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Michael Vick Says He Wasn’t Blocked From Going To Cincy or Buffalo

I’m sure you’re aware of the GQ article that’s coming out shortly and has been talked about all over the media. Michael Vick had reportedly said that the NFL Commissioner blocked him from going to Cincinnati or Buffalo. He has changed that statement and released the following statement today.

“I felt it was necessary to put out a statement today clarifying the article in GQ Magazine. I did speak with many people, but the decision to sign in Philadelphia was based on my discussions with my agent, my family and with Coach Reid. And after those discussions, it became clear to me that this was the place I wanted to play and resume my NFL career. The Commissioner never told me to sign or not sign with particular teams. Again, I want to make it perfectly clear that this was a decision I made and, as I have said numerous times before, I’m very happy with the way it has worked out for me and my family.”

The NFL office tried to give Vick some help in cleaning up his previous comments.

“Michael Vick’s decision on where to play to put himself in the best position to succeed was entirely his own. Commissioner Goodell obviously met and spoke to Michael and his representatives as part of his decision on whether to reinstate Michael and on what terms. But the commissioner would never steer players to or away from particular teams and did not do so in this case.”

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116 Comments for “Michael Vick Says He Wasn’t Blocked From Going To Cincy or Buffalo”

  1. The “Spin Machine” is in full force.. If I wanted to hear Spin, I would turn on the BIll O’Reilly show .. This is getting ridiculous where even Sports and Athletes feel like everything has to be “politically correct” and just another example of the
    continued “Pussyfication of these United States”

  2. who cares about this? not me. Here is another fact that noone cares about….

    I did not want Vick here. Who cares? not me.

    Time to leave this crap behind. The best thing the eagles could do is stop talking. Just play the game. Here’s an idea Mike- Decline interviews. They are not looking out for you mike. Never did-never will.

  3. Vick is the face of the Eagles franchise…declining interviews wouldnt be good PR…its a shame that one has to issue a follow up statement just so that the media doesn’t take an interview and run with it…in some case the term less is more is incorrect…when giving interview the more the better, less chances for statements to be misinterpreted…

  4. Realtalk – I disagree. ‘The face of the franchise’, while a popular phrase, to me means absoluetly nothing. If you mean he’s the leader and the first thing associated with the team, he can do all that without talking to the media. When Vick talks to the media, it’s not Mike Vick the Eagles QB. When Vick talks to the media, its Mike Vick the celebrity. Mike Vick the Celebrity says/does things for Mike Vick the person (as he should). But Mike Vick (in celebrity mode) isn’t thinking about the team.

  5. maybe Coach AR will annoint Chad Hall as the Face of the Franchise and handle all interviews and media..
    Paulman’s players of the Game tonight vs the Steelers

    Offense — TE C Harbor,RB D Lewis and WR Turner

    Defense — DL D Tapp, Hunt & Landri, LB K Clayton & Rolle and Safety J Page.

    Special Teams — JL Higgins gets a big return and the Rookie Kickers hold their own

  6. Haha paulman on the pussyficatiom. Good stuff lmao

  7. Interesting Schill…

  8. Im giving a all caps HTF cares.

    Love how these guys gotta come out and clarify things so the suckers who were actually taken aback or puzzled over the statements he made can be apeezed.

    Continue to be a Pro Mike…

    Erocks dynamic players on O tonight….Ronnie,Riley,and Watkins

    Erocks violence makers on D…Chaney,DRC,and Hargrove

  9. it was wtf cared and im sorry if i didnt get appezed right…health major….

    Go Birds fellahs…..hope everyone enjoys the game.

  10. Not happy with this D at all – we’ve only had one possession this whole 1st quarter, no points, the ball being ran down our throats, a safety hesitant to sack the qb resulting in a td, a cornerback not staying with the wr resulting in a easy td for the opponent. This is CRAP; The Steelers put 137 total yards on us in the 1st quarter. THIS MAY BE A LONG SEASON . COME ON BOYS…

  11. butt whoopin by the steelers right now…7-0..This eagles team is done for..8-8 at best and will miss the playoffs


  13. cullen jenkins doesn’t grab the face mask this would be a whole new game.


  15. At this point, I just may have to start looking at this year like every year the past 10 years, we get close but fizzle out. I’m not even getting excited about this year. Our 1st team looks like garbage.

  16. Nate Allen Sucks. He sucked last year he got run over many times. He cant cover anyone. The Casey Matthews experience is over. He is to small and cant play I watched him get blown up. He looks like a child out there.

  17. Yeah V, that facemask penalty took the life out of us…it’s still no excuse, our secondary and lb’s are out of sync and casey matthews ain’t gonna be able to live off his name on this D

  18. Vick throws an interception…CRAAAAAAAAAAAAp

  19. Oline is actually playing well

  20. At this point, I hope we don’t end this game with a goose egg. I’ll leave a comment later on if we win or have a miraculous comeback late; other than that I’ll get at ya’ll boys later. Peace….CRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Embarassing. Everyone in America is saying Dream Team my ass. lol VY really needed to shut his damn mouth.

  22. is it too late to get kolb back? tsk tsk tsk is this the same vick as we thought he would be?

  23. This couldn’t happen at a better time. Exposing many of their weaknesses early enough for them do try and do something about it.

  24. Nate Allen does nothing well. He cant tackle he never knocks a ball down. He sucks.

  25. Vick will be fine. Im not worried about offense.

  26. Stop being dramatic fellas..damn. If you remember last year Vick had a horrible preseason. The season the Pats went 18-0 they lost all 4 preseason games. It’s only preseason and were just gonna get better as time goes on. They have only been Ora ting together for 2 weeks now. Give them time. Wait until Maclin gets back to. The oline looks good, so does McCoy, and so does our special teams. Were gonna be alright.

    We know we got the talent, just gotta get down the timing

  27. Practing 2 weeks together

  28. See, I told you!!!!!! WE NEED SAFTIES!!!!

    How do you beat the top corners?

    Throw away from them and attack the weak ass safties right up the gut!!!!!!!!!!!




  30. There will be no more days off from practice We accomplished everything at Lehigh we to do lol.

  31. Nate Allen is clueless. Soft. He contributes nothing. He des nothng. 0 tackles, 0 knockdowns, 0 everything. Atleast Coleman comes up and hits.

  32. CT…I was being sarcastic in my post..can’t speak for anyone else tho..I was just making fun of some of the people that make huge deals of nothing..could care less about preseason games.

    Yes Vick, and the defense is playing like ass…but its freakin preseason..I would take a 100-0 loss tonight if that meant no serious far so good..over a win in the preseason

  33. matthews is a liability!!!!!

    He’s a shorter Stew and look lost out there.

  34. Is McCoy good or what? That kid got game. He may be the best player on the team. He is that good.

  35. Pheag cant we look like the Steelers and no injuries? Im sure the Steelers are saying the same thing. lol

  36. This is what preseason is for guys. This is no BFD and don’t be gettin’ your panties all in a bunch already!

  37. 2008: Lions looked like studs in Preseason and went 4-0…then went 0-16

    2008: Pats 0-4 in preseason…finished with one of the best records in the league

    Preseason is a joke

  38. You know who gets a free ride on tis team. Celek he needs to step up his shit to. We know he cant block. He needs to get open once in awhile.

  39. Make no mistake about it…Casey is a Matthews. He’s only a rookie and he’s being handed a big responsibility to called the captain of this defense. He’s gonna b a star. There is a reason why he is starting. Reid and Juan see something in him for a reason and there never wrong concerning talent like that

  40. So what you guys are saying is that vicks 3 INTS where just thrown because its preseason? Vick looks bad HES THE ONE THAT LOOKS CLUELESS. No one is pointing out Vick. What is it with you guys always supporting vick even if he throws 10 INTS everyone says he’ll be okay? if it was mcnabb we would be ready to run him out of town!

  41. Reid better jack up Vick for even thinking about takling anyone let alone Polamalu !!!!!



  44. Hopefully, this will put to bed any comments about Dream Team BS and just get down to grinding out the season.

  45. Oh no dont trade asante for a LB keep him because we would be dominate at our CB. fUCKING MORONS. Asante as usual is playing like asante so worried about jumping routes than fucking covering. you guys input on football sometimes really sucks.

  46. anyone would tell you the most important position on defense is linebacker


  48. Ill say it again only reason why casey is our LB is cause of his name nothing else. Omar Gaither was benched because of his size but when he played he made plays you then bench him for bradley and desiced not o resign him but then put in a guy (casey matthews) who is the same size as omar gaither! and he’s a rookie!

  49. vricchini – come on now, Samuel’s jumping a route and giving up a big play is nothing new HOWEVER, in balance he’s a very good corner and its the balance that you have to weigh. Is he perfect, no. Will he ever be? No. Everyone knows what he does and doesn’t do.. This is old hat.

  50. rocko its his name nothing else. Asante needs to be traded asap and we need to upgrade this LB position.

  51. Though I’m pissed, Vricchini I had to get a laugh out of your Asante comment – funny as hell man, you have a point buddy.

  52. By the way, let’s not forget this is the same team that was good enough last year to grind out a trip to the SB. This training camp and preseason is nothing new to them. Same team, just picking up where they left off and they damn well should be awesome.

  53. I’ll trade ant Safety we have right now for Dawk in a Wheelchair.

    If a quarterback can pass right up the middle that neutralizes our high price corners.

  54. 3 slow white boys at skilled positions Cooper, Celek and Air force boy to go along with Avant who is to slow to play outside. What do you expect to happen on offense?

  55. Im sick of seeing asante doing the same bone head shit over and over. We dont need asante. I could see if we did but we dont. We are too weak at other positions we need to accommodate them. You think the Rams aren’t looking at this game? they are! you leave no weaknesses as a team and the eagles have just exposed 2 of them Safety and LB.

  56. Vricchini…Yea I don’t care at all BECAUSE it is preseason..And all I have to do is look at last year’s preseason where he looked just as bad…Let him throw 10 picks tonight and I will still sleep like a baby

    I get what your saying tho..Once the Rams come and its regular season its serious..I’ve never been a full out Vick fan like some of the other people on here because he blew in the end of the season for us.

    He needs to play well once the games matter, No excuses with the talent he has around him. Lets see how good this guy really is after there is a whole season of film on him.

  57. The oline was the best I ever saw it. I give Dunlap all the credit. I thought he was gonna get Vick killed. But the oline played well.

  58. Yeah maybetheycan ” just picking up where they left off and they damn well should be awesome”. Lets hope they live up to that quote because right now a massacre is occurring in the first half on our first team offense… we’ll see. Casey is being given the job because of his name only and thats why andy may have to go because he takes 5 steps forward and 10 back. We also should of gotten a real proven D Coordinator – reminds me of that D coordinator from last year. I can’t even remember his stinkin name

  59. Songs…”Dawk in a wheelchair” lol man that’s hilarious! I’m here splitting my side laughing and picturing that man! Hilarious

  60. Oline looked great
    mccoy could be mvp but wont cause we dont run the ball
    Nnmandi still doesn’t get a pass thrown in his direction
    poor alex henery cant even get a FG attempt hardly
    casey matthews should be replaced
    cullen jenkins is the best DT we had since corey simmon

  61. Lofa Tatupu anyone?


  63. yo rocko im with u man. we got bradshaw who is a steeler fan a eagles hater aiken and boring kill myself joe buck. I dont know the name of the guy but the but calling the eagles game last week… Not baldy the other one is annoying as fuck!!

  64. Vricchini you’re batting 1000 so far tonight buddy, I’ll agree with you man.

  65. ^^^ total fail typing

  66. A couple of things that are very apparent

    #1) The middle of the Eagles Defense is very weak with smallish DT’s and Rookie MLB who is not NFL Starting Material at this time (Matthews) and a Safety (Nate Allen) who continues to get caught out of position and takes poor angles on tackles
    #2) QB Vick still is not seeing the rush and picking up the Blitzes very well, IN fact he was worse at recognition as the half wore on.. Very poor performance
    #3) The Eagles WR’s (without Maclin) are very average at best.. Little separtion, WR’s running down the field and not knowing where the ball in (Cooper), You have to turn a look back occasionaly to see what’s happening with your QB and ifg he’s in trouble then adjust your route

    I thouight after last weeks game that everyone was on the hype-train about the EAgles and after watching our defense give up over 250 yards and 3 TD’s, this entire unit needs a whole lot of work.. (The Steelers lost their #1 LT the 1st play of their game, then his back-up comes in and gets hurt 10 minutes later and the Steeler play for over a quarter with a 3rd String LT and the Eagles D was still getting pushed around the field..)

    Dream Team my ass, the only Dream I saw out there is thay the Eagles better get a lot of seruious work done from the QB/WR’s to their Defensive Unit are they will be on the outside looking in…


  68. Rocko – The only coaching changes I liked were the addition of Mudd & Washburn. Our new D Coordinator is a HUGE gamble and I ain’t sold yet. As far as Andy’s concerned, I’ve beem saying for years that the Eagles won’t win a SB as long as he’s head coach and I hope every season he’ll prove me wrong. Who’s knows, is it this year? Probably not but, maybe they can.

  69. It”s never a good sign when your Safety (Coleman) leads your team in tackles
    Chaney looks out of position on the outside and needs to go back into the middle and C Matthews is a SPecail teamer and Back-up LB at this stage of his carrier which Is what I stated he would be coming out of College and thought the Eagles missed on some other LB’s instead (KJ Wright, Quan Sturdivant who I thought were better suited to paly in the Middle for this Eagle Defense)

  70. we’d really be some bad boyz if we ran the ball down people’s throat like the steelers. We need to establish the run game this year immediately.

  71. Whew – That was a pathetic 4th and 1. Laughable!

  72. Vince Young started the dream team stuff and all though he was joking you should know better never joke with the media. Im sure its rule number 1 they teach you when they conduct these interviews.

    I hear Taylor Mays is an option but he would be a project. Theres Daren Sharper still out there cause right now theres no one here to mentor these safeties. I hear Nate Allen is the one mentoring these guys and thats a problem.


  73. Ha Ha MaybeThey Can, that I like buddy. Somethings got to give and A R may just have to be the fall guy. He doesn’t know what to do with major weapons. Also, to think that we assemble this much D talent and we put a first time D coordinator at the helm. We should of had a D coordinator not trying to pacify superstars and calls it like he sees it. So what if you’re a suspect playmakerr, I’ll sit you on the bench or trade you if you’re blowing games for us.

  74. I agree about the Kick-off Rule which will hurt the passing teams in the NFL like the EAgles. Teams that play more ball control and run the Ball (Steelers,Vikings,
    Redskins,Giants,FALcons,TB Bucs,SL Rams,KC Chiefs,Bears,TItans) will have a distinct advantage since they run the ball more to set up their passing game and rely on the play-action more..See when you don’t run the ball often like the Eagles don’t, Play action doesn’t fool anyone so team that rely of the pass will have difficult time going 80 yards all the time when you have to put 8-9-10-12 plays drives together and in a passing offense that is harder to accomplish for many things can go worong, like a Holding Penaly, sack, Int. drop pass, overthrows, etc,etc.. Eagles Offense has always been predicated on the quick score, the big plays down the field and when they play a disciplined Defense with an experience iDC and Experienced Secondary those big plays don’t happen and then the Eagles Offense is in trouble.. Nothing has changed as far as I am concerned

  75. Paul, how did i know you d be on here talking your non sense over a bad game for BOTH sides of the ball. This defense has a long way to go, they all just came together like a week or so ago. Relax. And no wright and stu werent good fits, Casey is just fine. He has to get game time experience. Its just like a eagle phan to just ahead and make a big deal out of this loss when the entire team played bad… and no dont revert back to the draft, its over. Also, i havent heard wright or sturdivants names anywhere, you gotta chill man stop panicing and overreacting… sheesh

  76. We need our corners set at where they play at, we need playmakers who can make things happen. WOW ANOTHER INTERCEPTION BY VINCE YOUNG. THAT’S 4 INT’S FOR THE NIGHT. WE LOOK TERRIBLE…CRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. We need to get whoever is behind drafting linebackers for the Steelers….Teams like the Steelers let me know how important dominant linebackers are to a team.

    Our Safeties again are ass.

  78. Wow, Pam Oliver has been hitting the post game buffets really hard. She is looking like a fat pig, maybe Fox ought to have her run to the next city where she is covering a game.

  79. Jon Hart I would agree with you if this was 10, 09 or 08 but this year its all or nothing and the so called talent we have on this team needs to step up and show other teams “we’re for real” The biggest winners Jon are the Rams. They will study this game with a passion and will use it against us. The eagles exposed that in this game. I know its preseason but you have to think outside the box.


  81. We leave their receivers wide open on every play

  82. Sure do wish the Phillies game would continue so I can have some fun tonight!

  83. Vick didnt look right while he was on the sidelines. Looked like something was bothering him. Had a very concerned look on his face… IDK if it was the whole GQ thing, or the gameplan wasnt good, i have no idea…but im confident that they will sure all this up and come back firing on all cylinders.. This game does not concern me at all… of course i hate seeing them lose like this but man im not throwing in the towel like alot of so called fans on this site… This is why they play the PRESEASON!

  84. Trevard Lindley is ass!!!!

    Remember they were saying how great he’d be?

  85. Cut Nate Allen sign Daren Sharper
    Bench Matthews sign Lofa Tatupu

    problem solved

  86. 3 Things I would do immediately as the DC for the Eagles

    #1) Move Asmo to Feee Safety and bench Nate Allen
    #2) Move OLB J Chaney to MLB and bench C Matthews
    #3) Get a OLB with range,size and attitude

    Sign RT J Stinchomb who was released from the NO Saints a couple of days ago..
    The way the Steelers 1st Team Offense attacked the Eagles is the blueprint for most of the Eagles opponenets this season, attack up the gut and the middle of teh field.. teams like the Giants,Redskins,Cowbosys,Falcons,Bears,Jets will be licking their chops to pond the ball and then pass to TE or WR on short/intermdiate crossing routes and attack the middle of the field which is a gaping hole right now in this Eagle Defense from the DT’s to C Matthews to N Allen..

  87. Exactly Songs… that’s what we we’re saying earlier this summer about how the ravens, Steelers, and patriots pride themselves on getting dominating “steeds and hogs” to stuff their boots down the throats of every offense. They draft well and it shows every year. That’s why they have dominating defenses.

  88. I heard the Eagles at HAlftime called the Arizona Cardinals and offered CB Samuel and and their 2nd Round Draft pick back for QB Kolb .. The CArdinals declined

  89. Who need to test our corners now that oue safties and linbackers are suspect?
    Leave it to the Eagles to experiment.

    Chaney won the middle linebacker job hands down last year….and what we do?
    Start himm on the outside instead of solidifying the other positions on the outside.

  90. Pam Oliver – what a friggin’ tool!

  91. Its all on if the DLINE can get consistent pressure. If they can then we ll be fine. Allow Casey to figure things out a bit. Its so early i cant believe im even on here explaining this… This is our SECOND preseason game… Everyone please CHILL… And the rams can watch this game tape if they want, that eagles team will look totally different than this one tonight, and thats a guarantee…

  92. Paulman, the first thing I would do is get rid of Castillo and get a real d coordinator in there. Then I would do 2 out of your 3 listed; I wouldn’t move asmo to a position he’s not use to playing. He n eeds his rcb spot and we need a real DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR – THIS IS LAST YEAR ALL OVER AGAIN ARRRGGGHHH; WHY WOULD YOU GIVE THIS D CORD POSITION TO A FIRST TIMER, THIS IS JUST AS BAD AS LAST YEAR. The ravens had no WR game thats why we won. If they had receivers we would of lost last week.

  93. Dion Lewis looked ridiculously fast just now… man o man…

  94. Put Casey Matthews ass on special teams..he’s not his brother.

    Bloodline my ass!

    He need a blood transfusion.

  95. Are you guys really getting hype over the preseason? LMAO. Y’all make me laugh.

    Anyone that knows anything about football knows that in the preseason you try stuff out that you normally wouldn’t try and use a VANILLA playbook. Granted, you should still execute but hey, its a vanilla playbook .

    The Eagles were spreading their d-line so that the Steelers would run it up they gut, they wanted to test Casey Mathews — he failed.

    We barely blitzed and used fourth string linemen in the first couple of drives — relax ppl. The Eagles know wat they have and they are not going to show their hand before its time.

  96. But then gets stripped… bad game all around… this is a huge lesson for these eagles. Most may be veteran, but in years of experience together it hasnt even been a month. They will learn from this bad game. I know they cant wait to leave Pitts…


  98. Its the SECOND pre-season game and you f’n morons are already talking about replacing Castillo? Jesus some of you are just idiots. Seriously — full blown idiots.

  99. Rocko – Come on man! You know you give the job to whoever gives you the best interview. That’s exactly what Andy learned when he was hired the same way! Hey, Andy will have the last laugh concerning the Castillo move when his new D Coordinator stops an offense with his resume and hard work ethic.

  100. lmao at blood transfusion

  101. Guys chill foreal… You sound like bandwagoners, when were hot your there chanting there name now there having a bad PRESEASON game and your down on them bad…gimme a break… Its too early for all that talk

  102. I’m not advocating replacing Catillo now. I just wouldn’t have made the move to begin with. Now that he has it, give the chance to screw it up like the last guy. What the heck, give’m 2 years and then we can watch the D Coordinator and the head coach ride off in to the sunset.

  103. JH — thats what this site has……led by the lead bandwagoner idiot of them all — Paulman. How’s that 90 win second place in NL east phillies season looking?

  104. Nate Allen is garbage..I told people after the Titans molested him that QB’s now have his number. allen is nothing special.

  105. its just preseason birdo yeah youre right….I wish someone would tell that to the Patriots… Thats a team right now that could give 2 shits if its preseason or not. 31-14 patriots over Bucs. 41-12 over bengals… kiss my ass with that its just preseason stuff

  106. You can’t get twisted over preseason. As I said earlier. This is the perfect time of the season for this to happen and gives them time to fix things before it counts. They really need this experience, seriously!

  107. I’m not buying the front four making our linebackers better..A matter of fact..if you going to have your linemen racing in the back field, linebackers need to be well above average and must be able to cover serious ground, and tackle.

    Linebackers, Safeties, and Juan …will be a problem this year….Teams need to stay away from the corners and they’ll be successful.

  108. A walk off homer with your last comment Vricchini. Screw that preseason crap, we’re being exposed to the rest of the league with our weaknesses. This is crap. We look terrible

  109. We need Linebackers and safety help Now. dream team crap Vy should of caught himself before that slip up. Dang

  110. Vrichinni is a moron that wanted to keep McNabb — enough said.

  111. Exposed what?

    We had a b.s. facemask get called onthe first drive and from there it was vanilla.


    Our defensive line did get after it tonight.
    Nmandi can cover anyone.So can DRC and Sante is Sante.
    Fokuo looked great on that bat down.Way to get your hand up and read the receiver.
    Vick had lotsa zip on his ball and seemed comfortable around the o-line.

    Start with a dose of shady.
    Maclin needs to get back here.
    No tight end catches…they looked cover on a few plays but get em the rock.

  112. The Eagles have a lot of holes to plug as usual each season we forget something or over value what we have only to get dissapointed again. Casey Matthews is Mark Simeno with long hair. I didn’t know part of a defensive coordinators job was to slap hands with every player as he leaves the field regardless of his performance. The Steelers dominated and made the Eagles look like fools. H Ward blocked Matthews out of a play and the offensive linemen handled him with no problem. Asante looked like a fool when he got burned. The defensive tackling was non existent except for Coleman.

  113. Starting with the end of season games last year and watching last nights game you have to wonder if Vick can make it as a prototypical NFL QB

    Take away his free lance runs and he seems lost at making decisions –once teams watch film and set up a defense to stop him

  114. EVERYONE back away from the ledge……When did Training camp start again ?
    The defense is adjusting and getting used to a new system and D-Coord…also Our 2 run DT’s were not even playing Dixon and Mike P once they get back and start plugging the middle and our LB’s are still not making plays then I’ll begin to worry…
    LMAO Dude still talking about bring Dawk back…like it’s 03 or sumthin

  115. I am paitent about this Eagle Defense since it has so many new players and new system and there definietly will be a learning curve for everyone bit I am really concerned about is this Eagle Offense which has not executed in 2 games (Outside of Kafka mop-up duty in which he looked great as did WR’s Turner and JOnes and RB Lewis) and the 1st & 2nd Teams Offenses have not gotten it down at all and when I look around the league and see the Patirots putting up 24-28pts in both games with their 1st Units, I see the Eagles way behind..

  116. Bottom line the eagles came in playing half ass’d and the steelers coach was not happy with there performance the week before and they came in ready to kick some butt and focused

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