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Vick Doesn’t Practice Again, Right Now It Looks Like Vince Young

The quarterback situation for this Sunday’s game against the Giants  is still up in the air with the Eagles.  For the second day, Michael Vick stood around and watched as Vince Young and Mike Kafka took the snaps behind center during the workout.

As you would expect, Young’s eager to see some action after being an “Oak Ridge Boy” for most of the season.

“I’m definitely happy. Definitely happy to be playing,” Young said. “But it’s not about me, not about me at all. It’s about the team.”

That’s the mentality he needs to have facing the Giants and their ferocious pass rush.  Later for stats, do what you need to do to get a victory.  It would be wise for Young, Vick or Kafka to get the ball out of their hands and take what the defense gives them on Sunday.  You can bet that Justin Tuck and the rest of that defensive line are going to be turning up the heat in that pocket.

“I feel good,” said Young. “I feel like the tempo is good, calling the plays right, getting the guys out of the huddle, making adjustments at the line of scrimmage and things like that.”

“It’s more behind-the-scenes with film work and studying, and than when you get out there live the brain transfers that onto the playing field.”

Notice that Young mentioned “calling the plays right”, because it’s not something to be taken for granted when you hear the 35-second-long play calls which the Eagles are known for.  Young isnt’ nearly as familiar with the offense as Vick and Kafka are, but he’s the guy next in line because he has those intangibles.

Keep an eye on how well the Eagles get in and out of the huddle with Young because that could become a factor in the game.  Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg  should put all of that verbiage on an arm band, so that they can hold up a number one or a number two and Young can start calling the play by looking at his air band.

If Vick were to play, he would have to willing to play in pain because he’s sure to get hit with the New York pass rush coming after him.  His ribs are already bothering him and the Giants would make it worse.

I think they need to draw up their offensive game plan around LeSean McCoy because he’s been the most consistent part of their offense.   If they could get the Giants thinking about the run, whomever is quarterbacking the Eagles will have more time to look downfield.  With DeSean Jackson back, the Birds should be able to pick New York’s inferior secondary apart.  They can’t possibly cover the Eagles wide receivers with Jackson out there.

Jeremy Maclin didn’t even go through the walk through in the morning today, so it doesn’t look like he’s going to play. on Facebook

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14 Comments for “Vick Doesn’t Practice Again, Right Now It Looks Like Vince Young”

  1. Does it really matter at this point?

  2. I didn’t think Vick was practicing since Labor Day with the way he’s played this year… He’s been very medicore, which is probably being too kind to him..

  3. I don’t consider many of these players as Eagle players. Most of them have no alligence to the Birds other than monetary and contractual. They have die hard fans so get some die hard players.

  4. Giants CB’s Ross & Webster have actually held their own and have played more consistent than the Eagles CB’s.. and how are the Eagles CB’s going to match up with the bigger, more physical of the Giants, Who is going to cover and tackle WR’s Nicks, Cruz, Manningham and 6’6″ R Barsden…Asmo or Samuel or 5’10 Hughes or 5’9 Hanson.. C’mon, really..
    the Media nad many fans still don’t get it, this Eagle team is just that good, all these All-Pro players is in the past, they are how they are playing this year and right now , they are inferior to the Giants almost across the board..

  5. The Word on playing the Eagles WR to hit them around, get them off their routes, give some cheap shots when you can get away with it and they fold up like a Cheap Suit from the Men’s Whse down on Rt 70… This Eagles WR corp is the epitome of what Coach AR recent Teams have become, which is “Soft”

  6. Noop it doesn’t matter. The Eagles have not been good consistantly this year and playing like crap, but listen they will win this game. Spare me the homer Koolaid speech fellas. The Eagles win this game, and once again I predict the slide of another Division rival.

    Now I am not saying the Eagles win take advantage of it, but this will be the start of the Gaints spiral down much like I said about the Redskins. You guys blasted me when I said the Eagles losing three games entering the Redskins would win and the Redskins would spiral down. Well the giants are poised for the fall to earth they are looking past us like the Redskins did, the Eagles take this one in spite of themselves because the Giants will hand it to us.

    If I am wrong I will admit it!

  7. Well I may be in the minority, but I am anxious to see how the team responds with young under center, not this whiny little bitch Vick, but a real quarterback who can see over the line of scrimmage, a winner, not some over hyped punk, yes I bought into it last year, many, most id, but f this punk, sorry ass Vick, no flack jack, even romo the homo has more heart than this puss, got his millions, checking out, see yaaaaaa……pus

  8. I hope we get our asses kicked

  9. Im so glad we finally have a season esposing the genius Andy Reid…Vick pulled him out the fat last season and he hires Juan.


    No more scapegoats….Reid must go.

  10. The eagles win if Freaking AR and MM get their hewads out of their ARSes. I feel crazy even writing the above because Reid will not use the strategy he needs to, to win. I see victory but Reid my counteract wisdom. Damn it all.

  11. Vick is terrible. His completion percentage is a hair above 60%. His quarterback rating at 79.8 places him 20th out off 33. Here is an eye opener, with eleven interceptions plus eight fumbles he alone turns the ball over more than twice per game. Since the giants game last year he is 3-6 as a starting quarterback. He is inaccurate on deep passes, which is the type of play this offense is built around. According to Peter King of SI, this seasons he is only 9 of 34 on pass attempts of 10+ yards.

    You cannot win with this quarterback. His stats and this teams record are the proof.

  12. @Jakedog….Peter King is wrong! 10+ yards, are you an Eagles fan? do you watch the games? Then you should know that just can’t be right! That is simple common sense…oops this is Jakeychu, I’m talkin too! (sup Navy!)

    How bout you do your own research!

    10 – 20 yards
    Vick is actually completing 64% of his passes
    20 – 30 yards
    Vick is actually completing 63% of his passs
    Inaccurate on deep passes?

  13. Yes Real, unfortunately for my stomach, I watch these putrid eagles, Vick, but maybe something different will result this Sunday night with Vince Young under center

  14. as long as we win I dont give s%it who is under center…a win shuts you and the rest of these dumb asses up for a week!

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