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It’s Jason Kelce’s Turn To Start In The Center Battle With Jackson

Veteran Eagles center Jamaal Jackson started the Birds game against the Steelers and played the entire first half. That was his chance to lock down the starting center job, by showing new offensive line coach Howard Mudd what he could do at the position.

Jackson played okay versus the Steelers, but he didn’t nail down the starting job. I don’t think he’s Mudd’s guy. Jackson can overpower defenders at times, but he doesn’t do as well when they put him on the move, especially now as he tries to return from the microfracture knee surgery.

This Thursday in the Cleveland Browns game, rookie Jason Kelce will get the chance to start the game at the center position and he’ll play the entire first half. If Kelce plays well, I think he will get the starting job.

Jackson seems to be on his way out because Kelce fits the mold of the type of offensive linemen which Mudd likes. Jackson is well over 300 pounds, but Kelce is just over 280 pounds. Mudd likes the smaller more athletic offensive linemen.

He likes to run the stretch running play where quickness and athleticism is more important in the offensive linemen than brute strength. Kelce fits that stretch play because he’s quicker in getting position on defensive tackles and nose guards.

There’s no question that the rookie, Kelce is more athletic than the veteran, Jackson, but is he ready to start right now in the middle of this offensive line. He would be starting next to another rookie, right guard Danny Watkins, and an inexperienced right tackle, in King Dunlap if he starts at that position.

I think starting Kelce puts a great deal of pressure on the entire offensive line. Hopefully Mudd knows what he’s doing because the center has a tremendous responsibility for working with the quarterback to pick up blitzes. On the positive side of starting Kelce, if does well early and he makes it through the beginning of the season, he would probably get better and better as the season goes on.

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8 Comments for “It’s Jason Kelce’s Turn To Start In The Center Battle With Jackson”

  1. Ok, so you put an inexperienced Center and Guard in a year that you are positioned to go to the Super Bowl. Expecially when Jamaal is playing well… I’m sick of hearing about this ins my guy or it will take time. A 280lb center… This is not the 70s… If I’m a 3-4 defense I put my biggest nose tackle over him and push him right into the back field every time. I don’t care how athletic he is…


  3. if fitz got 8 years 120

  4. If you guys think DJax should get anything close to Fitz, your nuts. Fitz is arguably the best WR in the league, with Andre Johnson. DJax is arguably 11th or 10th, at best. He should get no more than $7m-$8m per, for 3-4 years. No way he should get more. As small, frail & injury proned as he is, the Birds can’t & won’t go crazy, with a contract.

  5. That small frail receiver is what makes that offense GO… disrespect him and low ball him if you want. See how far that offense goes without that presence on the field. I mean you could always put Riley Cooper, maybe Chad Hall out there, they would have that impact right??

  6. Nobody is saying that we don’t want him, or need him, I’m speaking reality. $7m-$8m per isn’t low balling him! Rice got $8.5m, I believe. He gets around that, no more! He ain’t worth more than that. He isn’t a top 10 receiver & shouldn’t be paid as one. End of story! When Maclin & Smith are back you’ll see who the better receivers are. Bank on it!

  7. G, I know there are a bunch of Eagles who’ve had micro-fracture knee surgery but I didn’t know Jamaal Jackson was one of them. Can you elaborate or was this just a type-o? I am pretty sure Jackson is coming off of a torn triceps (initially reported as a torn biceps) last year, and a torn ACL near the end of 2009.

  8. G:
    ChuckRob is right. Is Mudd going to re-invent the line? Or is he going to maximize the talent he has? Jamaal was never my favorite, but he always did better than the credit I gave him. I have to think that the veteran deserves more chances after coming off of the injuries. I don’t like the rook-rook-Dunlap side of the line! Can anybody say that they prefer it? Dunlap may have to start, and it looks like Watkins is their guy. But I don’t like a rookie center making the line calls, and picking gaps – that is unless we have to.

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