Ten Annoying Things From All-Star Week

Sometimes I find myself watching things like the Major League All-Star Game because I feel it is my duty as an avid sports fan to watch it. Most of the time I come away from the game severely annoyed rather than entertained, here are ten things I found annoying about the All-Star Game and its festivities.

Chris Berman using the exact same home run call “back..back..back..back..back..back” for all 95 home runs hit during Monday’s home run derby.

Joe Buck referring to David Ortiz’s son, D’Angelo, for three consecutive innings culminating with Tim McCarver creating a scenario in which Ortiz’s 7 year old son was married to Prince Fielder’s wife.

Just when I thought it was getting bad watching those terrible promo’s for that weird dinosaur show FOX cuts to a five minute long Justin Timberlake interview by the pool—in which the feminine sounding Timberlake gave great baseball insight such as “Joe Buck is calling a great game.” Look I understand Timberlake has more money and gets more girls than I ever will, but all the money in the world cannot change the fact he was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver jinxing Cliff Lee. “When Cliff Lee misses he misses out of the zone rather than down the middle.” Next pitch HOME RUN. The pitch? A cutter down the middle.

The Arizona fans booing Cliff Lee on his exit from the game, relax he gave up one, who do you think he is Roy Halladay?

The NL pitching staff included Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Jair Jurrjens, and Tim Lincecum but a pitcher from the Washington Nationals gets credited with the win. Admit it Phillies fans you had no idea who Tyler Clippard was before he came in to relieve Cliff Lee.

Brian Wilson’s one year old beard, followed by Joe Buck electing to describe the beard instead of the game for the final two outs in the ninth inning. The beard obsession did not stop there, the first question Eric Karros had for Wilson after the game was “How did the beard do?”

Ken Rosenthal’s bow tie, who does he think he is Hurricane Schwartz?

Bud Selig needing a prepared statement to congratulate Prince Fielder on his MVP award. How hard is it to memorize, good job Prince, your three run homer allows the National League to have home field advantage in this year’s World Series?

The Chevrolet man congratulating Prince Fielder after the game on his MVP award, let’s be real Chevy man you would not be donating 40k to build a little league baseball field if a national TV spot, and a tax write off wasn’t involved.

6 thoughts on “Ten Annoying Things From All-Star Week

  1. They need to put Berman, Buck & McCarver on a boat, & sink it to the bottom of the Black Sea. Berman is the biggest a$$ clown in the world of sports, & Buck & McCarver are Philly haters. Eric Karros & Mark Grace belong in a circus. They are horrific. Does anyone else on here want to give Selig a lethal injection, or is it just me? At the end of the game I wanted to reach through my flat screen & give Wilson a beating. Man is he a retarded a$$#ole, with that rats nest on his face. For the love of God, Fielder try & work a salad or 2 in your meals. What a fat friggen hog. I can’t believe he is such good all aroud 1B, being that gigantic. Man the apple didn’t fall to far from that tree.
    Rosenthal is very good at what he does, & mostly gets everything right, I have issues with him.

  2. Fuck joe buck… Anyone hear about J. Harrison ripping his team and the commish? yikes! im sure that guy has a lot of friends.

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