Vick On Jim Johnson: His Defenses Made Me Doubt My Ability

Former Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson who died a year ago, will be honored on Sunday night as he inducted into the team’s Wall of Fame along with former Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Eric Allen. Today, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick talked about playing against Johnson’s defenses.

“I can honestly say this and I’m not lying because I’ve played against some good ones and I’ve played great against them: He’s probably one of the only defensive coordinators that I’ve ever faced where I had a tad bit of doubt in my ability. It speaks volumes, but it’s the truth,” said Vick.

Johnson would reinvent his defenses from week to week, so a quarterback wouldn’t know what to expect from week-to-week.

Earlier in the week, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo talked about how he had no idea what to expect when he played against Johnson’s defenses because he changes his defense completely from game to game.

One of Johnson’s defenses shut down Vick in the NFC Championship game, as the Eagles went on to the Super Bowl in 2005 after the 2004 season.

2 thoughts on “Vick On Jim Johnson: His Defenses Made Me Doubt My Ability

  1. Fantastic. Jim Johnson’s Defenses were amazing at one thing. Demolishing rookie or stupid QBs. I mean they erased those guys….

    However…..The JJ blitz attack D’s often had difficulty with accurate, quick decision, smart QBs. (See Warner, Brady, Peyton, even Eli)

    Good to see Vick puts himself in the first group.

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