Eagles-Ravens Game Draws Great TV Ratings

The Eagles made the biggest splash in the free agency pool and they have already been rewarded by it with a tremendous television audience for their first game of the pre-season. Their game against the Baltimore Ravens on 6ABC received a stunning 18.5 rating, according to The Neilson Company.

If you thought the Phillies were the most popular team in Philadelphia, you need to reconsider because an average Phils game draws a 9 rating. It’s understandable though, since they play 162 games.

If anybody wondered how the Birds were going to greeted by the fans, the answer is obvious. NFL fans are hungry for the some football and Eagles fans specifically are hungry to see their Birds.

To show you a comparison, the Eagles received a 12.5 a year ago when they hosted the Jaguars for a Friday night preseason game and drew a 12.5 rating. An Eagles-Patriots preseason game received a 15.7 rating last year.

The first half of the game garnered a rating just below 21, the pre-game show a 10.1 rating and the post-game show a 14.3 rating. The put those numbers in perspective, the Phillies’ average rating this season is 9.0.

Ratings represent the percentage of all homes with televisions tuned into a program.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/inq-eagles/Eagles-Ravens-a-ratings-winner.html#ixzz1UtQw2OIS
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2 thoughts on “Eagles-Ravens Game Draws Great TV Ratings

  1. 1st Preseason game, a chance for all the Eagle fans see the team after a 5 month lockut and especially with all the big-name Free-Agent pick-ups and on a Thursday night when people are mostly home and still in town.. I would have been surprised if the Ratings were a Low #’s, but having High ratings is no surprise here..

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