Offensive Line Plays Better In The Second Half

I was glad to see Vince Young come out in the second half as the Eagles quarterback. It was good to know that Michael Vick would finish the game in one piece. You just can’t have Vick getting beaten up like he did in the first half. Nearly every time he let the football go, he was hit and hit hard.

Young threw a dart that was right on the money to Johnnie Lee Higgins but he dropped it. He ran a hook outside of the numbers and That’s not going to help him make the football team.

I would like to see Young take a shot downfield on a 3rd and long rather than checking the ball down to Ronnie Brown. Brown is getting comfortable in the offense and you can see his power and speed.

The Browns special teams are terrible. The Eagles special teams haven’t caused either of these fumbles. The Browns have been able to make the miscue without any help from the Birds.

Young scored on a scramble in much the same way that Vick scored in the first half. You can’t make the mistake of blitzing Vick or Young then not keeping contain. Both Vick and Young can outrun most of the other players on the field whether they are linebackers or defensive backs.

Casey Matthews is still on the field, but he’s not doing much. it looked for a moment like he was scraping in the hole for an easy stop, but the back was through the hole and gone by the time he got there. He’s got to learn how to play with the defensive linemen getting so far upfield. The linebacker has a lot more ground to cover.

Derrick Landri gets another sack by coming off a block with the quarterback trying to step up in the pocket. He’s really been a surprise and he could beat out Trevor Laws, since Laws has been hurt all camp. He’s got an ugly sack celebration of crawling on the ground.

Andy Reid made a bad move of throwing the red flag after a touchdown was scored and it cost them a replay review. The refs were going to review the touchdown catch by Alex Smith, but Reid threw the red flag and it cost them. Reid’s critics will be all over him for throwing that red flag. It was no big deal, but Reid’s got to know the rules and he made a bad mistake.

Tight end Donald Lee did a nice job of carrying a linebacker on his back in order to get the first down.

Dion Lewis looks impressive every time he puts his hands on the ball. He’s got that lateral explosiveness, which is something you see with very good backs. The little fella can change direction at full speed and that will allow him to avoid tacklers by making them miss.

Curtis Marsh did a poor job of tackling after giving up a catch near the sidelines. He’s got to make that tackle or he can’t play in the NFL. It’s a good thing the Birds don’t need these rookies in the secondary right now, because they’re not ready.

14 thoughts on “Offensive Line Plays Better In The Second Half

  1. The right side of the O-line is horrendous! Vick was running for his life the whole time he was out there! The second half, it was a whole different group against Cleveland’s backups. Come on!

  2. are absolutely correct……The Eagles need to give Jamaal Jackson his spot to solidify the middle….and Watkins do not look like a first round draft pick. Now, the young center did have a good block on Ronnie Brown’s TD, but he’s very suspect against the pass. Being that Andy loves to pass, Jamaal Jackson is the answer there.

    I hope we didn’t waste 2 first round picks in a row.

  3. Agreed 100%, brother! Kelce seems to be a pretty good run blocker, but we all know Andy is going to pass 70% of the time. I think Jackson, if he is fully healthy, needs to start. I don’t care what Mudd flaps thinks. Looks like 2 first rounders in a row, could be mistakes. Also Allen, last years 2nd rounder gave up another TD. Man he looks like he is playing hung over, every time he is out there. This is going to be a long season, if they don’t fix the right side of O-line & the middle of our DF!!!

  4. I wish Reid would get out of his own way….why don’t they relegate the challenge to the guys in the booth?…..

    They need to tell him he is not to pull out the red flag until the booth guy tell him. Period. He must be the worse game day coach on challenges since the NFL adopted the rule.

    Another thing…this Reid guy have lost many games based on the offseason.

    I remember Trot was in his prime and they let him sign with the skins and replaced him with Kirkland….That cost us dearly against Tampa .and that may have been our year.

    Now we see Matthews who is a bum, when the best middle linebacker on the team is palying another position. I don’t care what the Eagles say…The middle linebacker is the most important backer in a 4-3 scheme. Yes Carlos Emmons was good but Trot made his job easier by intimidating the middle.

    We’ve been asking Reid to get Justice ass outta here for years and yet they are now selling him as the answer when healthy.

    How long will we operate like this?

    Last year…everyone and their mother knew hobbs wasn’t the answer at RC….But no…Reid said we’re good there….not taking care of that spot along with the RT spot last offseason cost us a run at the prize last year.

    Now..we’re here again…

    We take care of the Corner but weaken the middle linbacker position.

    We draft a 27 year old guard that’s not impressive at all, instead of getting a stud for right tackle.

    Here’s a question fellas.

    What’s more important for Vick’s health?

    A Right Guard or a Right Tackle?

    I don’t have to be a genius to know teams attack weaknesses.

    If we go into the season with Matthews at center..expect the rams to give us a big dose a Jackson right up the gut..setting up play action to the tight end.

    Teams can win close games if they chew up clock and stay away from our corners.

    Watch teams crash the center of our line if Jamaal is not in.

    Mudd better come off his high horse and realize Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison made those offensive linemen look good.

    Any offensive line can hold if the ball comes out in 3 seconds.

    We need Jamaal in there…take Kelce and put him between two vets…
    Jason Peters and Jamaal Jackson..put watkins between two vets….

    Jamaal Jackson and Todd Herremans at right tackle.

    This way Vick have Veterans on each end and a solid center to protect him…The young guys will also have experience with vets on either side to be their in key moments for growth…and depth with harris and justice if needed once they’re healthy.

    We need to cut Nate Allen and promote Jarred in his spot.

    We also need to bench Matthews and put Chaney back in the middle with Fokou and Clayton on the outside.

    I kinda like Rolle also..he showed some toughness…and don’t look now guys ..

    Hunt looks like he’s the truth.

    Now, If Andy can just get out of the way.

  5. I can’t wait for Reid to be out of here. I’m tired of his idiotic play calling, his horrific time management, his never ending failed attempts at challenges, his constant I invented the game attitude, his miserable failed attempts every year trying to fit square pegs in round holes & his ignorance towards a position that bites him in the @$$ every year! Now look, it’s the last week of pre-season & they are signing Totupu & Stinchomb. Flat out incompetent idiot!!! We have been saying for weeks that we needed a RT & a solid veteran Mike! But not I invented the game Andy!! I’m disgusted with his $#!tty attitude towards the media too!

  6. DDcar…you’re batting 1,000 right now.

    We should have signed these guys earlier to get them in there to mesh with our defense.

    With this Reid guy we’re always a dollar short and a day late.

    And if I hear him say, “That was bad there” one more time…

    I’m going to throw the hell up.

    someone get this guy a damn rule book already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s the longest tenured coach currently playing and still don’t know how to make a challenge and win it.

    Why the hell he throw the flag when the booth review every damn touchdown???????

    This guy is going to cost us big in the playoffs again

    He’ll be down 7 damn points at the half and abandon the run game.

    He’ll have no timeouts left and throw the challenge flag.

    This is what we as fans have become accustomed to.

    only to hear


  7. HAHAHA! What’s worse is when he says ” I gotta do a better job, & put them in a position to make play’s.” I want to reach through the TV & strangle his fat @$$! Man he has gotta get a better line.

  8. O-line not ready for primetime. Hopefully Reid will switch out rookies when season starts. I’m sure Spagnola’s mouth is watering as he reviews the tapes of the last few games. Also glad to see V. Youngs’ improvement. He showing he can do many of the things that M. Vick can do. I was impressed with his field awareness, accuracy, and we already knew he could run well. The Eagles seem determined to start Mathews so I guess were stuck with him until they wise-up.

  9. wah wah wah…again its the PRESEASON. We arent the only team that looks bad.

    btw, songs…you cant technically bat 1,000. You can bat 1.0, 0.300, etc. Being a fan of numbers, it annoys me when people say that because its wrong and dumbs down our wussified country even more.

  10. bk – how the hell does a team look bad being up 17-0 at half………………..

    DD – you are becoming as stupid and obnoxious as Songs… Songs couldn’t get a fact right if the fact crawled up his leg and bit him on his vajayjay –

    if everyone hates what Ried sez so much – don’t watch him (or Banner or the owner or Roseman) That’s not football…..

    every time I read you friggin clueless twits ramble on about everything Ried should do I say a silent prayer that the eagles have Ried.. He is not perfect (no coach is) but is is one of the best coaches in the NFL – has been – will be. Needs to win the SB to complete the resume for sure – but some of the nonsense you people write –

    Songs – Mark Twain once wrote “It is better to let people think you are an idiot then to open your mouth and confirm it’ Every time you post – you confirm it – what color is the sky in your world?

  11. I know Mike Vick was asking for Jamal Jackson after the first few positions. Hopefully Jamal Jackson will get the job back. Also, Shawn Andrews keeps looking better for his old RG spot to me.

  12. NAVY, how am I stupid & obnoxious !? Andy Reid is the one who is stupid & obnoxious, not me. I didn’t state one thing that was incorrect. If you think so, you are a blind, loyalist, stepford, that has no mind of his own. I love the Birds, but I speak the truth, brother. Deal with it, & move Howard Eskin aside & get your head out of Reid’s bung hole! He’s an obnoxious, egotistical, overrated, stupid, @$$#ole!

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