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Could Jack Del-Rio be a Replacement for Castllo?

On Tuesday, the Jacksonville Jaguars fired longtime coach Jack Del Rio, which really wasn’t a surprise around league circles. It will also not be surprising, when the Eagles (with or without Andy Reid) let go the project that was Juan Castillo as Defensive Coordinator. Castillo just has looked bewildered and confused most of the time, and rarely puts his players in the best positions to succeed, (ie Nnamdi Asomugha). He also has been very poor at making adjustments, which is critical in today’s NFL.

So, I believe the only way that the Eagles can convince the fan base and media to give Reid one last shot, is if he makes significant changes to the coaching staff, which includes firing Castillo. This is where Del-Rio comes in. The Eagles next defensive coordinator must be a veteran coach that is a great defensive mind and has called a defense before.

Last year when the Eagles were hiring a replacement for Sean McDermott, they mostly looked at position coaches. I know of two, Dennis Allen and Jon Hoke. Allen decided to go run the Broncos defense this year, and Hoke is still the secondary coach in Chicago. Many fans and media members clamored for longtime Titans coach Jeff Fisher. It didn’t happen, and the Eagles hired Castillo.

Del Rio could be considered a prime candidate for a number of reasons. He is a veteran coach who has years of head coaching experience, and also years of experiences as a LBs coach in Baltimore. He coached the Ravens linebackers from 1999-2001, during the time that the Ravens won the Super Bowl. The Ravens defense and their linebackers were the Raven’s strength of their team, and their Defense is what carried them throughout the season and on to win the Super Bowl.

Many view the 2000 Ravens as one of the best and most dominant defenses of all time. Jack Del-Rio deserves much credit for this feat. Del Rio also has coordinating experience, in 2002 with Carolina. Although the Panthers finished with a record of 7-9, they had the #2 overall defense in the NFL. That is a testament to Del Rio’s coaching first hand. After that year, Del-Rio left to be the coach for the Jaguars, and the Panthers advanced all the way to the Super Bowl. In Jacksonville, Del Rio’s defenses have not always been great, but have been consistently good, finishing Top 11 in yards allowed per game five times (2003,2004,2005,2006,2011).

Although Del-Rio may come at a price, he should be viewed as a Top Candidate for the Eagles DC job once it opens. He is an experienced coach, with a winning pedigree, and has coached one of the best defenses of All-time. Not to mention he ran a 4-3 as a coordinator in Carolina, as well as a Head Coach in Jacksonville. That would make the switch easier to Del-Rio, than a coach like Eric Mangini who would want to run the 3-4, which would require more turnover and personnel changes.

Many people know that the weakness of this Eagles defense is its Linebackers. Under Andy Reid’s tenure the Eagles have neglected the position drastically. Del Rio was a LB in the NFL, and played LB at USC. He has coached some of the best LBs of all time including Ray Lewis. Del Rio could get more out of the Eagles current LBs and mentor further LBs the Eagles bring in the Draft or Free Agency. I personally love LB Vontaze Burfict out of Arizona State, but that is a different article.

Overall, Jack De-Rio would be a good candidate to replace Juan Castillo as the Eagles next Defensive Coordinator. He has the experience that the Eagles need a DC, and is a great motivator, which is something that the Eagles lack in general, especially on defense. Hiring a coach like Del-Rio is a necessity for Reid to keep his job come January. on Facebook

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49 Comments for “Could Jack Del-Rio be a Replacement for Castllo?”

  1. I could care less if we got Dick lebeau as our D coordinator, that still wouldn’t change Reid’s terrible WC offense and his non running philosophy. Reid and Castillo both have to go, and they might as well fire their “hype man puppet D-bag” Spadaro along with them. We need a serious defensive minded coach to run our our team, and even if we find that person I wouldn’t hire Del Rio anyways. He’s just as washed up as Reid and he doesn’t seem to get along with players as much. We need a new regime change period.

  2. MM has to go as well. I forgot to list him also.

  3. I’d be so-so with Del Rio, but not as some last ditch effort to keep Reid around for another year. He’d appoint H. Mudd to make the switch to DC anyway. Agree with Rocko, the whole regime needs to be changed. I’d personally like K. Greene as DC and run a 3-4.

  4. am i missing something? How is he a great motivator? Ray lewis has had several d coordiantors and seemed pretty motivated with each one. As was Peter Boulware and Jamie Sharper..Del Rio has led the Jags to two playoff appearances and won one game in 8 years. Hugh Douglas almost retired after he signed there because of the joke of an environment he ran. And most importantly, Reid would never hire anyone that could or would challenge him in the slightest on any issue. I bet he is kicking himself for hiring washburn after he gave it to marty on sunday lol

  5. Keeping Andy Reid is not an option.

    The Wages of his Sin of putting an Offensive line coach in at defensive coordinator is the Death of his career here in Philadelphia.

    He has made us the laughing stock of the league and he needs to pay with it, with his job, just like he made Donavan Pay, McDermott pay and all the other coaches and players he released.

    Lurie is worth at least a billion and can afford to pay Reids contract. All this crap about Reid being kept because of his contract is non-sense in the NFL. Coaches get fired all the time with time left on their contract. Did Del Rios contract end in the middle of this season???

    Andy Reid’s arrogance to hire a inexperienced coach at the NFL level is inexcusable. If it had worked he would have been hailed a genius. Which is what he wanted. It failed. So now he gets the flip side of the coin.

    In the words of Donald Trump….

    Your Fired!!

  6. Andy Reid always finds a way to blow it.

    This year he has the leading rusher. A ton of all pros on defense.

    And he hire’s”BOZO THE CLOWN” to coach the defense.

    Finally an offense that could be unstoppable with the running of Shady, and the playmaking ability of Desean Jackson and Mike Vick. Instead, the did nothing to make Desean happy so now your playing with 10 people on offense. I have no problem with the decision not to pay Desean, because I can’t stand his agent or him. But If you are not going to pay him, you should have traded him or started Maclin at 1 and Riley at 2.

    Andy Reid will find a way to lose the big game. The same as Marty ShotNhimmer, Bud Grant, and Marv Levy. We lost to the Tampa Bay Buc’s at home in the NFC championship game. A team with little or no playoff experience, A warm weather team that came to Philadelphia a beat us at home. We have a home field DISADVANTAGE with Andy Reid because he knows the fans don’t like him. His sissy style offense and undersized defense is not the Philadelphia way of football. Ray Rhodes had it right when he talked about winning home games. Buddy Ryan had it right when he talked about knocking guys out. Andy Reid is not Philadelphia material. He is fat, soft and to smart for his own good.

    With all the ex NFL coaches out there and all the talented coaches in the SEC their is no excuse for not firing Andy Reid and putting together a great coaching staff full of talent and experience.

    We already have the players good enough to win a superbowl.

    Belichek is a good coach, but he failed at cleveland. Some times coaches and player are not a good match for certain teams or organizations.

    The Alabama head coach fail at Miami. He would be a great fit in Philadelphia. He hates to lose. In Philly he would have the resources and talent to win. And he knows first hand all the talent in the SEC and would improve our drafting. Balance on offense and a bone crushing defense and a attitude.

    That’s what I want for Christmas Santa. Andy Reid fired. He could ware your suit and help you out on your big day. Everybody wins.

  7. BSM, Trump ripped that off of Vince McMahon. LOL!! BTW, why do you have to write a Theseus, on War & Peace, in every one of your posts. Sweet Jeebus, you make my eyes hurt this early in the morning. I agree with you though.

  8. Food for thought: Is Ben Roethlisberger better than Carson Palmer?

    Exploring passing explosion
    By Stephen J. Dubner

    We launched the Football Freakonomics series in the spring with an episode called “The Quarterback Quandary”. It examined the difficulty of drafting quarterbacks since they tend to be: A) vital to a team’s success; and B) relatively expensive; but C) hard to assess coming out of college even if they have a substantial track record.

    One thing we can all agree on, however: The NFL today is a quarterback’s league — isn’t it?

    That’s the question we ask in our latest Football Freakonomics segment.

    The numbers certainly line up in support of the quarterback’s dominance. As you can see in the accompanying graphic, there has been a sea of change in the pass-run ratio over the past few decades. In the 1970s, NFL offenses averaged roughly 26 passes and 35 runs per game. By the 2000s, those numbers had essentially flip-flopped, with about 32 passes and 28 runs per game.

    Things are still trending up. Last season saw the highest average number of passes per game yet (34.3 to just 26.9 rushes), and 2012 looks likely to continue the trend, even when you include Tim Tebow’s numbers.

    In this episode, we explore a couple of wrinkles in the NFL passing explosion.

    The first is a long-ago rule change that let receivers start to run wild, a rule that was in response to the very physical play of a certain ball-hawking, receiver-crushing cornerback (yes, he played on a very good team).

    We also look at the wall of human airbags that protect quarterbacks these days — the offensive linemen — and how statisticians are finally starting to quantify each lineman’s performance, on every snap. This is sure to inform, if not revolutionize, how future linemen are assessed — and, more interestingly to the average fan, how we assess the play of the quarterbacks behind them.

    In other words: Do today’s gaudy passing numbers really mean that quarterbacks have gotten better, or have a variety of trends conspired to make them look better than they are? Furthermore: Is an above-average QB really any better than a below-average QB (consider Ben Roethlisberger vs. Carson Palmer, e.g.), or how much of the former’s success is due to his system, his supporting cast, and his defense?

    The quarterback might be the most important single player on the football field, but he’s also a figurehead. As with figureheads in other realms — think of CEOs and U.S. presidents — we tend to give them far more credit (and blame) than they are due. Sure, it’s easy to say the NFL today is a quarterback-driven league — but who’s driving the quarterback?

  9. Absolutely not, most ex-head coaches who have had any tenure don’t look to take a step back for a Coordinator’s position.. Look at Jeff Fishers,Jon Gruden,etc,etc.. does anyone see these guys being assistants or coordianators.. I don’t.. now maybea Spagnoula from the Rams, or a Jim Mora Jr I could see being an Assistants since their HC Jobs haven’t lasted that long
    Jack Del Rio’s Defenses have not been all that good for the last few Seasons.. Lots of issues with their Secondary play as well as a inconsistent pass-rush which sounds like a lot of the same issues facing the EAgles..

  10. Well in those games the Eagles lost after leading in the 4th quarter the Damn offense would have scored some points the D wouldn’t look so bad

    This taking a lead into the 4th quarter and then expecting the defense to shut down the other team with out the offense having any drives or even a FG is pure BS

    Check out the offenses performance in the second half in those loses
    All the blame is beeing placed unfairly on the defense

  11. Paulman there are a few HC who go to coordinators, Capers and Phillips off the top of my head. Theres only a few SB coaches that can name their price. I would think most ex head coaches have left because of failure. Howie Roseman is the 1st firing that needs to be done. These draft picks are horrible. Thats the biggest issue if you want to keep it real. Watkins(a guard really?), Allen, Jarrett, Graham etc. I mean everyone in Philly told you to take Earl Thomas. Pierre-Paul someone missed the boat on him. The list goes on and on.

  12. Yes there are Dag,
    But very few exceptions, both Capers,Phillips,Mike Tice, Coach Marty, Scott Linehan,R Marinelli, have little ego’s and were not all that succesful as Head Coaches to begin with, so after a year or so out of a job, they return to what their specialites are…
    It’s very unlikely that a Del-Rio would jump into a Coordinator Role 3 months after losing a HC positon that he held for many years.. Now a year or 2 go by, then he would probably go back as a Coordinator, but not anytime soon

  13. Hate to say it, but I don’t think Reid is going to be fired – not this year. I think Lurie will give him one more year. (he feels Andy turned the franchise around, made him millions of dollars, and knows his fellow owners believe Andy is a great coach – and their opinion is more important to him than ours or the Philly press). Clearly, I think they replace Juan so McCool’s point is well made.

  14. No doubt that Coach AR is back in 2012, the only chance I see is if all hell breaks loose this final month of the season (Players quitting on team, Players and Coaches fighting, Lopsided losses,etc,etc) but if keep their heads, play hard and win a few games down the stretch which they should ,and maybe take that spoiler role where they can knock out the Jets & Cowboys from the Playoffs and can keep them united & focused..
    I do believe Juan Castillo will be replaced as the D/C, and that Juan may stay on as a Position Coach and that Secondary Coach Johnny Lynne will be terminated.. I think the Eagles will go after Chuck Cecil as DC and Tim Hauck as Secondary coach (at least I hope they do)
    I also believe that Offense Coordinator MM may move on (possibly to Penn State if given the opportunity) and then Doug Pederson would then be elevated as the Off/Coordinator
    It’s a huge Off-Season no matter what happens and Pres Banner & GM Roseman better have their “A” Game for the decisions they make over the next 90-120 Days or so will determine this Eagle’s Franchise Success and Direction for the next 5-10 Years… They screw this up and this Franchise will quickly fall into medicority or worse.. They get it right and they can be right back into contention by next season.. remember that this NFC East is not very strong and wide open in my opinion …The Giants have many issues with unhappy players and HC Coughlin may be a goner with another 2 nd half collapse, the Redskins Offense is a good couple of years of doing anything with no QB , shoiddy OL and not very good WR corps.. and the Cowboys are the Cowboys..
    Eagles need to address the LB/Safety Positions big time, they need to make a decision on whether D-Jax & A Samuel figure into future plans and be decisive about it and move on.. The need a real DC and a new Secondary Coach and then they need a big Physical WR who is durable, can go over the middle and be a legitimate Red-Zone Threat..
    They have the next month to evaluate players like Riley Cooper, Clay Harbor, Dion Lewis, Brandon Graham, P Hunt, K Clayton, B Rolle, C Matthews, and DB’s Graham, C Marsh, J Jarrett to see if they have a real future as NFL Players and with the Eagles..
    From this, they can determine their Draft and Free-Agency Strategies but they really have to decide the fate and future status on D-Jax/A Samuel first which will then dtermine needs, some picks in return if traded, Salary Cap space, etc,etc…
    I am sure most of us can agree that 1 Year Players like Steve Smith, Ronnie Brown, and probably Vince Young will not be back in 2012, as well as some aging Eagle players like Jamall Jackson, Juqua Parker but there other Eagles whose Contracts will be up and they will have to decide on whether to retain OL E Mathis, K Dunlap, FB O Schmitt, DT T Laws..
    Bottom line, lots of moving parts this last month of the Season and early Off-Season.. Should be interesting to see and probably will end up more exciting than the actual football played by this 2011 Season Team ..

  15. bsm, what’s your obsession with the SEC? And I love this quote from you: “He has made us the laughing stock of the league and he needs to pay with it, with his job, just like he made Donavan Pay, McDermott pay and all the other coaches and players he released.”

    First part – can’t disagree. But if they hire another DC next year and keep Andy, and the D becomes good – that will be forgotten easily. Second part though – HA – “just like he made Donovan Pay, McDermott pay, and all the other coaches and players he released.”……. what?

    Donovan sucked it up since leaving here – that’s Reid’s fault? And he got two jobs since, hardly ‘making him pay’. McDermott was hired in a blink of an eye. New job – how is that ‘paying’. Leslie Frasier? John Harbaugh? Spags? Kolb – huge contract, starting job….. the list goes on.

    Dude, we all get it your rage but its still inexcusable to spew nonsense. If you claim insanity, that doesn’t make your words not bullshit.

  16. I’m not sold on Henery or Henry either. We havent had a quality kick returner in forever – we need a special teams spark.

  17. the only person that will replace castillo, would be spags if he is fired..

  18. Rocca is killing it in Washington and Akers looks like a new man in Sanfrancisco. Both are having career years. I dont trust our kicker outside the 40 and Akers has booted like 8 – 50 yarders this year.

  19. Well there you go Schiller – worshipping Andy – you and that Navy guy – always apologizing – people on these post are dedicated hard working fans and should be allowed to post as much moronic, ininformed gibberish as they want without fear of someone actually pointing out how stupid there comments are – maybe if you would stop trying to nominate Andy Reid for coach of the year – – – –

    I just wanted to know what it felt like to post something this stupid— oh almost forgot – yeah schill head over to your butt buddy dave spadaro and take his job

    wow – now I know what it feels like to make a fool out of myself –

  20. I agree. I would like to have Spags as the DC. Spags would bring back some of the JJ defensive formula. Pair him with Washburn and put Tim Hauck in the secondary.

  21. Spags will probably go back to the Giants as DC..
    Giants Current DC Perry Jewell may get a HC opportunity job elsewhere (Jags Colts, Rams) and maybe even with the Giants if Coughlin is let go..

  22. Spags will be coming back to Philly when he gets axed by the Rams. I can’t wait for that to happen!!!!!

  23. I would love to get Spagnola as the D-Cord. He would be amazing! I think that the Eagles need to draft a LB with 1st pick. But looking at the LB’s in the draft there will be a few available in early-mid second rnd that are just as good as some that will go in the first round. After saying that I think the eagles will be in position to draft Barron the Safety out of Alabama! We have 3 young safetys already and I think two out of the 3 guys we have will be really good starting next year. But I think Barron is to good to pass up. I would get him if he is avaialble.

  24. Spags would come to Philly before the Giants. Ny is in the middle of another late season collapse and will result in Couhglin being fired. Spags would have more weapons with eagles than the Giants as well.

  25. When will eagles fans realize they aren’t calling the shots? Laurie loves rid, so does banner, he has made them both a ton of money, until the eagles stop being one of he nfl’s most profitable organizations Reid will stay. The insisting list for season tickets is years long, Reid will leve hn he wants to. So u guys can keep saying I, but hat won’t make it so

  26. Safety Mark Barron would be an excellent pick in the 10-14 Range of the 1st Round, and could be a Starter from Day 1 and really help solidify the back end of this Eagle Defense and would be a perfect true Strong Safety at 6-1 220 lbs to come down low and play in the Box and cover TE’s…
    I really think the Eagles missed big time on Jarrett who I don’t believe is starting NFL Safety caliber, he’s too small and not fast enough, I also believe that K Coleman is just a nice Back-up/Special Teamer player too.. Eagles need a stud Strong Safety.. Nate Allen is better at playing the deep cover/centerfield for pass coverage but is not an “in the box” Safety

    This is a deep very Deep Draft at LB,WR which very good ones could be had in the 2nd and 3rd Rounds.. there are not many Safeties out there in this Draft just like there weren’t in last years Draft and the Eagles really reached on Jarrett selecting him in the 2nd Round (55th Overall) when most Draft Observors had him 4th and even 5th Round Grade.. (I had him as a 5th Rounder) and thought Safeties from West VA (R Sands) Iowa (T Sash) & App State (M LeGree) and Rutgers (J Lefeged) are all better NFL Prospects than Jarrett..

    Stillmatic, regarding Spags, you make it sound like the Eagles don’t have any major issues going on… I hope he comes to Philly if availalbe.. but sources say that he really enjoyed his stay up in metro NY with the Giants too.. I believe Coughlin will be fired and Current DC Perry Jewell may take over as HC leaving a DC position open with the GIants….

  27. bsmvideos posts are required reading for all eagles fans, articulate, accurate, passionate, and he speaks on behalf of the enligthened who see that clearly andy reid must be fired

  28. Rocko: Since when is Spadaro on the Eagles’ staff or part of football operations? He’s also been very critical of the way this team has played, BUT being an employee of the Eagles he’s not going to call for the firing of coaches or cut down their decisions. You don’t hear Merrill or Mike tearing down Reid and the organization publicly either… just bad plays on the field. If your boss found out you were tearing down his work/decisions publicly you’d be carrying your pink slip out the door in short order.
    Our beef is with Lurie, entire FO and Reid. It all starts at the top so our ire should be directed at him for giving us the same old, same old. As far as coaches go, Reid, MM and Juan must go and let the new HC decide who he wants from the supporting coaches.
    Kind of silly to call for Del Rio or any other DC when we’re still stuck with Reid until Lurie gets a revelation of the utter mess he has. It’s the rusty iron standard, not a gold one.

  29. Iggles – my god thanks man – that was the funniest post of the day – you actually expected half these ass clowns like snooki rocko cherry boy jake Dumberboy Windbag to have anything in their posts based on fact or research – ever watch a movie (say Invincible) and that is a directors version of the events – and then go back in either read the story or know the story (like Vince P actaully played two years of Pro ball for the old WFL – so it wasn’t quite the drama made out to be) – Rudy – heard the guy speak at a football coaching seminar – he starts off telling you how the movie is a gross exageration – all posts are fictional events based upon real world events: here is how the process works :

    Step one – state Reid must be fired
    Step 2 – offer some lame ass reason (example – Reid in 13 years never ran ball, the team went down after Reid lost Rhodes players)
    Step 3 Post
    Step 4 – someone with a brain and knowledge of football looks at stupid lame ass reason in step 2 –
    Step 5 – same someone posts reason why lame ass reason is wrong
    step 6 – person from step one, realizing they made an ass out of themselves yet again – has two typical retorts – a) you are defending Andy Reid or b) you are apologizing for Andy Reid (all comments about relations with, to or for Reid included)
    step 7 – fellow member of the North American Man Boy Love association – realizing their idiot friend from step one just got made a fool of – jump in offering lame moral support – otherwise known as GCOBB shuffle – quick – change the question or the definition or the standard
    step 8 – fellow NAMBLA members all rally to discuss how they are really just offering opinions for discussion and they were passive bystanders who really accept all opinions with equal weight and value as long as they agree with them –
    step 9 repeat

  30. And drummer – on your articel and why a pass driven league – some real football talk here – the NFL rules committee (read the owners) has a goal – they want the average points scored in a game to be 42 – The powers that be – aka the owners – feel fans do not want to see 3-6 FG contests

    To get/keep/maintain that average of points scored they tweak 2 rules each year 1) how tight/loose they call holding on the O Line and 2) how tight they call illegal contact between the DBs and WRs

    After each season, the referees are brought in and told/shown film of the previous seasons and told certain calls are to be made/let go – there is usually a year or two lag to account for new rules such as the Umpire in the backfield – the new rules protecting defenseless WRs etc.

    by tweaking how loose/tight they call these two fouls, the owners can one up the scoring – ie they allow more holding/stop the Dbacks from bumping so much or 2) slow down the scoring by tighten up on the holding – let the DBs ‘jam’ a little more – the trend is that typically as the Os get better., the Ds respond, so almost always the rules are loosened to allow more offense –

    of the 16 games last week 9 games had final scores + or – 5 from 42 – 4 were over and 3 were under

  31. pman, im gunna pick on you here but i love how you say things like you have the inside scoop.. lets look at what you said…

    “No doubt that Coach AR is back in 2012, the only chance I see is if all hell breaks loose this final month of the season (Players quitting on team, Players and Coaches fighting, Lopsided losses,etc,etc)” um…. dude… did you go on vacation?? This ALL has been going on for a month.

    “I also believe that Offense Coordinator MM may move on (possibly to Penn State if given the opportunity) and then Doug Pederson would then be elevated as the Off/Coordinator” you said this last year. didnt happen.

    “I am sure most of us can agree that 1 Year Players like Steve Smith, Ronnie Brown, and probably Vince Young will not be back in 2012, as well as some aging Eagle players like Jamall Jackson, Juqua Parker” you say parkers name on this list EVERY FLIPPING YEAR. at least 3 that im sure of……. it’ll happen someday right??

    Bogus bogus bogus….. you know nothing. My proof of this is when you said andy had no power anymore. that he had the shots being called for him. And then he hired the waterboy to run the D- if thats not power i dont know what is.

  32. we dont know what they will do- none of us. and dont try and use logic… that has never worked for this team under Andy. after last offseason…. nothing would shock me. My jaw would not drop if they renamed the team the “flamers” and moved to Europe to play soccer.

    i take that back. what would shock me is if they valued LB’s and Safties. Id be blown away if they kept anyone on D with size. Id be SHOCKED if one of our guys DIDNT throw their hands up in the air WHILE THE BALL IS STILL LIVE!!!

    we are soft. soft soft soft. Avant… you dont like it? do something about it! That make you cry sister mathews? take it out on a RB. THis team has NO HEART- NO LEADERS-NO EXCUSES.

  33. Seahawks 24
    Eagles 13

    Safeties get exposed……………………………………..again

  34. nope songs, eagles blow out the seahawks tonight

  35. Stevo – yep. And don’t forget that he was sure that Washburn wouldn’t like one of the starting tackles, and would ship him out pretty shortly after the season started. Paulman was right about the tackle, but wrong about which one. He has sworn that they’ll get rid of Patterson every year too.

  36. Stevo,
    I think the biggest part of the Problem is that Coach AR was calling all the shots for most of his tenure and since his issues with his kids has lost a little authority each year since , but the bigger problem is that authority of Drafting,Scouting,ROster Management goes to a GM (Roseman) who knows little about football,talent evaluation,etc,etc…
    If you look at the last 2 Drafts (2010 & 2011) in which Coach Ar was removed a bit from the Draft Process, GM Roseman had 10-11 Picks going into the 2010 Draft and 11 or so going into the 2011 Draft.. The real killer is that the Eeagles had multiple 2nd & 3rd & 4th Round Selections that they pissed away by giving up too much for Graham and then sliding back to acquire more picks in the later rounds (6th/7th Rounders)
    I believe in 2010 the Eagles had a 1 1st, 2 2nd’s & 2 3rd’s and 1 4th Round Selections which would have been 6 Selctions out of the Top 130 Picks or so and they end up with DE Graham, S Allen, DE Teo Neshiem and CB Lindley… That’s horrible
    In 2011, they had going in 1 1st, 2 2nd’s,1 3rd & 2 4th’s giving them another 6 Selections out of the Top #150 and they end up with OL Watkins, S Jarrett, CB Marsh and K Henery and LB Matthews… again, not very impressive..
    3 Stretches with Jarrett,Marsh and Matthews, a Kicker which you can get anywhere in the 6th or 7th or sign off the streets and a 26 OL who plays Guard which you get can a similar player in the 2nd/3rd/4th Round..

  37. @Paulman – Nate Allen sucks!! He is another bust of a draft pick… he can’t cover or tackle….agree on Jarrett, a projected 5th round pick whom Andy took in round 2 because he is a genius… and agree with Coleman who is a dime back and special teams player only…. they need 2 NEW safeties…. love Barron but we need a veteran a la free agent Laron Landry! Use Samuel’s money to sign Landry!
    There are 3 defensive players I love in this draft…..S Mark Barron, LB Vontaze Burfict and LB Donte Hightower….. they are 1st-2nd round projected players….as for my sleeper, LB Levonte David of Nebraska….he is a 6-1 225 playmaker who can easily put on 15 pounds and be a star in the NFL! He is a projected 4th rounder due to size..

  38. @paulman – look who “ran” the past 2 drafts that were awful….Howie Roseman!!!! Incompetent GEEK who knows nothing about football! Lurie needs a REAL GM to build this team.

  39. To Schiller
    I still stand by my statemt that they got rid of the wrong Def Tackle, though I am not a Bunkley fan, I still think he would have improved more under Washburn than Patterson who has had what 1 maybe 2 good games this Season.. and now with Patterson medical condition (Passing out in Summer Camp) he basically has little to no value on the Trade Market..
    Losing DT A Dixon early on for the Season has really hurt the middle of this Eagle Defense a lot more than people think..

  40. You hit 2 home runs in the past few years with draft picks. McCoy and Jackson. Maclin is a ok 1st round pick. Nowhere near probowl status. Your 1 homerun pick you wanna run out of town. amazing. Ike Reese was on WIP and said he knows the Patriots are keeping a good eye on the DJax situation and feel he is a perfect fit in NE. Santonio Holmes money is what they expect. Ike was then asked who will replace DJax at WR. He said get ready to enjoy Riley Cooper and laughed. He said Eagle fans think they are gonna get some magical stud reciever, no, enjoy Cooper. The guy who drops every other pass and cant get open without help. Eagle fans get what they ask for.

  41. Jott the draft picks have been terrible waaaay before Roseman. This has been a problem for AR whole tenure here.

  42. Yes Jott1972
    I stated that GM Roseman was calling most of the shots in the last 2 Drafts..
    which has only compounded the problem..

  43. D-Jax would fit the Pats who have no real legitimate deep speed threat, but I don’t believe they would spend that kind of $$$ on a WR.. The Pats are doing fine without the deep ball because of their excellent TE’s and versatile Welker/Branch who are smaller,but tough receivers who will catch over the middle unlike D-Jax and Maclin….

  44. Noone knows what Djax is asking for…Unless he is asking for something ridiculous letting him go would be very dissapointing as an eagles fan…Don’t get why there is so much hate with this guy…sure he drops passes but he also wins us games..people act like he has is a cancer or something. He has fun on the field which can cost you sometimes but how many games have we lost because of his antics on the field? We lacked skill a the receiver position for years and now that we have one fans want to let him walk because he is going to be expensive..guess what star players are expensive.

    Would the lions trade or release Suh after he actually cost his team multiple games with his actions so far in his career? No cuz when is the last time they had a player on defense of his caliber. If Djax goes this offense will suffer…our Qb will be ass…Maclin will be ass..Shady wont even be as good. I just don’t want to hear the people on here who are calling for his departure bitchin next year when our offense is ass.

  45. I also think people are rushing to judgment with the Eagles letting Djax just walk…they make some really stupid decisions but if they don’t offer him a contract if your the FO what would stop you from giving him the tag…

    I think some people are clueless and think its like taggin a QB…Its been reported that taggin Djax would be about 8 million. That doest seem bad at all for what he does…and thats prolly what the eagles want to pay him every year anyways…I see the tag for 8 million and then if he has to go they will trade him atleast bringing something valuable in return. They like to use the tag anyways who else would they use it on next year…VY or Laws??yea right

  46. nice try Pman- you and G believed that all decitions were made by a 3 person vote.


    you both stated over and over that Andy wanted McNabb and that the other 2 voted him out.

    you both stated that Andy wanted Sean McD to stay and the other 2 voted him out (g actually made it sound like he had an insider that told him this was true)

    you talked over and over about how andy was calling nearly none of the shots.

    and then…… we see Juan. Are you telling me that Andy didnt fully make that call? Bogus.

    as far as the draft goes- how is the last 2 years draft picks any diffrent that the other 11 or so? never value LB. small…. high energy….. its the same its the same its the same.

  47. how “are” should have been what i wrote. sorry…. lots of spelling mistakes too but who cares??

  48. guys andy IS the GM!!! it starts and ends with Andy. Honestly. think about it. AND THATS THE PROBLEM. do you honestly think that a guy like andy…. a guy who has a SB win and brings what he brings is going to listen to 2 pencil pushers about what players this team needs? NO! he would walk away and take over for a team that would give him all the power. HE RUNS THE SHOW!!! ALL OF IT!!!!! the other 2 work out deals and they keep an eye on Reid for the owner.

    andy is the reason we have a weak D
    andy is the reason we throw when our qb is hurt.
    andy is the reason we have the draft picks we do. some good some bad.

    you are kidding yourself if you think the Buck stops above or below him. This is Andys team. Andys players. Andys fault!

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