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Can Doug Collins And Sixers Continue What They Started A Year Ago?

Ok, before I start this I know there is not many NBA fans out there any more. Well, I don’t give a Damn! I love my Sixers! Alright, I am done spazing now, I am ok. The lockout could not come to an end at a better time for me. The Eagles they don’t deserve my attention. The Flyers, well it is November and everyone knows that hockey does not really start until February. The Phils are waiting in the weeds to their annual off-season splash. So why not talk about the Sixers? So let’s do it. Do it.

First of all, please sign Thaddeus Young to contract extension. Thad is a restricted free agent along with Spencer Hawes. Thad is a hybrid. He can be used at the three spot or at four spot. He causes a lot of matchup problems especially at the four spot. He is most effective at the four spot where he can use his quickness to attack the rim. Like I said before, he can used at the three but his handle is not good enough to keep him there for a long period of time. Hawes is a decent center; to me he would be better as backup center.

He’s got good hands for a big man and is actually a solid passer. I would sign him to a 1 year deal or try to move him. This is the NBA and even decent big-men are hard to find. Some people might not like what I am about to say, but I do not just trade Iggy and Elton Brand just to free up money. Iggy is nice player; he is just not a scorer. He can defend, handle the ball and see’s the floor very well. He is a top-ten player in the open court.

In the half-court, not so much. If the right deal came along I would move him in a heartbeat. Say, Bynum or Marc Gasol. Though I highly doubt that would happen. I just love what Elton Brand brings to the table, that old school/workman like attitude. He brings leadership and is a great role model for this young team. I get they are over paid but who isn’t?

I think Turner will have a better season this year. I thought he played well against Miami in the playoffs. Evan has shown in his young career so far that he gets better with time. Struggle at high school and in college. I would be lying to you if I said what I think of the first round pick Vucevic. So he is 6-10, that is all I got. Lou Will has finally found his mark in the NBA as a sixth man. He is not a starting point guard. He is more of a free lancer.

All honesty though, he is the only one on the Sixers that can create his own shot consistently. He got a little bit of A.I. in him. Man, I miss Iverson. Jodie Meeks was a steal for the second round pick we gave to the Bucks. The kid can just flat-out shoot the rock. He is a solid defender. Just needs to work on creating his own shot better. He should be watching tapes of Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, the way they come off screens. So on to my boy, Jrue Holiday. Jrue is going to be a stud. Maybe it is just the “homer” in me but the way he ran the team as 20 year old was impressive. He can finish with either hand and his jumper is better than people thought. He see’s the floor extremely well. As basketball people love to say, his basketball “IQ” is high especially for his age. The kid is only going to get better.

I am not saying that the Sixers are going to win the title this year. They finally seem to be pointing in the right direction. The new ownership seems to be pushing all the right buttons with the fans so far and with Doug Collins at the helm just gives me a lot of hope. Man, I could listen to Doug talk hoops all day long. My buddy works down at Wells Fargo is little upset that his workload just got bigger. Sorry bro, so how about some free tix… on Facebook

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16 Comments for “Can Doug Collins And Sixers Continue What They Started A Year Ago?”

  1. The NBA is horrible and you made a grammar mistake in your first sentence.

    That being said, the sixers will make the playoffs as a low seed and will get taken out in the first round by one of the powerhouse schools, I mean teams.


  3. wild_bk do you want to be my editor? LOL. Then after that I could teach you the difference between college ball and the NBA. LOL. You guys make me feel so good about writing this article. haha. Thanks for the comments though..

  4. I like waht the Sixers did last as they brought energy back to the Franchise, Now it will be interesting to see how the new Ownership, Front Office and Coach Collins can build on this Roster and become a legitimateTop 4 team in the Atlantic Conference. teams like the Heat,Bulls,Celts,Hawks,Orlando are clearly more talented at this time but they just need a piece or 2 and havethier younger players to continue to improve and get better ..

  5. Im all in for Sixers dude. WTF cares if either of you like the game? Yes,some players are lazy and overpaid.Dont you think thats every sport. The NBA gets that rep more so because of the fat contracts and guys dont earn them. They dont put there heart and soul into a defensive stance.Or care about setting a pick when there down 12 to the Bucks and there team is already 5 games below .500. Then theres the Sixers….

    D.C. had these guys working last year. They give good defensive effort and are a few developing players away from going 7 in the first round.

    Nice write up dude.

    Least the Sixers wont lose to teams that arent even relevant(well maybe a few games) and act like smug d-bags in public.

  6. jott’s a tool. Joe and Erock – cheers to that

  7. lol Joe, dont take it personally bro. You should expect feather rufflers like myself when you post online. Basketball isnt the flavor of the week right now, that is why you are seeing all of the backlash.
    The NBA is boring to me, its a 1 on 1 game that has no meaning until the last 3 minutes of the game. In addition, I believe that the salaries are insane and shouldnt be guaranteed for anyone.

  8. Erock, I agree. BTW, what else do we have to look forward to. The Eagles are done & the Flyers are only on once-twice a week. But Igoudala & Brand need to go, or it’s going to be the same old garbage. Trade them, we ain’t winning the Championship, anytime soon anyways. Play the young guys, see what chemistry they can form, & rebuild in the process.

  9. At least there still is the “Mummers” and New Year’s Day and then the “Show of Show’s”… Good grief..

  10. How about pursuing big man Tyson Chandler from the Mavs.. He’s a Free-Agent, I believe, and had a great Playoff run last year and would help bolster the front line….

  11. JOE, this was a heartfelt article. I sense that your a big fan of this team like myself. Dont listen to these guys who are band wagoners who only support the team when there favored. there not true fans. i dont know why they even spent the time to type on this page. Go talk about the eagles who are drowning before our eyes. But they wont do that theyll rather keep repeating the same thing every week every day over and over again. They criticize andy for the same stuff he says and does over and over but they mimmick him themselves haha, clowns.

    This sixers team has tremendous upside. Everyone will come motivated and ready to ball. I still think its time to trade Iguodala now before he gets any older. And i mentioned a few months ago Marc Gasols name as a possible trade for iggy. Also maybe Al Jefferson and Raja Bell for iggy and Nociono… just a thought. But i look forward to seeing Jrue Holidays growth along with Evan Turner who told collins that he feels hes the best on this team, thats a bold statement… But look for them to jump out the gates with a strong stat to the season. I look forward to seeing what they can do with a 66 game season.. hopefully theyll be in the top 5 in the east..

  12. I think with the shortened season the sixers shouldnt trade anyone now. Team chemistry and continuity is imperative. We need to sign thad asap.

  13. I like tyson chandler. But he probably wants to get paid big money. Hes sort of a selfish guy and has had alot of trouble in past trades. But hes a very good player. He defends the basket like his life depended on it. He may be a heat or a bull by the end of all this…

  14. wild_bk I did not take personal my man. Dude I thought it was funny because my grammar does suck. Its all good bro. Like I said before I appreciate the comments, good or bad. Not many NBA fans anymore. We are rare. LOL

  15. Whats the obsession with Thad Young? why do people think he is so good…last time I heard this guy was asking for big money…not sure how the new deal is going to effect the contracts but I would be reluctant to give this guy anywhere near a big payday..He is nothing special, just a scrappy player in my mind that makes average plays off hustle…you can get that for cheap..And the last thing this team needs is another bad contract.From what I read, the NBA blew it with this new deal in regard to making it much more simple in trading players…the whole matching the money thing is so stupid…we gotta get rid of Brand and the AI fraud before anything can really happen with this team.

    I am looking forward to seeing how Turner plays this year…and how this new management works.

  16. No Obsession from me about Thad Young, I have stated that he should remain as a 6th man and a 20-25 Minute a Night Player.. Playing him 30 plus minutes is not going to do him or the Team any good in my opinion..

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