Washburn And Defensive Line Live Up To The Hype

We had all made such a big deal about new defensive line coach Jim Washburn and his ability to get his defensive linemen to put pressure on the quarterback. I thought they lived up to the hype in their first preseason game.

Nearly everything involving the first-team defensive line went the way Andy Reid, Juan Castillo and Washburn had envisioned. The Eagles defensive lineman were be shuffled in and out and you could see some of the passion that Washburn demands out of his players.

Pro Bowler Trent Cole made his presence known immediately. He got up the field on the second play of the game and put a lick on Ray Rice on a running play. Cole was three yards into the backfield before anybody knew it.

Cole also teamed up with Jason Babin for a sack. On the play both of the defenders got upfield, Flacco stepped up and tried to escape up the middle, but Cole was able to come off and get him. Babin’s pass rush on the other side contributed to Cole being able to bring down the Ravens quarterback.

Rarely has Cole been able to benefit from pressure put on by one of the other defensive lineman. Hopefully we’ll see more of that during the season.

Cole’s backup defensive end Darryl Tapp collected two sacks for the Birds during his turns in the lineup. Tapp made a great play early in the game with an inside rush against Michael Oher of Blindside fame. Cole gave the impression that he was going upfield, then came back inside with good use of his hands on Oher. He was by him in a flash and on the way to the quarterback. It was best pass rush of the game by the Birds.

On another sack, Tapp didn’t even bother spending any time with offensive lineman, Oniel Cousins, as he went by him quickly on the way to the sack of Tyrod Taylor.

Defensive tackle Derrick Landri had a nice pass rush on the first drive when he forced Flacco to throw the ball away. Antonio Dixon did a nice job on that play of recognizing screen and taking it away. Later in the game, Landri came down with a sack of Taylor.

10 thoughts on “Washburn And Defensive Line Live Up To The Hype

  1. Great opening for the Eagles.

    Like that Andy Got Vick out of the Game Early.

    Might as well get use to Riley Cooper starting. You don’t go home with 4 weeks til the season starts.

    Tyrod Taylor played and starred in the peninsula district (powerhouse Hampton High school0 and followed in Vicks footsteps and attended VA Tech. Beamer and VA Tech has been living off of Vick (with recruits) for a decade. College players should get paid.

    The vetran coaches added might be the biggest upgrade the Eagles made in the offseason. SD had an all-star team a couple of seasons ago and loss with that retread of a head coach at the helm.

    No major injuries and a victory. Nice start.

  2. To BSM,

    That’s the “Hampton Roads’ region in Southeastern Va area (Hampton,Norfolk,Suffolk,Portsmouth,Cheasapeake,Virgina Beach,etc,etc)

  3. @bsmvideos, agree, Mudd and Washburn are the key additions and we will see a much better eagles team as a result, the flash is entertaining, but in the cold days of December, January, the interior line play will be the difference, loved the energy of Castillo as well, big difference, different culture on both sides of the ball

  4. College players do get paid!!!!! They get a free tuition that can run between 90-200k on a 4 year career. Some go for 5 years if they Redshirt. They are also getting room and board and food provided. If that is not enough then they do not have to play go do something else. Stop with that nonsense of paying players. Also Tech is not a great school in recruiting. You are correct in the fact that Vick put them on the map and helped them greatly since he left his mark but they just recruit a ton of 3 star players with a couple of 4 stars mixed in there and they focus on recruiting athletes. Their coaches do a great job of working with the talent they have. But they still have never won a national title and never will. They play in a week ACC conference that is now ranked as the 6 best behin the SEC, B1G, Pac 10, Big 12 and the Mountain West.

    For the Eagles….I like what I saw last night across the board. 1st team offense carved up the baltimores 1st team D with out Desean and Macklin, which is a good sign. No injuries is Huge!!!!! Defense was flying around looking agressive more like what we saw wih Jim Johnson, Dawkins, Trotter, Vincent, Ect.

  5. if this D line can play like that alll year long we will be rockstars. Lets give some credit to the corners too- if WR’s were open (like all of last year) it wouldnt matter how good the Dline is. I liked what i saw.

    Koodos to Brown too- great job running the ball.

  6. IMO – We will have a MONSTER DEFENSE, sacks and turnovers…
    lets go to battle, lets go to war, lets get that ring ring ring!!!

  7. The defense looked in mid season form, great pressure from the front four. There no longer “reading and reacting” there just attacking the QB, i love that. There so deep at every position on that defensive line if one guy goes down then another can step up, we have legit pass rushers now…

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