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Vikings Pursuing Deal For McNabb, While Mikell Signs With Rams

ESPN”s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings have reached an agreement in a trade which would send Donovan McNabb to the Vikings. The only thing that could stop the deal from going through is McNabb being unable or unwilling to agree to a new contract with Minnesota.

The veteran signal caller has a contract with the Redskins which would pay him more than $13 million in 2011, but the Vikings aren’t be willing to pay him on that level because he’s not be their long-term solution at the quarterback spot. Rookie number one draft pick Christian Ponder is the Vikings future at the quarterback position, so McNabb will be merely keeping the seat warm for the rookie.

Former Eagles safety Quintin Mikell signed a four-year deal with the St. Louis Rams today. I had talked to him numerous times during the lockout and he wanted to stay here in Philadelphia and play with the Birds, but that wasn’t an option.

His wife is pregnant, so Mikell was eager to get signed with another team, so that his family would be moved into a city before his wife has the baby.

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7 Comments for “Vikings Pursuing Deal For McNabb, While Mikell Signs With Rams”

  1. Why did we disguise another story about McNabb by including Mikell?


  2. G-Man is still very fond of D McNabb and still feels that the Philly Media and many Fans hung him out to dry which is one reason G-Man continues to write about him and another reason that he’s always been very critical of Kolb..

  3. Get over it G. Move on. He’s done. Who cares.

  4. With those receivers and Mcnabbs arm, coupled with a good defense …don’t be surprised if the Vikings become strong. Don’t forget ..they beat us with a receiver when we had everything to play for last season. Think about it.

  5. Good Defense Songs..
    The WIlliams BRothers are another year older and 20 lbs heavier, J Allen is another year older and they could very well lose LB Greeaway, LEber and DE R Edwards.. This Defense has some age and hole to fill in as well and is not the same as the Vikings 2-3 Seasons ago..
    Vikings came into Phill yon Snow-delay game and the beat the EAgles because their Coach L Frazier did a lot better job of getting their players to play with pride than COAch Ar Did and QB M VIck had a terrible game and basically gave the game to to VIkes just before the 1st half when not only was he sacked, he failed to protect the ball and the tacklet picked the ball up and ran in untouched and the Vikings went on to win the game and this single play cost the Eagles the Season as did th eplay wehn Vick threw an int in th Endzone versus the Bears games costing them that game too…

  6. Paulman, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say there. Regardless of the reasons, they still beat us. Period.

  7. If the Vikes to get McNabb I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn out to be a good team this year. McNabb is done for the most part in being a top QB but give him receivers AND A RUNNING GAME he could do just fine. Who knows. But it was the season before last where he led the team to franchise offense records and went to a bad situation in Washington. So to tell you the truth, we don’t know what will happen. Put any QB in a good situation (especially McNabb) he could be successful. And good riddance to Mikell. Overrated.

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