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Cullen Jenkins Not Buying Dream Team Hype, “we still are underdogs”

The Eagles not only obtained an excellent pass rushing defensive tackle when they signed former Packer Cullen Jenkins, they also acquired a sober-minded leader, who let it be known yesterday that he wants no part of the “Dream Team” moniker.

“Calling ourselves the ‘Dream Team,’ that would indicate that we’ve done something or that we’re to a level that other people want to be at,” Jenkins said. “But in actuality, we just have talent on our team, but we haven’t done anything with the talent yet. So we need to go out there and prove something first before we can start talking about what we are.”

You could tell that Jenkins is an old school football player, who believes in making big statements through his play. He talked a bit about the Eagles not buying into all this talk about how great team they are.

The veteran brought up the preseason game against the Steelers when the Eagles were embarrassed in front of the nation. “I hope we learn from that game that we can’t just roll our helmets out there and win”, Jenkins said.

According to Jenkins, last year the Packers team that he played on which eventually won the Super Bowl had to learn that lesson.

“Going into (last year), everybody was pumping up how good we were and everybody believed the hype maybe a little bit and we didn’t play as well as we should have,” Jenkins said. “And then once we got halfway through the season, we realized how hard it actually was. And people started doubting you and everybody’s written you off and we’ve got our backs against the wall, and we (became) a different team.

“We were playing as the underdog then, and once you have the mindset of an underdog, fighting its way up, it’s a whole different mind set, and I think that’s something we’ve got to have here. We’ve still got to have that mind set that we’re an underdog, because we are.

Back to this Eagles team which made the playoffs a year ago but lost to the Packers, Jenkins says they need to take the attitude of underdogs.

“Nothing was won here last year, so we still are underdogs. We have to fight up to that top spot, and that’s the way we everybody needs to think.” on Facebook

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20 Comments for “Cullen Jenkins Not Buying Dream Team Hype, “we still are underdogs””

  1. Adding C Jenkins was the best move this team made in my opinion..
    He brings a quite confidence and a workmanlike attitude on every snap and should rub off on the young other DL and LB well… He’s a good guy on top of being a very good player

  2. Cullen Jenkins needs to shave.

  3. which was better paulman Adding Jenkins or the pats adding Haynesworth?

  4. Football is here! which means the picks are in! whats your picks?

    Saints over Packers (why is everyone counting out the saints in this game?
    Falcons over Bears
    Chiefs over Bills
    Eagles over Rams
    Bucs over Lions
    Titans over Jags
    Steelers over Ravens
    Colts over Texans (my surprise game)
    Cardinals over Panthers
    Chargers over Vikings
    Seahawks over 49ers
    Jets over Dallas
    Broncos over Oakland
    Patriots over Dolphins
    Redskins over Giants

  5. Haynesworth looks in shape and will proabably have a monter Season this ywear to prove the naysayers (like myself) that he still has it.. Watching some frecent video and he has lost weight and seems to be focused on being a playmaker.. But I lot C Jenkins a lot and I would take him for the nxt 3-4 years ove rmaybe 1 good lseason left for Big Albert.

  6. Paulmans Pick for tonnights game

    I like the Saints over the Packers 30-26 in a back & forth exciting game
    I think the Saints are going to run the ball between the tackles effectively and often with RB M Ingram and former Eagles Practice player Joquie Bell
    I also think that Saints TE Jimmy Graham has a coming out party on National TV and has a monster game and I like his match-up verses the Packers LB’s and expect Saints RB D Sproles have some big plays as well. Look to Saints QB Brees to pick-on 2nd Year Safety Morgan Burnett of the Packers.. These 2 Teams many very well meet up again in 5 months time for the NFC Championship and I think at this early stage of the Season are the most balanced,complete and best all-around teams in the NFC as far as Week #1 goes.. …

  7. Dang it Paulman, I have Jimmy Graham on my fantasy team and YOU are never right. Thanks for ruining my night.

  8. hey Paulman,

    I got a wager for you on tonights game:

    If the Saints win, I win therefore you stop posting in the 3rd person and stop citing sources…

    If the Packers win, you lose and therefore you go back to your local Carolina blog sites and stop posing as an Eagles fan forever….

    deal??? lol

  9. paulman going forward you are a MUSH and everything you say will be discarded and rendered obsolete…go sit in the bathroom!

  10. Who pissed in your conflakes reed_richardss…
    I will always continue to state them as I see them.. The Good , the Bad and the Ugly.. No one is immune (including myself)

    2 players I wanted and missed on in the FF Draft lastnight was TE J Graham and RB T Hightower..
    I still ended up with a pretty good squad and should be able to compete
    I thought Vricchini was going to select QB Kolb with his 1st Pick…ha ha

  11. paulman, noone pissed in my “conflakes”… LOL I did in my draft get Jimmy Graham but you jinxed him with your prediction..I actually agree with both him and Hightower but that washington offense is terrible..

  12. oh and paulman, I’ll never be as mad and upset as DD is on this site because it seems like he’s always mad…seriously though, you do need to chill with the 3rd person references to yourself and “trade alerts” per your “sources…

  13. no paulman dont listen to these fools ^ u can continue posting in third person and continue posting your ‘trade alerts’ and whatever else you do…i can sense the sarcasm and since i am a jolly good fellow i have fun reading your posts…anyone who has problems with this lol need to lighten up and chill…lol who cares its just paulman saying random things to give people laughs lol….paulman if you are serious abt whatever u write however i do recommend seeing a shrink or jumping off a bridge lmao

  14. C’Mon Reed, you guys love my “Trade Alerts and Sources”.. All in keeping things on the lite side and spread a little humor, but sometimes I am on the semi-serious side

  15. Paul, your typing like your intoxicated. You OK!? LOL!!! I love your trade alerts. They’re highly amusing. 😆

  16. RR, i’m not always mad. It’s the dillhole$ on here that p!$$ me off! I’m in a good mood now. HA! LOL!

  17. RR, it’s “put him in da batroom” Get the accent right. HAHAHA!! Bronx tale, great movie!

  18. You know, through all the arguments and bickering…..I still want to let you morons know that I still love you all. We’re all here for the same reason. We are Eagles fans. Although we may disagree on how to improve the team, we still rock the same colors. From philly will to songs to paulman to schiller to ddcar to wmonell — all you clowns are my brothers and hopefully we will be celebrating a parade down broad street soon enough…..and I’m not talk about the one that is already scheduled in early November.

  19. i just want to let you know…
    eagles gets scrutinized for not having the standard qb, that happens to be an ex-convict (or convick yea, yea…)
    andy reid gets a bad wrap because we haven’t won a superbowl
    our o-line is a huge ordeal because we aren’t the standard veteran line
    ok, we have a a few rookies, oine is starting at the moment, and some other pickups
    we have the best o-line coach in the entire league, yet we get scrutinized because we finally spend money and use the cap space after being cheap
    last time i checked, our team is made up of draft picks

    this is why i continue to say were elite and will make a serious run
    we’ve been breaking records and having an elite statistical offense for years, before we got WRs and before we had this much talent
    its too easy to see, the writing is on the wall

    wanna worry about an o-line, worry about the Saints
    one of America’s teams these days, they had more breaks than rush hour traffic and a miracle season winning it all (ill take a championship in any shape or form, clean or ugly, gimme that ship!)
    but damn, everyone (even some of you) is on hanging on their nuts lol
    their o-line is so mediocre as i stated in previous posts, they’ve had the same issues we’ve had
    3rd and short, 4th and short, choosing to pass and not converting, and when they run actually losing yardage.
    like mark ingram all you want (cuz I do) but you need a damn line and GB showed why they are the champs, they were ready, and are just as hungry

    the LB talk has more credibility to it because we have a great d-line coach, d-line, and secondary
    the LB position is fair even tho it’s annoying to hear/read so many downers, reality this, reality that
    reality check, admit what we are good at…everything else
    ur not comfortable with mudd, well damn check his track record he is the real deal, i trust it in coaching (esp. after being one)
    let the o-line show you, you can have the LB argument for now, or else we really would be the dream team if there was nothing to complain about…go figure…

  20. Talking about the OL, the Packers Center and Left Guard were pretty impressive last evening, that Center dominated a pretty good MLB in J Vilma pretty much all game long… Wonder how he will do versus Casey Matthews.

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