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Andy Reid Tries To Diffuse The Asante Samuel Controversy

Last night Andy Reid did his best to diffuse the controversial remarks made by Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel. First he had a talk with Samuel and got him to recant his comments about the Eagles front office.

Secondly he released the following statement:

“I am aware of how Asante felt and we have since talked. We both left with a positive feeling going forward. As I have said previously, when we acquired Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha, we had received numerous calls on the availability of our cornerbacks. After discussing significant trade offers with other teams, we decided to keep all three cornerbacks on our team. Asante is a valuable member of our team and we appreciate all that he brings to this organization. As far as my relationship with Howie and Joe, I have a great deal of respect for both of them and I know we are all on the same page.”

I think Reid made some good moves in addressing the comments made by Samuel because this is a not a good time for distractions. If the Eagles win this game, there’s a good chance that Samuel won’t be back next season. If the Birds lose this game, I guarantee that Samuel won’t be back next season.

Very rarely has a player gone off on the Eagles like Samuel did yesterday. This was a Terrell Owens level of going off that Samuel reached. on Facebook

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24 Comments for “Andy Reid Tries To Diffuse The Asante Samuel Controversy”

  1. Asante is a hypocrite. The same people he is accusing of “playing fantasy football with the owner’s money” are the same people that paid him a boat load of money to bring him here. Did he not understand that he basically is in the same position Lito Sheppard was in when he came here. If it’s just business to him and he only cares about making his money then I don’t see what the problem is because it’s just business. On one hand he claims it’s business as long as he’s getting paid while on the other hand he’s making it personal because his name was out there for trade talks. Can’t be business when you want it to be. Maybe if he actually caught some more interceptions and made a tackle once in a while he would be the subject of trade talks. His production this year hasn’t been anywhere worth his salary. Play better and then you won’t hear your name in trade talks. Period.

  2. Actually, if he was playing better, teams would have been more interested in obtaining him, which would have helped him and the Eagels.. It doesn’t help that his speed, explosiveness on the ball and his general overall play has diminished little by little each season.. The Eagles are stuck with him
    and will probably end of flat releasing and get nothing in return after this Season is over for they surely will not have him back at the Salary Level his contract calls for… This is why when you read players signing 4-5-6 years monster deals, it rarely occurs that a player will see the end of that contract and all the $$$, there’s too many variables involves, injuries, poor play, new coaching changes, teams success, etc,etc..

  3. Great points scorp. And really, for him to say ‘its a business’ but have the main points that he says be about ‘being wanted’ and ‘appreciated’ and ‘liked’ – that’s emotional/interpersonal/ego stuff, not business. And if front offices didn’t ‘play fantasy football’, he’d still be in New England, with less money, on Bilicheat’s shit list, and playing less. I know trades and free agency aren’t exactly the same thing, but front office have to entertain different scenarios of moving players around, that’s their job.

  4. And G, as much as it would benefit you in the media, this is by no means a controversy or anything close to the TO level. TO sat out. Asante didn’t. TO got into problems with teamates, no evidence of that to this point with Samuel.

  5. I’ve stated on other posts that the Eagles scrrewd up in not Dealing Samuel before this Season even started.. There is no surprise to anyone that this would be Samuel’s final season as an Eagle, just as there should be no surpise in his actions or comments since Samuel is an emotional fella who is going to say what’s on his mind.. They should have nipped in the bud and more importantly,got something decent in return like a Starting LB and High Draft Pick in return before the Season started and back when Samuel’s
    value was higher… Now the Cat is out of the bag and everyone knows around the NFL that he is a goner so the Eagles will most likely have to flat out release him after the Seasons allowing him to be a free-agent and get zippo in return.. This was a big blunder by the FO/Coach AR.. When you have the rare opportunity of having a real postion of Strength at a prime position like e CB with 3 All-Pro Players, you have to as an Organization, make a decision relatively quickly of who fits in your plans for now and in the future, then come to the dertermination of who doesn’t, and move forward so you can upgrade other weak areas of your team (like LB)
    The Bottom line here is the Eagles again waited too late to act and will have a unhappy player and possible distraction for the rest of this Season and may even have to deactivate him if he becomes a problem..
    The more I dig deeper into the Roster Management of this Eagle team which includes the Drafting,Free-Agents Acquired, Free-Agents let go, I have come to the conclusion that that GM Roseman really doesn’t know what he’s doing is in over his head as a Competent NFL GM…

  6. asantes reference to fantasy football is an indirect way of stating the other corners can’t play or can’t play at his level, which is true, even though asante plays soft, and he is also dead on that Rosen is some fantasy football geek without proper pedigree, background to be in charge of scouting, drafting, trading players

  7. Paul, again – nobody cares – AT ALL – honestly – what or whether you’ve stated in the past. You state things so often and repetatively, we all are aware. Save your fingers a bit of arthritis..

    And to say it was a mistake to not trade him, if he comes up with a big pick or two Sunday or going forward this season (which we all know is pretty likely), than your statement is trash. Have you thought about that?

  8. jake – interesting opinions, but I don’t agree at all. How was the fantasy football comment a statement about his play v. other corners? That make no sense to me at all.

    And Roseman – so he didn’t play football. Tell me this, where in the training of a football player, from peewee to high school to the NFL, do they train you to manage people, scout talent, perform and evaluate statistics and negotiate? And where in the GM job description does tackling, blocking, throwing, running, catching… where does that fit in? Please answer those questions for me.

    Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never played competitive football or worked for any sports team. I’m just a regular old fan. But I’m pretty sure they teach you and develop 0 GM skills when you’re a player at any level. And I’m equally sure that being a GM requires skills that most athelets do not ever get – skills you learn in classrooms, internships and textbooks, not on the football field and in the gym…

    Newsflash folks – fantasy football was created to mimic the role of a GM. #22 is by no means a revolutionary by making that statement.

  9. jake, I’m not sure I would try to interpret what someone who’s clearly let their emotions get the best of them is trying to say indirectly. Even if that is the case, I don’t agree. Every CB playing style is different. And sure maybe the other 2 cannot read QBs like he does but that doesn’t mean that he’s better. He’s just better in that area. But here’s the thing, he hasn’t been doing that good this year at all. Also that might not be what’s needed. I will never forget the game against Dallas 2 years ago when Asante was afraid to play up on Miles Austin and they kept throwing the bubble screen. Sheldon was yelling at Asante to move up and he wouldn’t move up. Tell me, how is he going to intercept a bubble screen 5 yards of the receiver? In those situations you need a guy who’s going to man up. So is Asante better in some ways? Of course but he’s inferior in others so it all depends on what the TEAM needs. He’s not a leader, he doesn’t tackle well, can’t play man coverage, gets beat because he leaves his responsibility and still not causing turnovers. Add that with an huge salary and even bigger mouth, I’d try to trade him too if I had Nnamdi and DRC on the roster.

    As for Roseman, no comment because I’m still not sure who exactly makes the calls between he and Reid. But I don’t understand what fantasy football means? Does that mean acquiring the best talent you can with the alloted amount of money? If that’s the case, I’m all for it. After all I’d rather them go out and get good talent that to rely on mediocre players. After all, isn’t this what we have been criticizing them for anyway?

    Plain and simple Asante needs to shut up and play better.

  10. I stated that the CB Tandem of DCR/Asmo in man to man coverage would be more effective than this mix amd match zone they have been playing with the 3 CB’s and aree wasting DCR Athelticism by not having him on the field as much as they could have.. I stand by this.. Do you think it wasobvious to the Coaching Staff/Front office that the Eagles LB Corps was a real weak spot on this Defense.. Why not trade from a postion of strength (CB) to upgrade a position of weakness (LB)… Similar to what the Eagles did in the Kolb Deal where the Eagles traded from a positon of strength at QB to upgrade a weak postion of CB..
    By the way, I care what I state in the past, I like to keep things real and on the up and up and when I am wrong (many times), I admit to it, learn from it and move on, but I am right many times too and this is a situation where they failed to act 3 months ago, and not have an issue for the remainder of the Season which is not what you want in the lockeroom an look at all the young players in that Secondary.. the Safeties,DCR,Hughes,Marsh..Does anyone want these young talented players to be surrounded by Samuels “me first attitude”.. I wouldn’t if I was Coach…..I just never have liked the guy

  11. asante samuel is the best corner on the team and 100% correct.. you cant change a defense and expect good things.. its about stability.. some of you are delusional

  12. larrwd – If you polled the league, all the players, all the coaches and front office people, you honestly believe that they would say Samuel is a better corner than Asomaguah? I HIGHLY disagree.

  13. The biggest thing I keep in mind Larrwd,is the fact the Eagles Secondary over the last 2 Seasons was one of the worst in the NFL in TD Passes Allowed and in Red Zone Efficiency which Samuel has been a part of..
    Now fast forward to 2011 with a new DC and a complete Defensive Coaching Staff in place and new players like Asmo and DCR who excell more in the Man to Man Coverage than Samuel does, to me it would have been a no-brainer to not only change the Schemes but to change the Personnel.. Samuel’s Int’s aside, he’s been part of one of the worst Eagles Secondaries in the NFL and in Eagles recent history which is a fact when you go by the Stats…

  14. thats fine paulman.. but dont say your ” all in ” and then do a bunch of rebuilding.. and if that was the case they should have went after ike taylor instead of asoumough the eagles have no physicality to them at all .. they get beat up and bullied by stronger teams

  15. Schiller , when you have played the game, especially at the highest levels, you develop feel for things, instincts, you see who routinely gets gassed in gassers or jingle jangles as we called them, you learn that the guy next to you in the locker room bitching lack of playing time may get your nod of yeah man, but deep down he ain’t playing for a reason, the players know who can play, know what to look for in other players, todays evaluation of players has gotten far away from the simple question can you play, instead focusing on combine results, etc. Now fantasy nerds are general managers, and look at the result, we have fast, cute ballerina types who are not football players

  16. I stated in before, during and after Free Agency that CB Carlos Rogers was the best fit for CB for the Eagles and I still stand by it.. You knw who has the best Red=Zone Efficiency and few TD passes allowed.. rthat’s right, the San Fran 49ers where Carlos Rodgers now plays for…
    I didn’t mean a bunh of Rebuilding, but it was obvious to me that start of Camp after aquisition of DCR & Asmo what needed to be done..You implement a new Man to Man scheme to utilize both Asmo/DCR’s abilities, then you trade CB Samuel for a starting LB since you would know that the current Eagles LB are not up to par at the NFL Level..
    I see nothing difficlut or experimental with this approach or strategy at all and all it would have down is to better this teams Defense sooner and more effectively and everyone has to keep in Mind that Samuel was part of the worst Rated Secondary in the NFL last year, and in the bottom 6 the year before so before anyone wants to annoint Samuel as the best CB on the Eagles.. I say, look at what he’s done and been a part of the last 2 Season’s..The Eagles Secondary wasn’t very effective or very good, too many of you get hung up on Int’s just like Sacks by a DL. .there is a lot more to the game of playing CB than making Int’s..
    And by the way Larrwd, Don’t you relaize that you cannot take anything the Eagles Front OFfice (banner/Roseman/Lurie say publicly about how the Eagles are going to perform, these are not Football people and have very little idea of talent, meshing with certain systems, game planing, opponents,etc.etc. Every Off-Season, they are going to say we are trying to win a championship,. we are the gold standard, we are all in, we have the best 53 man roster in the NFL .. what would you really expect them to say…
    You really have to take their statements for what they are.. which is marketing and publicity and create excitement , etc,etc but as far as knowing how to build a Championship Team and Roster, the Eagles Front Office doesn’t have a clue..

  17. Probably not Samuels place, as he should just go play football, but he makes a valid point. As most of the Eagles fandom was basking in the glory of signing Nnamdi before the season, reality was, it made no sense. Samuel could see the writing on the wall. I maintain that Nnamdi’s money was better spent on a LB which makes this defense better today. If the scenario was you have to have Nnamdi, than Samuel should have been traded before the season began and teams saw how poorly he’s been playing. Now you’ll be lucky to get a middling pick in 2012 draft. It sounds like Samuel was a “Reid guy” and the front office wanted Nnamdi for whatever reason this offseason, making Samuel the odd man out. They couldn’t trade him and tried to spin it like they wanted 3 pro bowl corners all along(?). Again, he should concentrate on getting some INT’s, but I think at the core, he’s observations are on point.

  18. but paulman samuel had a ton of interceptions last year and only gave up 2 touchdowns.. derrel revis gave up 4 touchdowns.. and samuel only gave up 200 yards all year.. it just doenst make sense

  19. Don’t believe the hype ..this is not the Jets or some other team where there is a coasch wants s things done a certain wayand the FO the other….Lurie/Banner/Roseman/Reid are in this together….
    Good Cop Bad Cop people…no story here

  20. there was a glaring need at linebacker, the corners were not only set but very strong, and roseman signs a player you don’t need, fractionalizes playing time,
    this dude nnamdi , nice enough fella, but can’t play like asante, now asante he’s the odd man out, I don’t blame him one bit for calling out the stupidity of this front office, we finally hear some passion from this otherwise pacifist defense

  21. Schill – your post about the job description of a player verse a Gm are spot on – I had a friend I graduated school from who got into an MBA with emphasis in sport management program in the early 90s – dude grew up in a small town in VT – was in Nav for 5 year – now he is some Director for player development/assistant something or other for an Arena football league team – he has held positions in the CBA (is that right phrase) an NBA team – and did an intership with the WWF or E or whatever the hell it is –

    If you are talking actual front office (not the coaches) personnel of the 4 major sports, I think Hockey is the one where the most GM are former players – then – I know Football is the sport where the fewest former players go on to coach – in football – funny thing – most coaches were guys that did not get drafted and immedialtey turned and went to coaching.

    someone can check on that – but really, could you see Asante Samuel – be serious here – deciding a 53 man roster and figuring out how to pay everyone, putting together a training camp schedule ……. I don’t

    and no – I do not see Roseman or Banner tackling Brandon Jacobs

  22. Where was the glaring need at LB before the season started ?
    They like MOST OF YOU saw Matthews Chaney and Fokou as the future playmakers at the LB position

  23. Not me GLI..
    I was not even sold on LB Chaney to begin with (he has potential) but Fokou,Jordan.and the Rookies I had no confidence in at all , in fact, I’ve been on record consistently from Free-Agency period thu the Summer CAmp and Pre-Season that this current group of Eagle LB’s may be the weakest LB Corp in the entire NFL and I still stand by it.. and it’s not because I am a Hater or an Eagle basher, but I have seen nothing in any of these players that have led me to believe they are Quality NFL Starting LB’s…They are no more than Special Teamers and Back-ups in my opinion, can they become good, who knows but clearly, half of then LB Corp are not NFL Ready and would not make most teams Rosters.

  24. brian rolle is the best LB on the team which is pathetic.. not taking anything away from him but hes a rookie..

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