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Packers Still Top Team In NFC, But Bears May Be Closing

Here are my Top 10 teams in the NFC after week one. It’s early and it’ll take a few weeks to get a better read on some of these teams. Tell me what you think about my selections.

#1) Green Bay Packers 1-0 (The best all-around team until proven otherwise)
#2) Chicago Bears 1-0 (Manhandled the Falcons in probably the best all-around performance by an NFC Team in opening week)
#3) Detroit Lions 1-0 (Won a road game against a quality opponent who won 10 games last year in Tampa Bay)
#4) Washington Redskins 1-0 (Beat their NFC East Rival at home by 2 TD’s, a good start for a team that is going to be much better than many think)
#5) Philadelphia Eagles 1-0 (A sluggish start, but finished strong to win on the road kind of easily)
#6) New Orleans Saints 0-1 (Lost to the Super Bowl Champs,on the road, but still had a chance to tie the game at the very end of the game.. )
#7) San Francisco 49ers 1-0 (Beat last years NFC West Division Winner , the Seahawks, pretty easily which may not be saying much,but they still got a much needed win)
#8) Arizona Cardinals 1-0 (Kolb played well in his debut and they came back to win against a improved and pesky PAnther team at home)
#9) Dallas Cowboys 0-1 (Played well in a hostile environment up at the Jets up until the last 10 minutes of the game..Romo 2 turnovers sealed the deal)
#10) Minnesota Vikings 0-1 (Played well the 1st Half on the road against a quality team in San Diego) on Facebook

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31 Comments for “Packers Still Top Team In NFC, But Bears May Be Closing”

  1. Washington over the Eagles? Not till they lose to a bad team or the Skins beat on ESPN…..C’MON MAN..

  2. Paulman cant put Detroit and the Skins in front of us. They are improving but clearly will not be better then the birds this year.

  3. Paul, you’re only basing this off of 1 game right? you realize that’s silly right?

  4. My Initial Rankings are just that, Rankings after the 1st week of Competiton for NFC Teams… I don’t buy into the hype from Pre-Season Magazines,Radio Shows, Blog pundits, on who are the best teams, and where they will end up at the end of the Season. It is a Snap-Shot of this Opening week for the NFC Teams..

    I chose the following teams over the Eagles for very easy reasons
    The Bears pumelled the Falcons who won 13 games last year
    The Lions won on the road over the TB Bucs who won 10 games last year
    The Redskins beat their NFC Rvals Giants by 2 TD’s and a team that won 9 games last year

    These Wins were all more impressive than the Eagles beating a team with only 7 wins last year who lost their best player after 2 Rushes..
    My Rankings will be updated weekly and it’s all about the here and now, not expepectations from the media, or pundits.. As always, I will continue to call them as a I see them, whether it’s good,bad or indifferent… thank you..

  5. No it’s not silly Schiller,
    It will be updated every week by the teams actual performance not by expectations,predictions,hype,etc,etc.. What’s silly is annointing teams to win the Super Bowl that have not taken 1 snap yet and that have 20 new players on their team, with a new Coaching Staff with new Schemes, now that’s silly..
    Time will tell and the best way for a team to move up the rankings is to take care of business on Sundays and every team, no matter who it is, has that opportunity to do so..

  6. Schiller, see that’s exactly what I mean. I don’t agree with Paulman’s rankings but rankings are done each week by almost every notable organization that follows sports, regardless of how “silly” it is. It might be silly but that is what fans do. And it will always be what fans do.

  7. Wow does this f’n clown continue to get “airtime” on Does he have pictures of a naked Garry Cobb? WTF is going on? This article is ridiculous and if fans from other sites would come on here they would mock us like crazy. SMFH.

  8. And your going against EVERYTHING you just said in terms of basis for your argument by putting a team that is 0-1 ahead of teams that are 1-0. If it’s a week to week thing, there is no way a team that hasn’t won a game THIS year should be ahead of a team that has won a game THIS year. Moron.

  9. Paul disagree….

    1. Green Bay
    2. Chicago
    3. Eagles
    4. NO
    5. Detroit
    6. Wash
    7. Ariz

    Don’t really see how Washington is ranked ahead of us on your board. They beat the Giants but the giants aren’t anything special. Same thing with Detroit. I think rankings this early in the season do have to take in consideration expectations until enough games have been played. After that then you can look at head to head matchups, etc.. But beating the Bucs or Giants doesn’t make you a top team in the NFC after the first week. As long as the top teams before week 1 won their games then they most likely don’t lose that spot to a team that was crap last year until that team starts beating more quality opponents and you lose. Just my thoughts.

  10. Birdo, I agree that his rankings are a bit off. Paulman is pretty funny to me though. In one thread, he’s telling people how the Eagles will get upset then another one saying how everyone should just rally around the team and then put crappy teams ahead of them because they beat another crappy team. Again, more stuff from Paul to ignore.

  11. This ranking is hilarious.

    Well, Paulman if you are looking to get responses dumb rankings like this should do it.

  12. Scorp – thank you for pointing it out real time so we have examples for our ongoing discussion (I mean no sarcasm in that, straight up). In this case, I see my comment above as just a response in a conversation – i don’t see anything wrong with it. I have a next response ready, which will be my next post under this unless someone else posts one in the meantime. I think you’ll find it supports my first one. And that’s the back and forth of discussion. That’s all.

  13. yea, the Giants aren’t what they were last year…too many injuries to starting defensive players…Cowboys lost but I’d put them ahead of Washington in any rankings…I dont think you can rank all of the teams based on who they played last year….some teams lost to quality teams, don’t think that the loss means they are worst than a team that may have won yesterday…

    My list….

    1) green bay
    2) bears
    3) eagles
    4) Saints
    6) Detroit
    7)Tamba Bay
    8) Arizona
    10) 49ers

  14. My thoughts, for what they’re worth:

    1) Comments from one blog entry do not constitute another blog entry. Stop it.

    2) A single sentence per team that doesn’t cover or justify your ranking methodology doesn’t cover it, so don’t get over sensitive if someone doesn’t agree with you.

    3) About the 49ers: Just because the Seahawks were playoff contenders last year doesn’t mean that the Niners even played a good game. The “blowout” of theirs was ugly every step of the way, and required a record special teams day. This team won’t win against a team with any Offense of note.

    4) The Cowboys are better than the Niners and the Cards. If the methodology is based solely on strength of competition, they held the Jets in check for 51 minutes. See (3) on the Niners, and barely beating the worst team in the league last year justifies a position in the top 10?

    5) An argument for the Eagles being higher than the Redskins: the Giants are severely hobbled and played the ‘Skins close for the first half. The skins had home field advantage in a very emotional situation for both cities. I’m not sure that the Skins could do what they did again, but I’ll concede they did play well enough to justify their ranking.

    6) I’m not saying that you shouldn’t post stuff like this, just make it something that you can’t read in the comments for someone else’s post, or add something to it to justify the reader’s time.

  15. Paul, I actually appreciate your criteria explanation above. But what you are not counting (and what I meant by saying you’re only taking 1 game into account) is how the team played last year – context. For example – Detroit – they won a whopping 4 games last year (albeit their last four). So yes, they’re improving, definitely (heck I have Best and Stafford in fantasy). I’m even a fan of their progress. They’re on the up and up – no doubt. But you have to look at context – the Eagles have been a consistent winner for years and are flat out a better team than Detroit. Same thing goes for Washington – they were terrible last year, and for many now, and then they win one game, and yes look good, but you put them ahead of a team that one their division last year and won again this week.

    Tha’s my point.

  16. Like your rankings Scorp
    Let me ask you something, If the Eagles beat the Giants by 2 TD’s yesterday
    instead of the Rams, Don’t you think 90% of the Posters on here would be claiming a Super Bowl or undefeated season for the Eagles..and somehow the Redksins beat them and all of a sudden,it doesn’t seem to mean or count for much ….

  17. And paul, I agree about the superbowl piece – no team or fans should be talking superbowl in week one. Not at all. Period.

  18. My fault, forgot to include Dallas (Detroit doesn’t make my top 10)

    1) green bay
    2) bears
    3) eagles
    4) Saints
    6) Dallas
    7)Tampa Bay
    8) Arizona
    9) Minnesota
    10) Detroit

  19. Paulman why are you posting and continue to post on this site when you are clearly NOT an eagles fan? Don’t you have your “St. Louis sources” to contact?? I’m surprised you didnt make 3rd person references to yourself on the post.. wow

  20. Birdo; Hilarious man! lololol. I actually have some medical homework to do and said i wasn’t going to respond til sunday this week because I have 3 exams this week, but man that was hilarious!. How in the heck is he gettin airtime?! Scorp, I agree more along the lines of your rankings and the only reason I would rate the bears ahead of us is because of last years team and their defense is still top notch. Pauly i haven’t any words for your rankings…Ridiculous man, just plain ridiculous.

  21. Scorps rankings are way closer to the truth. Paulman not by expectations and hype? Thats funny, you blow more hot air than anyone. Thats all your about, worthless information, stats and terms, like you know something nobody else does. You remind me of wheels from the phillies. You should go back and read some of your postings from last week. Here’s my list for biggest doushe in the room
    1) pualman. go back to the panthers room and annoy the shit out of them. Or make up a list based on truth and not your misguided perception of what you think you know. Never mind that’s never gonna happen.

  22. Oh what da heck, I’ll jump in –

    1 GB
    2 PHI
    3 NO
    4 CHI
    5 ATL
    6 DET
    7 ARI
    8 WAS

  23. So to summarize, Paul’s rankings aren’t based on hype they’re based on results against teams assumed to be good based on hype.

  24. Shiller…exceptable.

    Paul you picked the Braves two years in a row .

    Why the heck does anyone care about POWERRANKINGS right now?

    The Pack are the best team right now.Done.Talk to me in 3weeks about the rest.



  26. tech triumph – ha, great point.

    J hart – why – to do what? take snaps away from our skill position guys who are better then him? You’re allowed to have crushes, but they should NOT have signed that injury prone overrated (if anybody besides you still rates him high) diva.

  27. waste of time, no team will be the same in week 8 or 14 as they were in week one.
    nonetheless everyone wants to rank, ill just rank the elite teams that actually matter
    gb/phi/chi, simple as that

    it sure is fun to watch thomas brady operate on MNF, brady>manning although they are 1a/1b and interchangeable, so it doesnt matter whos better theyre both greats

  28. Couple of Season ending Injuries to report

    Panthers lose MLB J Beason to a Torn Achilles and is out for the Season
    (back-up Dan Connor will replace him and Omar Gaither now moves into a back-up role)
    KC Chiefs lose Safety Eric Berry for the season after a left knee torn ACL
    (Sabby Piscitelli is the back-up… Yikes..)
    SD Chargers lose Kicker Nat e KAeiding to a torn ligaments in his left knee..
    (He was my Fantasy Kicker too…)
    SD Chargers lost DE Luis Castillo for 6-8 weeks with broken tibia in his leg
    Steelers lost Starting LT Willie Colon for the Season with a Torn Tricep

  29. Detroit and Washington? This is the DUMBEST rankings ever! sure wish I could make a few bets with you on a regular basis.
    BTW, if our DBs stay healthy, we are the ONLY team in the NFC who can match up with GB and NO when they go 4 WRs…

  30. My rankings-

    1- Schiller
    2- Wmonell

    Top 3 condescending, argumentative, brainless, stubborn, stepford zombie, @$$#oles on here. Leave Paul alone you idiots. He clearly said it’s after week 1 rankings. Let him have his fun. Argue, argue, argue, disagree, disagree, disagree! Your all like a bunch of scorned f^@#ing ex- wives. Get a f^@#ing life!

  31. Tech, hahaha! LMAO!! Very funny.

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