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Mike Kafka Takes All The First Team Reps

I remember all the days and hours during the lockout that Eagles second-year backup quarterback Mike Kafka spend on the field at Evesham Township throwing balls to Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant and whomever was willing to run routes and catch the football.

It proved to be worth it the other night when he stepped into the game like a season veteran. He may get the chance to show his skills again this week against the New York Giants.

Kafka took all of the first team reps according to sources close to the football team.

Vince Young worked out and did the quarterback drills as well but it was Kafka who worked with the first team offense as they starting practicing for their big game against the Giants. Young seems to be still nursing the hamstring and I don’t think he can run a full speed yet.

They allow the media to look at the first ten minutes of practice, so we got the chance to see them go through the individual drills. At the beginning of practice, Vick was wearing his baseball hat with his sweatsuit, as he tossed the football in his hands while standing on the side looking at the action.

I still think that Vick could be the guy behind center when the Eagles start the game on Sunday afternoon.

Three players missed practice: DE Juqua Parker (ankle), DE Darryl Tapp (pectoral), QB Michael Vick (concussion)

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17 Comments for “Mike Kafka Takes All The First Team Reps”

  1. crossing fingers…..

  2. Loved the opening line for this article….but shouldn’t there have been someone else’s name there instead of Mike Kafka??

  3. Just hoping we get out of Sept. 2-2. We do that we’ll be fine.

  4. Rocko will be disappointed, according to him “Kafka sucks and he wants vince young” lol… Vince Young is overrated.

  5. Eagles stink

  6. Giants 27 Eagles 17.

  7. suck my balls you giants fag

  8. Unfortunately for you EaglesSuck, they don’t award 6 points for Eli’s interceptions.

  9. Who said I was a Giants fan you ball licking non championship bastards. You fools are pathetic with these blog sites trying to figure out why your team sucks. Your lack of a championship drives you nuts and your sorry asses are afraid to admit it. You bitches remind me of a battered house wife… She keeps getting her ass kicked but yet she still comes home to daddy!… so before you clowns talk shit win a championship first faggots!

  10. Is this the Big Fan who is a Parking Lot attendant in the City that never Sleeps.. Get a life pal…

  11. There’s only 3 games in September jimmy mac. The Giants are struggling with injuries right now. Dominic Hixon went down Monday night with a torn ACL–he ‘s out for the season. Mario Manningham got a concussion don’t know what his condition will be; Osi probably won’t be playing; Aaron Ross is now the primary punt returner for the Giants.

  12. Hey Eagles suck–do you know how long the NFL has been around? Longer than the SB–so yes, the Eagles do have NFL championships–not the SB, but they do have 3 championships.

  13. Let him loose, & see what he can do against this pathetic Giants secondary! Rolle gets burned for at least 2 Td’s this week! Put $$$ on it!

  14. EaglesSuck, let me guess, your a Cowgirl fan, living in Philly, getting ready to bring up & bask in the glory of your past SB’s. Or maybe the next best team who wins! Your nothing but a bang wagon jumping, f^#@ing loser! Go suck on a tail pipe, & rid the world of your existence!! Don’t bother replying, because I only argue with my fellow Eagles fans, whether they are delusional, misguided, stepfords or not!

  15. Nice gob dcar , even though Schiller, et. al are delusional misguided “step fords” they are ours nonetheless

  16. Jake, yeah, unfortunately! LMFBO!

  17. good one Jake… ha ha

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