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Eagles Must Matchup Asomugha On Vernon Davis

With running back Frank Gore ailing with a sore ankle, the San Francisco 49ers have one outstanding weapon on their offense and he’s their tight end, Vernon Davis, 6’4″ 250 pounds. Davis is a freak of nature who ran under a 4.4 yard forty-yard dash at the NFL Combine while weighing well over 250 pounds. He’s the 49ers deep threat.

The Eagles can’t have their linebackers trying to cover Davis. They must matchup Nmandi Asomugha on him. They should put the cornerback on Davis in every passing situation. The former Oakland cornerback doesn’t have the size to muscle Davis, but he’s got the height and quickness to shadow him step for step.

“He’s fast, he’s got good hands, he runs good routes, and they use him in that way, they use him as a third wide receiver”, Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo said yesterday. “So he’s very explosive.”

Every chance they get they’ve got to match either Asomugha or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie against Davis. I would rather have Davis outmuscling the Eagles cornerbacks for catches in the short area rather than have him beating the Eagles linebackers and safeties deep for big plays.

This defense has been getting beaten by big plays and that must stop. There’s no way they should let San Francisco’s inept offense move the ball on them.

The Birds have been torched by quality tight ends for years now. The Eagles defense must do everything they can to keep the ball out of Davis’ hands because he’s the only offensive weapon on the Niners that can beat them. on Facebook

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20 Comments for “Eagles Must Matchup Asomugha On Vernon Davis”

  1. agreed. Lets try and stop this zone crap and play some man to man. Our D line is good enough to get things done. Our CB’s (minus asam) are tough enough to keep tabs on the WR’s. Play these fools tight and make them throw Asam’s way. Keep a SS back to cover and blitz the F.S. lets give this a try.

  2. G you are going to have stop making sense, because this obviously is the season of absurdity with Andy Reid.

  3. I love the logic – some dude named Cruz makes asam look bad twice – and now, let’s give him Vernon Davis….. and then RTB talks about Reid and absurdity….

    but hey – I actaully agree and would like to see the Eagles get all the big 3 CBs on the field at the same time. (I can’t hurt at this point right?) DRC and Samuel shoul dbe able to take the WRs out – get some pass rush – I read Gore is banged up – anyone confirm?

  4. navyeaglefan — you usually make sense, which is why I don’t understand your comment.

    Cruz made Nnamdi look like crap? I didn’t know Nnamdi pressed him at the line and still allowed him to score. I didn’t know Nnamdi was playing man to man on Cruz all game. Shocking.

  5. G,
    The Eagles figure the 49ers will figure Nammdi will cover Davies. They will fool the 49ers by having Nnamdi line up over him, but Nnamdi will spy Alex Smith while Nate Allen and his injured knee cover Davis.

    They are soooo smart! Nobody would figure the Eagles would use the injured player to shut down the most athletic guy on the field.

  6. BoB – Bob – I never said 24 had Cruz man to man – I never said he had him in prss coverage – I am perfeclty capable of putting my own words to print please don’t do it for me- I said Cruz made 24 look bad twice – Cruz made a move on NM and made him look silly when he tried to tackle him – sure, he did it to Coleman first – but 24 is a professional DB in the NFL and should be able to tackle (and Coleman gets to sit this week) but that was make Nm look bad one time,

    and the second – 24 was on Cruz, hitting Cruz, touching Cruz, and Cruz went up over him, took the ball away and made him look bad a second time. Look at the pictures – no one can explain to me how it would have been different when Cruz outjumped him and took the ball from him if they were in zone or man – or press or nickel or dime or max blitz or anything else – 1 on 1 – Cruz took the ball – I had never heard of Cruz before last Sunday – you with me…. So that is where I got the Cruz made him look bad 2 times on Sunday.

    Now – this – he ain’t playin the press like he did in Oakland – and Andy is trying to change him, and he plays left now he needs to play right stuff – that’s the no nothing nonsense you get from the wanna be bobbleheads that think they know something on this site – the D called placed 24 right to where the pass was going – there are picutres of it on the article – press coverage, zone coverage, I got a boner in my shorts coverage – Cruz took the ball from 24 – plain and simple, 24 got beat. Against the Rams – both the big plays the completion adn the PI – 24 was in man.

    I have nothing against 24 – I think he is a great CB – I found it ‘ironic’. If 24 can’t tackle Cruz, and can’t ‘outjump’ Cruz – why a week later would we be writing an article about him covering someone I consider to be a much better player and athlete then Cruz…..

    So that’s where I am coming from. Ironic – makes me chuckle in a sad we got our butts kicked last week way

  7. But thanks for say8ng I usually make sense – appreciate that – I don’t get much fan mail as my populist Go EAGLES approach is not well rcvd here.

    But that said – I agree with the article – we need to get all 3 CBs on the field – to Quote songs in a positive way – get our impact players (I always mellow out on Fridays) D players on the field.

  8. Navy you’re a hater and don’t have any clue what you’re talking about. Go back to your little boys club football.

  9. Well, I think there’s a ot to learn Vis-a-vis Nnamdi this season.

    Is he a great DB, or was he a good DB on a terrible team? WHen I attack defences (yes youth footy – not nfl) I don’t necessarily avoid the other teams’s best….I attack the weakest area of the other team….

    So when Nnamdi was never thrown at….was it because he was so terrifically awesome, or did opposing coaches feel the best strategy was to attack the other scrubs (can you name them???) This is much like Samuel last year….was he so tremendously awesome, or did teams just attack Julio because he was beyond terrible?

    We’ll find out more about Nnamdi as the season rolls on…..

  10. jeez….after work drinks and my spelling goes to shite…….spellcheck much?

  11. run – thanks for the friday night laugh. The hater calling the supporter a hater….ah… it doesn’t get any better than that.


  13. There’s a reason everybody wanted us to get him…because he’s extremely good at what he does. D’angelo Hall was basically dumped by Oakland due to being torched by teams being afraid to throw to Nnamdi’s side. Ask Roddy White if he’s good.

  14. schiller, go back to school, read up some, run is not a hater, he is a believer in better things to come if this fo decides to rid itself of the failure of reid, navy is a hater, a hater of truth, figure it out.

  15. good analysis vinnie, I am not impressed with this guy’s name I can’t pronounce, his play through 3 games stinks, you may be on to something

  16. Asomugha is good but our failed offensive line coach don’t know how to use him.

    He claimed he would use him similar to Charles Woodson..he’s a damn idiot!

    Charles Woodson is used from intermediate to close to the line becuase his speed is not what use to be when he was a shutdown corner. Asmo is a Sutdown corner! Put him pressed.
    If JJ had this same talent we’d be undefeated with a top 10 defense.

    Matthews ass would have been on the bench.

    and we’d be talking Superbowl.

    What was wrong with actually hiring a damn defensive coordinator?

  17. run – have agreat weekend – could you be more specific or just in my general life? Are you a life coach – cna I consult with you for how to lead a happy, healthier life –

    just finsished ref’n a JV game – umpire – love it – 2 nice dog piles I got to go ball digging for fumble revoveries –

    Navy vs Air Force this weekend (if that was the club ball you were refering too)

    Other then that run – go find yourself a lady friend – that internet stuff will make you go blind!

  18. songs – you crack me up – If only the raiders had used Jamarcus Russel correctly or the hargers had use Ryan Leaf correctly or the Skins had used Haynesworth correctly

    you have the uncanny ability to place all blame at the coaches for just about everything – he is a very well paid DB who missed a tackle and got the ball taken from him – I hope he is being more of a man about it then you guys are – waaaaaaa – coach put him in a zone and he got beaty ………. whaaaa

  19. 49ers 36

    Eagles 27

    Ginn Jr torch our special teams with 2 big run backs one for a touchdown.

    Vernon Davis kills our safeties all day and will catch 2 touchdowns in the red zone.

    Gore….gets 170 yards rushng with 100 of it coming in the 4th quarter.

    Juan Castillo canned after game…..Washburn promoted to defensive coordinator.

    season done

  20. if we give up 36 to san fran then we dont need to play anymore anyway

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