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Report: Eagles Considering Hiring A Defensive Consultant

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that Andy Reid and the Eagles are considering the possibility of hiring a defensive consultant during the bye week. This would be a person would come in and work side-by-side with Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo to solve some of the defensive problems.

One of the names that has been floated out there is former head-hunting safety Chuck Cecil. Cecil would be a good fit in that job because he’s familiar with the “Wide Nine” defensive front. He worked under Jeff Fisher in Tennessee for the Titans, where he was the defensive coordinator.

He’s currently working for ESPN as a college football analyst and he hasn’t said publicly that he would or wouldn’t be interested in the job.

I think this is a good idea and should have been done at the beginning of the season, once the lockout starting eating up OTA’s and mini-camps. It was foolish for the Birds to put a rookie defensive coordinator in place after all the off season time was eaten up. Castillo didn’t have much time to work with his players and he didn’t have a great deal of time familiarize himself with his talent.

The Eagles signed numerous free agents then gave them to Castillo and expected him to make everything work despite this being his rookie season. on Facebook

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89 Comments for “Report: Eagles Considering Hiring A Defensive Consultant”

  1. Wow! I think we need a Head Coach consultant too.

  2. ” It was foolish for the Birds to put a rookie defensive coordinator in place after all the off season time was eaten up. ” ….G. Cobb


    Andy Reid created this problem by trying to be a “Wil-E-Coyote super Genuis”

    Just could not hire a an established, experience vetran coach. Look at Detroit. 2 former head coaches running the offense and defense. When Detroit’s 1st string and 2nd string QB went down last year, the offense did not miss a beat. That’s when I knew they were going to be good the following season, because of the coaching.

    Andy Reid is an organizer, who picked a good original coaching staff, that has mostly blossomed on their own. He probably thought that he was responsible for all that success, when it was his coaches.

    I remember when Dallas with Gil Brant began to think they could do no wrong and started drafting guys from Bozo University, because they were so smart. Andy’s limited success went to his FAT HEAD and his selection of Juan C. for defensive coordinator is the ultimate sign of his arrogance.

  3. Repski- You took the words right out of the mouths of over 300,000 EAGLES Fans!! LOL

  4. Almost forgot…


  5. PS…

    Yes Repski…I concur as well.

  6. (bsmvideos) the Redskins are also a product of what happens when a “Great Coach” and his staff takes over a team….not to mention “THEY’RE NOT AS TALENTED AS THE EAGLES” and I still think Grossman is a fraud, and it’s still early, but your point is correct!!! Juan “CAFFINE” Castillo…..should be fired!! They’re saying bring someone in as a consultant? The man their talking about was the D.C for the TITANS…..just FIRE Juan and admit u made a mistake!! We have to be the laughing stock of the league right now!!!

  7. Pulled out of Jeff McLane’s column today…”What if he thinks cornering the market on undersized white guys with beards is not the way to build an effective offensive line, and pushes to send Howard Mudd back into retirement?”… Wow Jeff McLane said what I was thinking when I was watching this line. Again Mudd and Washburn need to retire back to the Dirty South or wherever they come from. That 280lb center is so 1980ish. Who can he push on a short yardage play. Can you imaginve what Detroit’s line would do to our current line… now to this article. Andy is arrogant, and can be a hot head. I wonder where his boys get that from…

  8. How about a drafting consultant also…
    From what I heard on DNL last night we drafted a safety from Temple in the second round, that we still could have gotten in the fourth round, who can’t even see the field and can’t pick up the D.
    – A 27 year old Guard in the FIRST ROUND!!
    -An undersized MLB in the fouth round the proceed to name him the STARTER w/o even practicing!!

  9. Firing Juan would be a complete disaster. If anything demote him which to me would be just as bad. Firing him would send a message to the players that there not the ones responsible for the product on the field.Im salty as anyone right now but it doens fit the mold of our organization to ditch a cord. right now. Agree or not we’re much better off bringin in a consultant and letting him work with Juan on some things.Beat Skins and go from there…

    Personel moves to work this out…heard G say it so its not original but Allen and Coleman have to be the safetys,Id even put Jarret in the box over one of em in short yardage.Shake it up.

    Bench DRC over anyone. He needs a flame under his body…not his rear….his entire body.Tired of hime letting that slant get under him. Your fast,show it.

    Get Dion Lewis some touches early. He’s explosive and hits the hole. F Ronnie till Dallas…he deserves a benching for his b.s. fumble gainst Niners.

    The line looked fine Sunday.WE CANT TACKLE!!!THATS WHY WE’RE LOSING DUDES.Plain and simple. The offense would be even better if it not for this b.s. scheme and players messing it up.

  10. I don’t believe Jarrett is physically big enough to be an everydown Safety at this stage of his develment.. He’s smaller than Coleman and is really about 5’10 – 195lbs abnd not what his Bio lists which was good for Temple and the MAC Conference, but not in the NFL.. I think this was another bad pick and reach in the Draft..

    Not to change gears.. anyone watch my man ILB S Tullock play last evening for the Lions who also run the Wide-Nine Scheme… A lot of people stated h his lack of height was a negative but all he does is make plays and tackles..
    Hell, even Lions LB Bobby Carpenter was making plays at LB…

  11. yeah Paul…you thought we should have signed him. Every time that dude makes a play you comment on him. We get it. Kirk Morrison woulda been good too.

    I watched Jarret play a few times.He is a more physical player then Allen and Coleman .Doesnt matter his specs. He brings it,use him on short yardage over Allen. Coleman can bring it too. Allen is a complete safety when he gets right.

  12. paul,
    why would we sign him?? (facetious) we were busy signing a 5M backup QB, that we actually hope NEVER plays and a no.4 WR S.Smith….who barely sees the field.

    this Roseman guy wouldn’t even be a good Fantasy GM.

  13. This really needs to happen if the Eagles have any chance of salvaging their season. I have never seen a defence that is this lost and ill prepared.

    Though I would prefer Sgt Hartman to whip these boys into shape…. What is your major malfunction……

    Seriously this team and its fans are paying the price for Andy Reid’s arrogance in thinking he knows better than everyone else.

  14. The time has come for Andy Reid to go. It’s not the playcalling. It’s not the time management. It’s not the challenges. It’s not the inability to get the right offensive play call in on time.

    The fact of the matter is that Andy Reid has been there too long. He has lost the team. They have no discipline, no heart, no determination.

    They are playing like one of his press conferences. Dull. He has lost the ability to motivate these guys. Both offensively and defensively, I see no swag. It looks like even Vick is starting to pack it in. He’s getting his a** handed to him every week and in the words of the great Ricky Watters……For who? For what?

    Get Jon Gruden on the line and tell him to get his playbook ready. Andy’s passive-aggressive ways are not what this team needs to succeed.

    He’s lost them.

  15. What a flat out 100% joke! Defensive consultant!? Are you f^#@ing kidding me!? Try hiring an entirely new FO & staff! We are the laughing stock of the NFL, right now! He makes his O-line coach the DF coordinator, & now he has to save face, by hiring a consultant! What a flat out, f^#@ing, cruel, joke!!! Try firing Ritalin boy, & follow him out the door, & quit, because apparently the ownership don’t have the balls, to get rid of your fat, stupid, @$$!

  16. If Paulman’s was the Eagles GM

    Eagles would not have signed CB Asmo and would have relied on the starting tandem of Samuel & DCR and used Hanson as the Slot Cover CB and had Lindley/Hughes/Marsh battle it out for the final 2 spots

    Eagles would have Signed ILB Tullock, and OLB Rocky McIntosh
    I would have resigned Safety Q Mikell to a 2-3 Yea Deal since the Eagles already have 2 young,promising Safeties that they drafted in 2010 in Allen & Coleman on their Roster)

    I would have drafted DT M Wilkerson in the 1st Round instead of Watkins, and selected a LB in the 2nd Round (D Moch,KJ Wright, K Sheppard,M Wilson) and not Safety Jarrett
    I would have Signed DE Babin
    I would have kept DL Hargrove & Landri along the DL and said bye to both Laws and Parker ..
    I would have pursued Free-agent Guards (Blalock,Nicks,Joseph,Mathis)

    But it’s all water under the bridge at this point, the Eagles have their Roster and their Coaching staff all in place and nothing is going to happen to after the Season> the Trade Deadling is Tue 10/18 but with so many teans right up to their Salary Cap level, I don’t anyticipate much player movement at all but I would love to see the rumor of Eagles dealing CB Samuel to the Seahawks for LB A Curry and a 4th Round Draft pick in return,,

  17. Dcar – That’s crazy. Just absurd. Nothing like that has EVER happened during a season and frankly, it just can’t. We all know you’re opinion and perspective – you’ve done a masterful job of making it clear. But your suggestion is absurd.

  18. Why does everyone think Jon Gruden is right for this job? I believe theirs only one person thats not coaching that can come in and make this work. Brian Billick! think about it, he brings discipline, he already worked with a QB like Vick by the name of Randall Cunningham and made him a complete QB, he won a SB with Trent Dilfer as his QB, think about that, TRENT DILFER, that shows he can win with half a team, of all the good coaches that are out there i think he would be the bet fit for this team.

  19. *Birdobeamen* and *They are playing like one of his press conferences. Dull. He has lost the ability to motivate these guys. Both offensively and defensively, I see no swag. It looks like even Vick is starting to pack it in. He’s getting his a** handed to him every week and in the words of the great Ricky Watters……For who? For what?

    Get Jon Gruden on the line and tell him to get his playbook ready. Andy’s passive-aggressive ways are not what this team needs to succeed.

    He’s lost them.

    ………………….and ………………………..*DCar* What a flat out 100% joke! Defensive consultant!? Are you f^#@ing kidding me!? Try hiring an entirely new FO & staff! We are the laughing stock of the NFL, right now! He makes his O-line coach the DF coordinator, & now he has to save face, by hiring a consultant! What a flat out, f^#@ing, cruel, joke!!! Try firing Ritalin boy, & follow him out the door, & quit, because apparently the ownership don’t have the balls, to get rid of your fat, stupid, @$$!

    Both have the blogs of the day!!! “Ritalin boy” Priceless!! LOL

  20. The problem with the Eagles is a strategic problem…By this, I mean that we do not have a solid football man in the front office who can see the big picture, and make sure the right coaches are in place, and working together to accomplish a definite goal, which is winning a championship…Andy Reid has shown that he has ‘too much on his plate’ (not joking about his weight here) trying to be a general manager and a coach…He has been a disaster as general manager; a guy like Roseman is just a wannabe, one of Lurie’s friends, and has already demonstrated his inexperience by the selection of players, both in the draft and free agency, taken during the off season…I guess he was supposed to help Reid, but he is even more clueless when it comes to selecting players and having an overall philosophy of what the team should be…What we have now is too many cooks making the soup, and the result is garbage…There is no overall organization or team identity that I can see.

    The Eagles do have some talented players, but they will never be used properly due to what I have mentioned.

    Reid needs to go, Roseman, and all the yes men working for Lurie…And, certainly, a defensive co-ordinator with a record of success and experience is needed.

    But none of the necessary changes will happen…Lurie is sitting on a money machine, and his bottom line is simply that: money…As long as the fans shell out for the obscenely overpriced tickets, parking and merchandise, nothing will change…Only a dramatic hit to Lurie’s wallet would force a change…Reid will most likely finish up his contract…I have no sympathy for “Big Red’: he is a multi-millionaire disaster.

    Sports is just big business, and only a fool would invest ‘heart and soul’ in a sports team, especially one owned by Jeffrey Lurie.

  21. My question is this?

    Is it worth throwing away a season to give a failed offensive line coach time to learn how to be a good defensive coordinator?

    Is he worth all that?

    I asked a similar question when Matthews was given the starting MLB position without any competition.

    Andy is starting to look like a damn idiot.

    1) Let Dawk go with no replacement creating a weaker secondary.
    2) Trade Sheldon Brown without a replacement
    3) Name Kolb the starter without competition
    4) Fire the defensive coach who trained under “JJ” after expecting him to succeed with the secondary Andy depleted.
    5) Hire a failed offensive line coach to take over the defense
    6) Pick a 27 year old fireman in the 1st round who could not beat waiver wire bums.
    7).Let Stew and “Q” walk without adequate replacements
    8) Start a 4th round slow linebacker with “0” instincts at MLB and move and set back an emerging Linebacker(Chaney) in the process. Destroying two positions with one decision.
    8) Continue to bounce your young safeties up and down from the bench like musical chairs after poor performances knowing there’s not a replacement on the roster.




    There’s no leadership on this defense at all.

  22. boy that Lions defense looked pretty dam good running the wide 9 last night… i wonder why… let’s see they had great Dline play AND phenominal LB production – eagles get great Dline play out of the wide 9 but the D sux, seems like a LB problem to me – the Lions LB’s were physical and covered very well, something we don’t get here in philly from our LB’s – also their CB’s were in mostly man coverage all night and that D stifled the bears on runs and passes – their DC has EXPERIENCE running the wide 9 and knows what’s he’s doing – wish we had that here and if there’s a coach out there with experience in the system they need to go get him asap – JC is learning how to use the system just the same as the players are, this isn’t HIS defense it’s 3 different schemes thrown together – the Dline, LB’s and secondary all have different things goin on and that’s why it isn’t clicking – Andy shoulda did whatever possible to get fisher to be DC for a yr just to groom JC for DC if he wanted him to be coordinator so bad – at least that woulda gave him a chance to succeed and us a chance to accept JC as a DC – Fisher is well versed in the wide 9 and how to run the back 7 behind it and coulda made for a great mentor and transition for Juan – but I guess andy was too worried about fisher taking his job instead of seeing the benefit and realizing it actually woulda cemented his job and gave ol Jeff a launching pad for a new HC job after coming off our SB run… hindsight is 20/20

  23. D lil tt boy – I love reading your posts and then thinking that you are the one that actaully calls someone else ritalin boy (did you use the term boy – you did – so you are also racist because you told me that for you it is considered boy a racist term and then you used it – – – ) you are just full of double standards –

    as for this whole hater/apologist thing – its pure BS – that’s bullshit in case you didn’t get that the first time – its more like the no nothing ranters against the even keeled people – just becuase I don’t come on here (90 percent of the time) declaring things ‘Fire Reid’ ‘he’s ass’ and everything is the worst in the world (yet I am the one that is arrogant and I think I know everything) I was the one saying ‘let the season play out’ As a fan (according to the definition in the dictionary – a team supporter) I always hope the eagles do well, and I express that – for that you spread homophobic slurs (its not OK to be racist but it is OK to be homophobic – got to remember these GCOBB rules) and by not bashing everything about the eagles – just saying right now they suck – somehow, some whay I have apologized –

    what dictionary do you use? There are all kinds of words used onthis site that have a whole different meaning then websters seems to imply (and yet I am the one that thinks he know everything and arrogant!)

    What a train wreck this weekend – can the team invent new ways to screw up a game?
    as for the consultant – it can’t hurt – at this point, I don’t think anything could hurt –

  24. Schill, ????? Dude, your posts translate like a kindergarten student typed them! Your an idiot! Go back to waxing Reid’s @$$, with your rump jockey girlfriend, in the Navy! 2 peas in a pod, you both are. You both are clueless, condescending, wannabe know it all, nitwits! Like I said before, don’t be made at me, because you were embarrassingly proven wrong, by these bums play, & the coaching gurus, coaching, & idiotic, decision making!

  25. andrew p – I was never a big billick fan, but after watching some games he has called – I have become impressed with him – notice on both those penalties in the red zone – on Watkins and Dunlap – Bellick pointed out they were bad calls – that Watkins started low and it was the DT that shoved his arm up and that Dunlap actaully had a very solid block against MErriman in the holding – he seems to have a much better understanding of what is goin gon during the game – not a big fan overall of announcers – but if you can’t get Merril Reese Beeelick isn’t bad

  26. navy and schill are the same person

  27. Navy, PWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! That was me laughing at the human joke, that is you! You crack me up! Bless you, my brother!

  28. D boy – your post is not at all a good reflection on your professional position in life – why the constant need to use slurs – especially for someone who has shown himself to be 1) a liar and 2) very sensitive –

    as for being proven wrong – you are 100% accurate – I did and have acknowledged since game 3 this team is not good and is playing bad (yet I am an apologist) and that it needs to get better – but apparently – in your very sensative, lying mind – which is a great credit on you profession by the way – probably why we are reading so much in the papers about your type – unless we scream proclamations from the rooftop – we are apologizing – wow –

    really, so all you guys that agree Reid should be fired – you guys sit around and have hate sex with each other – wax on/wax off (oh Navy, you are so mean, so arrogant, oh navy all former navy guys are now tainted-)

    2 peas in a pod – you mean Eagle fans?? You do know what the definition of a fan is — someone with a liking for a team, a supporter – you really support or like this team? I know you guys all like making shit up – but these posts are not from supporters or people that like the team

  29. Songs I find ur post typically you – you accuse two people of doing somehting you have admitted to doing (though when you accused schiller of doing it he was paid by the eagles?)
    and imply that if they are doing it there is something wrong with it – so its only OK to post as 2 different people if its you – are you a paid cowbiy schill?

  30. Maybe you and Dcar are the same person – maybe you two are sitting around diddling each other – giving each other facilas, manicures and rubdowns? You admitted before that you have posted as two different people on the same site – maybe this is why you are always trying to say other are doing it? D boy and silky songs – livin the out of closet dream – its OK – I am a tolerant person – you two ‘enjoy’ each other’ you too probably fantisize about Andy Reid don’t you… its OK – I have noticed your fascination –

    ahh – this is fun – D boy – Duke call this week – your boys ‘got’ any more scholarships – you find any other hidden ‘athletic’ accomplishments in your background you want to toss out there?

  31. In the Navy,
    1- I have reason to lie, about anything.
    2- How am I sensitive!? Because I pointed out your racial slur, in calling a black man, boy!? You are a piece of $#!t & a living, breathing, bragging, lying, bad joke!

  32. Navy/Schiller – You’ve been caught. I should have known. There was no possible way that two people were this dumb.

    Songs- I’ll share with you at another time how I know this.

  33. Facials, PWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! You know alot about those being on a ship, with all of the SEAMEN!
    Right back at you numbnuts!

  34. wow, this stuff is pretty juvenille.

    (pause, for a legitimate point – Andrew P – people love Gruden because his ‘green grass’ is on the ‘other side’. That’s all. He’s a name out there who’s not currently employed by an NFL team. He’s different that Andy Reid, so many fans therefore annoint him to coaching greatness that can bring Philly a superbowl.)

    Pause over – Dcar – you sure use the word ‘condescending’ in the most hypocritical fashion on quite the regular basis. You claim yourself all-knowing and correct and think that other opinions are all bullshit. Check yourself because you have wrecked yourself.

    I’m not embarrassed becuase I wasn’t wrong. What was I wrong about?

    And you and songs (who I think are different people by the way) are hilarious in wanting to group any people who disagree with you as the same people. That’s so very childish, predudice, ignorant, and indicative of the ultimate lazy thinking. I guess Mitt Romney, Perry, Palin, Bachman, Cain..etc.etc.etc. are all the same people becuase they talk smack on Obama right? Or does that not make sense…. you see?

  35. case in point:

    October 11, 2011 – 11:58 am
    Navy/Schiller – You’ve been caught. I should have known. There was no possible way that two people were this dumb.

    Songs- I’ll share with you at another time how I know this.
    October 11, 2011 – 11:59 am
    Facials, PWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! You know alot about those being on a ship, with all of the SEAMEN!
    Right back at you numbnuts!

    —- I couldn’t possibly fabricate two greater examples of adolescent and lowest level thinking and expression…..

  36. Why put off until the bye week what you can do right now.. Somebody call 911 This team needs resuscitation ASAP!!!!

  37. @Schiller — don’t waste your time with these clowns.

  38. birdo – you’re 100% of course. If you notice, I’ve cut down considerably. Especially since reading the same posts ‘fire reid’ – just maybe worded different a billion times over and over and over get’s so old.

    It’s just tempting sometimes. I’ve improved but I’m not ready to quit entirely

  39. D – boy – go read your own post – you have reason to lie….. thanks man, that was funny – and if it is OK for you to refer to a coach as ‘boy’ I am all about equal opp my eagle brother! (that is brother as in fraternity – why you got to make everything about race?)

    maybe RTBag, D-boy and silky songs are all the same person, three sensitive, closeted (but wanting to come out) lying homophobes expressing themselves –

    I know Schill – ma always said don’t throw sand – but sometimes its just fun to throw sand back at the bullies and watch them cry –

  40. some fans are more enlightened, they can figure out that this coach will not only win, but his decisions lately are flat out bizarre, yet the problems that plagued him early remain, if you can’t see this you are either hopelessly stupid or are a paid schiller, as the reverend songs proclaims

  41. As long as the Eagles don’t quit, I won’t quit.. but there is some a little good news as far as playoffs are concerned…

    In the NFC, Giants (3-2),TB Bucs (3-2) , Bears (2-3) and Falcons (2-3) all lost which keeps the door open for the Eagles to battle for a playoff spot

    The Eagles will most likely have to win the NFC East to have a shot, but they can start this week by beating the Redskins to move only 1-2 game out with 10 games to play.. There are only 7 Teams in the NFC with winning records right now and 4 teams are at 2-3 and 4 teams at 1-4 and then the Rams bringing up the rear at 0-4.
    For as crappy as the Eagles have looked, if they can win the next 2 game versus the Redksins/Cowboys and move to 3-4, they would be right in the thick of things they way things are looking.. This is only hope I see to give them a chance to play meaningful games the 2nd half of the season but it starts with getting a “W” this week vs the Redskins, if not, it’s all over …

  42. many enlightened people join cults – many enlightened people follow false prophets –

    most other tend to stay more mainstream and prefer to not get to low during the lows nor to high during the highs – unrfotunatley Jakie Chu we are really into a low aren’t we. You check out that article in (and has gotten very negative on Reid the last two weeks) about the first six years verse the last six years.. good read –

    and remember – Silky Songs, though he will never admit it under the light of day – was onboard with the eagles winning ‘this weak ass’ division but getting beaten in the playoffs – it was I who state dmany times – why don’t we wait till we get to the playoffs before we start worrying about who we play in the playoffs………… silky songs and his BFF D-boy, like most prophets, like to change the story as it goes along. correctly ‘predicting’ things the day after they happen – his the eagles are going 19-0 after signing #24 is one for the books

  43. PMAN! There you go – there is a fan – never quit – never give up on your team (wait, was there an apology in there?) Its not about being right, wrong, Andy Reid Juan castillo or are gay three muskateers (Silky, Dboy and RTBag) – its about our Eagles and winning! Lets get this one this week vs washington and keep swinging –

  44. Paulman’s NFC Rankings after Week #5

    #1) Packers (5-0) – The most balanced & well coached team in the NFC
    #2) Lions (5-0) – Started slow last evening, but won the game remaining undefeated, the play a wide-9 scheme too, but have NFL Caliber LB’s..
    #3) Saints (4-1) – Keep squeaking out wins and that’s all that matters
    #4) 49ers (4-1) – Playing well and confident, Coach Harbaugh has got them playing some good Football
    #5) Redskins (3-1) Good Defense and Running game, If they get good QB play, they will be tought to beat down the stretch
    #6) Giants (3-2) – Eli back to blowing games in a bad home loss to Seahawks
    #7) TB Bucs (3-2) – Layed a big egg on the road in whooping by the 49ers
    #8) Cowboys (2-2) – As Romo goes, the Cowboys go.. (up and down..)
    #9) Seahawks (2-3) – Huge win on the road vs the Giants probably saved their season, let’s see how they respond moving forward..
    #10) Bears (2-3) – Defense is starting to age, no WR’s, poor OL…
    #11) Falcons (2-3) – Blew a great opportunity to move up in home loss where they played the Packers tough in 1st half, then fell apart the 2nd half..
    #12) Vikings (1-4) – Won first game , expect a lot of AP rest of season
    #13) Cardinals (1-4)- Kolb is not a winning NFL QB, plays too scared
    #14) Panthers (1-4) – Newton, Rookie of the Year, will be a tough out..
    #15) Eagles (1-4) – Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda, have only beaten the 0-4 Rams
    #16) Rams (0-4) -Have taken a step backwards in Year 2 of the Bradford era

    Eagles have 11 Games left and 8 versus NFC Teams (5 NFC East Games and then Cardinals,Seahawks & Bears) and figure they will have to win the NFC East outright to have a chance for the playoffs.. It starts this week..

  45. Fair rankings there Pman – the eagles earned there spot in the basement – true test for Reid and the team – crawl back into this – or probably be last season as HC (I think it will be a medical issue for AR) – I think he even knows it.




    I remember Eskin challenging Charlie Manual publicly before their turn around.

    Who in the press is willing to make Andy answer a straight question and if he refuse, cut in and tell him he’s not answer the question.

    If he say he’ll give the answer he want to give….tell him that’s not good enough!!!!!!

    If you’re going to say nothing don’t hobble your fat ass in front of us!!!!!!

  47. I just wish that I actually did get paid everytime someone claims that I work for the Eagles. That would be nice. Instead, my paychecks come from an acutal job that has nothing to do at all with sports. Oh well.

    Jake, ha, “Some fans are more enlightened, they can figure out that this coach will not only win…”

    I see – you’re trying to point out that you and those who agree with you are smarter than the others, by boggling a statment trying to suggest that you knew they woulnd’t win.

    But the haters (or call them whatever you’d like – the ‘enlightened’ fans – Songs, Dcar, Runtheball, Jake ..etcetc..) predicted doom before all the season that Reid DID win. They were wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong right….and now they say ‘we’re always right’.


  48. Songs, you think it’s time? You should say so. And other fans should too. I think that if that’s the case, and that’s your opinion, than you and others should say it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again (ctrl + v) and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again

    becasue it will be productive, make a difference… and

    and again
    and again
    and again
    and again
    and again
    and again
    and again
    and again

  49. Packers are 5-0 Patriots are 4-1 Lions are 5-0 Eagles are 1-4 Interesting in last 2 games Lions are ave 17 rushes a game,Packers 22, Patriots (i think Tom is leading in passing yds in NFL) still Pats are ave 27 1/2 rushes per game, Eagles rb’s 11.

  50. The actual definition from Websters dictionary for the term ‘fan’ = an enthusiastic devotee an ardent admirer or enthusiast synonyms (Dboy/silky songs – whoever these are words that mean the SAME THING) include – admirer, fanatic, backer, supporter, booster, well wisher, advocate hanger-on –

    do any of these terms at all apply to any of you – any of you – this isn’t an argument about what makes a good fan or a btter fan – its an argument about the ACTUAL DEFINITION of the noun fan –

    now – antonyms (jakey chu for you enlightened types this means the opposite of fan) –

    ready – nonadmirer – belittler – carper – critic – detractor – non-fan

    the language thing most important here is in the use of the term non-fan –

    the use on non is by definition – lacking the usual especially positive characteristics of the thing specified

    wow – from Merriam Webster

    so while you douche bags ‘think’ you are fans – I think it is pretty clear by the actual definitions of the words – you do NOT fall into the definition of a fan – you are in fact and by definition non-fans –

  51. tonto – the pats ran a ton this last game, that skews their average. And the other teams – playing with leads – not something the Eagles have been doing for the most part.

    If you think the pass/run ratio is the issue here, you’re missing the point. OL, LB, overall defense, offsensive playcalling (in general, not just run/pass)…. there’s plenty of major issues. You’re focusing on the wrong point.

  52. tonto – I saw somewhere some discussion talking about how McCoy is starting to do waaaay to much dancing around – can’t argue with results, just hope D Staley talks to him and tells him sometimes its OK to just have 2-8 vice 2-13 trying to cut back………..

    but would love to see mcoy get 18-20 and lewis get 4-6 –

  53. if u took notice, when Pats are not balanced brady gets intercepted and Pats lose….research it

  54. Be honest guys, when did u decide IT was time for Reid to go. i realized it after the Eagles’ SB loss. We were losing by ten, their 3,4 good Lb’s were neutrolizing us, Dillon was running over us in the end. It really sunk in when Belichek said after the game that he did not understand why we were doing the things we were doing. i know alot of u seen it then

  55. i used to blame mcnabb in the previous nfc losses with his int(yes he threw them in nfc champ games) but they were not balanced attack at all. i think we rushed 10 times in most of them…..when that happens u eithr get your QB killed or throw int….

  56. I’m not there yet tonto – I think this is the most adversity Reid has faced – I think he got a pass on the whole TO debacle – he came back and made the plaoyoffs – they had the disaster in Baltimore he came back and the birdes actually had the lead in the NFCC game – they couldn’t finish it – but this is tough – 13 years is a long time – at some point what you did 10 – 8 years ago goes away (I say the same thing about SB won 10 years ago – who cares) – but if Reid can’t rally the team back to making the playoffs – I think it is time to move on –

  57. I’m somewhere in between you two tonto and navy I guess. I certainly didn’t think ‘Reid has to go’ after the superbowl loss or anytime close to that. And I still don’t think that Reid ‘HAS TO’ go. I think that it’s perfectly within the realm of possibility for Reid to stay and the team to succeed (again) and even further, to yes, win a superbowl. But I also think that it might be ok for him to leave. I think absolute statements in either direction ‘he has to go’ or ‘he definitely should remain’ are both too far. There’s a billion factors that go into the success or failure of a football team. Reid is just one of them.

  58. “billion factors that go into the success or failure of a football team”, hear that, schiller, you got a trophy for just showing up and playing teeball, the last time you ever played competitive sports, thats called a digression, schiller, but back to your point, vince lombardi would laugh at you, smack you on the side of your head, trying to complicate things, but what’s worse, you have a “billion” built in excuses to support reid after he fails again

  59. And a pretty damn “Big One” Schiller if I don’t say so myself…
    The last 11 Games will seal his fate.. If they get it together, that can still be one of the most danglerous teams down the stretch that no one wants to face..
    If Coach Ar rallies the players and they play well and finish strong, he will be back in 2012 to finish what he started.. If the splinter, and continue to play like they have, then he’s a goner but either way, nothing happens to the off-season.. The football season is so condensed that it’s really difficult to change Coaches in mid-stream and expect any good to come out of it.. it’s not like the Eagles have some young hot/shot Coodinator to take over.. once the AR era is over, Coaches MM, Castillo and the who gang are gone to start with a clean slate and an new program.. But the Eagles Front Office have the rest of this Season to think about that..

  60. paul, I agree with that pretty much across the board. But if you’re going to evaluate Reid and his tenure here as the ‘pretty damn big (factor), this year is an anomaly so far. Like you said, we’ll see what happens from here.

  61. jakey chu – I don’t get your post – Tonto said 2004 – I said not yet if Reid can overcome adversity and make playoffs – schiller said he’s in the middle – a lot of factors go into succes or failure – coach is one of them – I lost you on the tball anaology then competitive sports then calling it a digression – what was the digression — – –

    and please clarify for me – what defines ‘support Reid after he fails again’ what is the failure? Asked the other direction – when is it OK in your mind tosupport Reid where it won’t be an ‘excuse’

  62. I really go back to the final 3 Seasons Schill
    Those final 2 Blowouts at the hands of the Cowboys to end the 2009 Season really was the turning point which continued with ast years inexplicable perfomance against the Vikings and the fact that the Eagles Home Record over the last 2 Seasons is like 4-7 with Redskins,Cowboys,Jets,Patriots still coming to play at the Linc this season…

  63. jake, um, ok… and I’ve supported Reid, um when? I may have criticized criticism of him, but I don’t recall supporting Reid.

    Its funny because I think Lombardi would laugh at your and smack YOU upside the head for trying to oversimplify things. I think Lombardi would laugh at the Eagles fans calling for Reid’s head. He’d admit that it’s one factor that must be examined (after the season) in terms of evaluating how the team improves, but to just fire the coach -that’s it – he’d laugh, I’m pretty confident on that.

  64. To the end of 2009 I should say.. 2009 Season was shaping up to be a pretty good one until those final 2 weeks versus the Cowboys where the Eagles were really manhandled physically on both sides of th eball in both games and to be honest, I don’t think they have ever recovered from these embarrasing performances..

  65. listening the Reid’s press conference was pathetic. He was asked what will he try that haven’t be tried already?

    Answer “I have to look at thing, me and the coaches” – “We have to put players in position and if they’re not in position find out why they’re not there”.

    After hearing the answer t’is evident…He don’t know what to do..And now the FO have put out a statement that a defensive consultant will not be hired. It looks as if the Brass will let Reid sink on his offseason decisions.
    I’m sure when Andy came to Banner about Juan be promoted that Banner and Lurie looked him in the eyes and asked…..”Are you sure this is the right move?”

    Andy, promoted Mcdermott without getting a more qualified defensive coach and outside consultant help was hired when McDermott struggled.
    Now, we’re here again and the brass will not do it again.

    Andy is on the Island he kicked everyone else off of….and personally I can’t wait until the Eagles burn this ASSet so I can cheer for my team again.

  66. Wait, songs so you would prefer that the football coach be an open book and divulge game plans to the media on tuesdays? That’s absolutely absurd. The team is playing like crap and it might be time to move on from reid at seasons end, but your conclusions from todays presser are asinine

  67. Schill shut the hell up!

    What secrets have he gave away this season?

    Have that stopped teams from manhandling his teams?

    So give me a damn break.

    He can answer questions without away the playbook like other coaches do…but to keep saying the same old ass tired responses to legitimate questions is absurb.

    He can tell us there will be roster changes if nessasary…coaches do use the media to send messages even to their own locker room you know?

    I don’t care what use to work when Reid was winning with Ray Rhodes talented players and JJ’s scheme.

    At that time the press and fans accepted his boring press conferences becuase at least he was winning….

    That’s over!!!!!

    This team was one good corner from challenging for it all last season and this idiot shakes up the whole defensive philosophy and head it off with a failed offensive line coach, and you and other apologists expect fans to accept his perpetual crap?

    The front office gave this slob everythng he asked for and the fan base was behind this team after the spending spree and this idiot plug Matthews in the middle after having a terrible preseason.

    We’re tired of it!!!!

    He can at least give some explanation for his putrid decisions which was on him.

    We would like to know why he gets in his own way.

    If he answers maybe we can understand… but this smug, arrogant, fat bastard, continue to infuriate the Philly fanbase.

    I would rather go 0-16 than to endure another moment with this loser at the helm. I’ve never seen a coach do so little with so much.



  68. Songs, key word, infuriate, your infuriated and I certainly understand why. But that confirms your usual – you are talking with emotion, not your head.

    The media asked what he will change. That’s a question about the future. But you just said that that you want reid to answer it by talking about the past. That makes no sense at all.

    And you want him to explain why he gets his own way. Wow, that one cracks me up. I mean, come on, his job title is Christina Lurie’s secretary right?

  69. Well said Songs; well said. I couldn’t agree more buddy. Good stuff.

  70. silky/dboy – if you had just gone like this #$$k or &^%T or &&**f it would be dboy rantings –

    get a life silky – you and dboy come on out the closet and get a life – really – you watch press conferences and then get mad at them………. really – and your type – from what I read they definitely prefer them slim so I can understand why Reid’s wt bothers you –

    what fanbase – I realize you are not a very educated man so I made it easy for you and your um ‘lil friend’ fan implies positive feelings – you, by defnintion are not a fan – stop giving yourself credit – you paid redskin shill – that’s it – you are really phillywill – I noticed he has been slipping off the pages – got ourselves a little menage a trois with ol silky, dboy and skinny will

    I listened to reids press conference and I am mad he didn’t answer questions – really – shocking moment – 13 years later and you are looking for him to say something different………. wow #$@%$#&g incredible

  71. rocko – wow – you get the be the salutarian right behind silky being the validictorian and the Girard Ave school of say nothing and know even less ut print a lot – two star pupils – and where is Dboy

  72. Navy, My Lil Brother is over the military recruiters and you are a poor example of our country’s finest. I believe you couldn’t handle being in the Armed forces and were either dishonorably discharged, or you’re lying. You sound like a wannabe you disgraceful Gimp.

  73. so called navy, I doubt you ever served, because if you did, you would not be talking like some school yard fem, and if you talked like that to the men under your command, you deserved the finest ending delivered by the finest men, you challenge people who you know nothing about, dcar works, phillywill works, meanwhile you are a parasite sucking our tax dollars with your undeserved pension, you are everything wrong with our otherwise admirable heroic military, I never heard my brother, my uncles, grandfather brag about their service, the only time I heard something from my grandfather was when he was disgraced for missing curfew, yet you brag about your party times overseas, you are a disgrace, I would much rather have songs, dcar in my foxhole, you can have Schiller

  74. Navy/Schill is a man blower.

    pillow biter.

    knob slobber

    I mean Kolb slobber

  75. schiller and navy are not the same, schiller is an educated derelict, so called navy is just a derelict

  76. songs – wow, brining up homosexuals again. That’s odd, I thought we were discussing football. Seriously, it’s a pathetic thing that we’re discussing coaches, football problems, differing views on what’s the issue, what adjustments/changes should be made, how to improve a sports team and then BOOM out of the blue your subject matter switches to men having sex and being sexually attracted to men. That’s downright insane.

    Yeah, touchdowns, wide nine, dealing with the media, running yards, ratios, tackling, linebackers, statistics, superbowls, defense, coaches, coordinators, GAY SEX, field goals, formations, playcalling, challenges, penalties, turnoevers, screen plays, draws, blitzes, PENISES, timeouts, clock management, media, optimism, pessimism, HEAD….

    some of those topics and words are not like the other – here’s a clue – it has nothing to do with capital and lowercase letters.

  77. but songs, back to the original title and picture under the article, can you ever imagine buddy Ryan, ray Rhodes, or jj listening to a consultant, look at that fag picture of that guy

  78. Lil rocknut – you are an embarrassment to the name Rocko – just quit – give up on the eagles – throw in the towel, walk away – you don’t care – things aren’t going the way you like you aren’t gonna dig in and hope for the best – fire everyone, quit – but I am the disgarce – really, you are gonna have a fight over service using someone elses service – you and Jackie Chu both – you have ‘relatives’ that served – but you guys didn’t, and you guys are talking trash – wow – some fantasy world – but as I said before. if they ever redo Rocky – he is going to have to quit after the 3rd round – its just to hard –

    as for relatives – my grandfather used to tell the most awesome stories – he was an ambulance driver in Eurpoe – he could spin a yarn – my maternal grandfather caught Malaria serving down I think in Panama – my old man was a torpedoman on destroyers- he loved the navy – My family was evenly split between Marines and Navy – I broke the tie when I went Navy – my father in law was a load master in the air force at MaGuire – his brother was actually on the carrier ORiskany when it had its big fire – the other brother was a sergeant in the USMC – he is the only one that doesn’t talk about his service –
    had two squads where he was the only one that came back – not good

    Tell you the truth – this is the first group that is so threatened by my stories they refer to them as bragging – most of the time I get asked to tell stories funny how when people are confident in themselves other peoples stories and acoomplishments don’t threaten them, its weak inferior people that worry about things like that

    so your little brother – he over at the district on the Corner of Broad and Cherry – my very first temporary assignment prior to heading off to the Pacific – or he at one of the substations – recruiting is a bitch – many a good sailor has had a career derailed by a bad enlistment contract, really be careful when that end of the month pressure comes on to make numbers – tell him to hang in there – the selection boards typically promote well out of this type of duty

    lil Jakey Chu – my little ferocious lil beagle where you at – now you got your big boy pants on again ohhhhh

    how do you know what Dboy and Silky songs do for a living – how do you know what skinnywill does – and dude you can have the foxhole – spoken like a true asshat – I don’t care if you are with Megan Fox – being in a fox hole SUCKS

    Wow – problems with bragging about my overseas adventures – didn’t the Navy’s recruiting pitch used to be its not just a job, its an adventure?

    but I can tell lil Jakey chu – you are one of the sensitive ones. Hang in there lil fella, hopefully your brother with the balls to serve will come home and you won’t fell so pathetic

  79. Come on guys. That’s the problem with this site sometimes….. We can’t have differing opinions without resorting to harsh personal attacks. Whether you are an apologist or just pessimistic about everything I don’t see why we have to talk about how idiotic we think someone elses posts are rather than discussing the content. I just don’t get it. Nothing divides eagles fan more than a sorry team.

  80. Scorp – don’t go becoming the voice of reason – the way the eagles are playing the only fun I get to have on this site anymore is playing WWE douche tool –

  81. YESSSSSS NAVY; that’s what I like to here!. did your boots get shaken a little bit you putrid excuse for a “souljah boy”. Yeah Scorp, no time for a voice of reason here. lets let it roll. Navy get back in da kitchen where you belong and make the squad some “sammiches”, then mop the deck when you’re done. After that, report back to me and I’ll give you your next assignment if the deck is mopped to perfection…remember, you answer me “Sir yes Sir!”

  82. Rocko – see – as I pointed on the last post – you have no service – this is all about being jealous of your brother isn’t it -you the family fuck up – mommy abnd daddy don’t pay you any attention, all the pictures on the wall are of your brother – yeah – tough when you have nothin to offer except some lame story about your brother – hang in there.

    Andn somehow only a never been there – never done that, wish maybe he had the balls to serve would degrade the fine CS (Culinary Specialists) and the sailors that actually make the ‘sandwiches’ _ sammies are those things you were making a Quiznos on Saturday – and swab the decks – had you actually gone to any form of military training you would learn that every person does every job during training (it actually works that way in the corporate world too!) so I have no problem picking up a swab and cleaning, how can you lead if you can’t do it better then the folks you are leading –

    So hang in there – you can still catch your brother and get rid of that cool ‘sandwhich artist’ apron let it roll – ohhhhh

  83. that funny Rocko – I re-read yours souljih boy – isn’t that that stupid dance thing on tv where they slide back and forth – – really – – putrid excuse for a souljih boy – clearly you have seen my dancing! what are you like 16 — did my boots get shaken – well, i took my gym shoes off after my workout – does that count? Better yet – hang onto that sandwhich making job.. upon further review – it may be about all you can handle –

  84. Wow Navy 2 posts about me? You’re too emotional like a woman Navy. You take things too personal. You’re as soft as a pretzel. Just keep swabbing the deck and shinin my boots when you finish. I need em finished by 0800 hours. then I’ll give you your next assignment. Better yet, wash the teams jockstraps and hang them out dry when you finish.

  85. oh rocko you so funny – you saw that new call of duty commercial and you are trying to talk your mom into getting it for you for christmas – clearly I did not realize I was dealing with such a strong, manly person – wow rocknut, the way you give orders, clearly you are a natural – add that lettuce, put on those tomatoes, hold the mayo – you are on the management track! I see shift team leader in your future – your brother will be proud – you hook him up with those punch cards?

  86. Schill & Navy, WOW! Just when I thought you couldn’t get worse. Schill I’m far from perfect & a know it all. I was referring to me being right about this team & all of the unwarranted criticism you guys were giving me for it. Navy, you’re a joke. You sit by the computer with a Websters dictionary! Are you too stupid to think of words, synonyms & antonyms on your own!? Come on dude! Will you stop with the sensitive $#!t! You sound like a moron! I’m not sensitive. The boy stuff doesn’t bother me, I was just making a point. Your supposed to be a man of respect, class & honor! You show & have none of those qualities. Although I get out of handsometimes with my anger on here, the only time I rip you guys, is in retaliation for you ripping me & everyone else for our opinions. Believe it or not, I respect everyone on here, for their opinions, & fandom. Navy, you’re another story. You personally attack people, with your keyboard, gangster antics, racial slurs, & constant putting yourself on a pedestal, with your bragging & life accomplishments. If you did all you said you did, that’s awesome. I am from a military family(both grandpops, Dad, 5 uncles, 4 Cuz’s), so I would respect that. It’s just the way you carry yourself, & act that makes me feel suspect about all you say. I would have loved to join the Air Force, but I had 2 bad knees, from High School & College, so that didn’t happen. I think all of this back & forth $#!t is funny as all hell! This prevents me from arguing with the old lady, & venting on this $#!t hole team! But I think it is wrong, that you guys, rip us for giving our honest opinions on the team, while you guys live in La La land. BTW, will you stop with giving the definition for fan. We get it. Just because your a fan & love the team, it doesn’t leave the team exempt from criticism, ripping, & honesty. What you guys are, is blind loyalists. Just because I rip their @$$e$ out, for their consistent stupidity, stubbornness, arrogance & ignorance, doesn’t make me a non-fan or hater. I just show it with venom, not roses & puppy dogs like you blind loyalists. This team is killing me just as much, if not more than you. I just choose not to look the other way anymore. Reid & his cronies need to go. Then I’ll give it a rest, for awhile!

  87. Remember the Bucs stunk and the Saints were Aints?

    The both changed regimes and through time lifted the Lombardi. Who would have thought these 2 pathetic franchises would have leapfrogged our Eagles?

    Now, look at the Lions.

    Would it surprise anyone if they get the big prize before us?

    Stout, nasty defense. Good solid running game and QB with heart. Great game day coaching.

    Hell, we have now become the deadskins

  88. d-boy – I would have loved to join the Air Force, but I had 2 bad knees – just about sez it all –

    and yes Dboy – I am a blind loyalist to the eagles – called being a FAN – you are by definition a non fan – you can’t change the meaning of words to suit your own little fantasy world you live in – for someone calling me stubborn and arrogant – I dont go around trying to change the definition of words so that in my mind I can do things that a non fan would do but still declare myself a fan – kind of like a cop that breaks the law, or a teacher that sleeps with – its called rationalization – you need me to give you the definition from the dictionary —— so keep telling yourself your not a non fan or your not a hater – clearly you live in a world where you can just ‘change’ the menaing of words to fit what you think – good for you man –

    and I promise Dboy – (and I need you to explain to me why when I use boy its racist but its OK for you to call Castillo boy?) – I will internet blog ‘carry’ myself better – I will stop using the exact same attacks, putdowns, homophiobic slurs, slanders, demeaning comments that you use right back at you because you are sensitive and only see it when others do it to you –

    and I too find it funny and entertaining in my day – kind of like a WWE event – and why does everyone that is NOT or was not in the military want to tell about how many relatives they had in the military? Are you trying to build a connection with me – I ain’t silkysongs – no you can not give me a rubdown in the shower – told you – 5 ft, long black hair, english as a second language and must be willing to walk on my back – don’t change dboy – I wouldn’t know how to spell curse words with special characters –

  89. lmao @ navyeaglefan — I’ve noticed that too. These chumps that have never served always want to talk about their family members serving — like who gives a f?

    No offense Dcar, I’m not pointing you out specifically…..but people try to connect themselves with their family members as if they are the ones who serve or have served, it’s hilarious to me.

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