Michael Vick And Eagles Offense With Dismal Performance

The Eagles played one of the most uninspired football games I’ve ever seen against the lowly Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.  This team look uninterested from the get go and that feeling lasted throughout.  Maybe they were looking ahead to the showdown with the Giants next week on Sunday night but the fact is that game has little meaning at this point with this loss to Arizona.

The offense got off to a bad start against Arizona even before they took the field when it was announced that DeSean Jackson would be sitting out because of missing a special teams meeting on Saturday because of sleeping through his alarm.  Jackson clearly has checked out for the season with an effort like that and it just shows how much he really cares about the team.  He’s showing signs of being a typical Drew Rosenhaus client and it’s clear how unhappy he is.

The decision to bench DeSean had an effect on this offense right out of the gate and throughout the game this offense was quite offensive.  Mike Vick had an awful performance showing no urgency at any part of the game.  He looked uninterested and almost looked as if he was just going through the motions which is something I would have never expected from number 7.

He says all the right things off the field but it hasn’t translated on the field this season.  Vick hasn’t been the same since the miracle at the Medowlands last year.  Vick had 34 pass attempts for just 128 yards and was picked off twice.  He missed out on numerous opportunities to connect with open receivers.

This performance is not at all what you expect from a $100 million dollar NFL quarterback.  Vick had a 32.5 passer rating which is the worst by an Eagles QB since Donovan McNabb’s 13.2 rating in 2008 against the Ravens.  The question going forward is which Mike Vick is the real Mike Vick, the one that had a fantastic start to last season and earned him the $100 million contract or the Mike Vick from this season.

If this season’s Mike Vick is the real deal then we’re in trouble going forward and a QB will without a doubt need to be drafted in the spring.  Cue the “suck for luck” chants from here on out because this team needs a fresh start with a young QB hungry to prove himself.

The wide receivers were nowhere to be found for a second straight week.  With DeSean deactivated and Maclin going down and not being the same throughout the afternoon opportunities were present for the other guys to step up and prove they belonged on the field.  Turns out they folded under the pressure.

Brent Celek once again led the way with 53 yards receiving on 4 receptions.  Steve Smith had 5 receptions for 47 yards leading the way for the wide-outs.  He was thrown to 10 times during the afternoon of disgust.  The bottom line is these guys weren’t getting open against a defense that isn’t exactly setting the world on fire.

If you can’t get it done against the Cardinals then I’m not sure you have a great chance at any domination against other teams.  It possibly could have been different with DeSean and a healthy Maclin out there but the guys who were out there showed no heart.  When the wide-outs were finding open spaces they dropped passes that Vick didn’t overthrow to them.  It was a gutless effort all the way around and almost seemed like they couldn’t wait to get off the field and home for the evening.

LeSean McCoy had 14 carries for 81 yards with a touchdown and 5.8 yards per carry average.  Again McCoy was clearly under used by Andy Reid.  McCoy needs the ball in his hands as much as possible.  The offensive line let the standard pressure on Mike Vick but they had flashes of brilliance on some of the LeSean runs.

The fact is McCoy needs the ball and only giving it to him 14 times is outrageous and for that Andy Reid is at fault.  This was the Arizona Cardinals not the Baltimore Ravens defense.  The strength of this offense is LeSean McCoy and when Mike Vick is having the awful, uninspired day he’s having McCoy needs to be the man.

Shady had only 6 carries in the second half which is downright offensive.  They were never out of this game and had no reason to overlook the running game against Arizona.  It’s one thing to throw the ball when you’re behind but with the score where it was Andy should have been pounding the ball a lot more.

This is the 5th time this season the Eagles have blown a 4th quarter lead.  The playoffs are pretty much not going to happen in Philly this season when many expected not only the playoffs but a possible Superbowl appearance.  Andy Reid needs to be the fall man in all of this because too much talent exists on this team to be in this position.

The offense played uninspired football all day.  The effort was disgusting and they looked like they were more concerned with getting off the field as fast as possible so they can get home.  Whatever Andy Reid has been telling these guys it isn’t working and with the record it is now I expect to see a lot more guys missing meetings.

Mike Vick should be ashamed of his performance today and the receivers should just sit home the rest of the year.  At this point bring in a few guys off the practice squad who are hungry and looking to take advantage of an opportunity.

The current WR core seems to have a mindset where they think they can just step on the field and do great things.  This offense lost its work ethic at some point this season and at this point it’s too late to get any of it back.  The bottom line is it’s time for a change with this franchise and a fresh new voice.

The Andy Reid era needs to come to a close after this season because this offense isn’t buying it any more.  At the end of the day Reid isn’t the one out there on the field but the lack of interest from these players clearly stems from the message being delivered by the coach.  When I look back at this game I see this as the beginning to the end of the Reid era.

Chances are that won’t be true though because let’s face it the front office will allow Reid another shot because he didn’t have enough of an off-season to prepare this team.  By the way every other coach in the NFL also didn’t have enough time to prepare their teams in the off-season.

82 thoughts on “Michael Vick And Eagles Offense With Dismal Performance

  1. Blow this s!@# up ….When will people learn? the AR era is over. when you have guys calling out the front office, missing team meetings, numerous penalties in the games, poor tackling and you bench your Best receiver #10 not only has AR lost this team but there is an old saying DONT CUT YOUR NOSE OFF TO SPITE YOUR FACE….AR benched #10 it looked to me like he needed #10 in today’s game vs Arizona

  2. Talongrip. You’re dreamin’ I guarantee Reid will be the Eagles HC in 2012 and the only thing I appluad him for today is the benching of the juvenile Jackson. They should’ve sat his butt, and others down sooner. Everything else about Reid sucks!

  3. Garbage performance by the eagles and vick, vick sucks, give kafka a shot, see what he has, listen, john skelton outplayed vick at home, what.does that tell you you about vick, he sucks

  4. The Andy Reid era will close shortly – it is a simple matter of figuring out if he finishes the season, or just walks away after next weeks game against the Giants – I, and many after the Dallas game, thought next week would be for 1st place in NFC East – sadly, it will be to see if Reid finishes the season…

    no excuses – this is the team he built, there are no major injuries, no – oh so close –

    I must admit life kicked me in the rear this week and I did not spend much time on football – I missed the game today – but to go from 14 point favorites against a back-up QB to losing…. very sad.

    I used to defend Reid cause he used to be a consistent winner, but this team does not look ready to win anything……………..

    god I hate rebuilding periods

  5. I’ve been saying Vick was a mistake since week 3 last year. They compounded it by giving him the big deal. Now they’re screwed for 3, 4 years.

    Where are the Vick/Andy supporters?

  6. Vick will never be successful in this offense…. he needs a running game with balance…. he thrives off of play action and rolling out when there is a running game….he cannot sit in the pocket and be successful, he makes one read then runs when the receiver isnt open…. he is a schizo in the pocket…

  7. Navy – I can only hope that Lurie would make a change that soon but I can’t see him severing ties with Reid before the contract is up and not offer a new contract. You see, the reason I beleive that is that it’s easier to make no decision than a tough one and that’s the road Lure will follow.

    Here’s hoping you’re rear kickin’ wasn’t more severe than a good nights rest will fix.

  8. Vick will never be successful in any offence outside of the CFL. Ahhh….ok, he`d probably be really good in a flag football league too.

    The most amazing thing to me is how suprised so many people are that Vick is playing like this. He`s been like this his entire life. This is not a suprise.

    Mugsy, its only for another season and a half. 23 games of the Vick disaster left. New regime will make a QB change after next season.

  9. It’s all about coaching. Look at the 49ers. Harbaugh has that team competing at a high level, and it’s fueled by a stout defense and strong running attack. We have talent. A long rebuilding period is not necessary.

  10. I believe Jackson’s absence also played a huge role in the lack of success. We came in the No. 3 ranked offense Despite all of our miscues and turnovers, we were still ranked No. 3.

    When Jackson lines up, defenses must automatically account for him and come out of their normal package. It is the offensive coordinator’s job to exploit the “newly created” area of weakness.

    Jackson’s mere presence makes safeties line up extra deep and there is almost always some sort of double coverage, which means, someone else is single-covered or some area of the field is left unprotected (usually the middle).

    Jackson’s presence makes everyone’s job easier, regardless of whether he has a bunch of catches.

  11. I caught a bit of flack for suggesting that Jackson should have received some compensation two years ago.

    Many said that he’d eventually get paid and some said that he didn’t deserve it at that time.

    The guy was a double pro bowler, the only one ever, in the history of the NFL. They didn’t have to extend his contract. They could have (and in my opinion, should have) thrown him a bonus. I understand that they were reluctant to extend him with the lock-out looming, but there was nothing stopping them from showing him some love.

    I explained that I felt he should have been compensated because it would have kept the locker-room happy. One would think that this organization learned a little something from the T.O. debacle, from which this team is still trying to recover.

    Jackson watched his pro bowl counterpart, who was already earning 18 x more than Jackson, receive an extension and even more money.

    He watched all the off-season acquisitions make much more money. He watched rookies, who still haven’t done anything (and who may never do anything) earn exponentially more money.

    Through all of that, he played the good solider, bounced back from serious injury and (after a slight holdout) even reported to camp. What more could you ask for? In my opinion, he was totally disrespected. And his response to that disrespect has been apathy. Again, IN MY OPINION, his role was much too important for him to have been treated that way. He watched Vick sign a mega-deal, and Vick had much more baggage than he.

    If that had been me, I’d find it very difficult to put my body on the line, too. NFL players are dying like flies(in their 50s). This is not normal business. They are dying in their 50s! And people are making billions through their efforts. If I were risking that, I’d demand my piece of the pie, too.

  12. Drummer, I have to agree with the terrible treatment the FO has dished out to Jackson, they lied to him about waiting until the new CBA was in place before negotiating with him. Instead of giving him a pay raise and new contract they throw 100 million at the dog killer and completely ignore one of the most exciting players in the league. I hope he finds a team that will appreciate what he can do, it is obvious the Eagles will be getting rid of him soon.

  13. I am think Bob Stoops from Oklahoma or possibly Urban Meyer for the 2013 Season… AR and his Stiff, I mean Staff will be back in 2012.. Your talking Paying over $10-$12 In the EAgles Coaching Staffs Salary for the Eagles Staff f who are all signed thru 2012 (Coach AR signed thru 2013) for not Coaching..
    Lurie & Banner will never go for that… Anyone GM Roseman’s contract staus for he’s the Screwball repsonsible for there recent Drafts and Free-Agent Signings..

  14. Drummer. Pay attention…. It was 3rd and 10. Play had broken down. No one open. Brady knew the play was toast, so he heaved one into the endzone…… if it gets picked its same as a punt from midfield, which is exactly what happened on the next play.

    Would have been a little different if it was 1st and 10 and he did the same. But that`s more Vick`s style.

    Why its true Brady is fading from the mountain…happens to everyone and he is 33. At least he`s fallen from the top.

    Vick isn;t falling from anywhere, `cause he`s never been anywhere…..

  15. This Eagles team has NO Heart… they play uninspires football too. You look in their eyes and you dont see the desire. NO Leadership… Get rid if this entire coaching staff.

  16. Who Drummer,
    Coach AR, WR D-Jax, or QB Vick or all three..

    Do you Fire the entire staff or just Coach AR..Who replaces him
    Chance’s are that Mudd,Washburn would leave also since they only came to Phill to work with AR and getting up there and would probably not want to go with a new Coach/Sytem/Philosophy// Coach MM would proably enterain the HC spot or maybe even remain as OC to continue to Coach Vick with his son ready to start his COllege career at Penn State next year.. It’s just not that easy finding a replacement fcor Coach Ar that fits this teams personnel..

  17. @paulman – Stoops is a genius and I think he is one of the few college coaches that can win in the NFL… it will take $$$ to lure him from Norman, OK.

  18. Blame the players, the coach, the front office I dont give a shit…I’m pissed off as an Eagles fan that we are sitting at 3-6 and that is the bottom line! I could care less about any of the BS you dumbasses are talking about on this thread!

  19. One thing to keep in mind as Eagles Fans
    We are seeing the Mike Vick in 2011 that mirror his career #’s and performance while with the Falcons for 6 Seasons, and not the 5 Game “lightning in a bottle” stretch we saw last Oct/Nov when he was playing unbelievably well..
    He is what he is.. which is about a .500 overall Record who will complete about .55 % of his passes, make some exciting plays and runs, throw a lot of Int’s, and Fumble a lot… What the Eagles saw in him to commit $100 Million over the next 4-5 Seasons is pure highway robbery ad will set this Franchise back 2-3 Years.. They screwed up big time and should have kep the Franchise Tag for this Season and pay him a big Salary for this year but would really find out for sure if he is indeed a changed QB from his Falcon, and reckless days and to be honest, he’ is not different, he is what he is which is a playground QB and not made to preform well within a structured system.. He is at his best when the play completely breaks down and it’s helter skelter ensues, but he is not sound on the routine plays.. and jsut like you can’t Coach for those scramblin great plays, you can’t Coach him up to be a better pocket passer, a better reader of defenses or to grow taller to see over the line of scrimmage and to just run a basi offense, The truth hurts but the Eagles and their fans got the short end of the sitck on this Vick Deal and now everyone pays the consequence..

  20. The Eagles are looking at the 9th/10th Overall pick in 2012 Draft
    And not to pour some salt on the wounds, check who the Eagles have next Season on their 2012 Schedule

    6 Games vs the NFC East Division foes (Giants,Cowboys, & Redskins)
    4 Games vs the entire NFC South (Saints,Falcons,TB Bucs, Panthers)
    4 Games vs the entire AFC North (Steelers,Ravens,Bengals,Browns)
    2 Games vs 3rd place teams in the NFC North (Lions or Bears) and 3rd Place Team in the NFC West (Arizona or Seattle again)

    Paulman is predicting another 6-10 Season for 2010.. Good Grief….

  21. Paul, my friend,

    Always the small picture . . . always the small picture.

    There were reasons why Vick was successful last year and reasons why he’s not successful this year.

    There are reasons why our all-pro players are playing like pee footballers.

    Believe me, it’s not “lightning in the bottle.” There are reasons for everything. If you don’t believe me, again, just look at the Niners. Coaching, play-calling, etc., makes all the difference.

  22. I agree with Rodney Harrison, who said today that the Niners can win with Alex Smith and that you don’t need a superstar QB. He cited the Ravens and a few other teams. I believe you could win with Vick. I also believe you could win with Kolb. It’s has taken some time, but defenses are beginning to catch up with the passing game and defense still wins championships.

    Before you know it, running backs will rule again.

    Look at Brady right now, VINNIE! How many points has he scored?

    The Jets have dropped 3 picks VINNIE!!!!

  23. I messing with that guy. He makes the most ridiculous arguments, but what makes him funny is that I think he actually believes them.

    Paul makes crazy arguments too, but he think he’s often just trying to stir the pot.

  24. I just don’t think this team is as good as you think it is Drummer regardless of who is coaching.. You look at some of the Pro-Bowlers you are talking about
    DCR, Babin. and even Jenkins probably doesn’t make it if he didn’t play on the Packers… R Brown, V Young, S Smith are all yersterday has beens. are strictly on the Eagles in a back-up mode wher the EAgles would have been smarter is unsung that 7-8-9 MIllionm Bucs and getting a real LB or Safety on this Team..
    I am fine with a completely new Staff coming in, but half this roster will be expunged for many of the players sipley don’t fit other systems and it still will be another 2 Years fo good draftes and getting the roster up to speed with depth and talent that works best for whatever new coach comes about ..
    For the Sake of Argument, Say B Cowher comes in and wants to transition this D to a 3-4, Eagles need true NT and at leasr 3 New LB sinec the EAgles have none (besides Chaney) who could play in 3-4.. So your looking a 2 year project any way you go which again I am fine with, but as long as everyopne is on the same page and doesn’t think thart a Cowher, Fisher, Gruden are going to come in , keep most of th esame players and get e11-12 WInds next season.. It’s not going to happen.. I was one of the few back in the SUmmer time who questioned a lot of this supposed Talent and all the changes in the Locker room and with the Coaching Staff and had some real reservations about the make-up of this team.. I didn;t think they would stinkl up th ejoin as bad as they have but I thought they would win 9-10 games and compete for a plyoff spot down to the n end and maybe catch some break, but they have gone the other way and fast.. Everybody talked a year ago about the EAgles WR corps being one of the Top ones in the NFL and I always questioned that due to thei rsoftness, arrogance, inability to make plays in the red-zone that I though and still do think that they are middle of the pack in the NFL whem comparing.. but who cares what I think, the fact of the matter, these last 7 games are meaningless for making a playoff run for this year but maybe the Eagles will be loose and play better and mybe can knock out some other teams on the way and ruin it for the Cowboys, Giants or Jets or Patriots,, Play some the younfgplayers and see hwat you have to plan for the future..

  25. Yet when I suggested that the eagles should wait untill halfway through this season to begin contract talks with vick I was blasted for it. This team plays just like their leader (7) UNDISCIPLINED and COCKY. This team seems to think that because they are talented they deserve to win. HA!

    As an Eagle fan I hope we don’t win another game all season and the FO clears house of every player over 25 and Every Single Coach. Eat the salary and move on so in 2 years we can begin to win again.

    Vick was the first step in this teams destruction and the spending spree in FA
    just reinforced to the young guys that it’s all Green win or lose grab the money.

  26. He`s put up more against the Jets, on the road, then Vick did today. At home. Against the Cards.


    The Cardinals.

    47%. 128 yrds. 4 ints. You`re going to keep defending this.


    The Cardinals.

    The performance today was epically bad.

    At home.

    Against the Cardinals.

    Please. Never again mention Tom Brady and Mike Vick in the same sentence. Try…I dunno….Scott Mitchell.

  27. I think some philosophical changes would require a change in some personnel, but there’s a lot of talent on this team. Like I said before, some of these guys were perennial pro bowlers, not one-season wonders.

    I think Reid is the type of coach who has a design in mind, and he rarely, if ever, deviates from it, regardless of success/failure.

    How else could explain giving McCoy the ball only 14 times. It’s not like this is the first time or the 20th time. This same issue has existed for a decade

    I watched Correll Buckhalter average 6 and Reid would stop giving him the rock, but promise to give it to him more after each loss.

    Reid is soooooooooooooo predictable that he sets his players up for failure. Then, he likes to tinker with position changing and that sort of thing.

    I’m sorry you just can’t convince me that ALLL of these players were busts.

  28. Vick had a bad game.

    but does that negate Smith catching the ball in stride only to find a soft spot to fall into avoiding a hit with the chance to get a needed first down?

    6 dropped passes..How many first down catches did Celek drop?

    I guess it’s Vick’s fault Skelton looked like the 2nd coming of Johnnie Unitas against our defense.

    Our Safeties are atrocious..Our Linebackers Suck.

    The Wide 9 exposes how weak those positions are.

    Our defensive coordinator, “The failed offensive line coach” lost another game with the team leading down the stretch in the 4th quarter.

    This Season was lost before it started in the offseason.

    This Front office is really not that good.

    Now, it’s time to start pointing beyond Andy’s pay grade because the Front office is allowing these bonehead decisions by Andy to take place.

    Vick should have been franchised through the season to play for a contract with the Eagles having the power to franchise him and lock up a deal next offseason.

    They also should have signed DJax knowing his volatile ego could not sustain watching everyone getting paid around him while him being a 2 time pro bowler play for minimum NFL wages.

    And to add insult to injury it gets leak that they’re negotiating with McCoy who fires Rosenhaus ..and that was a message sent directly to DJax. Disgruntled locker room created by the front office.

    The mishandleing of Asante Samuel this year…

    It seems this front office now is being exposed and things that use to be private while masked with winning seasons are now in the open for all of us to see.

    We ignored the treatment of Eagles who bled green in the past because the machine still ran in spite of our hard nosed stance against the Leaders in the Locker room.

    Now, this is a team built by the Eagles Andy’s way and it’s no coincidences that a team loaded with talent lack cohesive Leaders.

    Anytime Jason Avant is heading off team meetings?

    Something is seriously flawed in the novacare.

    I believed this team could have won a championship with the talent brought in along with a Dawkins in the locker room…..But I digress.

    Lurie and Banner allowed Andy to hire Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator after the last unexperienced guy failed.

    This front office is not that good and they have worked with Andy to destroy the most important element that made the Eagles the beloved in Philly.

    They have always haggled with players who had their own personality and heart.

    Now, we have a team with no personailty or heart.

    Djax is not to blame here.

    This organization have disrespected him and have used haggling that have caused another lock room cancer.

    This is on the Front Office.

    This front office won the offseason “PRESS BOWL”..

    But, while getting the Front Office accolades they have lost the team and many loyal Eagles Fans, and we’re just half way through the season.

    Well …what do you expect fellas?

    Don’t you know that this is the life of an Eagles Fan?

  29. They have talent drummer that is true but money is kiling this team.

    1st Vick is a FRAUD and should never have gotten the deal he got.

    2nd Assante should have been gone because he is SOFT but because he is getting 10 mil he is not only here but still starting and that is a crime. yes he makes plays but he also blows tons of them with no effort tackles.

    When young guys see the “Stars” starting and not fundementally strong it puts in their head that they don’t need to be fundementally strong but just gamble for big plays and get payed too.


    Sad Vick gets a pass in philly. No matter how bad he has been the last 11 games nearly a whole season of poor play. Guys like Songs will find a reason to down grade his play. Vick is horrible Songs. His interceptions are not to be overlooked. He has a outstanding group of WR’s you see Jay Cutler with the shit WR’s he has in Chicago whats he doing with them? making them look like stars. Vick got paid he got what he wanted now your stuck with him CONGRATULATIONS

  31. This team should move to vegas and be renamed the riverboat ramblers.

    This is unacceptable.

    Lorrie I hear LA wants a team. Your a hollywood guy. Take the team just leave us the Name and let us start over.

  32. Arron Rogers playing with a bad defense all year but dont tell him that, Shit if you score ill score and then some. Vick cant do that. Teams can play vick to their liking now. The cat is out the bag on Mr. Vick. If you cant score more than 21 points to beat the crappy Cardinals???? really??? and none of this is vicks fault???? Vick deserves 80% of the eagles troubles.

  33. The problem is bigger than Vick. Everybody comes on here and tries to find someone to blame.

    We just dont play well as a team and have mentally and emotionally dumb players who are not clutch.

  34. We are basically the opposite to the Bengals and 49ers. Both have winning records with far less talent than us, but the players have a great football IQ and play as a TEAM. Especially their defenses.

    And I’m not sure of the numbers but I bet both of those teams also commit few penalties and turnovers.

  35. It comes from Andy ultimately. Whilst I think Andy does some things well he needs to hire people around him who can strongly do the things that are his weaknesses:
    ie. Drafting Defense
    In game adjustments
    Time management
    Play call balance

    And if hes going to bring in big name defensive free agents he should have hired a DC who those players respected. Not a nobody who cant get his guys motivated and focused.

  36. Songs,

    The front office did not `cause`DJax to act the way he is acting. He`s a grown man. The fact that he`s acting like a whiny punk late for one meeting and missing another is on him.

    Forte is pissed that he hasnt been offered a new contract`and feels he is underpaid. He`s making $555K. Seems to be playing just fine.
    Arian Foster is currently playing for $525,000 and wants a new contract
    Ray Rice is making $600K this year
    Steve Johnson is making $555 this year

    Do I have to go on. Contract shit happens on every team. Not just the Birds. The Eagles`front office has not `caused`Desean to be a cancer. He`s a cancer cause he`s a punk.
    Brees wants a new contract.

  37. Today we broke the record for most consecutive home-field 4th quarter losses, and we’re looking at the QB? The QB? Don’t get me wrong, he is awful, but we had a lead with 2:00 left. We spent a ton of money fixing this defense. We even brought in new coaches, and w’ere talking about the QB? Somehow, I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

  38. How much does Brees make right now? Allow me to rephrase. How many millions more is Brees making right now?

    This guy has rookies who don’t even play making exponentially more. There’s no comparison.

  39. Rodgers has a coach that uses him properly right Drummer. That doesn`t make him throw as much as Vick right`…..

    Aaron Rodgers 322 called passes in 8 games. Average of 40 a game.

    Mike Vick 336 called passes in 9 games. Average of 37 a game.

    That Crrrrrrazy Andy Reid just throwin all the time. Everyone is throwing all the time.

    Don“t get me wrong, I have a boatload of complaints against Andy Reid,but this idea that he`s not setting up Vick to succeed `cause he`s throwing the ball too much is completely bogus.

  40. Larry Fitzgerald earns more than 20x Jackson’s salary. I know he’s no Fitzgerald, but how many other receivers make more than 10X Jackson’s salary. Give me a break. The man was completely disrespected. And you see what the offense was like without him.

  41. You would pick out Brees from my list…not all the other guys who are all outperforming Desean for the same $$ as him. And who aren;t acting like petulant children.

    I`ll get you more names if you`d like.

  42. All the ills with this team, and you only talk about one person. Not matter what happens, you talk about one person. When that person does well, we can’t find you, but as soon as he doesn’t there you are.

    Last season you only talked about two people, but now you never mention that other person. Even when I broach the conversation repeatedly. How could anyone take you seriously. I don’t take Manson seriously, but I still watch his biography. It’s sometimes entertaining.

  43. There are at least 100 guys in the NFL that feel they are `disrespected`

    Rice, Foster, Forte, Johnson, …right now these guys are 2x the players Desean is…..are they whining…hiding….playing like shite

    Lets just stick with WRs

    Was Jordy Nelson sulking around the room before his contract in October
    Mike Wallace is making $480 this year
    Brandon Lloyd being paid $800K
    Wes Welker making $2 million

    Not acting like bitches.

  44. I talk about the other problems all the time. Gametime adjustments, Not running the ball, terrible use of TOs, Linebackers, the Castillo mess etc etc

    The overriding problem however is the at the most important position on the team.

    Vick stinks and they can change DBs all they want. This team is going nowhere, ever, with a QB who can;t drop more than 10 on the Cardinals.

  45. I said Kolb is better than Vick. Neither you nor I can say he isn`t at this point.` In fact, to make you happy….I`ll stand by it.

    Do you think Kolb would have been 47% and 4 picks against the Cards if he was Eagles`QB today. doubtful.

    I`m pretty confident we could take any QB in the league and they`d have a better day against the Cards then Vick did today.

    Epic Fail as the kids today say. Its the most pressing issue woth the Eagles.

  46. John Skelton torched our defense and did the same thing to Kolb that Vick did. He took his job. I guess you could say that Kolb has a “Skelton” in his closet.

    It must be the wind.

  47. DJax doesn’t deserve a dime, & Brady is great, not lucky. Reid & all of his cronies need to be fired ASAP, After Vick was paid, all of his desire & incentive, to continue to flourish, went bye, bye. They all need to go.

  48. What a bunch of frauds. No consolation that we will get higher draft choices because they will blow that to.Where is “Schiller the logical” I wonder if he feels like an illogical moron today. The Eagles will never win a Super Bowl with Reid as head coach. A prediction for Schiller to choke on. The plan failed. The season is over. The defensive coordinator is bad. The play calling and run pass ratio will always suck with Reid and Marty. Desaun is a puny punk. Avant caught one pass for two yards. The free agent curse continues.
    The Eagles make nobody’s look like pro bowlers.

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