Jason Babin Returns To The Eagles, Signs Five-Year Deal

The Eagles have made their first significant move of the offseason, coming to terms with defensive end Jason Babin. The former first-round pick had been rumored to be interested in returning to the Eagles ever since the team hired his former defensive line coach, Jim Washburn earlier in the offseason.

Babin produced the best season of his career under Washburn, notching 12.5 sacks while starting all 16 games for the Titans last season. His previous career in sacks was five, which came back in 2006 with the Houston Texans. He earned his first career Pro-Bowl selection in 2010.

Babin spent the 2009 season with the Eagles, appeared in 12 games, but only accumulated 2.5 sacks. He made the team after an impressive training camp and preseason, but was inactive for nearly half of the season, dressing for just one game in the first six weeks.

Babin was finally given an opportunity to work his way into the defensive end rotation in Week 7 when Victor Abiamiri had to miss some time with an injury. In the three weeks that he saw extended action, he was productive, picking up his 2.5 sacks in Weeks 7 through 9. When Abiamiri returned against the Chargers, Babin saw his snaps decrease. He remained active on gameday for the rest of the season, but didn’t see many snaps the rest of the way.

When given a chance to start, and the opportunity to work with an excellent defensive line coach, the 31-year old defensive end was able to enjoy the best season of his career. The Eagles will be banking on the idea that Babin’s success was not a one-year wonder, and that he can finally be the answer at the other defensive end position, and force teams to take some attention away from Trent Cole.

112 thoughts on “Jason Babin Returns To The Eagles, Signs Five-Year Deal

  1. Nothing to see here….They could have had this guy for chump change before letting him go only to draft a waste in Bradon Graham…Still waiting for the Splash!

  2. i like the move i think mcdermott used him wrong like he did with the rest of the defense. Next up linebacker……they have to do somthing there. Its a sad day when foku is your veteran backer lol.

  3. Yeah, not a real flashy move, but it could mean that their going to use some more money to secure a DT or Tulloch. Doubt Babin will get all 5 years or 12 sacks again. Babin gives us a solid DE opposite of Cole. Hopefully now Cole won’t disappear after 8 games. Now go get Mebane and/or Tulloch for the D.



  5. If i was the eagles, i send kolb out and get DRC, get a linebacker like tulloch or rudd signed and then since vince young as a backup and i think we are good to go from there. Need a backup that can win some games behind vick just incase.


  7. jott….seriously, do some research man. I would never want ray edwards here. The guy has said that he wanted to possibly pursue a boxing career(makes you question his commitment after he gets a payday and he will get paid). In addition, his best season was only 8.5 sacks….and that was when the Vikings were in the lead most games AND with the williams wall AND jared allen opposite him AND in a dome. Edwards is all hype.

    Who would you want? This isnt Madden…ill say it again, signing all of the ‘big-name’ free agents will NOT bring you to the dance, how many parades have the redskins had? You must develop from within.

    Would you rather go back to the teams of the 90’s going 3-13?

  8. see this is what im talking about. They played us fans again using the same old word “excited”, “ageressive” if you look back a few years ago you hear the same word evey year. this is the first time in nfl history to have achance to build a championship team. the only thing they done agressive was” agressively talk bull”. our defense was trash last year and they didnt do anything to upgrade it except to get babin who is 31 and only had 1 good year and hes 31. you let go Dawk and he still is better than most safties out there he sure could take a paycut and come back to help us out. what are they doing to us. Please Andy just tell us the truth and say yall dont know what they are doing. year after year they do the same thing, sisnt Joe say that is insanity? then they are insane. Babin? thats it no bush, burress, fat albert, noone who is proven huh? i see now, there football pholosophy is to insane to win superbowls but just enought to keep a fan base by just being in the talks. they bring young guys in evey year who are hungry and the vets thats are left coach them up to be effective enough to “be in it” but not PROVEN enough to win it. our guys cant gel together because there is always someone hurt and a new body coming in. Vets when superbowls, young players get you trades and “keep you in the talks”. The gig is up, i am on to you and i am very upset, i been a EAGLES fan long before Lurie and Reid came to town. thanks but no thanks “GET TO STEPPING” your lies aint working now and the world sees you are full of it…….

  9. Jott, so 8 sacks + ‘fear’ is greater than 12.5?

    Explain that to me. Especially when ‘fear’ is just something I’m hearing from you only and it’s in reference to him playing opposite Jared Allen and two other roided out DL studs.

    Why was Babin rated above Edwards on every FA ranking I saw?

  10. And REALLY? CHEAP? THAT is being thrown out there? Shows stupidity – 0 teams have any options not to spend this year. Did you miss the memo? Every team must spend 99% of the cap this year. So ‘cheap’ – which was bullcrap before – is especially WRONG now.

    Use your freaking brain before you spew the old hate catchphrases of years past….geez

  11. That would require them to adapt, adjust and overcome. Instead, based strictly on uncontrollable compulsive reflex the need to say some sort of insult about the team/organization coupled with the inability to actually think…… (or read it appears in many of these posts)

    Schill – you think anyone else realizes there are 31 other teams out there trying to do the same thing we are? Do you think after what 10+ years, the folks would figure out the FO is NOT going to say a word about specific players – and the team just may surprise you (Vick type signing perhaps?) and that this whole process is supposed to be – – – – fun?

  12. Jott – forget the redskins example of spending a lot of money

    SHOW US A SUPERBOWL WINNER who spent a bunch of money. Show us a team that won the superbowl after a blockbuster offseason of huge $ moves. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN AT ALL, EVER in the NFL. Don’t give me the Phillies – baseball is entirely different and has no salary cap. If you think that doesn’t matter than I say you are classifiably STUPID. You LACK THE NEURONS TO UNDERSTAND THINGS. if you can get that and you were just being emotional/overreacting, well ok, but get with it. Be an adult for a moment.

  13. yeah, either way it should force teams to spend. Which is a good thing, then the eagles can’t sit on the $. I think we have a good shot at Tulloch and Mebane. I would love to see Mebane line up along side of Dixon. That would be a giant front at DT. Tulloch would be great to stop the running game behind those two. If they get both it would show that they are seriously trying upgrade the D. Before I get ahead of myself, even one would be an upgrade.

  14. navy – that would require some wisdom/maturity/patience/sense of perspective….um… we all know the sterotype of a philly sports fan. Some of us are able to rise above, and hopefully more, but….

  15. Chris – I’d be happy with any legit upgrade to LBs. I’d like Tulloch, Barnett or Lawson in any order. I’m not convinced we need help at DT. If we sign someone good – great, but I’m not convinced we know enough about Washburn’s system with Patterson and Bunk, Dixon Laws. I’d rather focus on other BIGGER holes in my opinion – including RT. I’d be real happy getting Da Right Corner, a good LB, then a RT. Maybe a vet RB too, but I like Dixon and Devine.

  16. SCHILL, that rock we were talking about yesterday, has turned into Everest. Where do these f^@king dip$#!t$ come from? It ain’t over yet boys. Rumors are, Tullock, Mebane & Blaylock are on the way. +DRC & 3rd rounder, in the Kolb trade. This is getting very interesting.

  17. I dont get it. they are signing bodies to traning camp and no name guys get 4 yr deals and you havent even signed your first round draft pick or the first player to get voted to the pro bowl for two differnt positions.(jackson) Vick needs to be signed and who cares about the Kolb deal.. the cards dont want rodgers anyway thats why they are quick to get ride of him. I dont like the deal becuse we need a cover/press corner not another Samuels, this guy doesnt tackles either. two corners who cant tackle? teams will just run right at these jokers. We already have DE’s out the ying yang and you bring in one more? you cant even play the ones we got. And we did a pretty good job at that position last year we need a big body in the middle with the other dude. Get the big guy from the ravens for the middle.If you got Asimwhatever you can shut it down, but now that we didnt get the push up the middle now you really need a shut down corner. Its not hard to get to the edge in the nfl guys. SIZE MATTERS REMEMBER. THINK BIG …..


  19. DD – yep. They’ve always been lurking though. It’s just that the vast majority of their activities as Eagles fans involve complaining. And during the lockout, nobody had to complain about Reid specifically – we were all united in our complaints against the rich greedy…yada yada…now their back doing what they do – bitch and moan

  20. Jason Babin is perfect.
    1) he played here before.
    2) he’s small and fast.
    3) he’s underachieved most of his career.
    4) he’s relatively cheap.

  21. DAMN, SCHILL, & I thought I complained alot about Amaro. At least some of my spews have validity. These guys complain so much, they make me sound like a mute. Have some faith boys, it’s very very early.

  22. Babin’s an upgrade at DE, I preferred a couple of othes but I still think he’s a good pick-up (I expect Juqua Parker to be released at 4pm this afternoon)
    I also think that LB S Tulloch and the EAgles have a deal worked out and that he will be announced this evening as the next Free-Agent to sign with the Eagles.. Now add DT B Mebane and maybe CB C Rogers and the Eagles are in business

  23. I think Babin is a better signing than Edwards. Edwards is a guy that had 8 and 8.5 sacks on an UNBELIEVABLE Dline. Juqua Parker did almost as well on our terrible Dline. Edwards is a nice player, but I think Babin could have more upside over the next 2 years. He hasn’t played as much so his age isn’t too much of a relevance to me. The one year he starts in washburns system, he tallies 12.5 sacks. Let him do his thing and it wiill help our Dline.

    Id like to see some other additions to our D. Don’t know much about Tulloch or Mebane, if someone could provide me with info on how good they are. If we make some of those signings, and then add DRC, it would somewhat excuse us for not getting Nnamdi.

  24. Dont know why everyone is upset, This was a Washburn move and i’m glad they gave him who HE wanted ! I also just seen on NFL Network that the Eagles tried to get Doug Free the OLinemen, Looks like OL is a priority for them, Glad to see it, Having Justice or Dunlap protecting Vicks blindside is scary.

  25. Man, if we sign Tulloch and the DRC trade goes through…..re-sign Desean…..I give this offsean an A — it will turn into an A plus if we get someone like Barnett or a big time DT.

  26. what’s all the hullabo about mebane? He seems like another Patterson type – but just a different name at a position people want help at. I’m Ok with giving Washburn a shot with our current DTs.

  27. This is my dark horse, but look for Austin Howard to be our RT this year. I know, it may be crazy, but Mudd works wonders and this guy showed he can play AND he has the size.

    If not, lets give Justice another shot. He’s NOT horrible….just average. There are some solid RT’s out there tho so we’ll see.

    Austin is my dark horse tho.

  28. SCHILL, Mebane is a better pass rusher than Patterson. If they do sign Blaylock, he’s a LOG/ ROG. They then move Herramans to RT.

  29. As soon as I heard about Babin I was pissed..never wanted this guy back..had one good year his whole career. BUT after looking at the guaranteed money which is only 5-6 million, the Eagles would prolly be able to get out of the contract if he doesn’t perform in the next year or two.I just think this was all Washburn who wanted this guy back here. Does anybody know what Babins contract does to the cap this year?

    Shiller i disagree with you about Mebane…unlike Patterson, he gets to the QB and thats exactly what we need. He uses his smallish bowling bowl frame to his advantage. Yet, I also think its important for the Eagles to trade or make some kind for splash for an upgrade at RT. I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if that was their big splash

  30. @Birdo, I’m with you man if Eagles get Tulloch, DRC in Kolb trade, Babin, resign D JAX – definitely will be an A caliber off season! When its all said and done our defense may become one of the top’s in the league ….Tulloch will be a huge signing…Him and Chaney will be a serious problem!

  31. At this point, I’d take Tulloch over Barnett. He matches what Washburn is trying to do. Barnett however will be a welcomed addition.

    Tulloch-Chaney-Barnett — give it to me!

  32. DD – Patterson and Mebane’s stats are pretty similar. I don’t know much about Mebane but from where I’m sitting – it looks like some fans want him because he’s a fresh name – the grass is always greener…

    Seems like a sideways move for me. I’ll say it again, aside from adding a stud DT – and really, how many are there out there – I”m fine at that position.

  33. No way, Tulloch before Barnett….Tulloch 4 years younger second in the NFL in tackles last season, plus Barnett has never amassed in his career the numbers that Tulloch had in 2010…Tulloch all day!

  34. Tommie Harris might be a nice option as DT. He had a huge payday and was a beast early in his career but was cut so we could prolly pick him up for cheap. Having him and Babin on the D-line with hopefully a stud like Tulloch at linebacker and DRC would be a huge upgrade from what we had last year

  35. Id still take Barnett over tulluch…. i didnt consider Harris pheags, good name. He was a good player early on. Injuries is what has plagued his career… i believe hes around 28 29 yrs old… still pretty young… I would take a look at that…

  36. More on tommie harris, he played in chicago where they run a 4-3 defense along with cover 2 and thats what im hearing the eagles plan to run this year so he might be a good fit here…

  37. JH- yea I threw him out there basically because he would give us more size at the position and in my mind is an upgrade over what we have and you prolly wouldn’t have to break the bank for him like you would have to do for Mebane which would save us money for a quality linebacker and possibly a RT and D-Jax.

  38. JON, Tullock is younger & doesn’t have the injury list that Barnett has. Tullock is also a tackle machine, & a good leader. Also don’t forget the Washburn factor.

  39. Pheags, your making alot of sense. I totally agree… mebane will be expensive tommie wont be and yet provides more veteran leadership, size, and at onepoint commanded a double team… You still think we need a right tackle? I do agree that we need a veteran line backer, maybe a Nick Barnett would be the best fit… then tulluch…

  40. Washburn isnt in control of this entire defense… he coaches the dLin… Tulluch is also undersized, hes 5’11 240 pounds… Barnett is 6’2 245 pounds… Barnett is 30, tulluch is 26… Id still take barnett, when healthy heis a very very good line backer…

  41. Not a bad signing. He is an upgrade to what we have other than Cole so can’t be mad at that. Besides Johnson who resigned with Carolina for crazy money and Edwards there really isn’t much on the DE front as far as free agency that would make a big splash. I’m more concerned with addressing the LBs and DBs.

  42. No kidding Jon, but Washburn has input & advice to give, since he was just there. Yeah, that’s just what we need, is another injury proned player. We can’t afford to take flyers on injury ???, this year.

  43. Washburn has basically run the Front 7 for the Titans the last few Seasons and is very adept at coaching,sheming the DL and LB to work in unison asa coordianted unit.. This is one of the Reasons they named Castillo as LB/Defensive Coordinators but believe me, Washburn will be very active with the LB Corps and Tulloch knows this system inside and out and would be very benefical as almost another Coach on the field.
    I have stated this and stand by that the Signing of LB S Tulloch may be the biggest most important piece/player in the rebuilding of this Eagle Defense and I would be very disappointed to hear that they let him get away to another team.. This guy can play inside,outside, smack you on the side of the head and drop back and cover– He may only be 5-10 and 240lbs but he is very thick and very strong in his lower body and can hit and blast throuh blocks.. He will be a Fan Favorite by Mid-Season.. …

  44. With the addition of Tulloch and Babin, Washburn will have more freedom on defensive to throw new things at them…It’ll be like having two assistant coaches on the football field. I like what I’m seeing thus far…I totally agree Paulman, I am very high on Tulloch, that is the news I’m waiting for to break.

  45. so if we don’t get Mebane and Tullock then what?
    Then you guys will be scraping through the trash saying it’s alright….

    the moves Babin and DRC improves our defense.

    This is what you guys will be saying…That’s why the Eagles do this bullshit every season..The Eagles fans eat it and thinks it’s Fillet Mignone

  46. Songs – other than Nnamdi – who do you want?

    **** this just in, the Eagles sing/trade for Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Clay Mathews, Ray Lewis, Brian dawkins, Ed Reed and Darell Revis ***** In other news, some guy named “Songs” sues the eagles for not being ‘agressive’.

  47. Songs, you are one morose dude man. Are you ever happy/satisfied or do you just like being THAT GUY? Also, what the hell is a Fillet Mignone?

  48. Here’s a good reasonable pickups….Asomungha anf Tullock.

    They have the money…and I don’t want to hear about the money for reupping our guys. If the guys are on our team we can off set the cap hits by structuring the deal with a nice sized signing bonus. Get it done so we can hoist the trumpet.

  49. Nnamdi is not coming here. Clearly the Cardinals are the only team willing to give us a good deal for Kolb, which involves a corner, so paying top dollar for a 30+ cornerback just doesn’t make sense. Tulloch should be priority 1 now that Babin is here. With Mikle gone and Nate Allen coming off a major injury, we desperately need a safety but I’m not really sure who is available.

  50. Of course he would come here for the right offer but the Eagles are no longer in the market for a corner like Nnamdi.

  51. Getting Asmo who by all indications is going to the Texans for 12-14 mill a year, and Tulloch would barely fit under our cap space. You realize our number 1 receiver isn’t in camp because he wants a huge deal. Basically, your willing to let D-Jax walk then cuz I don’t think he is going to play another down with the same contract. I’d rather trade for DRC who is still very young so I can keep D-Jax.

  52. schill – this was on the bleacher report with all the players let go including Kolb’s $11m

    It would be nice to come onto one of these posts and be able to state you opinion without people attacking people with name calling etc…

    some of you are absolute aholes.

  53. Pheags – Djax gets paid 0 dollars this season if he doesn’t report to camp by a certain point. This hold out stuff is overblown. They need to aclimate rookies, new coaches need to institue their systems. They need to work in the new OL system with Watkins..etc..etc..etc…. top end WR work is the least of issues in camp right now. He’s not going to sit out games… let’s be real.

  54. Jott – I honestly don’t understand the word ‘attack’ in this context. we’re talking about words on a screen. Infact, I don’t recall saying anything about you or what I would do to you. So how is that an attack at all? You stated your opinion, and I disagreed, so I responded. That’s discussion, not attack.

  55. Kolb deal is done! Who said Kolb never did anything for this franchise?? A couple wins….a pro bowl corner….a second rounder…..and a reason to get rid of McNabb. Kolb gets my vote for biggest contributor to the team since Brian Westbrook.

  56. Top safety free agents 2011….

    Dawan Landry – expected to go to Jags, from reports I’ve read
    2010 stats (with Ravens): 111 tackles, four passes broken up, one forced fumble.

    Eric Weddle – Charges paying this cat 40mil over 5 years 19 mil guaranteed
    2010 stats (with Chargers): 96 tackles, two interceptions, 10 passes broken up.

    Michael Huff – Dallas or Jags from reports I’ve read
    2010 stats (with Raiders): Three interceptions, three forced fumbles, four sacks.

    Roman Harper
    2010 stats (with Saints): 98 tackles, three sacks, six forced fumbles

    Dashon Goldson
    2010 stats (with 49ers): 80 tackles, one interception, five passes broken up

    Donte Whitner
    2010 stats (with Bills): 140 tackles, one interception, seven passes broken up.

    There are a few more…but these are probably the most known

  57. birdo, don’t forget takin gone for the team with the mathews hit, vick should give him a slice of that mega contract vick will earn, but kolb won’t need it, arizona gonna pay hims millions while songs cries and stammers

  58. Songs, its never official until i report it i thought you knew that?…. Wheres your list at guy? Get busy with that because you been complainin like a little baby all week long about nothing… get that free agency list complainer

  59. Since the Eagles Drafted J Jarrett with thier 2nd Round Pick, I really don’t see them pursuing a Free-Agent unless it’s an older player for a year or 2 but every time they have done this, it’s not been worked out too well (Blaine Bishop,Sean Jones) I think they will take their learning lumps of wlth Allen,Jarrett and Coleman and don’t be surprised to see a little Marlin Jackson jget some reps and my dark horse prediction of either LB Clayton or LB Rolle gettimg some snaps in Camp and Pre-season at the Safety Position and especailly while N Allen continues to rehab from injury

  60. Wait until Friday when they announce LB Tulloch, DT B Mebane, OT W Colon and RB T HIghtower and WR M Floyd…

  61. Paul just stop stop stop, the names keep changing hahahahahaha youve been exposed already bro, stop making these picks and putting a guarantee with it you sound ridiculous…

  62. Paul, just today you’ve predicted that Marlin Jackson will be released and that he will play for the Eagles – come on now – even YOU have to admit that that is crazy

  63. The only new name is OT W Colon..
    I’ve been consistent with every other player for a couple of weeks now…and as time goes on things and sitauations do change and I am flexible enough to change with them and go to plan B,C, or D …
    Obviously with the Kolb trade and getting CB DCR, the Eagles no longer need to go out and get a top flight CB, so now maybe they will address their RT position..The Eagles will sign OT W Colon and then trade W Justice to Seattle or Oakland for a 4th Rounder in return

  64. I do actually think they will keep him as an emergency SAfety until Nate Allen is fully healthy and Jarrett gets up to speed.. In a normal off-season, I would say they would have gotten rid of him but since they already invested last year Salary to him, they may as well see what he has and if he can stay healthy could actually be a versatile player who can fill in at CB?S and is very experienced in the Cover 2 Scheme they plan to switch to..

  65. They won’t need CB C Rogers or sign him now… He would have been good fit..
    Watch the T Bay Bucs, Texans or Ravens go after Rogers now

  66. Nate clements was informed that he will be released, he ll be cheap, has ties to our corners coach when he was back in san fran… He ll make a great 3rd cb on this defense…

  67. Paulman reported this back on Monday JH,
    N Clements would be released and the 49ers will then announce the SIgning of CB Asmogoah.. Clements was due to earn a ridiculous $17 Million in 2011 and the 49ers clear out $14 Of CAp SPace by releasing him which is now going to be spent on Asmo..

  68. j hart – you seriously think we would sign Clements – or better that HE would sign, to be a 3rd corner? That would be great but SO doubtful

  69. Schill. it would be smart, and i think clements would because of his familiarity with our current CB coach… its a strong possibility… and makes alot of sense

  70. I said they would sign Babin. Although, I figured it would be a 1 year deal. I knew they weren’t going after Edwards. My question is…… Where is this aggressive FA plan they have?

  71. Sports, let it play out… today was a big day… everyone hasnt even been released from there teams yet just wait… there are more moves to come… they need maybe 1 or 2 LBs, maybe a safety from the looks of it bc of the injuries and guysthat are inexperienced… there set at DE and im not positive if theyre confident with there DTs but i think they need to go out n get one…

  72. They need to get another big tackle from somewhere. I like the Babin/Graham duo on that right side, but I definitely want to see the run defense drop off because of lack of size.

  73. I would love the Eagles to go after DT B Mebane and then can trade M Patterson who has some value and could return at least a 4th Rounder and maybe a 3rd Round to a team in need of DT’s (Broncos,Seahawks,Bears all come to mind..
    Safety is a tough one. do you bring in a veteran for stability for 1 Year until Allen recovers 100% and Jarrett gets up to speed and still have Coleman who has prven he can play in th NFL.. I am think they hope to get 1 solid season from Marlin Jackson and hope that jarret learns wuickly and then by next season and for many more it will be Jarrett/Allen combo (barring injury)
    WHo can you bring for short-term .. A Deon Grant, a Darren Sharper and or maybe A Bigby or Seattle’s J Babineaux or R Doughty from the Redskins..

  74. Butch, Graham is on the PUP list & it is highly doubtful, that he even plays this year.
    Paul, if the Birds get either Mebane or Franklin, Patterson will be released. No body is going to make trades for him, now.

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