Mike Kafka Earning His Wings

In a game that featured very few highlights, third-string quarterback Mike Kafka managed to impress his peers and possibly, climb up the depth chart.

Michael Vick had a day to forget. Asante Samuel’s gamble backfired. And both Casey Matthews and Nate Allen looked out of place.

But not Kafka. He put up great numbers – 14 for 19 with 160 yards and two touchdowns — and solidified himself on this Eagles roster.

Now as to where he staked a spot on this roster, that is to be determined. Vince Young wasn’t sharp tonight, completing five of his eight passes but tossing an interception on a bad read. Simply put, Young didn’t do anything to make me say, “Wow, he definitely deserves the No. 2 role.”

On the contrary, Kafka, who ranks second on Northwestern’s all-time total yards list, convinced me that he is more than capable of being the No. 2 quarterback ahead of Young. He has amassed 292 yards through two week, whereas Young has compiled just 79 yards.

More impressive, though, is the fact that Kafka has done all of this with a bunch of guys who are more than likely going to be cut or training with the practice squad this season. Look at tonight’s action; Kafka made Gerald Jones look like a legitimate NFL receiver. Now nothing against Jones, but before tonight’s game, not many people around the area had heard his name or knew of his existence, but all of the sudden, he is becoming a possibility to make the team’s practice squad.

Just imagine how Kafka would look with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Steve Smith and Jason Avant lining up alongside him. Actually, if that ever were the scenario, it would more than likely mean Vick suffered an injury, which is definitely not what Eagles fans want. But nonetheless, I believe Kafka will be a pretty useful backup quarterback in the NFL, and if anything were to happen to Vick this season, it would be interesting to see which quarterback would strut out onto the field.

The one advantage for Young, however, is that the offensive scheme is built around speed, and with Young having a similar skill set to that of Vick’s (granted it’s far less fine-tuned), the coaching staff is more likely going to hand the reigns to Young rather than Kafka.

So should Kafka be the team’s No. 2 quarterback heading into the season?

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26 thoughts on “Mike Kafka Earning His Wings


  2. I always was impressed with Kafka, even last preseason. Now to all you dickheads who jumped on me about not signing Stew Bradley can kiss my ass. Matthews looked horrible. G wrote an article about changing kickers when this is “our year” but I still think the dumbest, most boneheaded thing was giving the torch to little rinky dink Casey Matthews. The brother is not his brother!

  3. It’s a little soon to be singing the praises of Mike Kafka at this point. While he was working with the bottom of the barrel players he was also working against the bottom of the barrel. Vince Young’s TWO Pro Bowls get him a pass to continue learning the system for a while when comparing him to Kafka.

  4. Have’t we learned anything yet? Reading too in 4thquarter preseason QB performances can lead to faulty future decisions. Remember what’s his name “Bobby H”? However it’s good to see that Kafka has command of the system. He has had a full year head start on V. Young. The Eagle looked terrible, but they’re not as bad as looked. Stupid penalties gave two extra first downs during the Steeler’s first TD drive. After that the Eagles seemed to panic and passed every play, not establishing a ground game- with the same results we always get. Areas of concern – linebacker and Defensive coordinator calls need to be addressed.

  5. Young is simply not bright enough to pick-up this Offense to be effective (At least for the 1/2 haf of the Season. Kafka looks poised, knows the offense and actually moves around a little better than many think.. and it appears his arm is a little strong than I thought as well, he threw the ball with zip,authority and some nice touch on just about all of his throws… WR’s Jones nad Turner looked very good as did RB D Lewis.. The Rest of the team failed to show up.. (DL Babin,HArgrove looked good too)

  6. Hey run do me a favor shut up about bradley my man. He was one of the most over hyped LB we ever drafted. He was not horrible but he would not magically save this ENITRE D. He was OK against the run and HORRIBLE in coverage. I cant even count how many times i saw the back of that guys jersey and him getting beat. Hes GONE get over it and lets focus on this season my man. Not saying casey is the answer either but how about we give the kid o ……i dont know A COUPLE OF REGULAR SEASON GAMES AND MAYBE A FEW MORE THAN 30 SNAPS TO PROVE HIMSELF. Last i checked none of us on here get paid to scout nfl talent …just sayin. GO BIRDS

  7. @eaglez4ever how was stew bradley overhyped? he was big, athletic, and knew the plays. That’s all you need. Why do have some kind of loyalty to unproven NFL talent with injuries yet someone we know, we just dismiss? I’m not saying bradley was what’s his face from san francisco but he was at least big enough to stop the run and plug the gaps.

  8. I’m not hating on matthews if you look at what he could be when he adds muscle… albeit if he adds muscle. I’m saying we just let stew go with out ever watching matthews play full contact in an nfl game. i disagree with the decision completely. if it was his second year, then i wouldn’t be they completely rolled the dice with this kid.

  9. V. Young was smart enough to return to the University of Texas to complete his degree in education. Please let’s not stereotype players in order to prove a point or promote other players. If Kafka is better than Young(2x ProBowler 30-17 NFL career record), let him prove it on his own merit – On the field, against the first string starters.

  10. Ok run valid points. I wasnt trying to attkack you bro and i do apologize if it seemed that way. Still kindy SH^&*Y from last night. Maybe they should have given bradley a little more time i personally just dont think he was the answer just my poinion. Nor do i wish to anniont ANY LB on this roster ATM. I really do think fokou is underatted and i like what ive seen out of chaney. With matthews ill give it to you it doesnt look good now but we just dont know. I also think clayton will be a good one as well.

  11. Well, we got a little dose of reality: the reigning AFC champs brushed aside a team that got bounced out of the first round of the playoffs

    As far as Vick, when teams finally made the adjustment to him last year, he got whaled on…So this year, he must adjust…It might take some time, and we must hope he doesn’t get injured before he makes his adjustments.

    Kafka is shaping up as a very good backup, good head, who will probably win the Eagles a few games before he is finished.

  12. Stew, as I stated numerous times since the Spring was looking for a 3 year deal with some security and with his history of Injuries (Missing parts in 4 out of his last 7 seasons of playing football back to his College days) the Eagles were only going to offer him a 1 year deal and not commit to a long term deal with him which was pretty much common knowledge.. ..

  13. Yep
    We are finding out how Vick performs when teams prepare for him and it isn’t pretty
    It confuses him
    Started the end of last season

    Just goes to show you

    He looked absolutely unstoppable against the Redskins on National TV

    D coaches in the NFL will find your weaknesses

    I am really worried about this year

    I wish we had a prototypical NFL QB

  14. Guys, I don’t chalk Vick’s weaker play late last year and certainly last night up to coaches catching on to him. I think that’s maybe a small part of it BUT

    I strongly believe it’s psychological. Hmm… any national news come up about Vick in the past few days that could potentially mess with his head? YEP. And what were so many people saying this offseason when the free agents came? That they came for Vick. Because Vick is the man. Madden cover stuff, all the talk about picking up the blitz (how ‘READY’ did he look JH).. etc etc etc etc

    I said it all along, my concern with Vick is that when his ego is rubbed again, he has the potential to regress into an immature player/cocky/self-aware/yada yada yada HEAD GAMES.

    I think head games messed up Donovan as well.

  15. Schiller, your last post got me so damn angry I almost stroked out, WTF, we now have to worry about egos again, psychology, talk to Hopkins, this is the reason we wanted mcnabb gone, and Vick is none of that, it’s just that maybe he is not the answer for us at quarterback if the goal is sb victory

  16. jdog – glad you didn’t stroke. You know who doesn’t have to worry about psychology? DEAD PEOPLE

    Everyone else has a brain – even the stupid people, even people you hate, or people who aren’t good at anything.

    We all have heads with brains inside of them that function within the realm of human psychology.

    Wishing for a QB that doesn’t have to worry about psychology is like wishing for a WR without feet.

    I hate to say it, but I do believe that Vick’s ‘head’ is one of the biggest challenges for this team.

    Remember how last year ended right? On a Vick pick….

  17. Something ain’t right with Vick,
    I wonder if all this distraction with the GQ Article about whether he wanted to come to Philly enough is his way of getting back at the FO about not having a long-term contract in place yet.. Something is happening behind the scenes and I don’t see VIck completely focused on the task at hand here.. What is the purpose and the timing of the article really for… I am not sensing a happy camper in Vick..

  18. It’s not on my end GLI
    I would say the same thing if he were White/Latino/Asia/Green or Blue..
    VY reputation down in Tennessee was that he struggled to learn their offense, even after being in it for 2-3 years since he didn’t study enough and master it..It’s also been stated on the record that Coach J Fisher was tired of having to limit and or dunmb down the Titan Offense for VY and was one of the main reasons he went back to Collins who at least learned and masterd their Offense schemes/plays.. He also had a very low Wonderlic score too

  19. Doesn’t matter who it is. We should be grateful the Eagles have two viable backup QBs. VY will get better as the year goes on. How many practices and games has VY been an Eagle for so far? I don’t think its been very long, maybe 13 days? He may not be the smartest guy, but everyone needs to be realistic and give him some more time to really learn the offense. And then evaluate his play.

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