Eagles’ Retreat: A Matter Of Breaking What Was Fixed

It seems like a pipe dream now, like wishful thinking at best, or like a foolish thought at worst. Perhaps it may be hard to remember after the mental knockout delivered on Sunday, but there were actual reasons to believe that a Philly resurgence was not just coming, but imminent.

McCoy was running wild, the wide-nine was being used responsibly, there was ingenuity in the play calling, etc. etc. Of the many trends one could point to in order to justify the now foreign feeling of optimism, most would simply be branches attached to the tree of good coaching. Plain and simple, Andy Reid and co. were getting it right.

It was nothing special at all, just competent game planning, the type that would have the team playing like they should, God forbid they over-achieve. What has happened since however, is something so inconceivable, something so incredible, that words like “frustrating” may not even do for Eagles fans at the moment. The coaching has regressed, the reason for which could be anybody’s guess.

Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that the coaching staff would continue with what they were doing, and try to keep the success going. Sadly though, little about this team has been conventional, and wise? That now seems to be certainly out the window.

If the Eagles’ were to lose with their improved tactics, fine. It would not be easy to take, few losses are, but it’d be understandable, most definitely more than what we’re seeing right now. Simply put, the Eagles have once again reverted to their square peg-round hole ways, confounding and confusing fans in the process.

Need an example? Look no further than the LeSean McCoy’s statistics against the Cardinals. On a day in which Michael Vick was having a bad game, and with the quarterback having hurt his ribs just two plays into the match, McCoy, who has shown on numerous occasions how massive of a threat he is, was given the ball just 14 times for a grand total of 81 yards. Compare that to the 30 carries that he’d received in the explosion against Dallas, and it becomes clear that the Eagles’ usage of McCoy, or lack thereof is in part the cause of their downfall.

It’s obvious the Eagles succeed when they give Shady the ball, yet they choose not to, but alas this is what we are now subject to watching, a coaching staff that inexplicably veers away from winning strategy. It is a notion that is quite mind boggling, and infinitely more disappointing, but the fact of the matter is that the Eagles have once found what is broke and fixed it, only to just break it again.

60 thoughts on “Eagles’ Retreat: A Matter Of Breaking What Was Fixed

  1. Illusion.

    The eagles have called basically the exact same ratio of plays every game this season. The WSH game is the exception. Whatever a ‘balanced attack means in the NFL, with almost every team (same Denver) calling passes on about 65% of their plays.

    Vs Buffalo
    46 passes 14 runs. 77%

    Vs Wsh
    The Most “balanced” game. 1st half 24 passes – 17 runs 58% Game finishes with most “balance” 42 passes, 30 runs 58% passing.

    VS Dallas.
    1st half 25 passes 13 runs. 66%. 1st drive of the 2nd half 8 passes 4 runs. 75%. The exact same thing as every other game. Nothing changed. The “balanced” numbers came into play after the score was 27-0. Prior to that the balance was same as always. The 6 str8 runs with 5 mins to go and an insurmountable 34-7 lead make the day look “balanced.”

    44 passes 18 runs. 70% passes

    Arizona 44 passes 16 runs. 73% passes

    This is the NFL today. This year
    GB 367 passes 190 runs. 66%
    Eagles 382 passes 198 runs 66%
    NE 390 passes 213 runs 65%
    PITT 413 passes 235 runs 64%
    Dallas 349 passes 218 runs 62%
    DET 393 passes 196 runs 67%
    NO 455 passes 242 runs 65%

    D0 I have to go on? 65% passing IS ‘balanced’ in today’s NFL. And to get to those averages every team will have days with 75% passing nowadays. Last night GB was in an empty backfield shotgun with 3 mins left and up 38-7 for goodness saakes. Get used to it!

    You bring in Peyton, or McCarthy, or Tomlin or whomever, and Vick is going to be dropping back 40+ times a game…”setting him up to fail” just like Reid does.

  2. This defies logic.
    This defies reason.
    This defies rational thought.
    With 4:46 left in the third quarter of the Eagles’ game against the Cardinals Sunday, LeSean McCoy blasted 29 yards down the right flat for a first down at the Cards’ 22-yard-line.
    The Eagles had a first-and-10 deep in Arizona territory, they were 22 yards from a 21-7 lead, and McCoy was just getting warmed up.
    Time for the Eagles to put away the lowly Cards and keep their flickering playoff hopes alive.
    McCoy at that point in the game had 12 carries for 80 yards, we were heading toward the fourth quarter, which he rules, and the Cards’ defense didn’t want any part of him.
    And they didn’t get any part of him.
    McCoy, who is averaging an NFL-best 7.1 yards per carry in the fourth quarter, didn’t run the ball again on the Eagles’ next 10 plays and got only two attempts the rest of the game after his explosive 29-yard run.
    And one of those two attempts came with Vince Young at quarterback after Michael Vick got banged up, with the Cards stacking the box, fully aware there was no way the Eagles were going to let Young actually throw the football.
    Over the Eagles’ last 20 plays, McCoy got two carries. Two carries for an MVP candidate who’s one of the most dangerous fourth-quarter runners in NFL history. Two carries for the only tailback in NFL history with four career fourth-quarter touchdown runs of 45 yards or more.
    Not Barry Sanders. Not Gale Sayers. Not Jim Brown.
    LeSean McCoy.
    In a flash, the Cards had become the fifth team this year to overcome a fourth-quarter deficit to beat the Eagles, and all McCoy could do was stand around and watch.
    Inexcusable. Infuriating. Incomprehensible.
    But not surprising.
    We’ve seen Duce Staley ignored in crucial situations, and we’ve seen Correll Buckhalter and Brian Westbrook ignored in crucial situations. And now McCoy is getting the exact same treatment.
    The difference is that at least back then, the Eagles usually had a big-time passing game with Donovan McNabb, so you could at least kind of understand what head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator and play caller Marty Mornhinweg were thinking, even if it was frustrating to see terrific weapons gathering dust on the bench.
    Now? Vick looks lost. Honestly, right now he looks worse than McNabb ever did while he was here. Jackson, the Eagles’ biggest receiving weapon, wasn’t in the stadium Sunday. Jeremy Maclin was banged up, on and off the field. The Eagles had one weapon left and the Cards had no way to stop him.
    And still, McCoy was criminally under-utilized for a second straight game (see blog post).
    Let’s see … keep chucking the football 10 yards over Riley Cooper’s head or give it to McCoy and watch him take over the game.
    Hmmmm. Tough call.
    Consider how brilliant McCoy has been this year. He leads the NFL with 10 rushing touchdowns. Despite ranking sixth in carries, he’s second in rushing yards, just 11 behind Matt Forte. His 5.5 average is just a fraction behind NFL leader Fred Jackson. He’s run for 57 first downs — 17 more than anybody else in the league.
    On 33 of his 151 carries this year — 22 percent — he’s run for 10 yards or more.
    And he’s done all this without the luxury of getting to play against the Eagles’ defense.
    McCoy’s career average is now up to 5.0 yards per carry, and only three tailbacks in NFL history with at least 500 carries have a higher average — Bo Jackson, Jim Brown and Mercury Morris.
    McCoy’s career rushing average is higher than 18 of the 21 running backs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
    What has it earned him?
    Two carries in the fourth quarter against Chicago and two carries in the fourth quarter against Arizona.
    Both games were winnable. Both games Vick struggled. Both games the Eagles led in the fourth quarter. Both games McCoy had big numbers through three quarters.
    And both games, McCoy was forced to watch like the rest of us, helpless as the Eagles gave away yet another fourth-quarter lead.
    It’s preposterous.
    What makes all of this even more absurd is that it looked like Andy and Marty had finally come around on the importance of the running game when they gave McCoy 28 carries against the Redskins and 30 more against the Cowboys. Guess what? The Eagles controlled the clock, beat down both defenses, won both games and got themselves back to 3-4 with a chance to salvage something of this wretched season.
    Since then? McCoy had 16 carries for 71 yards against the Bears and 14 for 81 against the Cards.
    Loss. Loss.
    Both games, the Eagles led in the fourth quarter. Both games, they allowed double-digit points in the fourth quarter. Both games Shady had just two carries in the final quarter, when he’s averaged nearly six yards a pop in his career.
    Season over.
    The Eagles have run 33 fourth-quarter offensive plays the last two games, and four have been McCoy runs.
    Four for 33.
    If McCoy had gotten 25 carries against the Bears and 25 more against the Cards, the Eagles would be 5-4 right now and playing for a share of the NFC East lead Sunday night against the Giants at the Meadowlands.
    Instead, they’re 3-6 and talking about what could have been.
    Nobody can stop McCoy. Nobody can slow him down.
    Nobody except his own head coach.
    (ill post this article one more time if you have not read it) Written by csn writter, Read these stats!!

  3. I posted it again for some that havent read it, The article above, but you cant tell me there this guy is not the key to keeping and undersized defense rested. If people in philly dont start bringing signs to the game saying give lesean the ball if you want to win, or start some sort of rebellion, i dont know if this will ever change, the guy averaged 5.8 a carry against arizona!

  4. Tomlin rolled out Rothlessburger in a boot one week, and now he has a broken hand. He’ll still be calling passes 65% of the time

    Schwartz rolled out Stafford with a broken finger and called 67 passes.

    Its a QB driven league. And the Eagles’ need one more.

  5. Because Mike VIck is the $100 million dollar man Dawk. Lurie just dropped 50 mil guaranteed on him. Who do you think is going to touch the ball?

    Its the same everywhere else. All the other coaches on all the teams I mentioned above are going to roll out their “franchise” Qb over and over and over. They all do.

    The only coaches who don’t are the ones who do not trust their QBs to win for them. Now, perhaps this is Andy Reid’s greatest fault. He trusts in VIck too much. Certainly more than I do.

  6. How many caries did Ray Rice get? 5 for 27 Flacco 55 passes
    How many caries did Fred Jackson get? 13 for 114! 35 passes
    How many caries did DET RBs get? 10 runs 67 passes
    Jets? 20 runs 49 passes

    Do I need to go on????

    This is not an Andy Reid “problem” it is an NFL “problem”

  7. I know what you are saying vinnie, But there are some teams that dont play that way that have success, stop copying everyone else and do what benefits your team most. Its clear mccoy has to 30 touch games and they win. The dallas defense was the number one ranked defense against the run in the league, Mccoy blew them up for 185 and 2tds!

  8. vinnie- you can throw out whatever you want to make your point. But the bottom line remains…..

    without our top 2 WR’s

    with with of the best RB’s in the league.

    with a mobile qb who can kill with his speed…

    we chose to throw…throw…throw.

    Andy likes to think we have the kind of O that the pack has. Frankly, we dont this year. Vick has not been sharp, noone wants to hold onto the ball and our D is as soft as you arre vinnie….. so….. u can show up when it suits you…. you can rip on the QB all you want. But facts are facts. And…… Mike Vick is still (sad as it may be) the best option we had.

  9. and here ya go vinnie…. there is a report out that your poster boy Kolb was calling out the Eagles plays. So…. maybe andy could have worked a little harder on the game plan since his little boy was on the other sideline this year.

  10. “During the two-minute drill, you almost feel guilty,” Kolb said with a laugh. “Mike’s sitting there giving the signals, and I’m standing there on our sidelines, screaming at our corners, ‘Hey it’s a go ball, hey he’s running a screen, hey he’s running a slant.'”

    way to put your players in the best position andy- problem is…. it was the players on the other team.

  11. Stevo , that is just embarrassing, that Reid could be so sloppy, unprepared, to not change the signals, put that on the long list of reasons why Reid must go

  12. Yeah Stevo, Kolb admitted it during an interview on WIP.

    Kolb is a Cardinal now, so I have no problem with him helping his team win. The problem is with Reid and MM beingh stubburn enough to think that it wouldn`t matter, that the `system`would be strong enough to win out if the executed the plays.

    OK…broken record time….Reid refuses to make adjustments duriung a game….if the plan they laid out doesn`t work, he keeps pounding that square peg because at some point it has to fit in that round hole.

    He got very full of himself during the years when McNabb would get injured and AJ, Koy or Garcia would be able to step in and continue to win. Well sometimes the opponent is able to gameplan for your `system`, and you need to make adjustments on the fly. His ego has caused the demise of this team, and until he is removed, the team will never have sustained success.

  13. yup. I wanted reid out since the NFC cards game. It was clear that he cant get it right on the D side of the ball and that he is unable to tweak what he does on O when major things and minor things change. There should have been more quick hits, screen and running plas called on Sunday. If you are without your stars and the qb is bangged up- you must change the game plan. Avant on the outside? Smith on deep routes? Cooper starting? ugh…. Air it out!!!!! im the smartest man alive.

  14. after this year-

    Move Andy upstairs. He can be in charge of all post gaame interviews (we the fans dont hate what he says- its the blood sucking reporters that dont like it, i dont care about them….neither do you). Andy can come down and coach the team during the buy week… it seems good at that.

    Hire a D cordinator- how in the world can you start a season without having a DC? Let juan be in charge of the beer stands- we need hard working people in that area with all the beer that stadium drinks.

    Give Djax, Shady, Jenkins, deals. Make Djax run a lap for every dollar we sign him for and then we start from scratch.

    Bring in a HC with the biggest Jaw. Yes Bill- im looking at you.

    Teach this team to tackle. The players should fine eachother for everty missed tackle. All money goes to the poor kids hurt at penstate.

    Draft a DT, LB, FS, SS. the bigger the better.

    Anyone who utters the words “dream and team” in the same paragraph gets shot on site.

  15. @Steveo – Reid cannot be part of the organization….nothing will change if he is moved to the FO… he needs to GO

    what coach external of the organization would come here knowing Reid is calling the shots…?

  16. This is from John fox about Tebow:

    “Do whatever the hell it takes,” he laughed. “I mean, what the hell? You don’t get points for style in this league. Let me tell you something: My man is really good in this offense. You know what I mean? If we were trying to run a regular offense, he’d be screwed.”

    Imagine that. A coach tailoring his offense to the strengths of his players. What a novel idea. So, hypothetically, if you had one of the best RBs in the league, you could give them the ball more? And if you had one of the best shutdown corners in the league, you would let him shut down the other team’s best WR, so you don’t lose to the Cardinals. Hypothetically, of course.

  17. Jott- i dont agree. Andy is very respected by coaches in the NFL. The days of the Gm?coach/king of city are over. I think many many coaches would love to come and work under GM andy. and- I think he gives hos coaches freedom to coach…. i wouldnt expect him to breath down the new HC’s neck. but… i dont care either way…. fire him/move him….. i want a new coach.

  18. OK…let’s get this straight.

    Asmo shut Fitzgerald down last year playing him one on one and instead of Juan pulling the tape to see how to maximize Lurie’s investment, he plays Asmo out of position with his confusing defense. Confusing in a bad way.

    Then you have Reid.

    We said before this game if Reid sticks with Mccoy without falling into his old passing habits the Eagles have a chance to climb back into a playoff run.

    And what does Reid do?

    What we all knew he would do.

    Fire his ass now!

  19. Here’s my thing…you have no DeSean Jackson and you still decide to throw 60%-70% of the plays…when you have a running back that’s on fire?

    Even though DeSean Jackson has been a non-factor in a lot of games for essentially one reason it still doesn’t make sense to have the guy unavailable and still act like you can have a complex (confusing) and potent passing attack.

    I want to understand when (WHEN) will Andy Reid give up on the Howard Mudd O-Line experiment? Will it be after Vick is out for the season? Maybe after Young is also knocked out for the season? How many hits has Michael Vick taken to support Howard Mudd already? How many more is he expected to take?

    Here’s the O-Line that should be out there on Sunday:

    Playing Dunlap on the left side, where Vick is going to launch most of his passes from, is idiotic.

  20. You can break out all the percentages you want but this is why we are 3-6 right now with no shot at the playoffs, Running ball gives the offensive line some stability, considering there better run blockers then pass blockers, that can be said for any rookies on the o line, it gives the small UNDERSIZED DEFENSE some rest, so they can stay fresh. I dont care what other coaches are doing, is john harbaugh doing the same thing as every other coach…..NO. Do whats best for your team.

    ray rice got those carries cause they were playing from behind
    Fred jackson got those carries cause they were playing from behind
    Detriot hasnt run the ball well all season, they dont have a running game. And they played from behind.
    Jets they played from behind also.

  21. Unless your rodgers you need a banlanced run game, IF you remember last year green bay ran the ball well through the playoffs, they used a balanced attack, and when they got to the super bowl they aired it out.

  22. Paulman’s Mock Organizational Plan (1.1)

    Fire Coach’s AR, MM, Castillo and Secondary Coach J Lynne
    Hire Jeff Fisher as HC, Hire Chuck Cecil as D/Coord andHire Tim Hauck as Secondary Coach.. Hire Jim Mora Jr as the O/Coord who knows and can work with Vick….

    Trade CB A Samuel for a 2nd Round pick
    Trade DT Mike Patterson for a 4th/5th Round Pick
    Trade DT OT W Justice for a 4th/5th Round Pick
    Release VY, Steve Smith, R Brown, Jamal Jackson, J Parker, M Fokou,
    Owen Schmitt

    Sign or extend Contracts to D-Jax, McCoy,T Cole

    Use the Draft and early Round Selections on LB,DT Safety and then adress mid-rounds to address OL,WR,TE,FB,RB Depth

    This is Paulman’s Plan to right the ship in a quick manner without taking 2-3 years to do which would occur iif hiring a completely new regime, who would want to change players, schemes, and everything..

  23. Good work Pman. I would like to have Fisher here and Cecil would be a good fit for a tough D coordinator. Draft is right on as well. They need to go all out this year and move up as high as possible to take the best MLB on the board and then a run-stopping DT.

  24. The biggest problem with moving Nmandi around to cover Fitzgerald is the fact that the Cardinals put him everywhere. It would essentially mean that the Eagles would show more than half of their defense on the pre-snap on every play just to deal with all of the shifting. On top of that Fitzgerald didn’t really kill the Eagles he had a couple of good catches. Tackle-itus showed up again.

  25. Forgot to add that the Eagles can hire Paulman to work with Scouting Dept and Asisst GM Roseman in the Draft and Roster Management…

  26. im with ya Pman. no problem there. It would keep washburn-im fine with that.

    Vinnie- you can keep screaming QB all you want. He’s not the only problem. If you failed to see that game after game Back up qb’s and starting QB’s have career games against us.. i cant help you. if you fail to see what the run game has done… i cant help you. If you fail to see what a DC on teams does… i cant help you. Go stare at your Kolb poster.

  27. On a positive note, there are some excellent LB & WR’s in this Draft
    Some real playmakers, actually it’s a very good Draft for QB & CB’s too.
    Don’t think there are a lot of Stud OL & DL, but a lot of good skill players

  28. Butch- no… it really wouldnt. I dont know why people dont understand this. these are pro CB’s. they should be able to play Zone from anywhere. This crap about asam being ONLY the LCB is bunk. If we can juggle our LB’s more than Andy juggles desert menus, we can for sure move these guys around.

  29. paulman on a possitive note chad hall is back!
    unfortunatly he is an upgrade over s smith, i am pretty sure he woulda got the 1st down and not fall short

  30. At no point did I say it was all the Qbs fault – just a major problem.

    What I’ve tried to say is…everyone is clamoring for Reid to “Run the Ball” That Reid is a stubborn idiot for not running the ball. Just run the ball run the ballruntheballruntheballlllll!!

    The reality is that every coach in the NFL who ‘allegedly’ has a franchise QB throws the ball 65% of the time. The Eagles’ are right on the league average. The mistake they’re making is that they’re doing it with a guy they obviously think is a franchise Qb, but who clearly isn’t.

    All I’m saying is if you think just bringing in a new coach is suddenly going to see the birds run the ball 30x a game, you’re probably dreaming. A new coach is going to come from a successful organization. GB, Pitt, NE, NO…whoever the ‘hot’ co-ordinators are. Well, what do you think those guys are going to do? Throw, throw and throw.

    The league is moving towards the spread, the no-huddle, the ‘blur’ that Oregon runs. Not away from that style.

    All I’m saying is I don’t think you’re going to get as big a change in offensive philosophy as you think you’re going to get.

  31. As for the contention that the other teams were all playing from behind:
    The saints passes 73% of the time in a close game
    Buffalo opened the 1st Q pass pass pass run pass pass pass pass run or 78% despite having Fred Jackson
    Baltimore was never down more than 10 in a pretty close game. So the “playing from behind” excuse doesn’t hold water. They opened the game 26 passes 8 runs or 76% (and they started the game with 4 str8 runs)

    I could keep going.

    This is the NFL today. It is very doubtful that its going to change with a new coach.

    As for the Denver Tebow thing…… Miami, KC, Oak.

  32. Vinnie- you show up an act like you know it all every time Vick and the eagles fall on their face… and you run like he!! everytime he looks good. Either make a point and stick to it or back up. You have clearly let it be known that the eagles should have kept kolb. It was your friggin war cry for a year… dont act like it was not.

    About your second paragraph- they aired it out when the first and 2nd options were gone…. and aired it even more after the first 5 flipping drops. Im not saying Vick was amazing… but… at what point as a coach do you say…. ;lets try something else? Your dumb comments about vick over and over are just like if 2 guys were broken down on the side of the road an guy #2 says “hey- those tires are really really low on air” and guy #1 says- “our flipping engine is on fire and you are talking about air in tires??”- my friend vinnie,, dont be such a #2!!!!

    i have asked over and over what we should have done about the QB situation, and all you give me is that they should have traded Vick and kept Kolb. Your reasoning (afteer much poking) is that we would be in a better position to draft a QB in the future. Thatys all you’ve given me. Thats all you’ve got??!! give me a break.

  33. vinnie- you can shove your stats you smug fart. All that matters is that if the eagles would have given the run game a fair shake in these loses we would have won at least 3 of them. Explain why when our QB’s are names garcia and feeley Andy can put a game plan together that works and when we have QB with talent he cant stop throwing. Seriously…. i cant believe im having the McNabb talk again. Your right vinnie… should have kept the backup from Arizona. my bad.

  34. With the news of the Call-Up of WR/Returnman/Red-Zone Threat Chad Hall
    I have sent in my check for Playoff Tickets… I believe he’s been the missing piece for the 2011 EAgles Team…

  35. What if the gameplans with those guys weren’t dfferent? (they were with Feely who was called to throw 55% of the time, but he was a 2nd year guy)
    What if the gameplans were the same, but the execution was different?

    Would you be surprised that in the Atl game last year the Birds opened the first half with 75% passing (24P 12R?)
    Is that a different game plan that works? Or is it the same game plan that works because of the players?
    Or in Garcia’s first game there were 61 passes (he and McNabb and 30 runs?)
    Or over his 1/2 season he through more than 60% of the time too?

    Are you so sure its all the gameplan?

  36. vinnie- the key is…. Andy put those guys in a position to win. Time and time again…. when his qb’s have broken ribs… broken legs….. andy throws. When we are shporthanded at WR- andy throws. But as i said before…. you are right… we should have kept the Cards backup qb.

  37. My cousin vinnie the ultimate hater. If u were AR who would u have chosen. Go check kolb terrible numbas. Vick n d 5 have higher ratings d5 82 vick 80 kolb 78. Vick n 5 have higher pct 60% 60% kolb 56. Vick more yards 2100 to 1700 n i aint even bring up rushin stats. Vick 11 tds 11 picks kolby 8/8. So while u may spew ur venom just know ur boy kolb aint sh. So in closing i think its safe to say AR made the right choice at qb at least.

  38. Why do you guys even read vinnie’s post anymore? I think vinnie is really Rhea Hughes on the low, but that’s a story for another day. I’ve held back from posting for a while but I can’t take it anymore. Andy must go for one simple reason. He doesn’t care anymore. He’s only human. No matter how great a job being a HC in the league is 13 years is a long time for anyone in a position with that much pressure.
    No way a coach on his A game or B game for that matter makes the glaring errors and bad decision making we saw on Sunday. It’s flat out inexcusable for him not to change up the nomenclature of the playcalls knowing your former starting qb is on the opposing sideline. He made the o line coach the DC in a strike shortened offseason! That was the signal right there. That’s the equivalent of an outgoing president giving pardons to his cronies before leaving office.
    Lurie should feel disrespected by this and I have a feeling he does. We shall see.

  39. Paulman, you need to throw DRC in your trade list….he’s a damn bum and I told everyone last offseason that teams completed 68% against him on 3rd downs.

    Teams target him in clutch situations and we don’t need another no tackling corner. While you at it throw Riley Cooper, Nate Allen, and Kurt Coleman on the Roseman’s scrap heap.

    We need to take the first round pick and do whatever is necessary for Vontaze Burfict.

    That’s the type of player that’s worth trading up for instead of trading up for guys like McDougal or Graham.

    Then get a cover corner with tackling skills in the 2nd round and a top safety with the other 2nd rounder, Receiver/Returner with 3rd round pick, another Linebacker with the 4th round pick

    We need a General Manager

  40. hey phillywill , damn you were right about Kolb, he sucks, but he’s pretty good on the bench stealing signals, wish I could get that work at millions per

  41. songs, hold off on that warrior accolade, no way, the broken ribs did not occur early, that’s spin by Reid, et. al to cover for his piss poor play, he sucks too, no excuses for anyone on this team

  42. No matter how you spin it, it all comes back to big red. Vinnie, stats don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole truth either. Fact of the matter everyone comes from a system, and coaches stick to there system, but the really good ones have a feel for the game. They know when the other team can’t stop the run or when your quarter back is having a terrible day and they adjust in the game. The great coaches find a weakness and they exploit it. Monday night the eagles come out in the wide nine and all though they have no real success they never come out of it. Why? because every fan in the stadium knows it’s not working, so lets just keep running it our luck is bound to change. Same with Passing the ball on Sunday, even if vick was’nt hurt if he’s having a horrible day why not give the ball to your best player? Listen I’m not trying to toot my own horn like Pman, but I’ve played qb for over 20 years and coach offensive for two different teams, and while I don’t claim to be great at either one I really do focus in on the protection and the routes. How is it possible to block 6 guys with 5? Now you can say that it’s on the quarterback to get rid of the ball, but who do you throw it to when no one turns around to look? What happened to the quick slants, the seams (green bay). I mean these are staples of the west coast offense right? How is it that not one reciever looks for the ball when there’s no backs to block? It’s all coaching, all of it, basic coaching. That does’nt even address the the D side of the ball. This is the NFL and D cord. watch 20 hrs a film a day, they found a weakness in the eagles last year and the eagles still have’nt fixed it. The Eagles have the talent to win and there not. Bottom line it’s time for the coach to go.

  43. Since Kolb probably lost his Starting Job to John Skelton,
    Maybe Coach AR can bring Kolb back to be next year’s Defensive Coordinator…

  44. Paulman, that sounds like a good idea.

    After all…….

    Who understands defenses more than quarterback who have a coach for a Father?

    I also heard Kolb got in a few lunches with the late “JJ” on his way to the laundry washing Mcnabb’s jock strap.

    Kolb defensive Coordinator it can’t be that bad can it?

    Hell, at least it’s not a failed offensive line coach promoted to defensive coordinator…Oh.

    I digress

  45. Reid goes into each game with a set plan and will not budge from that no how the game goes; he’ll keep on with his game plan no matter how things go… and that’s why you always hear him saying: “I’ve got to do a better job, yadda, etc…” JJ would adjust the D as the game was going along. When can you ever recall Reid changing the plan mid-game, and particularly start pounding the ball. It’s beyond Reid’s ego to do that. If his mobile QB is hurt (several times with both McNabb and Vick), then he seems unable to adjust to help his hurt QB, and go with a different strategy. It’s a no-brainer folks; Reid must go. He’s only occupying space like JoePa was for too long, no matter how nice the guy might be to his players. Reid has exceeded his “window” of opportunity.

  46. Stevo it’s not an issue of not being able to shift DBs around. It’s an issue of not giving away half of your defensive plan to the QB in the pre-snap reads and not creating more zone gap problems.

    It’s one of the main reasons why the Cardinals move Fitzgerald around so much…while the defense is doing the keystone cops routine to adjust to Fitzgerald being repositioned time after time either the defense won’t get realigned quickly enough and leave gaps in the zone as the play goes off or the QB will know exactly what kind of zone the defense is playing and audible accordingly. Certainly, that can be part of the plan, but that can’t be “The Plan.”

  47. Songs,
    As stupid and ridiculous as my proposal about bringing Kolb back to be the next Def/Coord is that he’s probably more qualified than current Def/Coord Juan Castillo…. This Franchise is a joke anymore.. Anyone who spends their hard earned $$$ to this Organization needs to have their heads examined.. God bless the Eagles fans but I refuse to put any $$$ into this current group until I see some changes from the Top on down, but that’s just me…

  48. Butch- your right- just put a rook FS on him… thats a better idea. Explain to me how guys like Revis and pre eagles nnamdi do it so well then?

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