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DeSean Jackson Reacts To Fitzgerald’s Record Contract

How do you think Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson feels about Larry Fitzgerald gets a eight-year deal for $120 million with $50 million dollars of guaranteed. I know Fitzgerald might be the best wide receiver in football and I know that the NFL is a passing league, but

Jackson couldn’t help but say something about Fitzgerald getting a boat load of money: “Congrats to my Big bro LarryFitzgerald!! Well deserved.. Wideouts ballin!!”

DeSean knows he isn’t going to get a deal in Fitzgerald’s ball park, but he has been on the same Pro Bowl team with him, the last couple of years. Say what you will about Jackson’s limitations, they’re both Pro Bowlers and he has to benefit from the money that Fitzgerald got.

That was an eye-popping contract for a wide receiver. In fact it’s a franchise quarterback’s contract. The deal averages about $15 million dollars per year. That moves the ball up higher.

I could hear Drew Rosenhaus telling Joe Banner or Howie Roseman, Jackson is surely worth at least three-quarters of what Fitzgerald is worth.

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60 Comments for “DeSean Jackson Reacts To Fitzgerald’s Record Contract”

  1. I would bet my life these guys all support Obama. Let’s see how much they support him once he starts confiscating more of their money. You gotta pay your “fair share”. All the millionaires and billionaires and corporate jet owners and blah blah blah… Maybe if we didn’t have a bunch of free loaders and border jumpers in this country everyone could go about their business without paying 50% of their income to the friggin government. Yea this is a football post but I gotta get up in the morning and go to work. Do I begrudge Larry Fitzgerald? No! He earned whatever he earns. It’s none of my business. I’m just sick of working my whole life, just to pay this government half of my income so that they can go out and piss it all away on useless stuff and free loaders.

    Mail all responses to your local congressman so they can file 13 it. We no longer have a representative government.

    If you don’t like my post, too bad you’re either a free loader, an economic illiterate, or a little whiny baby that can’t skip a post.

  2. One wideout is unstoppable, one isn’t. There is quite a difference between these two players. That being said, DeSean’s agent is talking to the Eagles, he will be just fine. Get Vick signed, then cross the T’s and dot the I’s on DJ’s new deal. Good for Fitz though, he certainly rates being at the top of the pay chart.

  3. run, good job, right on brother, and without the support of pennsylvania, this fraud obama can’t win a second term, and it looks as though pa support for this idiot is dwindling fast, stay angry runtheball, stay angry, and i will join you tomorrow going to work

  4. i was thinkin djack should get half …. maclin is just as good and i belive steve smith is jackson insurance… contrary to what jackson said that smith was maclin insurance

  5. I think DeSean is worth a huge salary, he is a leader on the team and deserves the money. As for Jakedog and runtheball08, the republicans don’t ever run anyone worth a shit, as bad as Obama is he is better than the entire republican field………………………. and thats a fact

  6. Jersey: free loader or economic illiterate? There’s no in between.

  7. Fellas, if you think it is just the Republicans who suck, or only the Democrats that blow, you are not paying attention. Its POLITICIANS in general that should be lined up against a wall and shot.

  8. RUN, I agree, but republicans are no better. How do you think we got this deficit? 8 years of Bush that’s how! Clinton had this country at a multitrillion $$$ surplus. Bush pi$$ed it all away, along with all our jobs & exports. Welfare & immigration should be halted for a couple of years. That will stop a lot of the problems. Immigrants get everything for free, & most of the welfare recipients are bums that don’t ever want to work, & just pass it down generation after generation. Meanwhile we get up everday go to work, hustle scratch & claw to support our families. That’s why don’t feel sorry for, or pity the athletes or the owners. Get your $$$ while you can, but I ain’t going to feel bad for you either. Get a job like the rest of reality & see how many Bentleys you can buy then! Spoiled @#$%^&!!!

  9. Everyone is to blame in Politics as are Wall Street, the Bankers, Real Estate and Oil Speculators,etc,etc.. Remember this my friends, You cannot have 10 years of unfunded Wars (Iraq/Afghanistan) and not pay a steep financial price which is exaclty what has happened and only has been exasperated by our incompetent Government and the financial abuses by Wall Street/Banking/Ibsurance/Health Care Industries and Lobbyists.. and how we are again about to approach another Election cyle and when you look at all the Candidates (including Obama Himself) you have to ask yourself, Is
    this the Best that America has to offer… It’s truly a sad state of affairs anymore

  10. Is anyone else concerned that the Phils have blown 3 games this week after having a 62-2 Record when having leads after the 8th Inning.. Madson and Stutes have both struggled a little bit the last couple weeks.. Wonder if the amount of Innings are catching up to some of these guys

  11. Yep what yall said.

    Hay, under social progressivism season tickets will go down, only green tackles will be allowed. No hot dogs, prestles or beer before, during or after games. Teams will not have to pay for trainers or medical personnel only community football doc………?……. Haa Twilight Zone Moment.

    Somehow amigos I hope DJax and Eagle FO no the meaning of fair money, and allergic to stud contract money. Other than that “Get Er Done”

  12. Paul I am more concerned about you, being concerned. How are you doing bubby? Hmmm

  13. I am doing fine, spent a couple hours last evening with NavyDave whose son is going to College about an hour south of me.. He’s a nice fella and we talked and watched a little Football.Eagles here in Boone last evening..
    Checking out the Cowboys/Chargers game out to see how the Cowboys look By the way the Braves are hot again and are now only 6.5 Games back so they continue to hang around and the Brewers have been hot for the last month now.. should be some great playoff-series this year…

  14. If Fitzgerald catches 100 balls this year its 150,000 dollars a catch. 15 tds is a million dollars a td. Damn right Jackson is 80-85% as good as Fitzgerald. Include special team and its 90%. For that kind of money he better have 2500 more yards reciving than djax and 30 more tds. Hell Brandon Lloyd put up Fitzgerald numbers. Plus Ive been told yes Nnamdi and Revis will shut him down. So he isnt unstoppable.

  15. Long history of incompetence in preseason. It goes back as far as I can remember. Watching other teams in preseason like Im doing now Dallas/Chargers and saying wow dont they both look pretty good. Then watching the Eagles and saying what a mess. What a struggle it is to just get a first down. It also usually is our backups to. Every year. I dont think I ever said {except maybe 2004 with TO) wow we are set. But then I say we have many of these preseason games during the year. Like The Oakland, Baltimore, Minnesota, Cinccy, Pats, Pitts, and so on and so on. Just pathetic performances. It makes you wonder how we have been so successful over the last 12 years. But I guess its also so telling why we have no rings.

  16. Give Jackson 3 year 36 million. 24 Guaranteed with clauses.

    Fitzgerald is a strong physical receiver. Desean is a Piniata thats fast with arms.

    As for the political race. I voted Obama but think people are looking for a quick fix. Republican wins and we fall into a greater recession,

  17. desead jackson is not worth more than 8 million a year.. we dont know if hes az ahkim or the other steve smith yet

  18. PAULMAN is a Braves & Panthers fan. You suck Paul! HAHAHA! LMAO! 😆

  19. Hey Desean your a 2 time pro bowler and a punt returning nightmare. You have more 50 yard touchdowns in your 1st 3 years than anyone in NFL HISTORY but Fitzgerald is worth 90 million more than you sorry. If I was Jackson I would tell you to shove it up your arse. Go with that stiff the great white hope Cooper. Hope he returns punts to.

  20. Desean Jackson question. If the Eagles let him walk and say Dallas or Washington gives him a 6 year 100 million dollar contract. Then on Sundays when he is going up and down the field on us what do I say? “Well hes not worth that much?” How does his contract effect me in any way when Im watching the game on Sunday? It doesnt matter if he gets a bad contract. The Eagles have been the best team in the NFL with the cap for 15 years. They still havent won a SUPERBOWL. It doesnt matter if they save money on Jackson. Pay the man.

  21. Runtheball09 You are truely a CLOWN ,what does Obama have to do with Eagle football; and for the record all money bills start in the HOUSE of REPS.Obama couldn’t pass this type of legeslation alone moran.

  22. summup I don’t have the time to explain to you where all of the entitlement policies originated and with what party leading House they came from. The funny thing is, is that everyone immediately assumed that I’m a republican. I’m actually an originalist. I believe in the constitution with which provided this great society that we now have. Obama is a disaster just like Bush. Bush had a republican congress for his first 4 years, seems to me things turned dismal after the first 4 years and into Obama’s 2 years. If you can’t put two and two together than you’re the “moran” and probably a free loader as well.

  23. and just so we’re clear all the policies are from Dems just like Obama’s first 2 years. He did a lot of damage to this country. But hey he’s cool, he plays basketball and listens to Jay Z. At least a whole country will fail because we had a cool president. You fucking assholes really need to check your priorities in life.

  24. Entitlements kicked into gear under the “Great Society”, when LBJ’s Policies which enacted many Government Programs that would take care of the less fortunate. Unfortunately, this created multiple generations of strictly relying on the Gov’t to take care of just about all their needs from Housing,Food,Medical,Education to just about everything and to be honest, the Country has not been the same since and neither has the less fortunate who in many cases, lost their drive, their motivation and ambitions and self-respect to become productive citizens and over time have became caught in the vicious cycle of expecting the Governemnt to take care of them…
    Like many good ideas and policies of our Government, When there is no accountability, little follow up of it’s effectiveness, they end up growing and expaning out of control and just get passed on from 1 Administration to the next regardless of Party affiliations.. The Buearacracy becomes so big and the lobbyists so influential, that the Programs become not what they were orignally intended for

  25. runtheball09 you can’t explain anything to me about policies because you see…… I work in the US CAPITOL BLDG. and I see different legeslation everyday and hear it on the House and Senate floors respectively, everyone shares blame in my opinion not just Obama believe me. I don’t care what party you belong too thats not important what is important however is that if you blog on this site or any site for that matter KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT; You never know who is reading your thoughts. For the record All money bills start at the US House and then move to the US Senate and then over to Obama. I have a question for you, how can Obama PASS THIS TYPE OF LEGESLATION ALONE that your refering too? HEAR IS THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IN CASE YOU DON’T KNOW…….. HE CAN’T …..It takes everyone halfwit everyone to pass a bill in order for it to become law. NOW that I have SCHOOL HOUSE ROCKED YOU blog about football please this is a footbal website.

  26. Paulman, you are right on. I agree with everything you said. runtheball09 you are an asshole , probably always were and most likely always will be. Here in Florida we have just passed a law that anyone who recieves welfare must take drug tests. not much but a start. FOOTBALL, I hope the Eagles finally reach the top this year. they have most of the tools in place.

  27. America has had people illegally in this country for years upon Years…In fact could we say the slaves from Africa were brought illegally? America was born with all of this ish we all complain about…We need a rebirthing, that means both parties need to be done away with…As long as there is a democratic and replubican party there will always be issues…no matter if its a republican or democratic president the two are way too involved for the most part…Not too mention welfare, homeless, wars, providing aid to countries that hate us…way before Obama took office…Some of you cats are just blinded by your on prejudices and really are dumb asses!

  28. RealTalk777, Well said.

  29. Run, I have to first respect you for brining the issue in that direction. Many say ‘this is a sports site, no politics…etc.etc..” but it was entirely relevant and I think the discussion has to happen somewhere, so why not here.

    That said – Let’s go with a hypothetical of your hopes for a moment. Ok, so shut down welfare and offer nothing but exclusion/lack of aid to immigrants. Ok. So then (and this is where I believe your argument falls apart miserably), what now with that gigantic portion of our population? Hmm? F-em? Screw them? Do you realize the magnitude of problems that will cause and/or exacerbate? Or do you think that it will be worth it to wait it out until they all die?

    That’s the aspect of your arguement I’m curious about. When Welfare cuts out, with starvation, increased poverty and no resouces for all those poeple, how will crime, our hospitals, the economy, public health, and so many other things be effected? I guess your answer to that is ‘it’s not the government’s problem and you will then be fine because you’ll have more access to money for yourself’. Um,… ok

  30. One day a man named RunTheBall is walking down a quiet city street of Philadelphia when he notices a fire coming out of a building and people screaming. Then he spots a group of thugs stabbing a helpless todler with knives across the street. He starts to integrate all this information until he notices an elderly woman writhing in pain on the ground from a recent fall, struggling to reach her ‘remote help button’… but his eyes are drawn to something shiney oh the sidewalk 10 feet even further – it’s a US nickel and two pennies! He proceeds casually to the coins and picks them up, smiling to himself as he pats his shoulder and keeps walking.

  31. summup maybe you would gain more credibility if you could even spell legislation but then again maybe you really do work for the government. You’ve already proven yourself to think as ineptly as the policy makers. What you fail to realize is that I thought Bush was a disaster just as much as Obama.

    I don’t put stock in President’s I put it in our country to do the right thing and vote for fiscal conservatives whether they be democrat or republican, but if you want to be a party line drone; good luck with that. Let me know how that works out for the best interest of our children’s futures. I’m an economist not an idealist. I know what works and what doesn’t, and Keynsian is a proven loser time and again. We need more Milton Friedman’s in the world. Obama is a political hack though just so we’re clear. I hope you know that. I hope you can wrap your mind around the fact that he is a disaster. He’s George Bush on steroids.

  32. @realtalk get real. we’re not talking about Americans who were brought over here. Notice I didn’t say African Americans because they’re Americans. They belong here, we all belong here. I’m talking about friggin mexicans, and colombians, and muslims running across the effing border rampantly. This country doesn’t have a clue how many illegals there are, and we do dick about it, but I digress. We’ll leave it in the hands of geniuses like summup who can’t spell for shit.

  33. @schiller when did I say shut down all entitlements? But let’s just use a hypothetical and read the constitution’s first sentence “… provide for the defence and promote the general welfare…” notice hey they never said provide general welfare? I shouldn’t have to hold your guy’s hand. This should be common knowledge. Turn off the brainwash box and do some reading and free thinking. This country is going down the shitter.

  34. run, just for my understanding, would you classify Clinton (Bill) as a ‘fiscal conservative’?

  35. and one more question – do you think that there is ANYTHING improtant BESIDES fiscal conservatism? Should we just rename it ‘economist of the united states’ and not president? And do you think that the only thing we should do for the children of the future of america is let buisnesses and poeple already with money keep more money?!?

  36. “This country is going down the shitter” – excellent, we have indeed found a point of full agreement.

    So you agree we shoud ‘promote general welfare’ – how then, other then providing it, do you propose we ‘promote’ it? But letting those with money keep more of it? How does that promote ‘general’ welfare? Trickle down BULLSHIT – oh sorry…ahem. ‘economis’?

  37. Run, to answer you question “when did I say shut down all entitlements” – I paraphrased that from this statement you made…-

    “I would bet my life these guys all support Obama. Let’s see how much they support him once he starts confiscating more of their money. You gotta pay your “fair share”. All the millionaires and billionaires and corporate jet owners and blah blah blah… Maybe if we didn’t have a bunch of free loaders and border jumpers in this country everyone could go about their business without paying 50% of their income to the friggin government.”

  38. I’m really sorry I have to explain to you, how to promote welfare. I’m really sorry that you cannot fathom how to do it other than to take from the collective and give to the lazy.

    You do it by doing the opposite of what this government is doing. You don’t regulate every god damn thing. You do it by creating a business friendly environment. You do it by quit spending money on white elephants. You do it by promoting schooling and teaching. You do it through many different areas. The only thing this government should “provide for our common defence” and let all the rest of us do what we can under that blanket of freedom. If you went out and earned $50 million dollars, it would be none of my business or the governments for that matter. I’m as broke as the next guy but I sure as shit hate paying for social security when I know that I probably won’t see it. I’m sick of paying taxes on every damn thing I buy. Shit rolls down hill. Do you know how many taxes are collected in one damn box of cereal? A lot. Go read “I pencil”

    @schiller paraphrasing is the wrong terminology. what you did, is put words in my mouth, and yes I believe in free will. In earning your keep if your able bodied. I don’t believe in paying for some great big fat sloth with 5 kids running around. Call me crazy.

  39. and to answer your question schiller what is more important than the sovereignty of this nation? the answer is; nothing is more important.

    Where would we be without these job creators and innovators? You act like they all came from money. Newsflash, they created their wealth, and not only do they pay income tax but they pay a lot of other taxes that you’re probably not aware of.

    So answer me. Where is the incentive for people to think and create? So Henry Ford created all these jobs and jobs for mechanics, and jobs for retail sales people, and for fabricators, and for motor oil companies and gas companies etc. Where is the incentive? It’s money. What if he failed? He would be broke and saying, give me money Mr. President. and then Mr. President would say, I can’t give you any money because there are no jobs. We were relying on your company. I can’t even pay myself. We all have to eat dirt.

    Do you get it yet? Seriously, because I feel like I’m wasting my time.

  40. The problem with “providing general welfare” is that it eventually results in the situation you find yourselves in right now Shiller.

    Less than 50% of adult American citizens pay taxes. That means the minority can now vote themselves perks paid for by a minority. (read DeToqueville – he called it soft despotism). You end up with a multitude of candidates who do nothing but make promises that cannot be paid for – ever. The citizenry clearly doesn’t care and keeps electing those that make the biggest promises.

    The result…a federal government collecting less than 2 trillion in taxes and spending 4. A debt that will hit 20 trillion by the end of the decade (I doubt it will make it to that though).

    Now clearly you think the government knows what to do with money better then a citizen does, and that’s your perogative. I think the history of the world tells a different story. Governments do nothing but squander. And unfortunatley, the squandering done by the US and Euro govt’s are about to drag us all into a bit of a shitstorm that I fear will make the Great depression look like an economic boom.

    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

    Alexis de Tocqueville

  41. No Clinton wasn’t a fiscal conservative. Congress was. Which is why I got done saying I don’t put stock in President’s. I put stock in the entire country to do the right thing and vote for fiscal conservatives. We need house and senate members who aren’t drones. Pat Toomey is great example of a fiscal conservative. I don’t begrudge success. I begrudge laziness that I have to pay for.

  42. “Thus, After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd……….Our contemporaries are constantly excited by two conflicting passions: they want to be led, and they wish to remain free. As they cannot destroy either the one or the other of these contrary propensities, they strive to satisfy them both at once. They devise a sole, tutelary, and all-powerful form of government, but elected by the people. They combine the principle of centralization and that of popular sovereignty; this gives them a respite: they console themselves for being in tutelage by the reflection that they have chosen their own guardians. Every man allows himself to be put in leading-strings, because he sees that it is not a person or a class of persons, but the people at large who hold the end of his chain.”

    Alexis de Toqueville

    WHen over the past month an 11 yr old girl in Virginia was fined $500 for rescuing a bird who had been attacked by a cat, or the other kid fined this summer for running a lemonade stand without a liscence, or the guy in the Vermont/Quebec border town who crossed the street for a Pizza one Friday night only to be arrested, detained, and fined, upon his return for crossing the US/Canada border illegally….despite the fact that the obrder runs through the town, and the citizens have been walking back and forth for 200 years.

    Seems to me this Alexis guy had a time machine – he clearly saw 200 yrs into the future..

    As for social welfare Schiller…the question that has to be asked is….what is social welfare? Who gets it? How much? What does it include? $$ for food…for clothes…for housing….for a car? For an arts program? Education? Elementary? Secondary? Post-secondary? Who decides? Some beaurocrat in a office in Washington? Does he/she really know how to take $$ from someone in Georgia and spend it on a urban renewal project in Kansas?

  43. Vinnie – actually, a lot of social welfare is mandated federally but administered by states, so no, georgia wouldn’t pay for kansas but somone in Topeka may pay for something in a different part of the state. I for one don’t want roads and hospitals to be broken if I travel to georgia or kansas even thouggh I live in Pennsylvania, but hey, that’s just me.

  44. “You do it by doing the opposite of what this government is doing. You don’t regulate every god damn thing.” Ok, thanks no I DO get it. I get that you are 100%% out of touch with reality. You think the government OVER regulates? ok. Um, wallstreet – underregulation. Housing/loans – underregulation. Hmm….. Oil companies? same thing…. any information about those underregulated industries contributing to gigantic portions of this deficit/economy problems? Hmm… this is a tough one…wait…. YEP. You dunce- you seriuosly don’t get that?

    And you think everyone on welfare is lazy – YOU CLUELESS P of S. You really think the reason for the current unemployment state in our country is laziness. WOW You really think that the best way to pay for medical care for the poor children in america is to reduce taxes on companies and corporations? How does that pay poor kids’ medical bills? I got your answer – IT DOESN’T

    Guess what genius – Ford payed much more taxes back then.

  45. WTF are you morons talking about? Jesus…

  46. schiller i’m done wasting my time. you’re obviously a friggin drone.

  47. Where’s “Rodney King” when you need him…
    Maybe Songs can somehow “Telekinnect the Androids from Area #51” to go directly to Washington DC and Administer “Vaccines” to all the Congress and Senate as well as the POTUS & Supreme Court and to all the Lobbysits..

  48. birdo – we’re talking about government and politics. Jesus? What does religion have to do with it?

    Run – yeah ok whatever. You’re content to let the suffering suffer. sucks for all of us

  49. id desean jackson thinks hes worth 6 years 100 million let him go.. thats just rediculous.. 6 years 50 million max

  50. Anyone have any stories about D McNabb or K Kolb.. Good Grief…

  51. This is an Eagles blog website — stick to the topic at hand. Take all that other hoopla ish elsewhere.

  52. Forget how much DJ is worth. The question is how much the Eagles need to pay DJ according to the market. And the market was set by Fitz when he signed his $85million. Forget 5 yrs $50 or $60million, those numbers are outdated. Contracts are always set on the latest contract. Just like how your house is appraised.

    As for the politcal aspect of the discussion, I might be selfish, but I would care less who is in office. Whatever the policies or rules they set in place, I will play by them and try to beat the guy next to me. If you work smart and hard, you can thrive in ANY political environment in this country. You don’t hear the millionaries or billionaires bitching because they are too busy making money and playing this game called “life”.

  53. I agree PCrow that D-Jax value is really based on what the Market will bear and pay him.. unfortunately for D-Jax and his agent, he is still under Contract for this Season and not a free-agent until next off-season, so for right now, he is worth what his contract currently pays him, which is 600K.. The Eagles will not pay D-Jax Top 10 WR $$$ nor are they obligated to re-structure or re-work his contract, they will offer him an extension,but probably not at what he and his agent think he is worth, so at the end of the day, it will come down to how much D-JAx wants to stay in Philly and on a good team, a great offense for his skills for less $$$ or to move on and take at better deal in Free-agency next off-season and start all-over with a new System, Team, QB,Coaches, etc,etc.. The Eagle will offer him a fair package but it won’t be crazy $$$ that Fitz/Holmes received recently .. I personally think he will want to move on and probably play for a West Coast Team (49ers,Raiders or Cardinals)

  54. well that blows because we aint winning the sb this year, i hope we do but next year is the year I think we really start to dominate , after we add the last four pieces to our team. lb rt dt and mlb…. timing is everything I guess, we could offer him a three year deal. sucks , he is my favorite player in all sports.

  55. Get your boney rear in a Gym and start looking like a professional athlete and maybe they will pay you like one.

    First game back and it did’nt take you long to fine a nice piece of grass to fall down on.

    Why don’t you have michael phelps teach you how to eat food, lift weights and still be fast. Or that barn burner from Canada Usane Bolt. Does’nt look like lifting weights has slowed him down. T.O. either for that matter.

    Souja boy.

  56. bsm — T.O. was never known for his speed…he has “deceptive” speed but he wasn’t necessarily a burner.

    On another note — lmao, nice post.

  57. Usama Bolt is Jamaician Man, and not Canadien..
    Just think or Red Stripe instead of Molson Golden Ale and you’ll be ok…

  58. Yeah, that contract’s gotta be a bummer for the Eagles, but if they had signed Jackson earlier they wouldn’t have had to contend with that. Hopefully the Eagles will be willing to go to at least around $8M the first year with $12M up front. Most medium range WR are getting $5M-$6M per year roughly and DJax deserves more than that, but like $10M-$12M is probably too high, just because the Eagles justifiably will be concerned about Jackson’s durability because of his size.

  59. definitely caught the screen pass and went to the ground lol
    andy pulled em right out after that

  60. Paulman,

    No one from Canada has had a Molson Golden since 1986.

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