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Eagles Defensive Comedy Is Speeding Up Reid’s Departure

If the Eagles go to Seattle and are beaten by a bad Seahawks team it will increase the chances that Andy Reid will be fired.  The embarrassing loss to the Patriots surely gave Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner more reasons to consider firing Reid.  Lurie is from the Boston area.  He considered purchasing the Patriots.

Chances are that he circled the New England game on the calendar before the season started.  On Sunday, he had to sit and watch his football team being humiliated by his hometown team in front of a national television audience.   You know the loss had to hurt more than others.

The Eagles didn’t look like they belonged on the field with the Patriots, especially the team’s defense against the Patriots offense.  Reid continues to stand by the decision to make Juan Castillo the defensive coordinator.  I can understand why he would publicly refuse to go back on his decision during the season, but there’s no way in the world that he doesn’t realize that this was a mistake.

Castillo can’t seem to handle the different offensive player groupings.  On each offensive play, there are five eligible receivers in each formation.  Offenses change these five players in an effort to get a mismatch.

They’ll send out two wide receivers, two tight ends and a running back.  Sometimes it’s three wide receivers, a tight end and a running back.  Other times it’s four wide receivers and a running back.  Sometimes it’s three wide receivers and two running backs.

The defensive coordinator must make sure he’s got the right personnel on the field to match up with the offense’s personnel grouping.

If you look at the Eagles sidelines on third downs when they’re on defense, it looks like a comedy.  Castillo is trying to send the right group in and get the wrong guys off.   Players are running in and out of the game at the last second.  Sometimes they have to call timeout because they don’t get the right guys on the field.  Other times they get penalties for 12 players on the field.

Castillo may learn the job and get better in the future, but there’s no question that it was a mistake to move him from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator in one step.  He could have been made the linebacker coach or the defensive back or line coach, but this was an awful mistake.

Reid’s strength has always been his ability to game plan and prepare.  His teams were known for being prepared.  His defense is no longer prepared.

Jim Johnson’s not over there on the sidelines running things any more, now it’s an inexperienced Juan Castillo.  Reid’s strength has always been in the offensive side of the ball, so he doesn’t have the answers to give Castillo.

All week I knew the Eagles were going to see the no-huddle offense but it didn’t look like the Birds defense was prepared for it.

Let’s see how things go against the Seahawks.  If the Birds lose it will be another step toward Reid’s departure. on Facebook

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105 Comments for “Eagles Defensive Comedy Is Speeding Up Reid’s Departure”

  1. GCobb really missed the boat on this post. Doesn’t he know the Eagles are the “Gold Standard” to which all other programs are measured? Come on G, Patriots are second rate. lol, so freakin’ sad man, all we can do is laugh at ourselves.

  2. Let’s all sing the fight song with a vince young td to make us down by only 18 points in the 4th quarter with 1:45 left…

  3. If Spags is fired in S.L. get him in here and fix this defense.I would take him as the head man as well.

    Still trying to figure out why your best man to man coverage guy was laced up and looking like a waste of talent for 5 series. I dont care what was wrong with him.Hughes…Jarrett???….as soon as N.A. went out there he shut down his guy. He dropped a pick but why did they wait to put him in there? Baby Thor getting the nod at Mike,kidding me…putting Jarret on Fitz…not blitzing when you have a great press guy? Just ineptitude on defense by the entire staff.

  4. I believe Coach AR’s Departure will be based on the poor perfomances playing at Home in the Linc over the last 2 Seasons more than anything else..
    They are 5-10 over the last 2 Seasons at home which is unacceptable to most
    Empty Seats, Angry signs & chants and eventually just plan Fan Apathy will be the Reason that Lurie pulls the plug …

  5. yea yea yea… this is all juan castillos fault and the players strike… i can just hear the bullshit now… SCREW ANDY REID!!! man i’m pissed.

  6. So the fight song can only be sang when were winning and when things are peachy? Come on bro….thats falsefandom….your right not to sing. But dont bash on others for wanting to sing a fight song.

    Go to a Patriots or Steelers game and the same stuff happens.

  7. The home record is mosdef a knock the front office cant overlook.Good point P-man.

  8. i still go back to last year when Pman and G tried to sell us that Andy had no say in what happens anymore. I called it B.S. and i was right. what a mess. The man has no power yet he makes the fry guy from Mc D’s the D cordinator.

    Andy has had all the power and now he gets ALL of the blame.

  9. but i agree pman about the home record. I know you guys dont agree but i think Lurie wants aa ring. I dont think its just about money for him. if it were…. we would not have such an expensive coaching staff.

    we have the owner we need.
    we have the MOST of the players we need
    bring in leaders.

  10. Our defense has not been the same since we lost our heart…BDawk.

  11. Stevo – you are correct – Lurie is dieing inside that he doesn’t have a ring – but he is smart enough to move logically and try to figure out how he can make changes without throwing out everything he currently has – and you are also correct the eagles have tons of talent – as I think about it – The eagles went on a ‘youth’ movement a year or two ago – and the veterans they do have – (here comes Vinnie the V) Vick, Samuel, PAtterson, Hermanns, Peters – I don’t think are the on field leaders that the eagles had in say the 2004 run – when you had McNabb (and McNabb was a great leader) a Trotter a Dawkins a Runyan – guys that be both loud and lead by action –

    but think about it – how well would a group say – Trotter, Hugh Douglas, McNabb and Dawkins do with a guy like say – Jackson – when we saw how well they did with Terrel Owens – remember back when Reid would not bring in anyone with a troubled past – or play a rookie –

  12. i feel like we are broken records, lol

  13. dawk – you are broken records. And you blame Reid for being stubborn and ‘banging his head against the wall over and over’….. ironic don’t you think?

  14. So schill, if someone disagreed with past decisions they are broken records.

    Believe it or not, not every decision and move made by the team has worked out as well as they would have wished.

    Are we not supposed to voice our opinions of those moves, or are you promoting a stance of blind loyalty again?

    C’mon, is this really the time to start promoting this regiem while the ship is sinking??

  15. Guys haven’t u figured it out yet!!!! Schiller is Andy Reid.

  16. green – nope. If they disagree, and then state it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over – see Songs, Dcar, DRUMMER….THEN they are a borken record. More clear?

    Believe it or not – I agree with your second paragraph there and I never stated otherwise. Not even close.

    Green I never ever said that anyone is not supposed to voice their opinions. And I never ever said I promote a stance of blind loyalty.

    C’mon – at what point did I promote this regime?

  17. Actually Schiller is Andy Reid’s wife because Andy is too busy (not going to say eating here cause if he took us to a sb win that does not matter lol ) he is too busy figuring out how to pass 74% against the next opp. when he knows balance attacks have the best chance. REID is ahead of his time!!!!

  18. Ok Schill, guess I misunderstood.

    It is quantity that you objected to, not the content.

  19. Schill….How would you Rate Andy’s job this year?

  20. Ha, tonto, how elementary. So everyone who calls out people saying Obama is a muslim on message boards is Obama?

  21. greenfan – yeah, isn’t that the definition of the expression ‘broken record’?

  22. I believe it was Songs who said it best:

    The Eagles play defense as if Reid had promoted his “offensive” line coach to defensive coordinator.

    Whatever happens after that is irrelevant!

    If we put Heremann’s in the safety position and teams score 1,000 points against him, is it his fault?

    Let’s stop blaming the car for this fatal collision. It’s the operator, Andy Reid.

  23. Songs, without giving me a scale, I’d say pretty bad. I’d rate it as his worst season here. That’s a pretty dumb question if you ask me.

  24. I see Reid going to Jacksonville if he is let go….or “resigns”.

    I would hire Green Bay asst head coach/ILB coach Winston Moss to be the new head coach and let him bring Darren Perry, the GB secondary coach to run the defense…..

  25. drummer, funny you use that analogy – it’s off. The car would be the equipment, the driver, the one who controls the physical action. So by your analogy – you’re saying “stop blaiming the cleats, footballs, pileons, helmets and gloves, it’s the players’ fault!

    Did Andy gameplan for Desan to drop passes? Did Andy gameplan for Nate Allen to miss tackles? I highly doubt it.

  26. Don’t know how the PRESIDENT of the United States MR. Obama can into the conversation but ANYWAY. I’ll digress and talk football issues only. This Defense is a joke and is unprepared… I hate Zones, and I thought I wanted the scheme from last year out, but now I want it back. Against an offense like the Pats, Saints, Packers, you cannot sit in zones. you have to be aggressive against them and take the fight to them. THe Giants did the same thing last night, they sat in a zone and got killed. I want a DCoord who knows what he’s doing and is proven. We are a joke…

  27. Erock thanks for the laugh. I’ve got no problem singing a fight song but our season ended and they’re playing the fight song. The only song I want to hear, is Andy’s swan song.

  28. @ChuckRob I agree let’s talk about American things like football not unAmerican things like Obama.

  29. It’s as clear as the nose on my face.

    Babin w/Eagles = no good
    Babin w/Titans = pro bowl
    Babin w/Eagles – no good

    Is it really the players?

  30. How many TDs did Jackson miss because of under-thrown passes? 6 or 7?

  31. Schiller

    If you want to talk football great! But if you talk down to me or any of the other bull, I’m going to dog you out! Trust me!

  32. If Young hits Jackson in stride on 6 or 7 of the catches he made, they are TDs. Instead, he had to play defender, take unnecessary hits and lose scoring opportunities.

    In the past two games, Jackson was running past defenders like they were standing still, but each and every time, he had to stop and wait for the pass, or at least slow down.

  33. chuck if you can read and understand things you’d see that it was an anolgy, not political conversation. You guys are brilliant….

  34. And drummer – LArry Fitzgerald and Vincent Jackson – they go make those catches – and there is the reason they get paid top dollar to be top WRs and Djax is sitting there holding his lunch pale –

    yet again – you try to defend Jackson by pointing out what he can’t do – and then wonder why the eagles aren’t paying him top dollar – boy – he should hire you as his agent – you are doing for him what Drew R did for TO

  35. drummer – and babin – he may make the pro bowl this year. Dude, you’re just trying to find ways to support your hate of Reid. I get it, trust me, we all get your point. And if you ‘vent’ by stating it over and over in as many ways as possible, so be it. But you sir are nitpicking.

  36. Oh schiller – watch out – you can’t tangle with drummer – he’s scary – he will dog you out –

    sure drummer – lets talk football – now go away and find someone that knows what the hell he is talking about – go – shoo

  37. Nothing divides Eagles fans like a crappy team LOL. But let’s face it, we all still couldn’t agree if the team was good. We love to hate each other.

  38. “Might” make the pro bowl (with this high-priced all-in defense)? Hypothetics?

    This defense, the brand-new defense is actually worse than the McDermott defense.

    Nit-picking? Dude, we’re 4-7!

    I hate losing! Apparently, you don’t.

  39. Right-Cheek, Butt Munch:

    Then, by your reasoning (or lack thereof), we should have no receiver, other than Fitzgerald.

    Still, no one has answered my question:

    If Young hits Jackson in stride on 6 or 7 of the catches he did make, how many TDs would Jackson have scored?

    If we add 7 TDs to Jackson’s season, is he in the pro bowl?

  40. How many players on this team have single-handedly won games?

    Jackson single-handedly wins games every season.

  41. Atleast we all agree on simple basic stuff!!!!! For example, new coach, need some great LB here, balance football, think first down not big play,HIGH % PASSING like the rest of great QB( nm some still do not believe that)….Funny, the first thing would probally solve the rest. Just having great Lb or 2 would help stop the run, stop drives when we can actually cover TE, and Dline and Secondary do not have to work so hard or atleast look so pitiful

  42. If every receiver, running back, TE, and QB single-handedly won one game per year, how wins is that?

  43. Sorry – How “many” wins is that?

  44. I hate to say it but we have been the Titans of the NFC with Reid. Usually go to playoffs even get to SB once. But atleast Titans almost won theirs and played Steelers and Colts twice a yr, ouch

  45. Hey Schill…you violated our rule from last week. Don’t we have enough with what is going on with the birds to keep to conversation on football??

    Just joking man. I get the analogy.

  46. Ha, Drummer, you’re saying mine is hypothetical when yours is presumptive… no better than hypothetical. The Eagles defense sucking has nothing to do with Babin making the probowl or not. Plenty of probowlers come from sucky defenses. Dude, I hate losing. I really really do. But I don’t express that feeling by venting on this site via emotionally charged but nonsensical football talk.

    You ARE nitpicking. Babin isn’t the reason we lost that game. Babin isn’t the reason we’re 4-7.

    You were trying to paint Reid as a bad coach due to babin not playing well here. He has for the most part played well here.

  47. We have been Penn State!!!!!! Finishing in top ten 10 alot(East Div) but losing to SEC or USC teams(AFC TEAMS and NFC Championship LOSSES) Sorry Andy

  48. Tonto

    The strange part about all of this is that “everything” has gone wrong, not some things, not most things, but everything. After spending so much money, how can this be? Not even I thought that Reid was this bad. He has regressed as a coach and GM.

    I’d like to see a young coach hired, one who was brought up in this new pass-happy NFL. We need someone who doesn’t necessary try to fit every player into his blueprint, but who is sometimes flexible enough to alter the blueprint to fit his player, as has been done with Tebow.

  49. Speaking of Tebow, he threw 18 times and won,,,Andy was his coach the kid in be in the hospital, lol

  50. would be in the hospital

  51. Schiller

    I wasn’t saying that we lost the game because of Babin. I’m pointing out that we have sooooooo many players who are under-achieving that it’s GOT to be the coaching. Not all of these perennial pro bowlers (and the like) could have stopped performing simultaneously. That would be one heckuva coincidence.

    I could see if one or two weren’t playing up to expectations, but none of them are (except maybe Cullen Jenkins). Look at how many players we’re talking about.

    It would see highly illogical to blame each and every player, and exonerate the coach.

    Just the appointment of Castillo alone, is enough to recognize Reid’s absurdity, and to think that this followed McDermott’s promotion.

    When is Reid accountable for this mess?

  52. Drummer, Reid is certianly accountable for some of it. Maybe a lot of it. But are you seriously still stating blame for Reid? You might also like to point out that Leon Lett is responsible for that Cowboy loss on Thanksgiving many years ago. I can think of a billion other dead horses for you to beat. But you just keep beating and beating and beating it.

  53. To quote the infamous Reidman….I mean Rainman…”Gotta do a better job….gotta do a better job…..I’m a very good coach..very good coach.”

  54. no drummer you ass licking fool – we would have wide recievers that were paid in accordance with their ability and what they bring to the table – Fitz and Vincent Jackson get top dollar because – well hell they make ALL the plays – not just the ones where the ball is thrown perfectly – that too nuanced for you asshole – every post you just contineu to show what a complete and total idiot you are – did you ever pass a basic college level logic course – bacuase some of the logic trains you have are so far gone they are beyond resoanble comprehension – I made specific references to pay scales – I guess that’s just too hard and the main reason there is no intelligent conversation – qucik – run into your ‘its not me, I am just a little innocent bitch posting nice commens because I want the eagles to win ‘

    So you are onboard and on record with stating you hate the eagles to lose and you want them to win out the rest of the year so they finsih 9-7 – welcome back to the light side asshole (wait – did you just talk yourself into another corner?)

  55. With the following, how can anyone support Reid:

    Player Personnel Decisions;

    Coaching Personnel Decisions (including change in scheme which affected personnel – Wide 9 on offense and Mudd’s philosophy on offense);

    Promotion of rookies to starting positions;

    Movement of veterans to new positions;

    Blowing 5 4th quarter leads and 8 out of 10 since last season (Allowing “John Skelton” to look like Elway);

    Lack of game-day adjustments;

    Poor time management (again);

    Game-Day Management (i.e., too many players on the field);

    Penalties (Off-sides actually lost us one game);

    Lack of red-zone scores (again)

    Turnovers (again)

    Red-zone turnovers (led the league with 8 last year, have 11 already this year)

    Offensive Inefficiency (At their current rate, they will record the seventh-most yards in NFL history, yet won’t reach the playoffs, and won’t have a winning record.

    The Eagles have had games with 513, 489, 466 and 447 yards — and lost all four, to the 49ers, Bills, Patriots and Falcons.

    Dropped Passes (how many years have we lead the league in that category?)

    Inability to pick up short-yardage (again)

    Refusing to run the ball (again)

    With 4:46 left in the third against the Cards, holding a 14-7 lead, LeSean McCoy (averaging 7.1 yards in the 4th) ran for 29 yards, didn’t run the ball again on the Eagles’ next 10 plays and got only two more attempts the rest of the game, and the Eagles lost

    McCoy got only 6 carries in the 1st half against the Pats)

    Contracts awarded and not awarded:

    (They paid EVERYONE, except Jackson, including Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb, Asante Samuel, Nnamdi Asomugha, DRC, Vince Young, Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin, Steve Smith, Ronnie Brown, Akeem Jordan, and the rookies, of course)

    Signing another weak-armed QB, when Reid only throws deep. Why?

    Loss of the locker-room

    A regression of last year’s record-breaking defense

  56. the things Reid has done this season have been absolutely unacceptable.. There is NO wiggle room here. There should be no debate about this now that the Jury is in on Juan and the moves made this season.

    Moving Juan to DC? I think Cobb is being nice when he only calls it a comedy.. that suggests something is funny about this mess… I never liked the move, but gave Andy the benefit of doubt… he burned the fans on that one.. We believed in him and he failed us…

    Casey Matthews @ starting MLB? Another unacceptable move that had to be proven a disaster on the field during the regular season before Reid and Juan would admit it.. Main reason I dont trust Reid anymore, because I seen quite enough of him p*ssing on our heads and telling us its raining..

    The refusal to run the ball? This is really old news, but with shady blossoming into perhaps the best back in the league? it makes this even more unacceptable…Enough is enough

    there is no logical way to defend Reid anymore… its plain as day and the jig is up

  57. dummer windbag – you win – dealing with such a fucking moron has worn me out – the cycle – you print som estupid dumb ass compliation of every fault a man has for 13 years – compeltely ignoring the fact that the man has been to the super bowl, 5 NFCC games, 9 playoff appearances and 6 division titles – you constanlty print just pure bullshit based in no fact – you make shit up – you exaggerate – I usually live by the mtto of don’t argue with idiots – they drag you down to there level and beat you with experince – time to go back to that mode – have at it – spend the next year and a half berating Reid – go for it – I used to think it was time ot move on – but now that I see you need something to fill those lonely nights – quick call some cute pet name like butt munch or rump ranger – you are so mean


  59. I just want to go on the record and say I was wrong. I thought the eagles had some holes coming into the season but I def. did not see this coming. I really thought they would be good. I figured we would end up losing for the same reasons that we always do, but I did’nt see this coming. I really would like to know who’s off season plan were the Eagles following? I just remember how proud of themselves Roseman and Banner were, know there nowhere to be found. I don’t know how those last three home games looked on T.V. but I know they looked even worse at the Linc. To pay that kinda money and have to watch that crap, someone should go to jail for stealing. You could see how confused the defense was, you could see players arguing about who was gonna cover who. It’s always comforting to look down and see Wes Welker with a LB lined up on him. I don’t know what there gonna do, but as a fan you can only get kicked in the balls so many times before you can’t get back up.

  60. RTB – one important factor – the Broncos are running a read option – Tebow is running a novelty offense typically run at the college level. He is being used as a running back – the chargers were keeping 6 or 7 at the LOS and Tebow was reading the DE and running or handing off from his read – hey – I love the option – only play in football where you can account for every player on the D – do you want o use Vick as an option QB – I think he is what 6 ft 210 pounds – Tebow is 6′ 3 about 235 – got a little more meat on his bones

    AT one point this year I pointed out Paul Johnson from Gergia Tech as a possible head coach canidate – he is a read/spread option college coach – questions as to if a college option style offense could work in NFL with the athletisism of the DEs and LBs – the unwillingness to cut block, and the hash marks being narrower……..

  61. cluelesseaglesfan = dead on

    Somebody should go to jail for stealing the fans money!!!

  62. @EVERYBODY you want to see what a sycophant writes? go read navyeaglefan’s explanation of my rant about how Tim Tebow runs more than our running back. That’s what you call an apologist, an excuse maker, someone who carries the water for Andy Reid and Marty Morhningwhig all the time. A butt lover just like dave spadaro and howard eskin. Get lost navy.

  63. RTB – go fuck yourself you asshole – that is the offense they are running – it is a read option – see – this is the difinition of a hater – they make a point to try and proive somthing – then you tell them (in football terms) what the Broncos are doing – they are running a college level read option with a 235 pound Qb that ran for how many TDs in college because he was used as a running QG in college and that’s your response – ass fuck – learn what the hell a read option is before you comment – who the FUCK apologized – where do you see that where in the world and all that is holy did I say – please forgive AR and MM – that info is a fucking fact – the chargers were on the TV right next to the eagles at the sports bar out here in san diego you stupid fuck – how the hell in the same post that I mention two possible head coach replacement did you get I apologized – some of you guys border on just amazing –

    tell me VV – rasheed – Nev – does anything in my last post look like an apology – it was a comment on the ability to run an option offense at the pro level –

  64. RTB – I am waiting asshat – where in my post did I discuss Reid MM or the eagles –

  65. seriously dude -are you that stupid – do you even know what the word means – I don’t think so – – yet another GCOBB change the translation

  66. Oh I get it I re-read your post – should have relized I had been talking with several folks about football and football topics and you are in the all things point toAndy Reid and I really have nothing smart or real to add so I just need to bash someone cause my life sucks crowd and I was answering it from the perspective of how the Broncos are using Tebow – from a football perspective – should never mix conversation abotu football with some of the morons on this site – sorry – this more to your liking – Reid sucks – he eats to much there – now ya happy

  67. The word for today is AWESOME. Actually let’s make it for all of next yr. Reid hiring Castillo=AWESOME, Running one of the best backs in the game 6 times in first half= awesome, if reid gets fired=awesome, if andy stays=awesome…. i still love your stat DRUMMER!!! Andy Reid is about 53-3 when his RB rushes atleast 30 times=awesome

  68. When you think about all the talent on this team? it really speaks volumes on just how poor a job Andy Reid is doing right now.. I dont buy the idea that this is a ‘me’ team or a selfish…

    I think this is a soft team that thinks they are good when they arent…They havent proven a thing..

    I dont know what Andy has been doing with this team… but it aint working and he wont ever change his approach sooooooooooo… its time to fire him.

  69. Do you think Andy is looking forward to the challenge of playing the Seattle Seahawks?
    Has he gone back and looked at the tape yet?
    Did he put the players in a position to succeed?
    Who would win in a fight between Marty and Jim?

    I root for these guys just like all you dudes.Through the Kotite years and the current struggles.But its back to just rooting for a fuggin first down,stop,its pathetic. The Walrus has to go.Not sposed to be this jacked up with a talented team and rabid fans. There not soft…they manhandled a physical Giants team and had a physical Niners team on the mat.


    Juan is making poor adjustments and to whomevers point hes scrabbling on the sidelines to make adjustments to personel!!!? That should be talked about all week. oK,YOU STAND HERE!!!WHEN SO AND SO GOES OUT ON THE FIELD YOU GO…..NOW YOU GO WHEN THESE TWO PLAYERS COME OFF.You stay out there all game until you puke or just about too.

    Im sick of this mess.

    Thad Young is much improved.

  70. Erock you must not have heard .. Fundamentals man….Fundamentals… Juan says you just wait till they get the fundamentals down and you’ll see he was right.. lol

  71. indeed….Captain Fundamentals over here.How about fundamentals was learned when they were studs in high school and are perfected in college.

  72. Navy you are off your rocker, looks like its time for you to get your periodic beat down from the big dog

  73. Awesome!!!!More rants and raves about the squad with verbal assualts on each others intelliegence.

    GREAT READING!!! Great posts and reads on here…we’re all frustrated as holy heck and its cause we love this squad and the cities teams.

    Go birds….

  74. jake you can’t even beat off that tiny little pecker of yours – go away before you get stepped on or the dog shits on you for smelling so bad

  75. ANDREW WALTER REID! is a fat slob loser. San Diego is waiting for you. You can power walk on the beach and lose some weight. OMG we will be left with Howie Rosebud as our GM. We will for sure win the parchesi tournament. i mean SB

  76. Erock – don’t mean to taint your work – but some nice posts there – thanks you for being able to look past the nonsense (soft etc.) and see the team needs to all do better – fundamanetals from the players (hold the football, catch the pass, throw the ball away vice INT – don’t fumble, avoid penalties) and better schemes from the coaches – can’t stand the red zone play calling – killing me

  77. My where’s Waldo report that often happens second half of the season:

    TRENT COLE????????? What happen to this guy….. Time after Time after Time……. never fails he’s often M.I.A. Second half of the season!!!!

    2 new coaches on the front lines on both sides of the ball make tremendous improvements to our d-line and o-line but Andy and Marty keep the same scheme season after season……. If you ask me get rid of the JAM brothers…. JUAN ANDY MARTY…… Reid’s decline from 2008 has gone down as well as the economy……. NFC Championship, Playoff exit in the first round, Playoff exit in the first round, Now this year……????? WOW….. Remember last year folks…… Joe Webb beat us and we had a 1st round bye in our grasp……. Andy Reid stated “he was preparing the team for GB”! WTF!!!!!!

    Andy Reid continues to lose against the better coaches/ average coaches:
    Sean Payton
    Mike Martz (Now defensive coordinator for the Bears)
    Mike McCarthy
    Bill Belichek
    Cam Wisenhunt (Nfc Championship game and John Skelton???)
    Lovie Smith

    If you ask me time for a change!!!
    What up Erock
    jakedog and rasheed1

  78. Pete – latest word out on the left coast is they want Gruden? Followed by the plan to move the team to LA –

  79. Another note!!!! Finally a Damn coach is speaking his mind to these Eagles long tenured coaches…… And what I mean is MM and Washburn…… Remember Rory Seagrest said he had no freedom to make changes when he was the D-Line coach…… Washburn spoke his mind to Curly of the three stooges and what do you know!!!!!! LOL!!!

  80. if ried is fired , i see him sitting on the left side of the couch ! he will join the coaching fraternity enjoying not coaching ! just my thought

  81. Did Andy Reid play the Fat kid in Bad Santa???? LMAO!!!!! Damn it…… We should be talking about playoffs fellas……. Now were bashing this team…… andy reid aka REIDDAFFI…….. We just want another leader to lead us to the promise land for once!!!!!! He is not the guy to do so……. Rothlisburger gets up to 28-35 snaps to throw Vick should be at that range if less but andy wants him to throw 50 times and McCoy’s jersey is clean as a damn whistle as well as Ronnie Brown who has about I guess under 10 carries in 11 games WTF MAN!!!!

  82. 3 wide receivers next season Maclin, Avant, Cooper…… Deshawn will be gone….. 1st pick Blackmon from OKST…….. package the two 2nd rounders and get a stud LB in the 1st round…… But we all know reid he’ll get another Matt McCoy or Chris Gocong next season another undersized Bum…… Asante will be shipped out by trade get a 4th rounder for him because he cant tackle a tackle box…….. What now guys seriously???? Trent Cole is no longer a guy I trust….. Too many bone head penalties not a leader on defense…… He should be the one taking this role but it seems as if Cullen Jenkins will do so this season and here out!!!

  83. For those of you unsure of what Tebow and the Broncos are actually doing, here’s Gregg Easterbrook from TMQ (he mentions Vick!)….but remember…like Vick last year, this Tebow run is fun, but very doubtful it will last once D-coords get more film study in on the guy……

    Everybody be at the pep rally after school — senior Tim Tebow is leading Denver Broncos High School to state! Yeah!

    Denver is, improbably, the NFL’s hottest team outside Wisconsin, 5-1 since Tebow took the reins. Those fans in the bleachers who’d been chanting for Tebow — they were right. But then in high school, the booster club always knows. Maybe for the next home game, the Broncos should run out through a big sheet of paper that was decorated at the pep rally with “Go Broncos” and “XXOO” written all over by the cheerleaders.

    The Broncos are tearing up the NFL using high school tactics. A week ago, defeating the Jets, Denver was running the option while Jersey/B was quick-snapping for hitch screens. It was high school versus college from a tactics standpoint: High school won on a crazed quarterback scramble by Tebow for a 20-yard touchdown. Denver had 229 total yards of offense and 11 first downs — a prep-game stat. Yet the Broncos prevailed.

    Sunday at San Diego, adjusting for sacks and scrambles, Denver coaches called 19 rushing plays for Tebow and 19 passing plays for him. Tebow threw a perfect stop-and-go touchdown to Eric Decker. The stop-and-go and out-and-up are staples of high school football; inexperienced defensive backs who are assuming a run play reliably fall for these. Denver set the play up with the prep formula of run-run-run then throw deep.

    The zone-read option Denver used for much of the game against the Chargers was straight out of “Friday Night Lights,” or at least, what’s been trendy under Friday night lights in recent seasons. Repeatedly, Tebow held the ball in front of the tailback and read the unblocked defensive lineman: That’s the “read” part of a zone-read rush. If the lineman moved toward the tailback, Tebow kept the ball, often executing the old-fashioned “midline option” on which the tailback leads into the hole and the quarterback follows. On Denver’s final drive in overtime, Broncos High School ran the zone-read option run on three consecutive snaps, resulting in 40 yards gained and field position for the winning field goal.

    Tebow even used the high school tactic of running out. In a prep offense, after the quarterback hands off, he sprints in the opposite direction, hoping a defender will follow him. This tactic hasn’t been observed in the pros since the 1950s. Having the quarterback run out after handing off is seen as beneath the dignity of NFL quarterbacks, who always simply stand and watch after giving the ball to a runner. This has a practical value — by NFL rules if a quarterback is not “attempting to participate in the action of the down,” he cannot be hit.

    At San Diego, Tebow enthusiastically ran out the other way each time he handed off, just as a high school quarterback would. The Bolts were so rattled that by the second half, a man was going with Tebow when he ran out empty-handed. Late in the third quarter, Denver faced third-and-5. Tebow was flushed from the pocket and rolled left. San Diego linebacker Travis LaBoy slammed to a stop at the line of scrimmage and didn’t pursue Tebow, so worried was he about losing contain. Tebow threw for a first down, and Broncos High School recorded a field goal on the possession. The cheerleaders should have done push-ups!

    It’s not that high school-flavored offenses have never been employed in the contemporary NFL. Five years ago, Carolina defeated the Falcons by rushing 52 times and attempting seven passes, a stat any prep coach would feel comfortable with. The game occurred on Christmas Eve, and so had no impact on football consciousness. But it showed that when presented as a surprise tactic, high school offense can work in the pass-wacky NFL.

    Denver’s victory over San Diego was aided by spectacular play from Von Miller — see below. Tebow continues to be Tebow: He does things that make purists wince, but when the double whistle sounds, his team has more points than the other team. And the Broncos were aided by yet another example of passive decision-making by San Diego’s Norv Turner, who is the George McClellan of the NFL. With 42 seconds showing in regulation, San Diego had the ball on its 30, holding a timeout. Turner decided to exhaust the clock and proceed to overtime — when all the Bolts needed was a field goal! Not one chance in a million Bill Belichick or Sean Payton makes that call. It’s a sign of how far out of touch Turner is that he told the San Diego Union-Tribune of the docile decision, “I think we did the right thing.”

    Fun Tebow note: reader Derek Knowlton of Layton, Utah, points out that owing to the run-oriented game plans of Broncos High School, Tebow does not have enough pass attempts to appear in the NFL’s quarterback rankings. If Tebow were ranked, “His current NFL passer rating of 80.5 is better than Joe Flacco, Michael Vick and Matt Cassel. His average of one touchdown per 17.9 passes is better than Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger and Jay Cutler. His one interception in 143 attempts is the lowest interception rate in the NFL, lower even than Aaron Rodgers.”

    Now that defensive coordinators have film of Tebow running the offense seen on Friday nights, its effectiveness is likely to decline. But until then — hey kids, don’t miss the next Broncos High School game! Buy some baked goods to support the drum line! Vote for our team to be featured on local access cable! See you at the car-hop drive-in afterward!

  84. vinnie before the advent of the stat geeks rise to prominence, before people like navy, and others had a voice, real football people didn’t rely upon fantasy stats to evaluate a football player, and at quarterback, there was no such thing as a rating, it was about wins and losses, not about arm strength, look at billy Kilmer, Joe Montana, Unitas , kosar , many others, Bradshaw, has a very average rating calculated after his retirement, but like Tebow and Vince young he won, and at the end that is what really matters

  85. jake – you wouldn’ t know a real football, football person, or anything else about football – for you football Madden – go back to playing with your x-box –

  86. Vinnie – V – you know – I pointed out earlier to day to rtbag what Denver was doing as far as the read option and he told me I was apologizing for Reid and MM – but you are correct Denver is running a gimmick offense – with a 235 pound HB – they are basically wildcatting all game – just like the ‘wildcat’ was big for a season –

  87. And Jake – one more thing – basically because your an idiot I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are just oo stupid to realize this – look at ANY stat for say the 70s – and of course the stats fromthe 2000/2010 will be better – especially passing – I realize for 99% of the general population this is common knowledge – but you are still in those special needs classes so we will give you a bit more help – they still make you wear the helmet on the bus int he morning?

  88. ” I usually live by the mtto of don’t argue with idiots – they drag you down to there level and beat you with experience –”

    Ha! Ha! Now that was good. I hope you don’t mind if I steal that one.

  89. Navy, you’re starting to curse more than me. I’m getting jealous! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Nothing like a terrible team bringing love & harmony to all during the holiday season. I refuse to let them aggravate me anymore for the rest of this year. They’re done, & we all know what needs to happen. It’s time for huge changes. Clean house & fumigate it.

  90. Jake…..not quite sure why the love for Young.

    Did any of those other guys get benched for a half season 2x in their careers? Could those guys beat out a 56 yr old Kerry Collins? Not quit on their team?

    Lets be honest. VY is not going to be on the Birds next year. He’d want a raise over his current $5 mil one year deal wouldn’t he? Are they going to pay that for a clearly sub-mediocre QB. Can’t they find a 55% twice as many ints as TDs guy for a little cheaper?

  91. D – you law guy you – they had ahouse out here in Cali that was so full of bomb stuff they literally just burned the thing to the ground – set the darn thing on fire!

    For you I will try not to curse today – I am in a very good mood – my and Schiller’s daughter’s team won last night to advance to the California State Championships this weekend in Volleyball – good times to all – were ranked #41 in the US – if they win State will maybe move up to about 35 or so –

  92. I would rather see QB M Kafka play, VY is gone after this Season and the EAgles need to find out if Kafka can play at the NFL and be a reliable back-up for it Appears that QB Vick will miss his usual 3-4 games every Season..
    Anyone think the Eagles Front Office doesn’t regret giving VIck that Big Contract, I think the Eagles Franchise has been set back 3 years with that decision alone and then add the D-Jax debacle with it and too many CB’s and with no LB’s and Safeties and this team is going nowehere the next couple of seasons in my opinion regardless of who the coach is..

  93. Vinnie V – out here in San Diego a fun posted a craig list help wanted add for head coach of the chargers! It was funny – take every issue eagles fans have with Reid (run the ball, time management etc. etc. etc.) and they put that in the add –

    I don’ t think VY will be back next year either – but at this point who knows which way the team will go……

  94. we are about to enter the three year nuclear winter Pman – we will not be back in the playoffs till 2014 – I hope like hell I am wrong – but this situation is careening out of control. My eternal go eagles optimism thinks we will put a beat down on Seattle thrusday (will miss seeing the game – high school county semis thursday – picked up a ref assignment) but we will do this maddening 1 week look great, next week look lost thing

  95. I’ll take Reid over Norv Turner that’s for sure.

  96. As a lesson learned – the Chargers actually fired Marty Schottenhiemer after a 14-2 season because he ‘couldn’t win the SB’ -careful what you wish for huh – Norv Turner had at one time L Tomlinson, Mike Turner and D Sproles, all in the same backfield – then he drafted MAtthews – and after every lose “Turner refuses to run the ball’ probably had something to do with Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson and Philip Rivers – but hey, as a fan, when you have no clue – just type a cliche and hope it sticks –

  97. 4-5 Coaching Changes this Off-Season

    MIami Dolphins – BIll Cowher will take over and have complete control
    Jacksonville Jags – Perry Jewell from the Giants takes over
    San Diego Chargers- Mike Tice from the Bears Staff replaces N Turner
    Indianpolis Colts – Hire Brian Shottenheimer from the Jets Staff
    Philadelphia Eagles – Hire Jim Mora Jr to become HC to appease QB Vick

  98. Shott was fired for he couldn’t even win a Playoff Game year after year where the Chargers was one of most talented teams during his stretch there

    Norv Turner is an excellent Offensive COordinator and QB Coach, but lacks in the Head Coaching area.. I could see him ending up taking over at UCLA which would be a good move for him and for UCLA who hasn’t been good in years..

  99. Yeah – Marty became to ‘conservative’ during the playoffs – and the images of LT standing there with his helmet on and unconfirmed ‘injury’ –

    Funny thing is in the middle of this ‘slump’ by the very talented chargers – it is the offense and Philip Rivers that is struggling mightily – Antonio Gates has a chronic foot/toe issue and the O Line has been decimated with injuries –

    But Pman – did I notice a shift in the position – are you now stating/predicting Reid will be gone after this season?

  100. Are you confident that Jim Mora Jr would really like to hitch his wagon back up to the Mike Vick roller-coaster?

    Pretty much got him fired the first go around….that and saying stupid things. Guy seems a bit immature.

    That and his head coaching record gors:
    5-11…….not exactly inspiring numbers….

  101. @Vinnie –

    They could be contacting Jim Mora about being defensive coordinator coach..which I thought would have been a pretty good choice after McD…but still, I haven’t seen any reports of that…..why does everything revolve around Vick with you? damn!

  102. To Navy,
    I think Coach AR is back in 2012 unless a meltdown occurs over the final month of the Season and it’s possible that this occurs which could seal his fate..
    I would also not be surprised if Owner Lurie makes Coach AR take a leave of Absence for “Health Reasons” and send him to a fat-farm to get healthy in body and mind and hire Mora Jr to keep things as seemless as possible

    To Vinnie,
    I am not a fan of Mora JR at all, but the Eagles Front Office clean’s house and gets rid of AR, MM then you can bet your bottom $$$ that they will hire someone who QB Vick is comfortable with and knows well… I am not saying it’s a good move or something I would do, but if AR & MM are both gone, then VIck probably becomes the most “powerful voice” in the Eagles Organization due to the crazy contract they gave him and Banner/Roseman and Lurie are going to first and foremost ensure that QB Vick is happy with the next Coach brought in…there is little doubt in my mind about this…

  103. Jim Mora Jr. stinks. He is not an improvement here.I would rather see a new face who doesn’t have to control everything and then bring in/keep some good coordinators and other assistant coaches. I want a D coordinator that understands that LBs and Safeties are important. I want an O coordinator who can look at hte talent that they have and balance the offense accordingly. I would also like these guys to help with the personnel decisions, because Roseman or whoever has been drafting overthinks almost every draft.

  104. That is all I want for Christmas. Well that and a pony.

  105. Navy, you & your daughter congrats. Hopefully they go far & win it. That’s cool. It’s good to route for our kids, instead of getting aggravated over the Birds garbage.

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