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Placido Polanco Wins His Third Gold Glove

Phillies third baseman Placido Polanco won the National League Gold Glove for third base. This is the third time he has won a Gold Glove and he became the second player to win Gold Gloves at two positions. The first guy to do it was Darrin Erstad of the Angels, who won Gold Gloves as an outfielder and first baseman.

Polanco also won two Gold Gloves at the second baseman position when he played for the Detroit Tigers.

Of course the award comes along when everybody’s mind is on the Polanco’s health and how badly he finished the season and playoffs. One of the big keys to the Phillies season in 2012 will be Polanco’s health. If he can come back and play the way he’s capable, it will make the Phils a much better ballclub. on Facebook

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4 Comments for “Placido Polanco Wins His Third Gold Glove”

  1. Congrats on Placido for winning his 3rd Gold Glove..
    Now is the time to trade him, I would package Polanco and RHP J Blanton to the Chicago White Sox for LF Carlos Quentin who is on the market

  2. I would trade Polanco and Blanton for Cuddyer if hes available.

    Let Rollins walk and try to get Furcal if hes available or even Hardy from Baltimore.

    Phillies should consider maybe adding a 2nd baseman into the equation too.

    I would also let Madson walk and try to get Rodriguez or possibly Santos and Quentin from the White Sox.

  3. I love Polanco, but either him or Utley, or both have to go. They have very little leeway financially, especially now that Howard blew out his Achilles, & has a horrid contract. Jimmy is gone.
    My off season plan-
    Sign Heath Bell, Aramis Ramirez, Jerry Hairstin.
    Trade Blanton, Polanco, Dom Brown.
    Trade for Carlos Quenton or Matt Kemp.
    Sign Pujols, trade Howard when he is healthy. But that ain’t happening.

  4. Atra, Cuddyer & Furcal are free agents. They’re available. Hardy just got a contract extension from Baltimore. He’s out. Rodriguez is a psychopath. He ain’t coming here. I agree with you, Rollins is bye, bye, & I love Carlos Quentin. He would a perfect fit in LF. Only thing, he strike out a ton too. But solid outfielder, that hits a lot of extra base hits. He’s a Latino version of Pence.
    Quentin- Victorino- Pence. Sounds good to me. Have Mayberry play 1st base until the Big choke, ehm, ehm, I mean the Big piece comes back.
    IMHO, the first 2 priorities this off season is signing a stud closer, not Madson, & Extending Hamels. Then you upgrade LF, 3B, bench, BP, in that order. Also if the rumors are true that Kendrick wants $5M in his arbitration, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! sorry. He’s gone too.

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