Comcast Spectacor Sells The Sixers For $280 Million Dollars

The Philadelphia 76ers were sold yesterday by Comcast-Spectacor to a group led by billionaire Joshua Harris for a purchase price of $280 million dollars.

The new owner is a director at Apollo Global Management LLC and his motives for purchasing the club are unknown.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to be affiliated with this storied franchise,” Harris said in a released statement. “As a basketball fan who attended college in Philadelphia, and with family roots here, I have always felt a strong connection to this City and the 76ers. We look forward to helping the 76ers organization build on this past season’s accomplishments in the years ahead. The ownership group also looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Comcast-Spectacor.”

From the fans perspective, there won’t be much of a change when they attend Sixers games. The team has a lease with Comcast-Spectacor for the Wells Fargo Center and will continue to play all their games there. until

The team also has a contract with to have their games broadcast on Comcast Sportsnet until 2029.

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8 thoughts on “Comcast Spectacor Sells The Sixers For $280 Million Dollars

  1. It really is a simple concept in Philly. If you bring in SUPERSTARS you will fill the arena EVERY night. You cant win without SUPERSTARS.Nobody pays to see Holliday, Young and Igudala.We know there is NO chance of ever winning. Spend money and we will fill the arena every night. Give me Howard and Paul. The Phillies give us a 150-180 million dollar payroll, a chance every year, superstars and we reward them with a sellout every game for the last couple of years.

  2. An odd purchase, buying a team that doesn’t draw a crowd and doesn’t get good TV ratings. The new owners don’t get the building (does this mean they don’t get concession and parking money too?). Also, buying a team when the league is in a lockout, very odd.

    Hire Croce, fire Stefanski and Thorn, trade Brand and Iggy, re-sign Young and start looking at who the big free agents will be over the next 3 years and target one of them.

  3. Anything that gets Ed Snider out of the Sixers Opeartion is good news to me..
    Good luck to the new Ownership and hopefully will keep the momentum going forward for the club..

  4. Who cares….we’re still 2 years and a legit scorer away from making noise deep in the p-offs. Even if that happens the Heat will dominate the East the next 5 years. Bulls need another weapon.

  5. Who gives a s#!t!? This organization blows. They are always 3 years away from 3 years away. They will not get better & truly compete, until Stiffadola, Brand & Stefanski are adios. Collins did a great job with the slop we have. Who else on this team, other than Jrue, Thadd & Turner are worth a damn? NO ONE!! Other than the mirage of 2001, this team has sucked monkey nads, since the Doc days. Barkley had a couple of solid years, but that’s it. They aren’t bottom of the todem pole for nothing. I even love local college hoops better. For this new ownership to buy this black hole organization, makes me wonder how this dude is worth $1+ Billion dollars. Maybe we get another Mark Cuban. Would be cool.

  6. Thadd Young is a very good 6th man off the Bench..
    I don’t think he’s starter material or is as effective than when he comes in off the bench to play 25-28 minutes a game.. I would not pay him Starters $$$

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