The Key Matchup: Eagles Offensive Line vs. Rams Defensive Front

I’m very concerned about this game and the matchups of the Eagles inexperienced offensive line against a talented Rams defensive front. If the offensive line can hold it’s own, the Birds receivers will torch the mediocre Rams secondary. On the other hand, if they can’t block these guys, it will be a long day for Michael Vick and the Eagles offense. All they have to do is give Vick some time early and the Eagles will jump on St. Louis and allow the Birds offense to grab a quick lead and force the Rams to play catchup.

The Rams defensive line sacked the quarterback 43 times a year ago. Their best pass rusher is right defensive end James Hall, who registered 10.5 sacks a year ago, but he will be handled the Birds best blocker Jason Peters, so he’s not a concern. There is reason for concern elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at some of those matchups:

Left Defensive Tackle Fred Robbins 6’4″ 325 vs. Right Offensive Guard Kyle DeVan – 6’2″ 306 – The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t like the thought of veteran defensive tackle Fred Robbins matched up against rookie right guard Danny Watkins, so they signed former Indianapolis guard Kyle DeVan. He’s not anything to write home about, but he knows Howard Mudd’s “jump set” technique of pass blocking.

Steve Spagnuolo brought Robbins to St. Louis and he’s a good inside pass rusher. He had six sacks last season, so he’ll be a challenge for DeVan, who is listed at 6’2″ but standing next to him, he seemed more like 6′ or 6’1″ at best. He’s probably going to have an arm length disadvantaged, so he’s got to be quick on his feet to stay in front of Robbins.

Right Offensive Tackle – Todd Herremans vs. Left Defensive End Chris Long – Of course Herremans is new on the right side of the line and new at the offensive tackle position. He will face a huge challenge because of the noise in the Dome. He’s got to hear the snap count and not come out of his stance too early or too late.

Herremans has been used to sitting there right next to the center, but being out at tackle hearing the snap count is a much tougher job. He also must get used to faster pass rushers than the defensive tackles.

Long isn’t a speed burner around the corner, but he never stops coming. He gives tremendous effort and does a good job with his hands. Herremans will need to win the hand fight by getting his hands on Long, while he’s trying to knock the tackle’s hands down.

I think Herremans will get his biggest test on 3rd downs when the Rams bring in rookie first round draft pick Robert Quinn, who is a pure pass rusher. They will move Long inside against Eagles left guard, Evan Mathis.

Left Guard Evan Mathis vs. Right Defensive Tackle Justin Bannan – Mathis a veteran guard, who has started 22 games in his seven year career. I feel there’s a reason he’s been a backup for all of his career, but he has a chance today to show what he can do.

He’s a good athlete for a guard, who is a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker. Mathis moves well and does a good of getting position on defensive tackles rather than overpowering them. Bannan is a run stopping defensive tackle, who isn’t much of a pass rusher. He won’t have a problem pass blocking Bannan, but he will have a challenge of run blocking the big fella.

Mathis will have to handle defensive end Chris Long on third downs and that will be a challenge because he’s faster, quicker and has better pass rushing technique than Bannan.

Center Jason Kelse vs. Crowd Noise In The Dome – Of course I must mention that rookie center Jason Kelce will be playing the first game of his NFL career. The Rams will move a defensive tackle over his head on most of the defensive fronts. He’ll be challenged to run block Bannan and pass block Robbins. He’s got to be patient on his pass blocks and persistent with his run blocks.

Kelce’s biggest challenge will be snapping the ball and communicating properly despite that ridiculously loud noise in the Edward Jones Dome. Count how many times something goes wrong with the snap. How many times will the snap be too early and how many times will it be too late? If you end up forgetting about the noise then you know the rookie did a great job.

The winners of this matchups will likely help their team with this opening day battle.

259 thoughts on “The Key Matchup: Eagles Offensive Line vs. Rams Defensive Front

  1. nevermind i got it. didn’t know they signed him. must have skipped that in my excitement. the good thing about watkins is we’re going to have him for a while because he’s so young… oh wait… well the thing we can count on about him is that he’s been playing this game his whole life… oh wait… well nevermind then. nostrovia

  2. lol @ runtheball im glad we got devan hes only 26 same age as watkins.. why spend a fist round pick on a 26 year old rookie .. those old rookies never pan out

  3. A couple more Rotational PLayers for the Rams who could pose some issues

    DE Eugene Sims at 6-6 270 lbs is a tall, raw pass-rusher but has some great reach to block some passing lanes
    DE CJ Ah You at 6-4 265lbs who had 4 Sacks last season.

    Back-ups at DT
    Darrell Scott is 6-3 320 lbs and can move a pile, he’s a 3 Year Player who will spell Fred Robbins quite a bit and can get in the backfield..
    Gary Gibson is a 6-3 315 lbs (from Rutgers) who is more of a run-stuffer than a penetrator

    I think a real key is the Rams LB Corps who are very experienced and heady players (though they lack pure athleticism, they make up it by having the smarts and are sound tacklers …
    MLB J Laurenitis, OLB B Leber are quality players with size,strength but are not Blizters and Pass Rushers, they are more of Drop back in Zone coverages LB’s
    The Wildcard is 1st Year Starter LB Bryan Kehl who is a 6-2 245lbs and has the speed to rush the passer and athleticism and had such a strong Summer Camp and Pre-Season that the Rams decided to go with him and released Veteran LB Nigal Digg’s and are very high on this kid..
    The Top Backup at LB is Brian Poppinga who came from the Packers and is another big body who is more of a run stuffer, short-yardage and sound tackler

    A big key in this game to me , is can the Eagles get their TE’s/3rd WR Avant/Smith and RB’s McCoy/Brown) matched up with these LB in the short passing game and out in space for this is a big advantage for the Eagles who Speed should be able to take advantage. If the Eagles can do this early and oftenm this should be able to open up things deeper but if the Eagles come out with bombs away out of the gate, they are playing into the Rams hands and will expose Vick to their pass rush..

  4. Check this:
    2010 – 6’5 Heremans), 6’4 (McGlynn), 6’5 (Wells)…….
    2011 -6’4 (Mathis), 6’3(Kelce), 6’1(DeVan)….

    Its last year’s opening day middle o-line vs today’s starting middle o-line…..the incredibly shrinking line…..though it makes sense if you have a 5’9″ starting QB I guess.

  5. hey runtheball, what vodka # you on now, and don’t forget “going the distance” from the rocky soundtrack, greatest psycheup song eve, lmao

  6. slept only 2 hours last night, and 13 total hours in the past 5 days (idk why)
    anyways, already got my run in, ive been pumped since i woke up at 2am lol
    listened to all types of genres on my morning run, eminem, jason mraz, skream, etc. and was thinking about our eagles/rams game

    its the nfl and anything can happen, of course
    i dont think we are unstoppable or will go undefeated or are a lock for a superbowl appearance
    but the optimism i portray is not to balance out the negativity on here, it’s really how passionate i feel as you do with your opinions
    but the thing is, i flat out believe in our team and franchise, and that we will win a ring (finally) within the next 2 seasons

    this rams game tho, people jumping on their bandwagon for making positive steps in the right direction, i applaud them thus far
    keep it real, were an upper-tier franchise and we win games in the regular season, to give ourselves a chance int he playoffs
    we didnt go out and add slouches, and no one improved their team (overall) more than we did
    i feel you on the ol and lb concerns, they are less concerns to me because we havent paid attention to ol and lb for awhile now
    the final 2 seasons of mcnabbs career here, his oline was suspect and he had no weapons, mcnabb/reid did a lot with a little
    the defense hasnt been the same since the great JJ, esp. at lb
    the only difference there really is at those positions (of concern), is that were going with a few rookies instead of veterans witha track record

    when the eagles come up, the media (including g. cobb at times) begin with “the dream team” or the “so-called dream team”
    and then they go on to discuss our ol/lb issues
    hmm…how are we at qb/rb/wr/te/dl/db
    other teams get the praise of having great staffs, what the hell do we have?
    reid, morningweg, washburn, mudd, april, lynn, and castillo has years put in (everyone has flaws)
    we have former players as position coaches and about as much talent across the board as the rest of the league
    (mainly, the packers/chargers/steelers/patriots – the top 5 teams in my eyes)
    regardless if you agree with my top 5 teams or anything else ive said…

    so what makes someone think that josh mcdaniels can work a miracle in 5 weeks?
    i love bradford, but ever heard of a sophomore slump?
    jason campbell had promise in washignton, but he’s had different off. coord. for most of his career (no, he’s not on bradford’s level, but that could affect the kid somewhat, it happens)
    were talking about the rams, a rebuilding franchise with a familiar face in spags, led by laurenitis
    who is in their secondary besides mikell? (i know, but do you or the media? lol)
    their d-line, long has promise but was not a force last season, so…their ebst d-lineman is their rookie quinn that has played as many downs as casey matthews?
    scheme? sure, they’ll overachieve a little bit

    i just hate empty statements or critiquing that is one-sided, not just eagles football
    what in the world makes you think this game will be even close?
    eagles speed in a dome (both sides of the ball)
    you dont even know your “new look eagles team”
    we have a shut down corner that will take the best wr away
    the best off-corner in football and the fastest nickel corner in football, theyre all pro bowlers
    d-line, cole has never had this much help, adding jenkins and babin makes our pressure consistently relentless
    ur beloved chaney racks up tackles, and one of my favs in coleman is doing so as well (15 tackles in final 2 games of the season, 11 in a preseason game)
    perhaps we run a little more, or throw some west coast quick passes more than usual to negate the blitz
    we are the best home run team in the league, even on the ground (mccoys long tds and vick, add ronnie brown to that list)

    34-17 philly is my prediction for week one, the rams will give a good effort at home, i do expect them to score early because our defense doesnt get off to that quick of a start, but we’ll see wont we

  7. Danny Watkins not active today. Your 1st round pick isnt good enough to be active on the opening day roster.lmao. I would like to know what other 1st round pick isnt active in the NFL. Out of all the other players you could of taken with that pick the Eagles pick a player, a friggin guard. who cant get on the field today. That scouting department has alot of questions to answer. To top that off I havent seen much from Jaquawn Jarrett eithier. I personally didnt hear his name not once this camp, Dont give me that rookie shit. We are starting a rookie at MLB and center.


  9. To Dag,
    Just fyi, the Packers Top Pick (OL Derreck Sherrod), who some eve had the Eagles selecting in various Mock Drafts) was inactive in the Packers Opener..
    Sherrod was a 3 year Starter at LT for Old Miss and was switched to LG by the Packers this Camp in hopes of him winning the Starters Spot, He did not and has stuggled similarly like Watkins has…

  10. Finally a turnover. Other than that run d looks…um…porous?

    Despite that one corner blitz…I think the oline looks fine. Vick has time on most throws.

    Vick has thrown into 2x coverage at least 2x (desean and avant in endzone) Better cut that crap out (doubtful)

  11. Paulman thanks for pointing out 2 to 3 teams whose 1st round picks are innactive today because of being behind. Is it to much to ask to be one of the othe 28 teams whose 1st round pick is active? Amazing how Kelce was in the same boat and is our starting center.

  12. you know…sometime the play (like to schmidt a second ago) are planned to allow the d line through….he hits schmidt and it goes for a while there drummer.

    but of greater worry (right now) than vick’s innacuracy is the run d….

  13. 2nd Timeout take with 8 minutes left in the 2nd Quarter..
    I see that Coach AR has really improved his time management… The EAgles have to be the worst team in the NFL in managing their time-outs versus clock management.. It’s beyond embarrassing anymore.. it’s kind of sad…

  14. Typical Eagles… Can’t ever put a team down and away..
    This team is a 9 Win Team and will struggle to reach the playoffs in my opinion

  15. Dont listen to paul, hes hoping vick fails… he must work for PETA lol…. Listen there going to have so lumps early but as this game progresses and the rest of this yr goes we ll see them improve… the biggest problem is this olines inability to block well consistently… and us not being able to stop the run consistently…

  16. Good stop Defense, now let’s execute the Eagle Offense and get a Score before the half and put some Pressure on these Rams..

  17. Eagles burn their final time with 3:34 left to go by halftime—
    I guess this team doesn’t know what a 2 minute drill is… Unbelievable

    Even last year, D-JAx only returned about 1/4 of the Punts kicked his way,
    He wither fair-caught or let roll out of bounds or into the end-zone.. He’s not going to jepordize himself returning kicks too often..

  18. Were looking sloppy today yes but these things can be corrected… this is gonna be a week to week thing where as they play more and more together the better they will be…

  19. Vinnie

    I will save that last quote. Then, I’ll show you what every writer covering this game says. I guarantee you, none will be in agreement with you. You’re only showing your bias.

  20. Looks like some of predfictions earlier are coming thru

    Texans 34- Colts 0
    BIlls 20 – Chiefs 0
    Jags 10 – Titans 0
    Bears 16 – Falcons 3
    Browns 14 – Bengals 13

    Ravens 21- Steelers 7

  21. u guys think that a QB should go thru a game sans sacks. Gimmie a break.

    Nice throw to avant there…must have been the pressure

    another great pass to celek in traffic…must have been the pressure

  22. Colts just may be the worst team in the NFL without P Manning and would be
    about a .500 team with him anyways.. Their window of opportunity has closed
    and they will probably go back to 20 years of bad teams ifor the Colts..

  23. This is what a TE like Donald Lee would do his damage.. Why is D-Jax even out there once the Eagles get within thr 25 yard line for he’s no threat down that close.. ..

  24. Last 2 Drives in the red-zone and only yielded 3 Points and this my friends is why the Eagles will not beat the good teams or contend for the Suer Bowl..



  27. we could have gotten plaxico for less than we signed steve smith for. i’m just saying. but once again Andy knows better than any of us. Our red zone sucked because we didn’t have a big receiver. We all knew this, but once again stupid ass FO and AR

  28. wasn;t a “low ball” it was a toos to the corner. OVER the DB. A taller WR would have had a better chance.

    But keep defending your boy. He’s a SOLID 11 of 26 with a TD and a fumble.


  30. the drafting of Matthews would have mde sense IF they had kept Bradley. Then he could have learned on the bench for a year.

    Putting him in to start yr 1 seems to have been a mistake…but I’ll wait for a few more games to make that call. He puts on 10lbs for next year and should be ok. You can;t just dismiss his lineage.

  31. There goes the theory of being to small in the redzone. If you cant cover Jackson on crossing patterns in the middle of the field I guess in the redzone is the same theory.


  33. was a good play….but you guys get all juiced by guys like Billick screaming, “you don;t know how hard that is a QB making that throw when rolling left!!!!”

    Except that Vick is left handed. I’ve already seen 3 other qbs make that same play today. a roll out and toss to a crossing wr. Amazing. Only Vick!!.

  34. I show up all the time. And I probably had/have more faith in the Birds in this game than u did. I’ve got some $$ on them to cover the 4.

    That being said….this run d, time management, and QB play will not beat any good team in any important game.

    Not the biggest fan of our probowl corners not turning their heads defending passes wither.

  35. I live in Atlanta and don’t have Sunday ticket. Didn’t feel like going out. So, I’m listening on the radio and monitoring several sites. In all of this, Vinnie is the ONLY ONE who has nothing but negative things to say about Vick. Everyone is saying the O line was playing terribly, while Vinnie claimed they were playing well. It’s funny how losing your sight can help you to see.

  36. theres a reason his parents named him a gender neutral name like casey. because he’s a hermaphrodite. but i’m not surprised, this is exactly how he played at oregon. but according to vinnie the victor, schill, and andy reid, you can’t pass by lineage. i bet you all have never heard of ginnie slew? it was a horse at parx race track, and she sucked. she was the daughter of seattle slew but according to schill and victor and andy reid she was the greatest filly of all time with a record of 0 for 63

  37. I’ll say this…even if we win this game…Playing with Matthews is like having 10 defensive players on the field.

    I have watched him closely and something must be done with the guy immediately!

  38. and as far as “only say good things” buisness drummer. Just to confirm…

    You can write “òur o-line is killing us“ (when it isn;t really) but if I point out our QB is at about a Ryan Leaf like 45% completion rate….that`s off limits.

  39. i knew this as soon as they named him our starter before week 1. i swear this team should hire me and get rid of joe banner. i’ll have us at the superbowl in 3 years.

  40. 1. vinnietheevictor says:
    October 26, 2010 at 5:58 pm
    One question.
    As you know I am a Kolb supporter. I think he’s the guy the Eagles’ should roll with and I’ve spent enough time explainging why.

  41. I was clear. The Redskins game was a mirage against a team that didn`t tey…the other good games were against a young Det, and a last ranked Houston D that everyone threw for 300+ against.

    I said CLEARLY that vick will fall back to his mid 50s completion % and that his int and fumble /s will return to his career averages.

    He`s currently at about 45% and a fumble. But its the olines fault.

    He can run fast though!!!! How EXCITING!!!!!!

  42. vinnie the victor is the type of “fan” that gives guys like me no credibility for legitimately hating moves. i’ve been hating the matthews move before preseason and i’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs for a damn OT…

  43. drummer you should have seen this tackle on the kick returner. the eagle tackled him like 10 seconds before he had the ball and the guy even called for a fair catch.

  44. i think reid is good for throwing qb’s but he can’t protect them. everyone loves his draft picks but i hate them. shit falls in his lap too and everyone praises him. mccoy and djax were both 1st round talent and i wish i had recordings of me saying we should draft them in the first round. they were no brainer picks. the only thing i give reid credit for is realizing that oakland blew the draft by taking heyward bay so maclin fell further than he should have. everything else was shit though. andy moves up for a DE when the best safety was available… i just don’t even want to get into it. he’s so stupid. so misguided. i’ll give him credit, he can band aid a team but if we drafted like belicheck we would dominate

  45. Thanks, run. I’ll see it when I download the game. The best part of that is there are no commercials, but there’s nothing like the live action. I found a stream, but the buffer was grossly inadequate.

  46. I dont want to hear shit from Reid and Castille about Matthews did some good things. Bullshit. He sucks. Chaney isnt to far behind him. Its a disservice to the fans and the team to have Matthews remain out there.

  47. how the hell do you go into a season knowing full well that you need an OT and draft NONE? how the hell do you go into a season with a rookie at the most important position on defense? we’ve got bill gates as our middle line backer.

  48. I’m glad to see this team struggle early. I believe they were reading their own press clippings. What’s up with Nnamdi saying they were ready to dominate? He’s a veteran and should know better. Anyway, better to get punched in the mouth now, than in December.

  49. Did anyone notice the change in the game’s complexion since we started running the ball? Haven’t heard about Vick getting hit. It’d be nice to have a relatively healthy QB in December and January.


  51. See that’s what some people just don’t get about running the ball. It’s not just about offensive productivity; it’s also about keeping your QB healthy.

    Often QBs get hit even though they’ve completed a pass. But they rarely (if ever) get hit on running plays.

  52. Y I liked just several things..,,

    O line with 4 guys in new spotsérooks played well…shady good….d line nice…….

    run d
    Pass D early (lots of drops by stl)
    QB…..not as ùnstoppable`as he thinks he is

  53. our defense looks like the 80’s. Weve hurt 3 players including Bradford (not that I wish injury against someone); it’s just good to see our defense start to punish our opponents.

  54. Songs, just because you requested, I’m pasting the post with your game prediction:

    “Schill…you’re right.

    Our offensive line is good to go.

    Eagles are a 3 point favorite…

    I’m going on record right now …paste it.

    Rams will pull out the same scheme used to slow us up compliments of the Giants who showed others how to play against our defense.

    Notice, when teams got the blueprint..we lost down the stretch.

    The key?

    send an extra passrusher every play so the tight end and/or running back is taken out of the the passing game.

    and line the safties a little off to take away the big play while the middle linebacker spy Vick.

    Field position opportunities are limited with the kickoffs moved up…so teams will take away the big play to force Vick to methodically go up the field 80 yards.

    This plays into their hands…So?

    So, the rams can play their power running game with play action against our aggreessive front four and will exploit Matthews and our safties in the middle.

    Look for a game of keep away by the Rams in hops of pulling it out in the end.

    Rams will win game one 24-20

    This will be the wake up call needed to move Chaney in the middle and promote Rolle for the linebackers and place Jamaal Jackson in the middle and move Kelce in Watkins spot.

    Our opening game last year made Reid adjust his thinking concerning Kolb and I really think a reality check will come if we drop this game against the Rams.

    Yes, I would love for the young guys on the line to get experience….but at what expense?

    If we drop winable games in the beginning of the season….would that be worth them getting experience?

    The answer to that is no.

    Right now the Eagles should caution on the side of experience and slowly work the guys who are not game tested into the line later after more practices, watching the vets handle game day.

    If Watkins showed us anything this preseason then maybe the support would be there…but he have done nothing to show he’ll be ready for a full dose of top NFL tackles..and that will translate to Vick not having a pocket to step up into….and with an extra guy flying in every play? Mistakes!

    Fumbles and interceptions…it starts at the line of scrimmage.

    Losses is the only thing Reid responds to.

    Every team will follow the same blueprint that lead to our lackluster play going into the playoffs, leading to our earlt exit.

    Starting with Rams.

    This loss will not be on Vick….

    Watch the offensive line”

  55. U can;t put all that crappy run D on matthews. ALso look at the 1st half pass D with looked pretty bad…lucky Rams had the dropsies…then Nnamdi with the pass int in endzone not turning head….

    Not all on matthews

  56. Rocko – This should be interesting.

    I’m surprised at how little talk there’s been about Kolb, considering all the support he had after his benching and the way in which he was traded. Also, because he has the game’s best receiver to work with, I thought I’d read a number of bold predictions.

    Not even Paul has made mention of Kolb (that I know of).

  57. he`s playing carolina…if he has a good game it won;t mean much…kinda like if vick has a good game against STL…its stl so that won`t really mean any…….um…..

    I figure Kolb will put up better numbers than 45% 2 tds and a turnover, but that I suppose is a pretty low bar.

  58. omg omg omg
    were gonna lose against the rams
    were not good enough and will draft andrew luck with the first pick of the draft

    or how bout you man up to your asinine statements
    or admit ur trolls
    1-0 great, thats what the realist/smart football ppl expected
    great to have our eagles back in meaningful action, now onto the atl

  59. a win is not a win rocko. A win is nice….but if you didn;t see a Shiotty STL team shredding our run-d, torching our `dream`corners early, wasting timeouts, and having a qb trow for 45% then you`re sugarcoating what will come back and bit us in the ass when it counts.

    Now I think 2 of those 4 things can be fixed (CBs and run D) but I don;t have a lot of faith in the other 2 (time mgmt and QB)…you know whyÉ Because they`ve been problems for a decade each.

    You might not like it but its true….so the Birds can overcome that against stl, but what about GB….NE….NYJ……..

    On another note….how can steve Smith (stl) be standing alone with no DB within 15 yrds…..its steve smith…they have no one else. weird.

  60. vinnie – you are 100% wrong – a win IS an win. They don’t say at the end of the regular season, “lets pick the 6 most perfect teams in both conferences and let them into the playoffs”. It’s based of WINS. Not pretty wins, WINS.

    A WIN IS A WIN. You can nitpick and wish for more perfection all you want, but a win is most certainly a win.

  61. drummer – what’s your point about that? That he should be fired because of no superbowl wins? If that’s your point, please tell me how you can replace him with a different coach, where making that move INCREASES your chances of making the superbowl. That’s all the team will factor into the decision. And I don’t see how a team that gets consistently close would risk not getting consistently close.

  62. Herremans looks like he played RT for the past 10yrs, Very impressive and that safety Page is a beast, they better not even think about putting Allen in when hes healthy

  63. This team has won in spite of Reid, not because of him. We’ve had some great players who have carried us. This trend continues. Reid’s play calling get’s his QBs killed. His game-day coaching is legend even by the announcers who live him. He generally ignores at least one position each year that kills our teams. His philosophy that he didn’t need great players because he had a great system prevented us from winning a bowl when we had a legitimate shot. Had we done all in immediately following the T.O. debacle we’d have a trophy. Doing stupid things like trading down to grab Kolb was idiotic. That’s like trading Shady McCoy for draft choices 3 years form now. It made no sense. Reid’s an idiot! If that offends you, Schiller, I couldn’t care less. You’re an idiot and a jerk too, beatch!

  64. drummer – It doesn’t offend me one bit. I’m not a reid fan. I do think that a lot of the criticism of him is over the top and unwarranted. And it’s clear that you’re a reid hater. You have beef with him and it’s emotional.

  65. 31-13 and we’re talking about the ragime and nit picking.Suspect on many levels.X’s o’s…?Come on. Its a marathon. Look wtf happen to Atl..Frauds.

    Good…Mike is again..moving along into elite status as a gunslinger.And he takes whatever lanes the d gives him,safe.

    more good…Shady

    Bad…stop wit hthe fuggin penalties on D…they shoulda finished with 10 points.

    On too Falcs.

    Oline grade? B- ….good second half.They coached em up and made some nice adjustments.Kelce looks really athletic and seemed to be poised late.

    Pay Snax….WTF Banner..get your leather bound check book out will ya.

  66. Yeah, football is an emotional sport, but my emotions are supported by facts that aren’t over the top. Only Reid would insist that he could throw more passes than any coach in NFL history while using less than mediocre receivers and still win a bowl. Only Reid would insist on throwing the ball while averaging 6 yards a carry. Only Reid would watch his team drive down the field late in a championship playoff game, have his beast tackle tell him that he “owned” his man and to keep running, then call a pass which gets picked off.

    There are a ton of reasons, and I’m not the only fan who feels this way. I know you think you’re smarter than the average bear, and you probably are smarter than a bear, but your smart-ass attitude makes you unbearable.


  67. drummer – sorry I push your buttons. But if you philosophical opinion differs from Reid’s THAT much – that it interferes with you enjoying an Eagles win in the moment… that’s a shame. A DAMN shame. Get out of the past. We’re 1 and 0.

    And don’t let me piss you off that much either, I don’t think I’m ‘smarter than the average bear’. I don’t think about my own intelligence level when I’m talking Eagles at all. I just post my opinions and admittedly, often my opinions are about negadelphia/haters/and what I see as unfair or baseless criticism.

    But seriously drummer, it saddens me to think that the Eagles are a good football team, they just one a game. And despite that, you’re upset and angry. It’s a shame that what ever it is that pisses you off so much about Reid, the lack of superbowls, and apparently me, get’s in the way of you enjoying your favorite football team. I hope that turns around for you.

  68. TFYI the Cardinals-Panthers game is on down here and Kolb has looked pretty good. so far. I thought it was interesting to see that Cardinals LB Stewart Bradley is not a Starter for them.. He’s dressed and not injured but listed as a back-up to a 10 Year Veteran Journeymen player named Paris Lenon at Right Inside LB in the Cards Base 3-4 Defense.

  69. Giants getting smoked. And to my black brothers on gcobb. How many white stiffs play qb in the nfl. Bradford stinks. Manning stinks. Damn I cant blame youyou for some of your statements. Pathetic qb play

  70. Eli is bad. Always has been…perhaps worst superbowl winning QB ever.

    You are right though…there are some white QBs that do not get criticized, and you named 2 of them….but does it cut both ways?? There are african american QBs that people seem afraid of also criticizing (esp if they have had some success).

    Ex: the last week on tv all talking heads surprised that Garrard was cut….Garrard stinks and everyone knows it…yet teveryone on tv feigns surprise…….why??
    How could Shanahan bench McNabb for Grossman….well……perhaps grossman is better….(today)
    Vick is a mediocre Qb for a decade, yet is regarded everywhere as a superstar beyond reproach….can’t be criticized. (favre syndrom??)

  71. The giants look awful. How the hell did Eli win a SB? I was hoping we would be 2-1 after the first 3 but I could easily see us beating the Falcons. The have no D capable of stopping us. Their pass rush has been an issue for years and I don’t think signing an overrated DE will help them. On top of that, I don’t think Vick will let himself get beat in Atlanta…I mean Kolb destroyed them last year so if he better beat them.

  72. Paulman you are the biggest white stiff but if your name was manning instead of mancini you could play qb in the nfl

  73. This black/white thing about Qbs that keeps getting brought up is so lame..If you play like crap your going to get criticized regardless of what color you are..Let the race BS go. Its annoying

  74. I tell you what.. I stated this in the Pre-Season and I will say it again
    Panthers QB Cam Newton is the real deal and has a very bright future ahead of him.. He is much further along on the mental part of the game anbout reacting to Defenses, check downs, making the the touch throws and commanding an NFL huddle than maybe any Rookie QB I have ever seen come into the NFL.. I am usually not that impressed with players who are of hyped up so much in College, but this kid can play and reminds me a lot of a young Culpepper/McNabb but is much futrther along at the mastering the art of QB at the NFL level that what those guys were when they started out.. I think he will end up revolutionizing the QB Position similar to what Randall Cunningham did 20 years ago…

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