Rookie Jason Kelce Is Challenging Jamaal Jackson For The Center Job

Eagles new offensive line coach Howard Mudd’s presence on the Eagles staff could mean a number of changes will be made on the offensive line. I’ve already told you that Winston Justice is in danger of losing his job, but he’s not the only Eagles starting offensive linemen, who may lose his job.

We all know that first round pick, rookie Danny Watkins will be starting at right guard, but he might have a fellow rookie playing next to him before the season is over. Surprisingly the Eagles have been letting rookie sixth round pick Jason Kelce share snaps with Jamaal Jackson.

I can’t see the Eagles making Kelce the starter at the beginning of the season, but if Jackson isn’t performing up to Mudd’s satisfaction in the start of the season, he’s getting Kelce ready to play. The center position is very demanding mentally. The center has to work with the quarterback in deciding how to pick up blitzes. He must not only know his job, but he’s also go know what everybody else is supposed to be doing.

Kelce has been picking everything up very quickly and that’s one of the reasons he has caught Mudd’s eyes. Although weighing in at only 282, he’s shown the strength and tenacity to battle the big boys inside.

Jackson isn’t a dominating blocker but he has been able to do the job in the past and he’s very sharp with the offensive line calls. Mudd likes the smarts, athleticism and strength of Kelce. I think his coach sees his potential. He’ll get bigger and stronger over time which could make him a very impressive center.

The veteran line coach, Mudd, demands a lot from his offensive linemen. He wants their technique to be flawless and Kelce has been forced to take his game to another level.

“He’s very demanding,” Kelce said. “He’s a perfectionist. He doesn’t tolerate poor technique. He doesn’t tolerate mistakes, so when you have a very demanding coach if you don’t perform well you’re going to get chewed out every single play. It really makes you lock in and focus because you want to do it the right way every time.”

He didn’t expect to be getting snaps with the first team during this training camp.

“I’m surprised that I was thrown into the mix as soon as I was, but I’m taking it head on,” Kelce said.

With all of the blitzing which the Eagles offense has been facing during camp so far, Kelce’s head has been swimming while trying to remember all of the details.

“It’s definitely a lot faster (compared to college),” Kelce said. “Let’s put it that way, especially with the work stoppage and everything, not being able to learn the plays.

10 thoughts on “Rookie Jason Kelce Is Challenging Jamaal Jackson For The Center Job

  1. G, in Mudd’s new system the QB calls out the blitzes, not the center. The center still makes the initial call, but the QB has the ultimate say, so its far less mentally taxing. The center can get by more on physicality this year, which gives Kelce the ability to compete right at the start of camp.

  2. This is great, Competition, Its only gonna bring out the best in everybody, I bet were gonna end up seeing a few more good surprises with other players stepping up an working their way into a starting spot, Its great to see new blood in here (coaches) who dont have favorite players who just have to show up, Think about this, Reid said earlier Jackson will be back this year playing center, Nobody thought he would of been getting pushed for his job considering the only addition they made was a rookie, If Castillo was still the Line coach this wouldnt be happening, Gotta love it.

  3. Yeah, I like having the best players possible on the roster, and then letting them battle for a starting spot. Those are the teams that contend and win Superbowls. Since we have been contending for years, this will take us to another level. Even if we don’t win it all this year (which I believe we will) it will continue to the next season where we will win a ring (if we don’t this year).

  4. I like this kid a lot and he sounds focused, motivated and not overwhelmed, to come in a learn and do a good job..
    He even looks a little like a young Jeff Saturday.. This OL by the 2012 Season will be a lot different then what us Fans have been used to seeing over the Coach AR/Juan Castillo era.. Gone will be these super large,not very well conditioned big guys who tire out at the end of games or at the end of the season.. These will be well conditioned, light on their feet, more athletic than they appear and will get after the defense (just like the Colt’s OL in pst seasons were under Coach Mudd) which I am happy to see..

  5. All this excitement and anticipation and the Eagles haven’t even played one down. You have all the I told you so guys annointing the front office and Andy Reid as if they have won a series of superbowls and guys saying the Eagles haven’t been lucky in the past. It’s a wonder Schiller is not warning all the anticipators that the Eagles haven’t even started the season, like he doest to the people who didn’t believe that a super bowl was in the wind.

  6. Big E – (since you mentioned it) – the only person I’ve seen anointing the Eagles the Superbowl Champions (and 19-0 not to mention) is Songs. And we all know that I have not left him alone…

    Seriously though, there’s certainly a lot of excitment. And obviously a lot of it is due to the free agency signings (not to mention the stellar play of the ‘skill positions” on offense last year)….BUT – many Eagles fans get excited and optimistic around this time of year anyway. It’s about to be presesaon and before we know it, gametime – for real.

    Seriously Big E (I know its remarkable for you and other ‘glass is half empty/murphy’s law’ types) but I don’t see many people annointing them as champs yet. Jhart maybe but I did call him out on that.

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