starters are Phantastic. Now the kid’s are starting to play good. Damn it, what am I gonna complain about now?

  4. Paulman, Ryan Franklin was drafted by Seattle and played for them from 1999-2005. He signed with the Phils as a FA in 2006, but lasted only one year. Manuel used him out of the bullpen and he wanted to be a starter. He spot started some games for the Phils that year and was a disaster. He signed with the Cards in ’07 and became their closer–he’s lost it anyway. His ERA was up in the 8’s.

  5. Worley is nothing but this years JJ Happ. He is trade bait for a bat. Depending on who it is throw Raul in there and problem solved! youll have you original starting pitcher and a new power bat!

  6. Stop it Birdo 😉 I don’t hate them. I have, & always will love the PHILS! I did Security for them from 1987- 2003. I just have an irrational dislike for Amaro, his GM decision’s & the unwarranted credit he receives & it clouds my judgement sometimes. GO PHILS! They still need a starting right handed OF though… 😀

  7. Thnks for the correction Bobbyuk,
    I must have been thinking of someone else.. He’s 38 years old and pretty much washed up but may be worth checking out until some of the injured relievers come back.

  8. I don’t think Worley is the new JA Happ, nor do I think he’s trade bait. I know it looks like he is but when you think about it….Oswalt most likely is not going to be back. Hamels, after next year, is going to command BIG money if he keeps pitching like he is. Either him or Halladay is going to go after 2012. We have Lee for the next five years….so a rotation of Lee, Halladay/Hamels, and Worley will suffice.

    Again, I’m thinking of the future. I just can’t see the Phils giving up Worley for ANYBODY. We can’t sell the farm AND the house…..can we?

  9. After a little more research, I learned Halladay will most likely be with us through 2013. Oswalt will be gone, so I expect that money to be used for a new deal for Hamels.

    Regardless, Worley can round up the top three and be the #4 with Paulman, DDCar and Schiller splitting the #5 spot in place of Joe Blanton.

  10. No way they trade Worley. He will be their number 4 SP going forward because Oswalt will be lucky to come back this season, but he won’t be with the team next year. If they really want to get a bat, then they can trade Singleton. Dude is a masher and he won’t end up playing for the Phils because he can’t play anywhere except 1st base.

  11. I think you guys are still stuck in the 2006-2009 Phillies. The Phillies got money! and lots of it. Selling out every game this season. We can resign anyone we want on the team its just a matter of IF they want to sign them. Worley will not start over Oswalt or Big money Blanton when he comes back. Keep dreaming. Worley = JA Happ.

  12. I will take that bet Vric. Blanton will move into the 5th spot because Worley will continue to be effective. The only reason why they would showcase him at all is to try to move him. They don’t need him anymore.

    If you want to talk about Oswalt coming back. Will he be effective. What about for the playoffs? I doubt he gets a start with the other 3 vying for the NL Cy Young award this year.

  13. Not so fast my friend Vricchini,
    The Phils are in the Top 5 Teams in MLB with the highest debt ratio per a MLB Report that came out a month ago.. They are selling out and making tons of $$$,but still have a mountain of Debt to pay off which is hard to believe… The Top 5 Teams listed were teams like the Mets,Cubs,Dodgers and Phils which I was very surprised to read about

  14. Birdo, how the hell did Paul beat Shill & I out for 4. He’s no better than the Rule 5 stiff we have, doing mop up duty. LMAO!!
    BTW, my baseball career ended, back at my second year at Temple, in 1990, when I blew my knee out. No regrets though.
    In all seriousness Worley is promising but, I think the Phils are showcasing him. Amaro is higher on Jarred Cosart, Brody Colvin, Trevor May & Jesse Biddle. I like Worley alot, though. Dude, is a bull dog, with a big bean bag.

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