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Vick & Maclin Not Practicing, McCoy & Asomugha Are Limited In Workout

Eagles head coach Andy Reid just finished a news conference before heading out to today’s practice.  He let us know that cornerback Nmandi Asomugha and running back LeSean McCoy will be limited in the workout today.  King Dunlap, Moise Fokou, Jeremy Maclin and Michael Vick won’t practice.   Vick will throw on the side.

Reid said that Vick has been throwing but he’s still unable to torque when he throws the football.  The Eagles head coach said the quarterback still has pain when he throws the football.

McCoy has a sprained toe and Asomugha is recovering from the knee sprain he suffered at practice last week. on Facebook

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85 Comments for “Vick & Maclin Not Practicing, McCoy & Asomugha Are Limited In Workout”

  1. Please sign the petition to fire Andy Reid and Juan Castillo, this will be sent to the Eagles front office. Thanks

  2. We’re used to Mccoy being limited, limited by Andy and Marty. Dumb and Dumber.

  3. Didn’t the All-In Dream Team’s season end Sunday?

  4. That’s right, take it easy, Vick. Sit back, collect checks and wait for your new coach. Don’t let the QB Killer end your career now. I’m interested to find out if you can succeed with a real NFL coach.

  5. Yeah Drummer keep it up asshole – 4 time pro bowler playing for Dan Reeves (i think between playing and coaching he was in about 8 SBs) , Jim Mora and Andy Reid – moron and with Reid he had his best years as a QB – the more you post – the more of an idiot you look like

    you are right get him with a real coach and he just may overtake tom brady!

    where you at Vinnie!

  6. Vinnie is here.
    I LOVE the “Can’t wait to see what Vick will be like with a “real coach” line.

    Vick has played for 3 coaches bucko, 2 with pretty impressive NFL resumes, and guess what? Aside from 4 games last year, Vick has been exceedingly mediocre for all of them. But it’ll be different next year. Vick has changed. Just wait….you’ll see.

  7. Now. I have a question.

    With Vick probably out (not practicing) this week, can someone explain to me why on Earth VY would get the start in Seattle? I see no upside to this.

    Young was brought here based on 2 flawed assumptions:

    1. That the Birds were a SB contender who needed a backup in case (when) Vick would get injured. Of course, I never bought in to this assumption, because Vick is not a SB QB, but I digress)

    2. VY has the talent and acumen to step in and be a competent backup. (his 55% 3td to 5 int performance this year seem to state otherwise)

    Now, knowing that both these assumptions were incorrect and knowing that that VY will not be on the roster next year (Vick under big contract, team not SB ready, Lurie not going to pay another $5mil for a backup)….why on Earth would VY get the start Thursday?

    It would make little to no sense at all. Don’t they have to get some starts to Kafka?

  8. These last 5 weeks will begin to “separate the men from the boys” on this Team. the true Professionals to the players collecting a Pay-Check..
    All teams and most players are hurting at this time of year.. It’s funny that when things are ggoing well and the momentum of making the playoffs seems to make the pains and aches be minimal, but when a team is losing and has start players missing significant time with minor injuries, and has Asst Coaches going at it with each other on the sidelines during a game and Veteran players unhappy about their playing time, their contract status .. This Season has been an implosion, train wreck or wahtever you want to call it… Am I happy my favorite team has beocme the the biggest joke in the NFL, no I am not.. Do I wish bad fortune and injuries for my favorite team and of for some of it’s best players, of course… Do I think this team is soft and not mentally strong,lacks discipline and heart and has become way too predictable with poor play-calling, Yes I do… In a weird sense, am I glad to see them play poorly and embarrass themselves for their cockiness and arrogance and I admit, that yes, this collection of players and coaches don’t owe me anything as a Fan, but in return, I don’t owe them anything either..
    I am not surprised at the least to see what has transpired during this train wreck season and if anyone recalls,I was never sold on this Team or many of the players that they picked up (I liked Cullen Jenkins and that’s about it)
    But hopefully the Team will finish the Season strong moving forward and they really need to look at some of the younger players who are under contract for the next couple of seasons to find out if they can play at a Pro Level consistently.. Players like QB Kafka, WR R Cooper, TE C Harbor, RB D Lewis, DE B Graham, P Hunt, T Laws, LB’s Rolle,Clayton, Matthews and DB’s Hughes,Marsh & Safeties Jarrett & Colt Anderson all need to get some snaps down the stretch and see meaningful action to see where they are and whether they are NFL Quality grade players..
    I think it’s safe to assume that many of the players who signed 1 year Deals will be gone after this Season (Steve Smith, Ronnie Brown, VY, E Mathis) and that the Eagles needs to really evaluate and determine on who to keep on players whose contracts are up like K Dunlap, O Schmitt, A Jordan,T Laws, D Tapp,J Hanson,..
    You can figure that Jamall Jackson, Juqua Parker will be flat out released and possibly even D-Jax… You can also see the club attempt to trade CB A Samuel, OT Winston Justice and maybe even Safety Nate Allen who has been a real disapointment…
    The Eagles should have a Top #10 Pick and with getting the Cardinals 2nd Round pick in the Kolb Heist, the Eagles should have 3 Draft Selections out of the Top 50 Players or so and if they can move a Samuel and Justice, they may have some more ammo to move up or package them to get even more top players in the draft and remember with the Rookie Wage Slot going into effect, more Teams will be willing to deal some picks and or players …

  9. Vinnie

    Those impressive resumes include how many Supebowls?

    Reid is certainly no QB guru, with McNabb ahead of all his QBs.

  10. Paulman,

    You just got me looking forward to the off season. It’s a madhouse up in here.

  11. Ohhh…..I think I got it.

    Vick can ONLY be good if he has a SB winning coach. Is that it?

    Dan Reeves ONLY got TO the superbowl. So he sucks. And Reid ONLY got TO the superbowl. So he sucks. And CLEARLY Vick could never ever be good because of those two Sucky Coaches. Got it. And don’t even bring up Jim Mora…’cause really…

    So…to review…”can’t wait to see Vick with a real NFL coach” actually means….”can’t wait to see Vick with a multiple SB winning hall of fame head coach” Because accoding to Drummer’s definition, every single other coach ever sucks.

    But when the Eagles finally hire this mysterious and magically available multiple SB winning hall of fame head coach….WELLLLL watch out!! THEN he’ll be good.

    Got it.

  12. Vick is good now! Anyone saying otherwise, is a dumb ass!
    Vick isn’t a championship QB, is a bunch of BS, spoken out by cats who obvious know nothing about football! WTF? That’s right a QB wins SB’s, him and him alone!…has nothing to do with any other part of the game…

    Didn’t Ben Roethlisberger have a 2 INT game and only throw for 100 yards or so and win the SB??? Yeah, he played out of his mind!

    You guys do realize had the defense held the Patriots to 10 points we win the game on Sunday??? right…

    I can find a few others QB’s that struggled, but won a SB, because they had a complete team….
    Oh yeah you guys do realize, that Eagles have controlled the time of posessions in pretty much every game this season that Vick has started….Think that proves he can move the ball….Not his fault, it takes the defense 2 minutes to give up a TD….yes he has struggled at times, but if you really sit back and look at it, had other parts of the team played better, would the Eagles be 4-7? cleary not!

  13. Vick hasn’t played in two weeks anyway….How about talking about the team that has taken the field the last two weeks…? Or you just can’t help putting Vick’s name in your mouth?

    The Eagles are playing the Seahawks Thursday. Very good chance they could fold up completely and then I think Reid may get the axe. However, Young has been playing fairly decent and I think the defense will respond somewhat to their embarrassment and stifle a whimpy Seattle offense. Arizona is a total trap game for Dallas playing the Giants the following week but they don’t even have to lose. Say Dallas wins and Giants get beat by GB as expected. Dallas is 8-4, NYG 6-6 and Eagles 5-7. Eagles then get Vick back rested and refreshed coming off a mini-bye. And by the way, Reid is also undefeated in his career on ten days rest as well, playing the improving but still inferior Dolphins. Game plan and Vick are pretty good and Eagles improve to 6-7. Dallas loses to NYG 7-6 to fall to 8-5. The Eagles are two games back with three to go. The following week, Dallas beats Tampa and Giants beat Wash. Now the Eagles have the Jets. Jets are 2-4 on the road assuming they beat Skins this week. And yeah the Eagles are 1-5 at home but one would think after the fans chanted to fire their coach they may have a little something to prove. And they are still alive. Meanwhile the Jets, a Jekyl and Hyde team all year, after beating Skins and Chiefs are riding a false sense of security from their little three game win streak. Mr Hyde shows up and they blow it against an inferior team. They don’t run defend very well (Shady) and the Eagles are solid against mediocre QBs (Sanchez). Now Dallas is 9-5, NYG 8-6, Eagles 7-7. Next up the Eagles go head to head with Dallas. Of course they will need to win and this will be the hardest thing to do but Dallas is not a great team (obviously to lose to this team by four TDs), and tend to choke. Meanwhile, up in NYC, cross-town rivals collide with the playoffs on the line. This is technically a home game (with their season ticket holders) for the Jets who are 6-1 at home playing the NY team that gets all the pub. You know the one they are second fiddle to all the time? Both teams have playoffs on the line but the scrappy Jets have played more of these games lately and want their respect from NYC. They also can run on the Giants keeping them safe. Giants have passing offense this year and no one really passes on the Jets unless your name is Manning or Brady. Jets pull it out. Dallas 9-6 (0-2 to Eagles), Eagles 8-7 (4-1 in division), NYG 8-7 (3-2 in division). As the season closes, the Cowboys need only beat the Giants in NY. The Eagles need to beat Skins at home and hope NYG beats Dallas. NYG must beat Dallas and hope for Skins upset. Both games are played at same time so Giants will not play without hope. Reid has been 5-6 and finished with six straight wins (including the playoffs) in 2006. Only one game better than right now. He was 5-5-1 and proceeded to win four of last five to sneak into the playoffs and two more in the playoffs to get to final four in 2008. It is not without precedent. And this is not some outrageous chain of events like “if the Eagles beat the Packers and the Cowboys lose to the Rams and Redskins and Giants lose four of their last five and I have a ménage a trois with two Playboy bunnies with my wife’s permission. . . . . . . .” It is actually a very feasible and possible scenario albeit highly unlikely. But the guy has done it before and his December record speaks for itself. And supposedly this team has talent despite their complete lack of heart and devotion. But maybe a couple wins and a glimmer of hope near the finish line helps these tin men find their heart and just maybe they help Reid pull another rabbit out of his fat ass. You may all proceed to kill me.

  15. Ten bold predictions for the remainder of 2011 NFL season:

    10) Atlanta loses only to NO the rest of the way but have to settle for top WC. Because they are mediocre team away from home they lose in the first round to. . . . . .?
    9) Oak squeaks past Den to win AFC West only to be killed by Ravens in WC round. The Ravens of course lose AGAIN to Pitt in the playoffs in the next round.
    8) NO will end up with the second bye in the NFC as they run the table. SF loses to Pitt and gets upset by Seattle
    7) Lions end up with last WC because the Bears lose to Tebow in Denver. Detroit wins third tie breaker (record against common opponents)
    6) Cincy wins final WC spot by beating Ravens in season finale handing the NFC North and One Seed in AFC to Pitt. Pitt 13-3, Balt 12-4, Cin 11-5.
    5) Jets blow final WC by losing to the Eagles and finishing 10-6.
    4) Texans win AFC South with third string QB and beat Bengals in WC round. They fall to the Bradys the next week.
    3) Packers become second team in four years to go to the SB at 18-0.
    2) In a stunning turn of events the Eagles win the NFC East and beat Atlanta in WC round before being crushed by GB. Lurie convinced Reid is a miracle worker gives him a three year extension during offseason.
    1) The Bradys upset Pitt in AFC title game and the NFL gets its marquee matchup. Brady v Rodgers. The Bradys cannot pull another upset as GB wins easily to finish 19-0. Several ’72 Dolphin Alumni drop dead within the next month. It will be Brady’s last SB appearance of his career.

  16. Real…..Stop brother-in-lawing the brother. You sound retarded! Vick has sucked this year and is not a QB who can win a championship without a lot of help. I.e. a running game and great defense. Stop thinking with your skin dumb ass! OJ did it!!!

  17. jb – like the optimism – teams have won division at 8-8 (we played the vikings one year when they were 8-8) your #2 – is going to get you some howls –

  18. Bottom line the Eagles have too many me guys on this team which is why the main me guy will be the scape goat along with Castillo and Reid gets saved. I just wonder what job Andy will give Juan since he cannot bear to part with him whenever he finds a more accomplished and talented coach. Being hard working and a good guy doesn’t mean shit if you don’t produce and this guy doesn’t produce. Vick is a me guy as he takes unecessary risks with the ball and his health so he be “the man.” I admire his competitive spirit. Its the same one that kept his idol AI from passing up shots or trying to be the point guard which he was better suited for. DRC gives you jack shit because he was put on the bench for Asomougha and Assante “doesn’t feel the love.” I’m sure those two brothers make the wellspoken twelve million dollar “house boy” that curried favor over them feel real welcome in the locker room. I’m sure they are all the best of friends. I’m sure that has helped Nnamdi’s adjustment too. We are stuck with Vick but D Jack and Assante have to go after this year. Assante should try grabbing a couple more than two picks if he wants some love and Desean should have gotten a different agent and tried actually playing if he wanted to stay here. DRC is a guy that will only play if things are going his way. So get rid of Assante and give him the job. What else do we have?

  19. JB some solid points – I watched some NFL primetime while hitting the elliptical at lunch today and they did some spotlights – you know – on a few of those plays where Brady got big yardgae – the defense called actually was a good call – on one – Brady stepped up and moved (we were in man which is a big problem if the QB escpaes and steps out of the pocket) and the rcvr slipped behind Hughes – Hughes (I think it was – then he cut back down on the one) had decent coverage –

    the long TD to welker – Allen had the deep coverage – Allen did not play well at all – he has been up and down –

    but other then the need to bitch mightily – what/where is the difference betweenthe players and the coaches making mistakes – if you fire the coaches – because they can’t make it happen – then it takes another year to fire the players and vice versa – I think the D is about one veteran sfatey and one veteran LB away from being decent –

  20. or we get rid of reid….. I rather get rid of Reid and keep the playmakers…Cant be all of their faults…

    Desean was great last year and the year before… now all the sudden, get rid of him? lol

    Asante needs to stay too… Get rid of Reid..

    Vick stays.. get rid of Andy

    its Reid’s turn to go…

  21. @JBird – I’m a dumb ass and I sound retarded? I don’t like to talk tough behind a keyboard, but I’ll guarantee you this, if you spoke to me like that in person, you’d be wearing a helmet and carrying a GI Joe Lunch box the next day!!! hows that for retarded! Bitch! Real Talk!!! I’m in Trenton NJ, you can come check me out if you like, open invitation, anytime!

    You jump on here writing your long drawn out boring ass posts and act like you know it all…you’ll never have a career in sports writing, give it up! I have to stop reading your nonsense after your first sentence! its that damn wack!

    Ummmm…..there are only 2 QB’s in the NFL that can win without great defense and running game, dumb ass! I’d say Rodgers and Brady ….But guess what, theior teams both run the ball and make it effective with their passing game…Any team that wins the SB, is a solid team all around! Are you saying we have a solid team all around?

    Two games Vick was hurt and didnt finish, we had the lead….Another game we

    For someone that has dreams of being a writer you obviously dont understand the game of football…

    So I’m a person that won’t say Vick sucks – he hasn’t played up to my expectations that is for damn sure…But could we have been better than 4-7? had other parts of the team stepped up? you say he needs a lot of help…how about the 4th quarter leads we have had this season…what if the defense actually did their job and got stops….Thats right Vick does play CB too, so it is his fault!

    then you say rushing game? Vick brings the rushing game hisself!! LOL you are truly comical…Since Vick’s come into the league, any team he’s played on has been the top in rushing, him having a lot to do with it….

  22. Rash – I have no say in the matter – despite the comments of others I am on record as saying after the cardinals game it was time to move on – just don’t need to trash the guys legacy – sometimes you can just stay in one place too long- check out Brady Hoke at Michigan – Paul Johnson at GT some decent college coaches that could do well at this level –

    RT – vick does not suck – he is the most mechanicall sound thrower I have seen his motion and delivery are outstanding – folks always want to say if we had done this and if we had done that – dude was a 4 time pro bowler 0 is he Joe Montana or Roger Stauback – nope – only one each of those –

    3rd QB – Drew Brees – add Peyton Manning when healthy

  23. that comment was actually directed @Jbird’s post

  24. Only Paulman has answered my question (I feel sad and abandoned) about who to start at QB Thursday if (when) Vick is on the bench again.

    I don’t see the point in playing Vince Young when he’s clearly not going to be on the team next year.

  25. Jbird. “House boy”….Jeeeez man. I have a feeling you may be on the mark with your comment though. How unfortunate. Is it wrong that I love how well spoken Nnamdi is? So refreshing to hear an athlete sound like he actually paid attention in class. Guess that makes me racist again.

  26. ouch – I missed the houseboy comment – I got in trouble for using the term ‘boy’ once – who starts Thursday – I will miss the game – I go with vince young – give him one last chance – he played well against the giants – and decent against the Pats –

    Dummer windbag – NFL primetime was full of WRs in the NFL catching underthrown footballs this weekend – then they highlighted DJax drops – just telling you what the highlight shows were talking about –

  27. Well if Reid goes who ever comes in to replace better look for a QB because it won’t be Vick

    He is an injury machine

    Maybe Kafka can be brought along because there ain’t any QBs out there

  28. Real….you make valid points about evryone on the team being to blame. It starts with the coach and his stupid play calling and that lackey of an offensive coordinator of his. They have one of the top ten players in the league right now and they don’t use him because they would rather do it their way and try to show everyone how clever they are. Yet when they win with balance they somehow ignore that. The point about Vick is that he is not Brees or Rodgers or Manning or Brady. They could all pass pass pass and be more successful than Vick because they have more skill at the QB position. Vick can be very effective if he had run support. Donovan was killed by not having run support. This coach will never commit to the run so Vick will always be doomed. Vick has tried to do too much himself though and he has become a turnover machine. He carries the ball carelessly and forces throws into traffic. Next to Reid and Castillo he is the third biggest reason we were 3-6. He has not had a good year.
    And as far as the other crap is concerned. You don’t have to get all tough guy Real. I am just the type of guy that is going to call it like I see it. Sorry if that bothers you. And I apologize for my harsh tone. I was insulting to you and I apologize. But I will call you out any time I see you defending someone on the basis of being black rather than on the basis of their merit. That shit pisses me off. Don’t try to keep someone from their accountability just because they may be the same race as yourself. Stick together in ways that are important rather than rallying to the defense of people who are not really defendable. Again I apologize for being rude and insulting.

  29. real ass dumb ass, just watch, when Vick no longer plays for the eagles, you will no longer hear from this self proclaimed tough guy from Trenton, “Trenton makes the world takes”, remember when the breed rolled into that sorry ass town

  30. Reid needs to go but that is not likely to happen. Hopefully they will make him cancel the Juan Castillo experiment. Are we sure it is two years left on the contract? I thought 2012 was the final year of the deal. Anyway, Desean will be gone. They may try to franchise him and trade him as a friend of mine suggested. I think that’s risky because you lose leverage because you have to get rid of him or pay him and he won’t play any harder with a one year deal. I think he has peaked already. He has his place in the right offense but he is not elite. A game changer but not elite. Assante and his attitude need to go too. He is becoming a distraction. Nnamdi is better if they used him right. And maybe if we are winning and he is starting DRC will live up to his talent. He won’t give anything as a bench warmer. He’s kind of like a Lito Sheppard or a Cowboy fan. He’s only there when things go well. He proved that before he got here when he quit on the Cards because they were a 4-12 team. Like for who for what. Maybe Marsh can develop into a solid nickelback next year. Nate Allen is another bad pick we are stuck with. Reid will use the knee to excuse his lack of ability, toughness and focus. The he has to spend another season banking on Jarrett because he picked him. And in the second round no less. He was actually going to be terrific if not for the lockout. Yeah thats sarcasm. So safety will remain an issue because they will back this current group of young guys that are average players at best. I only hope they would realize that Chaney is not good enough to play MIKE for a championship team. There is no financial commitment or “need to be right” on a 7th round pick. Just trade him and move on with a true stud first round pick. Jenkins should have been starting at DE with Dixon starting at DT. The DTs are too small to run the wide nine. You see the theme here. No Haynesworth. No Tulloch. No work. Bigger DTs and heat seeking MIKE are necessary to do that. Babin was a big waste of money. He’s a pass rush specialist not a starting DE.

  31. Jbird,
    Why does everyone keep saying to Franchise Tag on D-Jax and then Trade him when your not allowed to do so. . You can only trade a player once he has a deal in place .. Now if you think the Eagles are going to risk paying D-Jax $9 Million for 2012 (once they Franchise him) for a 1 Year Deal when they guy quit on the team in 2011 then your crazy.. What leverage would the EAgles have by placing a FranchiseTag if their true intentions were to sign him to a long-term deal.. D-Jax and his Agent would take the Franchise Tag in a heartbeat and have D-Jax make a quick $9 Million in 2012 and then file for Free-Agency after the 2012 Season is up and be gone anyways.. Get rid of the Cancer…

  32. Paulman….the Pats did it with Cassel

  33. The only reason that happened that was that the new GM for the KC Chiefs at that time was and still is Scott Polian, who previously worked for the Patriots and was mostly repsonsible for the Pats drafting Cassell and knew him very well and liked him a lot, so that was a deal probably already done behind the scenes..

  34. Paulman…I agree we need to get rid of him. He has peaked already and you know what you got with him. 50-60 catches, 1000 yards, 5-8 TDs and a headache. Plus he will want a new deal again in two years.

  35. @JBird…you are a dumb ass! when did I defend Vick, specifically because he was black? I’ve never brought up a race card, and for someone to throw the race card at me, really pisses me off! I’m sick of all you white folk, saying “black people take up for black people”…I take up for people of my chosen, fat, ugly, one eyed, one arm, it doesn’t matter! I support Andy Reid too, I guess he is black too! I’ll rather have an independent run the country rather than Obama, I guess the independent would have to be a black man from the hood….you’re a dumb ass and on some real ish.

    @Jakedog – Come see me then, you are the most unloyal fan on this site…all on Vick’s nut sack last season, now Vick sucks? get real! you even have the nerve to say Young was better than Vick??? What type of crack were you smoking…stay away from the Calhoun St Projects….

    I’ll meet you on the Trenton Makes, World Takes Bridge, since you know where it is…There really isn’t anyone on this site that I’d rather beat the ish out of than you, anyway! I’m ready to take my frustrations about this Eagles season out on someone, if you want it come and get it!

  36. @Paulman – thats because JBird doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about…again, he needs to find another career, sports writing doesn’t appear to be his cup of tea!

  37. @JBird -keep your apology…I hold grudges!

  38. I would like to see if Vick can play in an offense that features McCoy meaning that he gets 25-30 touches a game. And maybe a true west coast offense instead of the “west coast offense” that Reid supposedly runs that actually looks nothing like a west coast offense. I am not sure how good he is at timing patterns, but I would like to see if he could do it. I would also like to see the TE be more of a weapon. I know that Celek has been inconsistent and he drops too many passes, but he could be a much more productive player. You could make a comparison to when he was in the ATL, but they didn’t have the WRs that the Birds have assuming that they can work things out with D-Jax.

    That type of offense could potentially solve a lot of problems like the D getting tired, red zone issues and Vick getting hit every play. He doesn’t have a long shelf life in the Eagles offense now, so it is tough to see how he would successful going forward.

    I know that Vinnie will be all over this post with stats about Vick’s inaccuracy, but I don’t see them getting a QB who is in your mind better than Vick. Who will be? FA. Most teams don’t let franchise QBs go. Draft? Then we are years away.

  39. A Jakey poo smack down at the bridge! Damn….. See Jakey – I told you to run away before you get shit on – I just thought it would be for that hygene problem –

    again little man – the adults do not like it when you interupt – go clean up your room – save your allownace – buy a clue – then we will think about letting you hang out and clean up after us –

  40. I think once D-Jax wasn’t signed by September of this year, that he was going to be a goner.. Now if the Team was playing well and he was having a monster Season, then maybe they would have hammered during the Season but all of that is out the window now.. The Eagles traditionally don’t use the Franchise Tag often and when they do, it’s usually with the intention of signing that player to a long-term deal which I don’t see that happenning with D-Jax.. I believe if they felt good about him and was a big part of their future plans that they would have locked him up already.. Franchising him would give him about $8.5 to $9 Million for the 2012 Season and there is no way the Eagles are going to pay him that kind of $$$ for potentially 1 more season and go thru the same mood swings,focus issues and immaturity that you get with D-Jax..
    Right Now with the Eagles at 4-7, they should be Drafting around that 8th-12 Position and with getting the Cardinals 2nd Round Pick in that robbery trade for Kolb, the Eagles should have the 10th, 40th and 45th Picks in 2012 Draft which has a lot of very good WR’s

    Paulman’s Top WR’s in the Draft

    #1) J Blackmon – Oklahoma State (6-1 215lbs) – Best all around WR in Draft, comparisons to a young Andre Johnson/Terell Owens type of WR who will get 10 lbs bigger and strong by his 2nd year in the Pro’s.
    #2) M Floyd – (Notre Dame – 6-3 235 lbs) – Could be the best Pro to come out of Notre Dame in years.. Big, strong and not afraid of contact, think of Fitz, Miles Austin/D Bowe/H Nicks type of WR
    #3) Alshon Jeffrey – (South Carolina – 6-4 235lbs) – Very athletic and strong, another Calvin Johnson/D Bowe/D Bryant/S Rice type of WR
    #4) Jeff Fuller – (Texas A&M – 6-3 220lbs) – Smooth and polished route runner, has over 200 Receptions and 33 TD Catches in his 4 year Career playing in the Big 12 Conference going up against good top,solid CB’s from Texas,Oklahoma,Nebraska every season
    #5) Dwight Jones – (North Carolina – 6-4 225lbs) Big leaper and strong, good hands, not super speedy, but would make a nice target in Red-Zone.
    #6) Jordan White – (Western Michigan 6-0 215lbs) Leads the Nation in Receptions with 115 Catches and 16 TD’s can also handle Kick-Off Return Duties
    #7) Mohamed Sanu (Rutgers 6-2″ 215 lbs) Another super athlete who can play WR,Return Kicks, run WIldcat Offense and plays tough and physical..
    There are some very good WR’s on Arkansas, Houston, Baylor,etc,etc
    This may be the best and deepest class of WR’s in a few Seasons so losing D-Jax would hurt but moving forward, they can replace him with hungrier, bigger and tougher WR’s with little problem I belive and proably get a better teammate in the long-run too..

  41. QB M Vick could never run a True West Coast Offense for he is too small to be efficient in the 3 Step & 5 Step Drop Passing Game which is very prevelant with the short crossing routes,quick outs, slants etc,etc.. Vick is listed at 6’0 but is probably more like 5’10 and needs to drop back 8-10 steps so he can see down the field and over the line of scrimmage and by the time he does this, the quick,short routes are usually covered,, His Skill set and Lack of Size do not fit the “True West Coast Offense” Scheme..
    He would fit best in a more traditional Deep Drop Scheme with the use of play-action, screens, and a strong running game type of Offense..
    If Vick played on this style of OFfense, where he would only throw 25-30 times per game, he would be more dangerous, productive and probably be an overall better QB.. The more he drops back to pass, the higher the % of a negative play (Sack,Fumble or Int) He is what he is…

  42. If D-Jax leaves then I would love to have Blackmon or Floyd. If he stays I hope that they draft a MLB who can run this defense for a decade.

  43. Good points. Whatever the offense is, the less he throws the better. Running the ball and screens plays to the strengths of the team in that the O-line are better run blockers and the more touches for McCoy the better. Then I think that Celek/Harbor or whoever have to run more 6-8 yard routes until the d stops it. Then burn them deep which is Vick’s strength.

  44. That’s the Pman we know and love – love the guy from Notre Dame – but damn we have had bad luck with ND picks – you think it helps coming from a school like South Carolina with that coach to prepare for the pros?

  45. Top 4 WR’s I listed will probably go anywhere from the 10th to 40th Selection
    Ths Jeff Fuller may be around for the Eagles 2nd Round Selection

    As of Today the Eagles would have the Following Selections

    Paulman’s 2012 Mock Draft (Version 1.2)

    1st Rd (Approx 10th Overall Pick) MLB V Burfict (Ariz St 6-3 255lbs)
    2nd Rd (42nd Overall) WR Jeff Fuller (Texas A&M 6-3 220lbs)
    2nd Rd from Cardinals (44th-46th Overall) QB C Keenum Houston 6-2 215lbs

    3rd Round thru 7th Rounds will be S,DT,TE,OL,LB,RB,FB,WR

  46. The problem with taking a wr in the first round is they are always a 2 year project. It is rare that a 1st year WR pulls in more than the 30-40 catches…not that that would be a terrible thing because I don’t think the Birds will be SB ready next year….maybe by 2013….right when Vick really starts to decline. Sigh.

    But as long as Vick is around, the Birds will operate in a misguided “we can win now” mentality…..that pretty much eliminates a WR with the first pick.

    So if thinking L….Why not take that BC linebacker…Kuechly? Again, I don’t think the Birds will take a LB with the a top 10 pick.

    If Vick is around, they’re going to take an immediate impact guy. Who fits the bill….Eagles fans might be upset….but won’t it be cornerback? How about Moris Claborne from LSU. He should be available. There’s no way that either Asante (getting a raise to 8.5 million and having made disparaging comments this year) or DRC (who stinks) will be on the roster next year. I think DB might be where they’re leaning.

  47. Kuelchy from BC is a very good player, I am not so sure he has the foot speed or athletcism to be a 3 Down LB and not be a liability in pass coverage..

    As far as Rookie WR’s having Success, this years there have been quite a few so far..
    AJ Green for Cincinnati, J Jones in Atlanta, Torrey Smith at Baltimore,
    Anthony Brown for the Steelers are all having good seasons and making an impact on their respective teams..

    I really like the Safety Mark Barron from Alabama (6-2 225lbs) … He may be too early to draft him with a Top 10 Pick, but I think he can really solidify the back end of the Eagles Defense which is sorely needed and has real leadership qualities about him.. Nate Allen is simply not getting it done… Jarrett is a project at best and is simply not strong or fast enough and I only view him as a Special Teamer and Back-up type of player as I do Kurt Coleman
    The CB Claiborne is a stud and a better CB than P Peterson was coming out of LSU.. DCR is under contract thru 2012 at a cheap Salary so I don’ tsee the Eagles moving him, I do see them trying to trade Samuel but probably won’t have any takers since his Current Contract kicks into really big Dollars for 2012 & 2013, and teams know this so Eagles will proabbly end up releasing him and getting zippo in return..
    Lots of moving parts this off-season and this Franchise is at a real cross-roads if you ask me, with some better Drafting, getting a real DC and tweaking a few spots (LB & Safety) this Eagle team can bounce back next season or the opposite could happen where it just blows up everywhere but either way you look at it, this Off-Season is the most critical and will either have the Franchise bounce back or fall into the abyss … Here is a the scary thing though.. Does anyone have more faith in Banner & roseman running the Football side of things if the Fire Coach AR and go with a young, inexperienced HC or would everyone rather have Coach AR back to get the team back on track for 2012… Simply firing Coach AR does not automatically fix things and make this team a Super Bowl Contendor..
    The decisions nad actions taken by GM Roseman & Banner over the next 90 Days will determine how good or poorly this Eagle Franchise remains over the next 5 years… This is a critical time for this Organization, regardless if Coach AR stays or leaves..

  48. Yea, I agree with pretty much all you said Vinnie, except for that Vick mess…
    But I also think DRC will be back next season. He hasn’t been used right, just as Nnamdi hasn’t…until the Eagles decide to play less zone, the secondary will get aten up by the good QB’s (especially this year, now if we can steal a stud LB, then its a little different story) I think we can live with the two starting safeties if need be, but I wouldn’t oppose making a move there…if we trade Asante, we better be getting a LB! Eagles better hold onto DRC…unless…

    Anyone know of any top rated CB’s going to be free agents?

    I’ll tell you who I’d like for us to get next season, Laron Landry, safety WSH!

  49. The only way that the will play less zone is if they move Samuel, which I think that they will. Then they can let Nnamdi and DRC play man on the outside. If trading Samuel gets a another pick then so much the better. Reid doesn’t value LBs, but he has to see their importance after this year. Or maybe he won’t be here. What about Hightower from Bama?

  50. Eagles really missed the boat with not upgrading the Safety Position..
    there were so many quality ones last year that are all signed and locked up for a few years… Dwan Landry, Eric Weddle, Melvin Bullitt, M Pollard,Roman Harper,are all gone and locked up, very few that I am aware of for this off-season
    Same with CB’s… C Rogers,J Joseph,R Marshall,C Bailey,I Taylor, all are signed up for a while..

    When you look at CB A Samuel situation, you have to ask yourself, what organization is going to trade for a 30 Year Old CB who doesn’t tackle and is due to make $9 Million in 2012 and $10.5 in 2013 Season and give up high Drafat picks in return..That’s right, no Team is going to take on 7% of their total Teams Salary Cap for a light-hitting, malcontent who is never been a team guy.. It’s not going to happen.. The Eagles will either have to release him and or get zippo in return or have him re-work his contract which is very unlikley that Samuel and his Agent would accept.. Again the Eagles Front Office dropped the ball for Samuel should have been traded back in August when teams where intested and could have had Samuel for this Season at a lower Salary figure..

  51. its obvious now that there has been a dramatic shift in the power base from Reid to Roseman, Banner, starting with the abrupt decision to bench kolb in favor of vick and ultimately to extend vick to long term deal, these were not Reid’s decisions,Reid wanted to build his offense around kolb, not vick, and its also pretty clear that no rational football person, who at a minimum Reid is, would have made some of these boneheaded drafts the past three years you are seeing failed management decisions coming to roost, and the biggest one may be vick

  52. Interesting note I did not realize until read and article with Maylock (spelling) and Peter King (I think the greatest sports writer today) –

    I digress – Bill Cowher took 14 years to win the Super Bowl in Pittsburg – in year 7 (7-9) 8 (6-10) and 9 (9-7) the Steelers did not qualify for the playoffs after qualifying the first 6… then in year 12 – he digressed back to a 6-10 season – the next year he went 15-1 but lost in the playoffs and then finally in year 14 as a wild card team they won the SB – he then went 8-8 the next year and retired –

    Maycock – who is from West Philly said this –

    All along, I’ve said the Eagles could go 2-14 and I wouldn’t fire Andy Reid. I think he’s too good a coach and he’s done too much. Bill Cowher in Year 13 was 6-10 … and two years later he’s holding the Super Bowl trophy. I’m not saying that will happen with the Eagles. I don’t know what’s going to happen. … I think Reid deserves an absolute rotten year.”

    which is almost identical to what Mangini said on NFL Primetime the other day………….

    so it seems a great many ‘football’ insider types (and I think PEter King is one of the best) seem to think no matter what happens record wise – Reid will be back for another year –

  53. Im starting to feel that way too. Doesnt matter how i feel about it. But it just seems like in the NFL and in Philly the success of the past overrides the rotten of the presnt. In that case,GET A REAL D-CORD IN HERE AND PUT SANTE ON THE BLOCK.

    Move Nmandi to left corner.DRC to right.Draft a real linebacker….you know…one that is angry and is bigger then the running backs in out division(minus Jacobs). Scrap the wide nine.Re-sign Desean because he just makes this offense go. Sorry,my opinion. Dude lifts the coverage and i think he does need a talking too. Come on bro.

  54. navy – and moreso – they think Reid SHOULD be back next year.

    Fact is, saying that Reid can’t win a superbowl with this team is still a closeminded violation of logic – although it can be a valid opinion or guess.

    I’m OK if he leaves but just as OK if he stays. I’d like to see Juan go and Marty too for that matter.

  55. Erock and Schill – valid points – I was firmly in the keep Reid camp until I decided to look at his body of work from the perspective of the first half and the second half – then I realized that the majority of his ‘good’ work came in the first 8 or 9 years and lately he has been fading… – but then look at Cowher – and don’t kid yourself – Cowher is/was arrogant, thinks he is smarter then everyone else, stubborn and every other thing everyone says Andy Reid is (funny thing Maylock also said was there are 27/28 other NFL teams that would love to have had the run Andy has provided) then he related it to a business and said would you fire your number 4 5 or 6 out of 32 top salesperson for not being number 1? If he had a down year would you can him or give him a chance to rebound?

    but Schill on your ‘should’ comment – they are not as ‘invested’ emotionally, and look at the game from a broad perspective –

    working on my next myth buster rant – I am thinking of tackling the ‘Andy Reid and the great WR fiasco’ that should be a hoot

  56. Put me down to promote the book signing.

    Cowher was an arrogant jerk. Took him forever to get a qb. And Bigben fell in there lap.They really thought he was gonna be a stud?



  57. Tell them to kiss your ass cause no matter what – it is still better to be an Eagle fan – and that no amount of anyhting that happened before this year can change that – took the Sox fans how many years to get over the curse – think a Sox fan had a problme telling a Yankee fan what they thought of the Yanks— don’t let them push the buttons

  58. KNowledge universal….word Navy.

  59. There are differences between the Cowher/Pittsburgh & Reid/Eagles coaching situations.

    – The Steelers had won multiple SB’s prior to Cowher taking over the head coaching position.

    -Cowher was only the 2nd coach for the Steelers during the Rooney’s ownership. The organization has demonstrated (quite successfully I would point out) great loyalty to it’s coaches. I guess the fact that each of their last 3 head coaches have won SuperBowls, allows patience and loyalty to be an easy choice.

    – The Cowher example is the only SuperBowl winning Head Coach that took longer than 7 years before winning a SB. This is in the history of the NFL, so using it as a common example, while true example, it is hardly the way that most SB winning coaches have had their careers work out.

    Yes…it is possible that AR would win a SB in the future, but only once in the history of the NFL has a coach gone as long without winning a SB.

  60. Navy – I agree with that ‘myth’ about the WRs you’re trying to bust. I’d bark up another tree if I were you. As for the arrogant jerk thing – I challenge anyone to point to a winning coach in any sport who wasn’t thought of as an arrogant jerk to many people at some point. I’m pretty certain that it’s a job requirement. Heck, that goes for the winners AND the losers. If you’re not arrogant, nobody will ever hire you as a head coach. And head coaches are supposed to think they know everything about the team, otherwise, they’d be unqualified to be the leader.

  61. Charlie manuel not an arrogant jerk, dick vermeil not an arrogant jerk. Andy reid arrogant jerk, idiot, no superbowl

  62. greenfan – I hear you. I really do. But please, since you’re looking at statistics here – and quote “the history of the NFL”…

    Let’s use some wisdom from statistics (heck, I hate stats class and hate doing statistics myself – but I learned the main principles..) – “the history of the NFL” in terms of statistics, is a pretty short history. Is it even 100 years old?

    And in that history, how many coaches are on a par with Reid and Cohwer in terms of length of tenure with one team? I don’t know the answer to that, but you’d be hard pressed to convince me that it makes a reasonable sample size. So Greenfan, your point is (at least statistically) pretty weak

  63. Green – every thing you wrote is in fact correct – no arguments from me – if you caught the comments i transposed above – you have any thoughts on the other folks (Mangini, Peter King, Maycok stating Reid should be bright back?

  64. Good points Jake. Those sure are exceptions, and I was wrong to be so extreme.

    Here’s my examples – Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Jimmy Johnson (dallas), Belicheat, you think Lombardi wasn’t arrogant!?, Parcells, Bobby Knight…. the list goes on and on.

  65. Jake – I thought I smelled something nasty – and there you are – take a shower and change your brithces for christ sake – boy, you could fuck up a wet dream – Dick vermeil not arrogant – ummmm – as usual WRONG. Dick Vermeil absolutley was arrogant – he absolutley did things HIS way – one of the famous quotes from the Radiers after the 80 Super Bowl (seriously were you even a itch in you daddy’s crotch in 1980 – I am betting your daddy wasn’t even out of high school in 1980 – tell me what year your old man graduated HS and if is before 1980 I will knock out an extra 25 push ups in my evening PT) – but anyway – the Raiders had a pact that they woudl not let the Eagles win becuase they did not want anyother coaches copying Vermiels brutal marathon practices –

    Understand this – go look at fan websites for any of the teams that are not in the playoffs – and every bitch, moan, gripe, complaint you have abouyt Reid every other team has about there coach – I laugh when I read the sports section of the San Deigo UT – verbatim – arrogant, thinks he is so smart – won’t run, porr time management, won’t ever win a super bowl – all comments about Norv Turner………

    ALL coaches ALL coaches, all levels, all of them, are going to be arrogant (Buddy Ryan was the most arrogant coach going – he showed up saying ‘you got a winner here now’ and proceeded to lose every playoff game going – how is Ryan (NYJ going)

    Now I will tell you that I know the Harbaigh (San Fran) coach – he used to live in my town when he was HC at USD – great guy – extrememly pleasant – great t talk to –

  66. @ schill- where does Jeff Fisher fall in your tentured coaches?

    The fact is, rarely does a coach get 14 years to run a team without winning a championship.

    Sorry that the sample length doesn’t meet with your standards, but WTF does that mean anyway?

  67. greenfan – Dude, I’m not making up any standards. Any mathematician (which I am far from), teacher, scientist or researcher will tell you that you need a large enough statistical sample to infer any significant meaning from statistics of a population.

    In this case the population we are discussing is NFL head coaches. I don’t know the total number of NFL head coaches to date, but increasing the pool you’re drawing the stats from from 2 to 3 will still leave your point about the whole population – NFL coaches – as pretty meaningless – not by my terms, but by the empirically accepted standards of REALITY

  68. navy, stick to what you do best, what the hell that is I don’t necessarily know, but let me say this most definitively from your posts, again insulting in the most vile manner many good people who disagree with you about the worshipped praise you heap on Reid,

    , it is not a sailor, a family man, an eagles fan, maybe a blow hard bully, and they always get what they deserve in the end

  69. Schill- the total number of head coaches since 1920 is around 448…there have been 31 coaches that have coached for 14 or more years, although not necessarily with the same team…of those 31 coaches, only 6 have never won a championship or SuperBowl (Bud Grant, Jeff Fisher, Marv Levy, Jim Mora, Marty Schottenhimer and Andy Reid)

    You could take this in a couple different directions. I guess the vast majority of coaches will long tenture have one a championship (.806) Andy is due? On the other hand, since 1964 there has only been 1 coach that has taken longer than 13 years with the same team to win his first SB (Cowher), so those odds are not in his favor….I guess it is an illustration that you can spin stats to support a what ever opinion you want to believe.

  70. Jakey poo – if I got what I desrved I would be back in Philly, and I would be out having some fun with the boys from back home (those are friends Jake – get out of the basement you may have them some day)

    We will be chilling and some rodent in the table next to us – small pathetic creature – will be popping off at the mouth – the little rodent will continue to justbe that unpleasant, annoying little stain of life, it will be clear that even the people he showed up with don’t even like him, and then that little stain will say somthing bad about the eagles and one of the little stains group will say – hey jakedog – why don’t you STFU you are an idiot and you are scaring all the women away – and I will have noticed this – this name – and I will notice you slink off to say throw darts or shoot a rack of pool by yourself – and then – I will walk up next to you – and I will ask you – if you are really the jakey dog from GCOBB – and you will start to respond yes – then about half a second too late realize – holy shit – there is this freakin huge ugly ass dude standing next to me, he really looks kind of happy and pissed at the same time, and there is absolutely no place to run…. yes, Jake – in the end – that is what I deserve – but then hey – that would be the second person today that has expressed a storng desire to cimmit you bodily harm – you a dummer windbag – two freakin idiots that try to invent totally knew meanings to the word fan – and then with absolutely ZERO basis in reality – a comment like – worshipped praise – so that leads me to ask you a question – are you just a chronic liar, do you have no sense of honor or integrity – are you lazy or feeble minded you can not in fact acknowledge the accomplishments of this coach – are you such a liar that you have to make up falsehoods about my belief because you are too feeble minded to understand that NOT hating someone is not the same thing as ‘worshipping’ them – telling someone your logic is faulty is NOT the same thing as defending someone –

    see jake – I will give you a free example of just how STUPID people are on this site – you ready – after the 2003 NFCC game where we lost to Carolina – the whining masses decided – Andy Reid doesn[t value wide recievers – remeber that – why – cause Andy said – I am happy with the wide rcvrs we have – people howled -the wide rcvrs that played in the carolina game – Thrash, Pinkston, G Lewis and F Mitchell – in 2004 every one goes – look Andy got it – he went and got Terrell Owens – if only he had done this sooner – look – we made it to the super bowl cuase Andy listened –

    hey Jake – who were the wide rcvrs in the 2004 NFCC game against Atlanta – but do not EVER let facts get in the way of a good story – what was the difference in the teams record the year andy ‘valued WRs’ and the year before that? How about the number of TD passes – points scored – what was the ‘benefit’ of the mythical ‘valuing’ of the WR and what did terril owens bring to the team? Think about that while I print the response in a minute

  71. Yeah ready jakey for your why fans are idiots lesson – in 2003 the eagles went 12-4 (same as 2002) and secured home field for playoffs – in 2004 the eagles went 13-3 and secured home field for playoffs – so becuase Reid ‘valued; the wide rcvr and we got terrel owens we won EXACTLY one more game –

    but wait – in 2003 the eagles had roughly 5000 yards of offense – 2000 rushing and 3000 passing – and scored 40 tds – 17 passing and 23 rushing – failry balanced – in 2004 the eagles had roughly 5600 total yards of offense (600 more for the year – or roughly 50 extra yards a game becuase Andy ‘valued’ wide rcvrs now – and scored 42 touchdowns – so by Andy ‘valuing’ WRs and getting Terrel Owens – the eagles won one more game – scored 2 more TDs and gained 600 more yards – but here is the kicker Jackie – the yardage was 4000 via the air and 1600 on the ground and the TDs went to 32 passing and 10 rushing – in other words – for all you Andy doesn’t run crowd – BULLSHIT – Andy Reid WAS balanced prior to 2004 – it was 2004 that the ‘passing’ Andy showed up. So thatis what you gained by having Terrel Owens – and one only need to look at what Terrel owens did to this team the following year to realize – you really didn’t gain shit for having him here – other then the thrill of knowing Andy Reid now ‘valued’ the WR position

  72. so see Jake – in a few paragraphs I got to destory the myth Andy has been here doing the same thing for 13 years (never running) – he didn’t sart becoming pass happy till the year Terrel owens arrived – and hell – it was his most succesful year – he got to the super bowl

    I got to show you how stupid the comment is ‘he never valued wide rcvr’ when in fact he stated – I am happy with the rcvrs we have and we can win wtih the rcvrs we have – and you know what – he was right –

    Jake – remember those wide rcvrs that sucked so bad in 2003 – Pinston – Mitchell, Lewis and thrash – well guess who the wide rcvrs were in the playoffs during the 2004 march to the super bowl – that’s right princess – Pinston, Mitchell and Lewis – Owens broke his ankle and didn’t play –

    so here is what you got for andy ‘valuing’ the WR’ 1 more win, 2 more TDs – and the next season blown apart –

  73. Green – thats some good shit – basically with Reid we are in uncharted territory with the exception of Cowher as a person to compare him to –

  74. oh and jake – just to complete the computer bitch slap — that 4rth WR – thrash – from the 2003 team – traded him to the skins for a 5th rd draft pick – ended up becoming trent cole –

  75. the only logical conclusion from navy’s four or so post rant is, by his own admisiion, he is a “huge ugly ass dude”, that might explain his love of Andy

  76. Jakedog doesn’t undertand what logic means. Jakedog, if the Eagles had a superbowl under Andy Reid for every legitimate substantial post you’ve made on this site, other than childish jokes, well… ok, nothing would be different.

  77. Trent Cole is not an Elite NFL DE.. He is not an Elite player, never has been in my book.. He fades every season.. You can set your Calender by it, as soon as the leaves fall, and the start of Hunting Season he disappears.. He has become nothing more than a rotational Pass-Rusher who if he played 20-30 snaps a game (instead of 50-60) he would have the same production… He’s is not a leader and has been a huge disappointment in my opinion.
    And I don’t want to hear this carp of getting double-teamed… The Best DL on the Eagles this Season is Cullen Jenkins without a doubt .

  78. yes jake – 2 things – 1 from here forward you will now be known as cherry boy – respond when summoned – and 2) yes – I am a huge ugly ass dude – unfotunatley for my sister – so is she —

  79. I think Trent Cole is on that brink of GREAT DE and ELITE DE. He is consistently leading or in the top tier of the league when it comes to tackles for loss — so I don’t know who you are watching out there Paulman. Although you are right about him fading out towards the end of the season, lets see how it goes since we have more help on the line THIS year.

  80. This is what I know about Trent Cole. 7 career playoff games = 1.5 sacks. That is coming up small. Sometimes he is really dominant and then when they really need him to make plays, he doesn’t. I will grant you that he is a more complete DE then some others, because he does play the run, so well, but I don’t think that he is close to elite. That is Peppers, Ware, Jared Allen.

  81. Thats funny, I thought Ware was a OLB.

  82. Cole has been doubled in every playoff game hes been in. Sorta takes away your effectiveness. Scouts around the league would call him elite.He’s looked great this year with a serious player on the other end.

    Wasted Pro-Bowl years by the following players…Thanks Walrus
    Peters-dominant/dont see a better LT in the NFC/quick as a cat and mauls defenders…love usign the word maul when it comes to football
    Herramans-dominant/versatile/watch his technique…could be a P.B. at both grd and tackle…love him at tackle for next 5 years easy…least the line is not such a question mark
    Mccoy-best allaround back in football
    Jenkins(on the fringe)
    Nmandi(on the fringe had it not been for Cheechs inability to let him be a bump and run guy all year)has been gotten by Cruz but come on…Revis gives up catchs…had locked down some pretty good wides this year…still wondering why he was laced up and not used Sunday..pathetic

  83. To Birdo,
    Check NFL Stats,

    There are plenty of with more Tackles, More Sacks and Tackles for Losses that Tent Cole.. I am getting tired of the Team,the Local media and fans promoting T Cole as an elite player when he clearly is not..

    Coles Stats line is 25 total Tackles – 5 Sacks – 39 lost yards

    Here are Top 10 for comparison sake..

    #1) J Allen – Vikings 48 Tackles 13.5 sacks 100 Lost Yards
    #2) D Ware – Cowboys 39 Tackes 14 Sacks 84 Lost Yards
    #3) T Suggs – Ravens 49 Tackles 9 Sacks 71 Lost yards
    #4) L Woodley- Steelers 36 Tackles 9 Sacks 69 Lost Yards
    ***#5) V Miller – Broncos – 57 Tackles 10.5 Sacks 69 Yards Loss
    #6) D Freeney – Colts 15 Tackles 5.5 Sacks 66 Yards Loss
    #7) J P Paul – Giants 50 Tackles 10.5 Sacks 66 Yards Lost
    #8) A Carter – NE Pats 45 Tackles 9 Sacks 65 Yards lost
    #9) C Long – Rams 25 Tackles 10 Sacks 64 Yards lost
    #10) C Avril – Lions 24 Tackles 7 Sacks 64 Yards Lost
    #11) Clemons – Seahawks 30 Tackles 8 Sacks 60 Yards lost
    ***#12) A Smith – 49ers 20 Tackles 7.5 Sacks 59 Yards lost
    #13) C Barwin – Texans 34 Tackles 8.5 Sacks 57 Yards lost
    #14) K Wimbley – Raiders 45 Tackles 7 Sacks 54 Yards lost
    #15) J Peppers – Bears 27 Tackles 8 Sacks 52 Yards lost
    #16) O Umenyura – Giants 23 Tackles 7 Sacks 52 Yards lost
    #17) J Babin – Eagles 29 Tackles 10 Sacks 51 Yards lost
    #18) T Hali – KC Chiefs 44 Tackles 7 Sacks 50 Yards lost
    #19) C Johnson – Panthers 31 Tackles 7.5 Sacks 50 Yards lost
    #20) W Smith – Saints 25 Tackles 5.5 Sacks 49 Yards lost
    #21) M Anderson – Pats 17 Tackles 7 Sacks 49 Yards lost
    ***#22) J Sheard – Browns 35 Tackles 4.5 Sacks 47 Yards lost
    #23) E Dumervil – Bronco s 20 Tackles 5.5 Sacks 43 Yards lost
    ***#24) R Kerrigan – Redksins 49 Tackles 6.5 Sacks 43 Yards lost
    #25) A Okoye – Bears 18 Tackles 4 Sacks 42 YArds lost
    #26) Van Boshman – Lions 26 Tackles 6 Sacks 41 Yards lsot
    #27) B Robison – Vikings 26 Tackles 5.5 Sacks 40 yards lost
    ***#28) JJ Watt – Texans 39 Tackles 4.5 Sacks 40 yards lost

    Not to be an ass, but when you say that Trent Cole is among league leaders for tackles for loss yardage, you are incorrect..

    Again Coles has 25 Tackles 5.5 Sacks and 39 lost yards
    Here are some more DL with more Tackles than COle
    C Campbell – Cardinals 55 Tackles and 5 Sacks
    B Orapko – Redskins 43 Tackles and 6 Sacks
    ***S Acho – Cardinals 26 Tackles and 5 Sacks
    J Hall – Rams 37 Tackles and 4 Sacks
    ***B Reed – Texans 31 Tackles and 6 Sacks
    R Mathis – Colts 28 Tackles and 5.5 Sacks
    C Wake – Dolphins 26 Tackles and 6.5 Sacks

    The **** denotes a Rookie/1st Year player in the NFL which again only proves to me how inept GM Roseman/Coach AR are when is comes for Drafting …..

    The 2010 Draft was loaded and known for its depth with excellent O/Lineman and OT in particular and instead the Eagles reach and trade up for DE Brandon Graham…

    The 2011 Draft was known for it’s excellent depth in Defensive Lineman and the Eagles Draft 26 Year Old Guard for the O/L ….

    This misfire and poor evaulation of talent is in a nutshell what is wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles and why they will never win a Super Bowl Championship with the current Regime .. You need Smart Football People who know how to evaluate talent and how it best improves your team in positoins of need.. If a Draft is very Deep in let’s say the OL, then even selecting one in the 2nd Round may mean you got a good one.. as is the opposite is true.. Last year was known for a very weak Draft for the Safety Position, so what do the Eagles do, they spend their 2nd Round Pick (55th Overall) for Safety J Jarrett who not listed in anyone’s Top 125th List of availalbe players… Does anyone see the pattern, here… Eagles need to hire them a real GM and quick… I have to get some fresh air …

  84. and yes Birdo,
    You will see “OLB” s on this list who really become outside Pass rushers from the 3-4 Alignment in passing situations (Ware,Suggs,Woodley,Kerrigen) etc,etc)
    But in reality, these “OLB” become “DE” on passing downs where most these Stats are most likely generated…

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