Bernard Hopkins Gets His WBC Title Back

Why is it that boxing can’t stop giving itself black-eyes, but I will give them credit for trying to clean up an ugly situation involving the recently beaten former Light Heavyweight Champion Bernard Hopkins. In a bizarre incident, Hopkins was knocked out of a fight by Chad Dawson.

According to, the WBC Board of Directors have voted to declare the fight a “technical draw” and continue to recognize Hopkins as Light Heavyweight Champion.

“I’m glad and I’m happy that I finally got a decision in my boxing career that went my way and not the other way, which means a split-decision, a draw or whatever,” said Hopkins.

“I’m normally on the other end, but this time, the WBC looked at the tape and they obviously voted my way. I can’t say that boxing got it right, but the WBC got it right.”

The Board disagreed with Pat Russell’s 2nd Round TKO verdict. If the actual fight result will change, it will be 12/13 when the C.A.S.C. makes a decision on the
controversial stoppage. also stated Hopkins is still the recognized Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight Champion pending the C.A.S.C.’s ruling.

2 thoughts on “Bernard Hopkins Gets His WBC Title Back

  1. The only suggestion I have for this faded Boxer is to have a Championship Match versus Donavan McNabb at the Linc on New Years Eve at the 50 Yard Line.. Then maybe more that 12 people would give a hoot about either one of these dinosaurs… C’Mon Man.. this would be a great way for both of these Former Philly Greats to go out in Style and Hype the Philly way…

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